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What Is Your Marijuana Goal In 2013?


marijuana cannabis 2013It’s a brand new year, and in the world of marijuana we are going into uncharted territory in Washington State and Colorado. In other states, medical marijuana programs are either up and running or in the works. It seems like almost every other state is talking about either recreational or medical marijuana reform. New products are coming out every day, marijuana is going mainstream, and there appears to be no end in sight. It’s truly an exciting time to be a marijuana consumer/activist/etc.

What is your marijuana goal for 2013? Is it to lobby your state legislature to get a medical marijuana or tax/regulate piece of legislation introduced and passed? Polling is improving nationwide, and as more states see the glory that is unfolding in Colorado and Washington, it’s going to get easier and easier to convince politicians to do what’s best for their constituents. I don’t know how many states will get either medical or recreational reform passed in 2013, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that a handful have a stellar chance.

Is your goal to open up a retail shop in Washington State or Colorado? I would think that would be a very popular venture that a lot of people are going to try. There are already some ancillary establishments popping up in both states from what I hear. They are more of a ‘bring your own cannabis’ business format, but I think even those are going to do great business. I have often dreamed of opening a 420 arcade with retro games. There’s just something about smoking a doobie while playing pinball at an establishment that sounds awesome to me, even if I had to bring my own. Do you have an idea for a business? Cannabis tourism perhaps?

Is your goal to grow the most monster garden of the year? If so, indoor or outdoor? Strain? In years past I have set some ambitious garden plans, but this year I’ll leave that up to everyone else. It seems like everyone and their grandma (literally) is growing marijuana these days, and I’d rather just partake in the buffet rather than be the chef. There is more high quality cannabis for bottom prices on the West Coast right now than I have ever seen. I don’t see that changing in 2013. If anything, prices will continue to fall. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of mediocre marijuana around too as a result of so many green horns getting into the industry. But just visit a few collectives up and down the West Coast, and you will see that top shelf nugs are abundant in 2013.

Do you have a goal that I haven’t mentioned? Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Only smoking concentrates? Only smoking flower? Only smoking flower with concentrates? :) From The Weed Blog to you, have a great 2013!


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  1. My goal is to start a world class research lab developing new strains that are not only created for recreational users but also strains that have high CBD’s and CBN’s that will be used for treatment of cancerous tumors and other medical ailments. The Red Emperpor Collective.

  2. Mine and my wife’s goal is to save up and move to Washington. The idea of living in a state where I’m no longer viewed as a criminal excites me.

  3. I will be the Johnny Appleseed of cannabis, sowing seeds everywhere there is dirt.

    I will juice cannabis leaves and flowers and give it to people with cancer and other diseases in full confidence that they will be cured.

    I will spark a revolution into the next phase of cannabis knowledge and expedite the inevitable Cannabis Awakening.

  4. As an Old Timer WA State resident I guess my goal is to BUY an ounce of MARIJUANA legally. BUT WHERE DO I DO THAT IN THE SEATTLE / TACOMA area? I don’t see any “Weed Stores”! Are there any open yet?

  5. Johnny Cannaseed on

    I plan on spreading seeds throughout colorado and washington, possibly other states as well.

  6. nobody special on

    This was a great year. Started my first garden ever – Indoor with soil, LED’s, fans and filters – just 3 autos – but it worked. 3 months later our first ever harvest of just over 3 oz from just over 100w input! Well above our needs for the next 6 months! My goal this year – increase garden size, try bubbleponics and NOT GET CAUGHT! We live in a non legal state.

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