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What Job Would You Want To Have In The Marijuana Industry?


marijuana industry job employment careerThe marijuana industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are all kinds of conventional (and not so conventional) jobs in retail, consulting, and beyond. Are you getting in on the action? Are you trying to crack into the industry? If so, what job do you have or want to have in the marijuana industry?

One area that really peaks my interest is 420 tourism. I have heard of 420 cruise line ideas being discussed, bed and breakfasts, and all kinds of things. People want to go on vacation, and want to consume marijuana, so 420 tourism makes sense. How sweet would it be to work in paradise at a 420 resort?

A lot of my friends want to be cooks or bakers. Everyone likes a good edible, and bringing joy via a tasty snack or meal seems like a rewarding job. I want to eat full meals made of medibles in a 420 restaurant someday, in addition to being a taste tester in a 420 cooking/baking competition.

What about being a dispensary owner or operator? A grower? Quality control? Some of my friends work in cannabis reform politics, and make decent wages trying to make the world a better place. What about you? Do you currently work in the marijuana industry? If so, what position do you have and how do you like it? If you aren’t currently employed in the industry, but want to, what type of job do you want?


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  1. I’m 18 and thinking about investing and becoming a CEO of cannabis basically. I’m not sure how to get there though i would love to start up a cultivation operation. Really just like a cannabis corporation is what i want to start up but i don’t know where to start.

  2. I want to be a cannabis cup event planner and/quality control! I’ve been an avid supporter since 1974.

  3. Designer Shit on

    i’ll take a job in quality control. dispensaries seem like a shady business and cultivation seems to be too competitive

  4. You want someone like me in your project because I can help you run for the millions. I’ve got a road map in my mind, a strategy that can pull in big money and make good things happen.

  5. I have landed in the perfect situation to be a cannabis activist. I have the name and number for cannabis. I live in a little green house with the address 4200, and my name Andrew Esswein translates to Courageous Herb.. Andrew = Courageous, and Esswein is german for eat wine, but you can only eat dry wine = Das ist “HERB!” In this light I thought it would be great to become a cannabis Knight in the fight for cannabis legalization. I can tell you that I would have made so much money if I were a drug dealer, although that game may have taken away my life or freedom and I would not be here today.

    If you want the perfect figure head for stepping into the cannabis industry, I’m the man falling into your hands. So jump onto this opportunity and find out the plans that can turn into profitability.

    Let this plant grow it’s a good plant for our garden you know.

    Tax it at a dollar per gram, I can give you a whole tax program.

    Cannabis is like a kind of currency,, it can be used like money.

  6. Any of the positions mentioned would be awesome, except for the fact the police can come (and probably will ) and throw you into a disgusting jail cell to be tortured and fed disgusting food. What a awesome dream job to have. Just a massive trap created by the government to fill their jails.

  7. As a result of spine and head trauma, I have a form of disturbed sleep that a CPap/BiPap machine does not help. I would love to do research on how the dopamine and CBDs might be able to alter the brain, and help restore delta and REM sleep. It’s been almost 4 years since I have had REM sleep and am slowly dying. Modern science has no answers for my problem.

  8. TimothyTipton on

    Court-Certified Expert Cannabis, Medical Marijuana
    OOPS, that’s what I already am…..until the END of PROHIBITION!

  9. Iam in New Hampshire.We just passed a law for medical weed.Iam trying to see how things will unfold in my state.What do you think?

  10. Since I’m close to retiring I don’t want no stinking marijuana job! I’ll just hang out with my little med garden and develop my growing skills and enjoy my time left on this planet. Maybe if I get short on retirement cash I may part with some of my weed for the right price as long as it’s legit. It’d be nice to share but as it stands now I can’t give a seed away without fear of being popped. If things haven’t changed in a few years I’ll have to help that along since I’ll then have the time.

  11. Johnmon in Tally on

    I would love a job in this industry. Reviewer for pain treatment would suit me well.

  12. Cannatherapist. I want to bring in clients who need psychological help and talk to them about their problems while they ingest cannabis. I have found that the plant allows people to open up and feel safe.

