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What Should The Legal Age Be To Buy Recreational Marijuana?


yoda og marijuana strainPretty soon, people will be able to buy recreational marijuana at outlets in Colorado and Washington State. But not all people. If you are under 21, you will have to wait until you’re older to buy marijuana. I know this rubbed some people the wrong way during the election, and there seems to be more people voicing their opposition to this rule as implementation of marijuana legalization continues in Colorado and Washington.

Is 21 a fair age restriction for purchasing recreational marijuana? Should it be 18? I think a strong argument to lower the legal age to 18 is that if you are old enough to vote for marijuana legalization, you should be able to use legal marijuana after an election day victory. You can buy cigarettes when you are 18, you can go to ‘adult only’ stores when you are 18, etc. So why make the legal age 21?

The biggest reason that the age of 21 was selected was because the slogan ‘marijuana is safer than alcohol’ resonates with so many voters, and ‘regulate marijuana like alcohol’ was the approach Colorado and Washington took. So if voters want to regulate marijuana like alcohol, then the legal age limit will be the same as it is for alcohol. Regulate marijuana like cigarettes doesn’t poll nearly as well, and regulate marijuana like caffeine will probably never get enough votes to actually win on election day.

I’m curious though, as we move towards another election that will likely see states following Colorado and Washington and legalizing marijuana, will any of those states have a legal age of 18? Or what about 19 or 20? I know some people feel like all prohibition’s should be removed, but I don’t think that approach will garner enough outside approach to be viable. So what do you feel should be the legal age limit for purchasing recreational marijuana?


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  1. You seem obsessed with the difference between right and wrong. Have you figured out yet that your definitions only pertain solely to you?

  2. No, dipshit using cannabis to change how you’re feeling is NOT the same as getting drunk. One of these things has neuroprotective properties, and the other is DIRECTLY toxic to the brain. Guess which one is which, Einstein.

  3. There is a big difference between medical use and using to take yourself away from dealing with life’s issues, life’s problems…

  4. Murder is wrong. This we know from a Biblical standard. Using marijuana to “get high” is the same as getting drunk. God’s standard stipulates that these things are wrong, are sin, and that those who practice such things will NOT inherit the kingdom of heaven. What standard are you using to judge right and wrong, infallible God’s, or fallible man’s?

  5. Not only are you using a beside the point fallacy, but a black and white one as well. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being. What does that have to do with taking something in moderate dosages to maintain health? You don’t ingest murder. You do ingest water, and in large amounts even that is bad for you. So that is where my argument on that stands and as well as my standard of judgment. Its scientifically proven that if you overload your system with anything, negative side affects will arise. Not only does Marijuana slow your system down on all levels, but it affects your brain’s mental function as well. This includes the overloading of toxins, dependence on a chemical substance, as well “burning out” your mental strength. My judgment comes from facts and scientifically proven truths.
    Now does that mean I’m against marijuana? No. Does that mean we should not legalize it? No. Does that mean I’m against people making the personal decision to use it? No. Does this mean I haven’t used it? No. But people have to quit jumping on the bandwagon that this is a miracle plant and nothing can happen from using it. THC is a chemical and almost any burning chemical and get you “high”. But with burning any chemical, it also causes damage. Then the argument well people have smoked it for decades and they are fine. Yeah up until recently marijuana has never been this potent thanks to genetic alterations. So that means the problems will start to arise along with the people will chronic anxiety, obesity, among many other things.

    To finish, I have no clue why you commented. I was stating basic facts that SCIENCE, not social stigmas, have proven to be true.

  6. So should a murderer murder in moderation? What I am trying to focus on here is “What is your standard for judging what is right and what is wrong?” And what basis forms how you judge all?

  7. That’s great to hear but I am sure that Ted Bundy was also successful. Is “successfulness” the criteria by which we judge right and wrong?

  8. Where does your standard for judging right and wrong come from? I can tell you where mine comes from… the Bible. God’s moral standard is absolute, unchanging, and without partiality. So… I stand on “God decides truth”. The only other option is [fallible] “man decides truth”.

  9. Willy: Your morals are not mine, so this deviation exists only within your own perceptions. And I would also question your definition of “sound mind.”

