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What is Your Stoner Bucket List


stoner bucket listDo you have a stoner bucket list? I know I do. My list used to be a lot longer. My stoner bucket list used to be filled with things that related to marijuana legalization, which a lot of them I got to cross off after Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana in 2012. I had always wanted to attend a legal cannabis cup in the United States which I have done for instance.

There are still some things that I have yet to do. One of those is getting high on a hot air balloon. I’d imagine if you are afraid of heights, that’s probably the last thing that you would want to do. But to me it sounds fun to go up in the air thousands of feet and smoke a doobie and just look around. I did it when I was para-sailing once and it was fantastic!

Another thing on my bucket list is to smoke marijuana with my grandma. She has never been high before and I think she would have a blast. Plus she is getting a lot of ailments that come with age, and I’d love for her to feel the relief that medical marijuana consumption could provide. I wouldn’t single out smoking either, we can eat it or vape it or whatever she would like.

I want to go to Amsterdam, which isn’t as important as it once was now that marijuana is legal in parts of America. But I’d still like to make the trek and smoke at some of the oldest coffee shops over there. What’s on your stoner bucket list? I look forward to what you have to say in the comments below.


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  1. MY bucket list is basically to visit a a legal state where the strains are actually known (here in atlanta, GA, anything high-grade is called “loud”; nobody knows strains unless they’re having it shipped from CA,OR, or WA) and try some edibles, tinctures, OG strains, attend legal cannabis cup etc.

  2. Of course, #1 on my list is to live long enough to burn one with grandson when he reaches legal age.

  3. Grow plants 15 ft high with impunity… so close and yet so far, my bucket is running dry. ;)

  4. my list is to go to work in the 420 businesses in colorado and soon start my own related businesses and be reunited with my children and make more than enough to support us and make our dreams come true.

  5. Mine would be to smoke with bob marley now seeing that he is dead i wont be able to fulfill that. Next would be to smoke with cheech and chong, also ricky from the trailer park boys.

  6. My list just contains one point, but i’ll fill it, when my biggest wish is realised: Legalization in Austria! I hope, that our politicians will get away from their intolerant assumption of cannabis as a gateway-drug…

  7. Beth Tyler-Rindahl on

    Yes, i do, but its rather short because i just started it. First on the list is to burn one with Willie Nelson. Being from Texas, i’ve always wanted to do that. Second, and last so far, is to go to COLORADO so i can smoke in the open and not worry about being arrested. Im sure I’ll add more later.

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