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What Month Of The Year Did You Start Smoking Marijuana?


Smoking marijuanaMost People Start Smoking Marijuana In Summer Months

It’s time to unclog your brains and think back to the first time you consumed marijuana. Do you remember which month it was? I remember the first time I smoked marijuana very well. It was November 1993, I was at a local park hanging out with some of my friends, and one of them had some marijuana. Curiosity got the best of me and I gave it a try, and I have been smoking marijuana ever since. Despite what reefer madness propagandists will try to claim, I did not move on to harder drugs and I have been a productive member of society ever since.

While I was researching information for a previous article, I came across a survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) from 2002. The study listed, by percentage, in what months people consumed marijuana for the first time. Below is a graph of their results:

seasonal cannabis use

Figure 1. Percentages of Initiates among Persons Who Recently Initiated Marijuana Use When They Were Younger Than Age 18, by Month: 2002

According to the survey, “Among recent youth marijuana initiates, initiation was highest during June (11 percent) and July (11 percent) (Figure 1). The percentages of youth marijuana initiates increased to 11 percent per month during June and July, compared with just 8 percent per month during April and May. November (7 percent) and December (6 percent) had the lowest percentages of youth marijuana initiates.”

It would make sense that there is a spike during June and July, but why the falloff in August? August is the hottest part of the summer, and the farthest away from the school year, so I would think it would be just as high. Although, maybe by then people have already smoked for the first time earlier in the summer :) Apparently the fact that I smoked marijuana for the first time in November was slightly unusual.

So TWB readers, what month did you start smoking marijuana? How was the experience? Are you as nostalgic about your first time smoking marijuana as I am ha ha. I look forward to your responses.


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  1. I’m sure I’ll get flak for this but I was a late bloomer when it
    came to toking. Until I was 20, I drank the government kool-aid about
    how terrible weed is and how it will ruin your life. Then, while sitting
    in a cramped shed one warm August night, my life changed. It was
    myself and a few friends from high school, each sitting in a corner of a
    dilapidated tool shed so small we could lean foreward and all touch
    hands. I was sitting on a salvaged faux-fancy high backed chair, gently
    and nervously fingering the small glass bowl I had picked up earlier
    that day. It was two inches long and had an electric green triangular
    body seamlessly melting into a cold
    blue bowl. The light was dim, provided only by a candle sitting on a
    ratty end table in the center of the shed. My one friend who had called
    us all here leaned over and turned on the one speaker connected to his
    iPod and Freebird began to play softly. He looked around and asked us to
    present the pieces we had been told to pick out before we came tonight.
    I was immediately nervous as i placed my glass down. What if it wasn’t
    good enough? But then I saw the other two pieces on the table were just
    as small and I relaxed. He told us to give them each a name, which we
    did. I named her Simic (a reference to a green and blue Magic the
    Gathering guild.). He then told us these were our children, and they
    were hungry. Reaching into the drawer of the end table, he produced
    three bags of (what I now know) mid grade weed. Giving us each a bag, he
    showed us how to grind it and pack our bowls. Handing out the lighters,
    we each put the bowls to our lips and he reminded
    us we were not to leave until each of our bags was smoked. We lit, and I
    inhaled. I had no idea how to use the carb and ended up burning the
    entire bowl (and my poor lungs) in one drag. Exhaling, I watched the
    acrid smoke dance around before coughing my brains out. My friend said
    we would soon feel very thirsty, to which he produced large bottled of
    water and gave us each one. As if on cue, I began to feel as if my mouth
    was made of cotton and began to swill. I still wasn’t feeling much, so I
    began my second bowl pack. As we each completed it, we realized the
    shed was beginning to get rather hazy. I offered to open the door, but
    he said no, let the smoke build. As we each finished our third bowl and
    our respective baggies, I was beginning to get disheartened at not
    feeling anything other than dry mouth. And then…zang. I don’t know
    when it happened but all of a sudden I was high. And I mean really
    REALLY high. I have never been as high as I was that
    night. Suddenly the music I was listening to became wider and deeper. I
    was singing lyrics to songs I had never heard and had a grin plastered
    on my face when nothing funny was said. I felt like I was dreaming. I
    couldn’t wake up, and I didn’t want to. I’m not sure how long passed in
    that shed. It felt like days before my friend finally opened the door. A
    visible screen of smoke exited with me as I stumbled out, unable to
    walk straight without the light of my cellphone (which had become
    incredibly interesting). It took twenty minutes to walk from that
    wonderful shed around to the front of his house and down his basement
    steps. Where we sat, watching Xavier: Renegade Angel on Cartoon Network.
    It was if the show could tell I was high with the way it played out. I
    could barely remember my own name at this point and everything felt
    unreal. Like I was dreaming everything. Over the next four hours I began
    to slowly sober up, gently coming down like a leaf
    from a tree outside. I had the most restful sleep of my life that
    night, and woke up in the morning to a new day. I felt like my whole
    life I had been sleeping and this one magical night woke me from that
    slumber. As we all said goodbye (and he gave us each a small ‘goodie
    bag’), I walked out into the sun feeling like I had survived this trip. I
    had survived the baptism by (herb and) fire. Now, three years later, I
    get my herbal goodness from someone who gets it from a dispensary in CA.
    I’ve come a long way from stems and seeds. Even got my own bong,
    Tigerlily (she’s on HMJ if you take a look). Now if you’ll excuse me, my
    phone just rang and an old friend is waiting for myself and Tigerlily
    in the shed behind his house. I’ve got five strains for us to choose
    from. The student has become the master.

  2. Tjhillgardner on

    It was December 1973 and George Harrison was playing MSG on the Dark Horse tour with Ravi Shankar.

  3. IT was December new years eve at my aunts house that i never see., with my  brother i never see anymore.. lighting up for the first time behind the shed in the back yard. What a time:) my cousin was proud to show me  how to poke holes in a can to create a useful art piece..lol, I was on my own from then  I’m glad to say i use glass now. Good times 

  4. cloakingdevice on

    July makes more sense than August, schools in the US return to session in August (usually around the 23rd), so it’s not actually further away than July but closer.

    Also hi other November Smoker. Unless you count the time I was 13 and failed to inhale properly.

  5. November 79,I was ten.Stayed home from school sick ,but mom had to work.so she felt i could take care of my self for the day.Little did she know my brother and sister skipped school to get some pot and get high.
    I woke up from a nap to hear coughing and Wondered who was home.
    As i walked out to the living room my siblings froze and stared at me. suddenly my brother shoved a joint at me and said”smoke this!”
    I did,and he said “now you cant tell mom and dad cause you did it to.”
    But i liked it and wanted more.Cold felt better too.
    Been a fan ever since.

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