  10. Actually it does Scott E. — The term sorcery appears 27 times in the Bible. 22 times it means control by evil spirits. But in the Greek New Testament it is “pharmakeia” translated as drug abuse, drug pusher.
    5331 Pharmakeia: from pharmeakeuo (to administer drugs); the use of medicine, drugs or spells: — sorceries (1) sorcery (2)
    5332 Pharmakeus; a variant reading for 5333, q.v.
    5333 Pharmakos; from pharmakon (a drug); a poisoner, sorcerer, magician; — sorceries (2)

    Galatians 5:20
    Revelations 9:21
    Revelations 18:23
    Revelations 21:8
    Revelations 22:15

    So we see that the Bible not only condemns the drug user but the drug pusher also.

    Again, I reiterate that the Bible does NOT condemn medical marijuana.

    What should an unbeliever do who is hooked on drugs? Repent! Come to Jesus. II Corinthians 5:21, Ephesians 2:1,5
    How about a believer who is hooked? Ephesians 5:18, Galatians 5:16

    I pray that each makes wise decisions that relate to his or her own situations.

  11. There is nothing wrong with medical marijuana. But there is everything wrong with “getting high”. The problem arises when you blur the lines between medical use and recreational use. One is right; the other is WRONG!

  12. It’s using marijuana to “get high” that puts people in a frame of mind to deviate from a moral position that they normally would not have deviated from if they were “straight”, or of a sound mind. … the same with alcohol.

  13. The Bible says that sex outside of marriage is sin. That means it is wrong. So it matters not if they are 12 or 120, male or female, animal or whatever. The Bible is our starting point for judging ALL matters. Logic originates from God. God has given you a moral conscience.

  14. MJRforprez2032 on

    Are you sure? What was that smoking bush in the mountains Moses communicated with God over? I’m sorry lol, couldn’t help myself. But yes, what your listing is the characteristics of heavy usage. With anything used in large amounts over large amounts of time, will affect you. That’s where marijuana needs to be used in moderation so you don’t become a burn out!

  15. Whenever TF they want to like dam it’s there life god didn’t put it here to stare at it mine as we’ll enjoy it like dam

  16. I Freakin Love you and PK2…. my boy was 14 when they started trying to recruit him in. Too mature even then to be convinced! hahaha

  17. pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use
    see more
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  18. agree

    pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use

    see more

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  19. foxie @terry

    pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use

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  20. foxie
    pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use

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  21. agree


    pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use

    see more

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  22. foxie The Dwarf

    • a minute ago


    pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use

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  23. pot is not a drug it is herb
    and god is the one that gave us the pot plaint
    and also said that he put all things on this earth for our use

  24. I am not amused when someone accuses me of picking a fight when it is untrue. And since I don’t know what we are disagreeing about, how you can claim some sort of truth here is beyond me. But hey, our posts are public, so let the voting begin…

  25. I’m sure that’s part of it, JJ, but you can’t have the physical part of young recruits without the mental part. Or does the military usually try to recruit physically fit 30- and 40-year-olds into active duty to fight wars?

  26. Wow, I don’t often run into people with your level of clueless. It’s almost as if I’m speaking a foreign language. You have my pity.


  27. I’m also highly amused when someone with whom I disagree calls that disagreement “picking a fight”. But since you’ve no interest in the truth…


  28. This makes no sense whatsoever. You don’t have to sign a release to buy cigarettes, nor do you have to sign a release to buy sugar/fat laced foods that can cause type 2 diabetes. If you choose to smoke marijuana the legal age should be 18. I agree with alcohol being at age 21 though, because there was just to many deaths related to drunk driving concerning teens when they lowered it to 18.

  29. You are wrong. They rather have younger recruits, because their bodies can endure more physical activity and are less likely to be injured or have medical complications.

  30. Did you fail to notice he said below 30%, which makes it more than a 5-10% marginal difference. Try to pay attention next time and before calling someone a jerk just for asking where the poll data comes from, take a good look in the mirror.

  31. Actually, this is incorrect. It was because of drunk driving crashes and alcohol-related fatalities when they lowered it to 18, so they raised it back to 21.

  32. I believe the drinking age was set at 21 because a young person’s liver, which acts as a filter, is not fully developed until they are at least 19, so it was set at 21 to help avoid alcohol poisoning… am wondering if there is any concern for cannabis. I know smoking it is not good for your lungs(can be ingested though)
    But does your liver help in processing out any of the different chemical components?

  33. Andre V. Buttry on

    You know I read an article today that said taking ibuprofen could negate the memory loss side effects that some people get when blazing up. You should look it up.