  13. I too have fantasized a public Cannabis garden, ala Butchart in Victoria, BC.
    What a holy place that’d be!

  14. I have had every job there is in the industry and the feds hated them all. To demonstrate this fact they have decided to send me and my partner to federal prison. I’m currently awaiting a call to report to the one they choose. See ya next year.

  15. badweatherrr on

    Definitely a garden consultant.

    I’ve set up numerous installations myself over the years. Have with one other friend operated commercial scale greenhouse operations (legal plants at the time for our lawn and garden business) and have a 99.9% survival rate on cuttings. Have developed my own hybrid soil / hydroponic system using the wick method and simple DIY automated watering system (though I recommend you not do automatic unless you’re going on vacation to have a solid person to plant connection). Skills include: sexing, extraction methods (i prefer cold water), garden design (for instance, using auto flowers a person could plant a seed every 11 days and every 11 days harvest an admittedly smaller plant for Colorado’s 6 plant limit), propagation, strain selection (based upon your particular requirements).

    I would love to operate in the capacity of gardening consultant, but just about any area of the business chain is fine with me. I have the background, I’ve studied cannabis for decades, I’m a medical user myself, have been an activist for years, spent almost 6 years in prison for growing cannabis.

    My goal now is to get to a place where I can actually live in a small garden so it sounds like a move to Colorado is the thing to do. Though I’m waiting to see how this works out.

  16. I have a knack for growing plants. I love to watch the plant grow from seed and progress through the different stages of life. The end product is something I like to watch people enjoy and then offer feedback.

  17. Secondarily, I would work in education. There is a wealth of misinformation being perpetuated by people who never bother to do any research or cite any source for (mis)information. Some individuals simply refuse to admit the “facts” they are repeating to others are incorrect. Over the past 40 years I have seen many closely held illusions shattered, and those were typically held by reasonably intelligent people. As recently as this week I commented on a post on the Louisville paper website, wherein a reader had stated that hemp and cannabis were different plants which merely looked identical. This is not unusual for this area. It doesn’t amaze me that I still read much of the same propaganda in the “mainstream” media, considering the concentrated corporate ownership which is the current condition.

  18. Propagation and hybridization of cultivars. I already have 8 years work experience, achieving a specific variety for my various conditions.

  19. I think there is huge market in edible marijuana in the near future. Marijuana is a very healthy food if taken as an edible, not smoked. You can safely control how much or how little an effect of relief you want. It is a gentle and safe way to handle pain. There is a great $2.99 e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints. goo.gl/iYjPn goo.gl/Jfs61

  20. I would be suited for buying/ testing /choosing medicine for commercial sale. When it becomes legal, i look forward to helping the many diverse communities in need , esp the elder /retired/great grandparents who really could benefit from access to alternative treatments. not just big pharma.

  21. I want to start a heritage strain seed saver club. Also a public greenhouse where people can walk through gardens of plants and learn of their linage and attributes – and if qualified, they can buy samples to take home from our gift shop.

  22. firetheliberals on

    Grower but the damn fascist city government has final right of refusal written into I502 so I will probably be thwarted.

  23. I currently wear several hats in this industry. I’ve been a professional cannabis reviewer and photographer for the better part of 4 years here in Colorado, providing content and photography for KindReviews.com — I am currently working on my new information portal, which will be called CannabisEncyclopedia.com.

    More than just smoking a lot of fine (and not-so-fine) cannabis, this job requires a lot of knowledge about different strains, common pests and pathogens present in cannabis plants, growing, extractions, and networking effectively. Most recently I have began working with a seed company as well as a concentrates lab, both of which I believe to be providing the best products in those respective areas that I’ve encountered.

    The thing sorely lacking in this industry in my view is attention to detail. If you want to get involved in this industry, demonstrate that you can show up on time, conduct yourself professionally, and not miss the little details. The handful of people who do that seem to do well for themselves…

  24. Originally I wanted to be a tester, now I’m thinking I want to be the money skimmer, a little for me, a lot for them ….

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