  34. Andre V. Buttry on

    If you don’t wanna smoke weed then don’t smoke. Nobody’s forcing you to do it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you should be force people to conform to your subjective opinion. That’s called fascism motherfucker.

  35. Nol van Schaik on

    16. I remember when it was legal to buy from 16 and up in the coffeeshops, until 1996. Now, all these youngsters not allowed in, buy all kinds of drugs on the black market. By the time they are allowed into a coffeeshop, they have already used all kinds of other shit…. Was not a smart move, they will get what they want anyway….

    and…at what age did you start smoking cannabis????

  36. No cloak and dagger. Look for cannagramma, a google search should do. If ya find it there will be an email link. I’m wondering if that’ll work, anyway, so we’ll see!

  37. i think the age to buy recreational ganja should be 18 not 21 but i respect Colorado and Washington’s decision but in my opinion as long as you are over 17 buying it shouldn’t be a problem if Connecticut was to decide the age it would be to buy recreational ganja Dan would make it 18 years old maybe this is wishful thinking but its just a guess.

  38. While i love smoking weed and i hope some day most people will smoke it instead of drinking alcohol there is no way 12 it’s a good age, that will fuck you up even for a little if you still don’t believe it.

  39. You talking bout the bible.sir or mam w.w.j.d….smoke weed dont the bible say anythang frome god is good for u .see buddy marijuana is from mother nature.it growes on its own a drug u have to add all kinds of different shit to it.that killes people.how many people do you know that has O.D on canabus.The answer to that is 0000.it is imposable.ask yourself would u reather see your child at the ligal age have a joint in there mouth or a beer or crack pipe .u deside. But bottom lien if u dont like weed dont smoke it point blank.het off every bodys back im frome memphis tn.and am prod to say spark it up ligalize it .

  40. Alcohol or marijuana should be at 18. If you are old enough to be drafted and die for your country then you should be old enough to use intoxicants.

  41. How come it takes so long for me to get your posts?
    Dunno how to look you up. Don’t want to list my email here, do you?
    We can make it all cloak-and-dagger if you want, pick a time and place and see if the other shows up. I have some tie-dyed gloves I can wear so you would recognize me…

  42. “The Rind paper has been quoted by people and organizations advocating age of consent reform, but also by PEDOPHILE groups in support of their efforts to change attitudes towards pedophilia and to decriminalize sexual activity between adults and minors (children or adolescents), as well as by defense attorneys who have used the study to minimize harm in child sexual abuse cases.”

    Stop using marijuana as a way to market your twisted, unsubstantiated, and ridiculous theories, either here at this website or anywhere else that advocates for legalization. I feel dirty just for having to respond to you…

  43. From Wikipedia:

    “Like confidence intervals, the margin of error can be defined for any desired confidence level, but usually a level of 90%, 95% or 99% is chosen (typically 95%).”

    “In some cases, the margin of error is not expressed as an “absolute” quantity; rather it is expressed as a ‘relative’ quantity.”

    Guest did not state that the percentage was 30% to 40%, s/he said 40%. So, when Guest says 40%, are we to assume that s/he means 40% to 50%? Now we’re talking about a 20% margin of error.

    If you were as smart as you pretend to be, this would have occurred to you before you posted your comment.

  44. Well then, disputing someone over a 10% point difference really makes you seem smart. Like someone who knows his facts and doesn’t let opinion get in the way of scientific evidence. The problem is that it actually makes you look like a jerk.

    If you were as smart as you pretend to be when you are on marijuana-based forums, then you would know that there is a 5-10% margin of error when dealing with percentage scales, so 40% is, statistically speaking, the same number as 30%.

  45. Ah. So, you don’t suggest anyone smoke pot but think its cool to fuck 12 year olds? Your pedo-apologist propaganda isn’t fooling anybody. Time to take off your tinfoil hat and realize that its not the government’s fault that most people believe that creeps like you are dangerous.

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  47. Scott, if YOU’RE going to call someone an asshole… At least learn to spell ! YOU’RE, YOU’RE, YOU’RE (contraction of “you are”)… not YOUR (as in you’re an asshole)…

  48. ohhhhh man , did you know that your body has CANNABINOIDS in it since the day your created ? so giving the body time to find natural balances is completely foolish , …p.s. when cannabinoids in your body start to deteriorate you end up with cancer

  49. what makes you logical ,? most kids start smoking pot around age 12-13, some kids start using pills, some start drinking , and some are just fuck ups that can’t handle anything they do, so i would like you to enlighten the marihuana community as to which one you think is more sensible , because the kids are going to do it anyways, so telling them no is just making it a problem , instead of educating kids about the medicinal effect it has and how it is the safest herb on the planet

  50. ya we know , this is a weed blog , so go find twitter unless you have something positive to say about the medical marihuana movement , stop taking up space

  51. Terry I to have smoked for many years with no memory loss or other problems and I have owned my own company for longer and I’m doing very well and I have no plans of stoping but on the other hand I bet u believe in alcohol witch has killed more people in 1 hour then weed has in history so maybe u should get ur facts right before u talk js!!!

  52. The day your old enough to go into the service to shoot and kill people is the day you should be allowed to smoke

  53. Nowhere in the Bible doe’s it talk about using drugs or selling then……That makes you a LIAR…..And it wasn’t the weed that made you stupid your just Naturally STUPID…….I don’t believe 1 word you wrote

  54. Peter Smafield on

    Actually it is logical and thought out I just didn’t provide any additional information as to my reasoning. A quick and dirty review or why I say that 12 is a good age for legal decisions comes from a study published around 1998 that provides evidence that adolescences do not display any emotional harm from sexual congress with adults, but do display emotional harm from their family of origin. I just extrapolated that information to smoking pot. I personally would not suggest that anyone smoke pot, but that is because for me it was a gateway to stronger drugs. I have struggled for years to over come my own addictive nature and that struggle has given me some insight into the workings of my own mind. This is my opinion and I do not expect anyone else to have the same opinion. By the way it is hard to find that research because the Congress of American actually voted to never allow it to influence how people are treated who have sex with adolescences. The moral majority would rather believe religion rather than science.

  55. Now 7% eh? Try quoting some actual statistical studies rather than just making up numbers that you think sound good.

    And again, how many people currently smoke marijuana has no relevance on how many people support legalization.

  56. I do not believe that recreational marijuana should be legal [to buy] at any age. I believe it is wrong to “get high”. The Bible talks about drug users and drug pushers not inheriting the kingdom of God, [as it does drunkards and many other sins]. The Bible does not condemn medical marijuana. I believe there is a huge disconnect or grey, foggy area when it comes to using marijuana for medical purposes and “getting high”. People that just want to “get high” falsely equate proper medical usage with getting high: They blur the moral lines between the two and confuse today’s younger generation. I smoked marijuana [illegally] for many years and only once, out of the tens of thousands of times, can I ever remember using it for a true medical purpose [I had a headache]. It is wrong to use marijuana to “get high”. It takes you out of the realm of normalcy. It has affected my memory significantly; and many other negative aspects that I do not care to go into at this time.

  57. “Do you honestly believe that more than 50% of the population chooses to enjoy cannabis?” The answer to that question is YES!
    Some areas are at 96%

  58. I would like to see that poll for your comment, “that 40% of Americans still believe, erroneously, marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol.”
    From all the polls I have seen that percentage is less than 30%.

  59. On a personal level, marijuana should be legal for all at age 18 for recreational use.
    But if you look at it from a States perspective, age 21 is fair because a lot of young people are not mature enough at 18 and this is just my opinion.
    However there should be no age limit for medical use but put a cap on the THC % limit for those whom are younger than 12.

  60. I’m not sure what we are arguing about. I didn’t say that I think that youngsters are easier to control, it is the military who thinks that and uses it to recruit. And I am always highly amused (and confused) when people pick fights with me for no reason.

  61. I think the age limit for everything (including alcohol, rental cars, cruise lines… etc) should be no higher than 18. Ideally, I think the age to buy marijuana should be 17 or 18, but I know that is just a pie in the sky dream because so many voters would not want an intoxicating substance available to 18 year olds while the drinking age is still 21. Sadly, setting the age to buy marijuana at 21 is the only realistic option we have.

  62. I am always highly amused when someone pulls the “you’ve made my point” canard.

    “…because they think the young are easier to control than adults who can make up their own minds.”

    So more than 200,000 youngsters committing a Federal felony by relocating to Canada is within your definition of “easier to control?” You must have a very odd definition of that phrase. The total number of U.S. troops deployed to Vietnam was 536,100. If we add 200,000 to 536,100 and we see that 27.174% of the total number ordered to go declined to do so. The 200,000 figure doesn’t include conscientious objectors either.

  63. No, I’m not high, neither did I pull the number out of the air. Were you drunk when you wrote your post? j/k But I do think that you could benefit from a remedial course in reading comprehension. Do you honestly believe that more than 50% of the population chooses to enjoy cannabis? Try thinking it through this time. We’re polling those numbers because we’ve compromised with enough outsiders to get them on our side.

    By “we comprise 10% of the voters” I was referring to my fellow fans of cannabis. Officially the U.S. government says that it’s around 7% of the population so 10% of ***voters**** is a very generous presumption. Just try to get a law that allows the unfettered production and distribution of cannabis past and you’ll see your voter support disappear into thin air.

  64. Regardless of what the age ideally should be, in an ideal world, 21+ is the more politically viable option. More people support 21+ than 18+.

    It doesn’t help that 40% of Americans still believe, erroneously, marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, and they certainly won’t support 18+ for marijuana while alcohol is 21+.

  65. The brain researchers find the neuro connections in the white matter, frontal cortex are not complete enough until after age 16 to allow cannabis without compromising cognition and therefore judgement.

  66. should be 21. The age 21 for beer is to keep the buyers away from the younger high school kids. Pier pressure on the 18 yo kids to buy it from there buddies is a real thing. some states are talking about bring cigs up to 21. Remember you used to be able to get beer at 18.

  67. i started when i was 16 yo,and have smoked everyday since. I am now a 58 yo millionaire living in podunk florida …….where i make more than 98% of the local military like population…..that are mostly alcohlics

  68. Wow, you just made my point: The older and more mature a person is, the harder it is to convince them that the military is a good thing, at least for recruitment purposes. And I applaud those with the courage to go to Canada, I think I would have done the same thing.

  69. Wilsmin Bringle on

    I just think marijuana shouldn’t have any laws around it and shouldn’t be regulated at all. I mean, I’d be fucking stupid if I’d ever think that’d happen. But I don’t really think it deserves laws surrounding it…

  70. Are you high? 10%? Did you just pull that number out of your ass?

    Voters in favor of marijuana legalization is much closer to 40-60%, depending on the area.

    Legalization wouldn’t be passing if we comprised “a maximum of 10% of the voters”.

  71. Uh huh… And you expect people to take the word of a grad student over doctorate holders with decades of experience in their fields?

  72. Wow. So what was with the over 200,000 youngsters who relocated to
    Canada rather than take an all expenses paid trip to see Vietnam?

  73. My argument has always been that there’s no benefit in trying to get the law changed to what it should be. It just isn’t going to happen because we simply do not have the political capital required in order to have such a law implemented anywhere in the near future. We comprise a maximum of 10% of the voters so we simply can’t write our own ticket on this issue. Even presuming that 10% of the voters who don’t choose to enjoy cannabis are dedicated friends of freedom, it still leaves us with 30% + 1 of the voters with whom we must compromise in order to achieve our goal. Those people have been indoctrinated with prohibitionist horror stories and propaganda for their entire life as were their parents before them. Politics is the art of compromise and our handicap simply can’t be mitigated without their agreement.

    Did everyone know that when the 21st Amendment went into effect that the only variety of drinking alcohol that was made legal was 3.2% beer? How about the fact that it wasn’t until 1966 that Mississippi became the last State to repeal their State level laws in the same category as the 18th Amendment?

    I recall that during the campaign to get Prop 19 (2010) approved by
    voters that there were lots of 18, 19 and 20 years old who objected to
    the age 21 restrictions. Well irony is that Prop 19 (2010) failed, but
    those who raised that argument are today ages 21, 22, and 23 and it’s
    still illegal for them. Please don’t let a desire for perfection be the enemy of the good. There simply is no set of circumstances where more prohibition is a better choice than less prohibition.

  74. Artstrada Magazine on

    Make it 20 years old. It is kind of arbitrary since people will smoke it anyway. My only concern is to give the human body sufficient time to find it’s natural balances.

  75. It should be up to the states, but it shouldn’t be higher than alcohol. If you can die in war, smoke cigarettes and star in a porno, 18, you ought a be trusted to be able to smoke a joint too. Alcohol especially the hard stuff, can do a lot worse if its in your blood, keep it at 21.


  76. It kinda seems that the military’s science in this area is a little behind the times, but since they focus the science on issues of control, perhaps I don’t understand it as well. Have you ever seen Naomi Klein speak on her book, The Shock Doctrine? Her description of how military science developed, what it was used for, well, it’s enough to shock, indeed. But tying it all into economic theories is something that had never occurred to me before…

    And, in case you haven’t see the movie, The Tillman Story, well, I can’t recommend this one enough. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and it highlights these issues as well.

  77. no need to put people down, i agree it should be 18 but if its 21 that helps get it legalized im all for that. I’m 19 and live in colorado, I’m also a registered medical patient, so the new laws won’t apply to me much anyway

  78. People of younger years can be more easily led to fight a war for others. People of any age will fight a real war if there is a real threat to their life, liberty, yada, yada, I think.

  79. I don’t think drinking age is 18 in most states, if any due to the Minimum Age Drinking Act, but most of Europe has 18 as a drinking age, as do the majority of countries worldwide.

  80. Do to your brain? You said so yourself u smoked at a young age, an you almost got your Phd, bud dont make you stupid or even anyhting like that. Any reasearch scientificly has been fucked with so people think buds worse then it is. IT dont hurt your brain, your brainwashed if u think it does.

  81. 18 because its safer then the poison called alcohal, so theres no real way to hurt yourself by smoking to much. so responsiblility isnt the same as alcohol. U can smoke a quater to the face, if u dont pass out you’ll just be really high n not do shit but eat. nothing harmful to your body., when alchol u drink 3 beers n be puking your guts out in the tolet cuz your body rejects the poison.

  82. Alcohol used to be 18 in a lot of states, and it didn’t work. We all know that they’re going to get it no matter what, but 21 is a good age to make it legal. I was 18 when I joined the Navy. I drank and smoked cigarettes, and got high. When I turned 21, I loved it that I was legal!!! Now I’m 56, I have MS. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I quit cigarettes, and now I vape, and I use marijuana mainly for the medical, but still like the high.

  83. You can vote, own a home, join the military and die for your country, you can move away from home, or get married, you can drink the evil booze in most states, at age 18. You’re old enough to be responsible… it’s assumed by the norms of society,… so 18 is my vote.

  84. I think 21 is a decent age to start. However, for the sick there should be no age restriction. Just a Dr. that follows the cases.

  85. The military has to recruit them young for indoctrination, and because they think the young are easier to control than adults who can make up their own minds. Try to convince a 30-year old to kill indiscriminately or for some ideological cause and you might just have a mutiny on your hands.

  86. Actually if their brain is not fully developed and you do not have the capacity to fully understand….anything, then how can you sign something saying you fully understand anything….your brain aint fully developed yet! I feel if the government can recruit you to kill and be killed for its bullshit international/monetary/control reasons then you damn well better have the right to drink and smoke if you want to. Government brainwashing is much more destructive than cannabis will ever be to an 18 year old. You want to prohibit something, prohibit government corruption and stupidity and then recruiting “children” whos brains are not fully developed from being recruited to be their pawns.

  87. It should be 18. If you are old enough to die for your country, then you should be old enough to make the choice whether you should partake in recreational cannabis or not.

  88. Gosh, this argument sounds really familiar to one made in, what was it, 2009?

    Let’s see, was that the study showing no causal link in the so-called results? Yeah, typical for these kinds of studies. So, this is what you doctors are studying now, this antiquated and debunked research?

    And is signing this document you describe kinda like making women seeking reproductive healthcare watch medical videos before they can legally access care? You know, for their own edification and protection, right?

    Man, how lame are you…

  89. Edited for a grammatical error: I think the legal age should be 25. That may seem super conservative, and I definitely smoked way earlier than that, but I’m in a psychology grad program trying to get my PhD and I have a more scientific knowledge about how weed affects the brain and the most damage that it does is to the myelination process of the developing brain and it just so happens that our brains don’t finish this process until our mid-twenties. So even if you do make the legal age younger than that, I think that you should have to sign something that says you thoroughly understand what it could do to your brain before you’re allowed to buy any.

  90. I think the legal age should be 25. That may seem super conservative, and I definitely smoked way earlier than that, but I’m not in a psychology grad program trying to get my PhD and I have a more scientific knowledge about how weed affects the brain and the most damage that it does is to the myelination process of the developing brain and it just so happens that our brains don’t finish this process until our mid-twenties. So even if you do make the legal age younger than that, I think that you should have to sign something that says you thoroughly understand what it could do to your brain before you’re allowed to buy any.

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