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What Size Of Marijuana Nugs Do You Like?


train wreck marijuana strainDo You Like Small, Medium, Or Large Marijuana Buds?

It’s that magical time of the week where my marijuana stash is running low and I needed to meet up with my preferred marijuana dealer for more medicine. He’s a good guy; he’s always on time, he always gives me a great price for medical marijuana, and the quality is out of sight! I’m not one of these people that like a low or medium strength marijuana; I want the strongest I can find. Since medical marijuana testing is not prevalent in Oregon yet, I’m not exactly sure what percentages my medicine is. However, if I was in California, I would go in to the medical marijuana dispensary and say give me the highest so I can ride the higher high.

Another thing that I like about the guy I get my medical marijuana from is he and his friend always have great conversations. In fact, I get a lot of my ideas for blog articles from hanging out at their place smoking bowls. Today’s topic is ‘what size of pieces of marijuana do you prefer?’ I’ve been buying from this guy for several months now in between my medicine harvests, and I finally saw him pull out a gallon bag of marijuana instead of having my order pre-weighed out. I asked him if I could get some pinball sized nugs instead of the big pieces he usually gives me. He was kind of blown away that I didn’t want the biggest nugs possible. His roommate saw the exchange, and was puzzled too. That’s when the roomate (shout out to Kyle!) said I should ask my readers what size of nugs they prefer, because they both thought it’s all about the size of the marijuana nugs – the bigger the better.

I personally don’t like large enormous marijuana nugs. Sure it’s cool to have a branch the size of a sword for picture purposes, but it always seems that the larger the marijuana nug the more stem and ‘airy’ the marijuana nug is. Popcorn or pinball sized nugs seem to be more dense and uniform. Not always, as I have seen my share of popcorn and pinball sized marijuana nugs that are horrendous. But what I’m talking about is taking that big sword sized marijuana branch, and plucking the choicest pieces from it which generally come out the size of a piece of popcorn to the size of a ping pong ball. Hog balls as my uncle says lol.

I don’t really know why anyone would like small marijuana nugs, other than for rolling up joints or blunts. Which usually in that case the marijuana consumer has found a friend with an abundance of shake and sidesteps the whole nug thing all together. I know I went through a ‘shake doobie’ phase because I got such a great deal on it from a grower. If you’re going to just smoke a bunch of joints, or blunts, or even vaporize marijuana, might as well save the money as well as the effort of grinding it up.

So what do TWB readers think? Do you like your nugs to be as huge as possible, medium, small, shake? Or maybe you are like, ‘I don’t give an F, let’s just smoke it already…’ If you have some pictures of your preferred marijuana nugs, e-mail them to me at JohnnyGreen@theweedblog.com and I’ll update them into this article from time to time. There’s nothing better than a visual :)

trainwreck marijuana strain

Trainwreck from Oregon


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  1. Smaller nuggets are better. Less stems. More potent. Large nugs are for aesthetic purposes only. Smaller nugs used to be standard. Now it’s all big nugs because people like to see big nugs. They’re pretty. That’s what it comes down to. Any seasoned smoker I’ve met prefer smaller nugs.

  2. I actually prefer small nugs, aka “booger nuggets” My reason why is because they are alot easier to just throw in a blunt, 9 times out of 10 you don’t even need to break it up, and I’m not talking about a bunch of little nuggets with alot of shake at the bottom of some weak ish, I mean some really good shit, but everyone has their own preference I’m a blunt guy myself….

  3. All “marketable buds”, especially the “show quality” specimens go into the….export bag. Someone else can pay and smoke those logs in those large buds. I prefer those small little buds that grow where the branch comes out of the stem. Those are about a good bong load and there’s no waste, except for the person smoking it. That’s definite stash weed there.

  4. TrichomeTrent on

    I prefer the biggest buds possible, and bragging rights are the least of my concern. Science and the testing so prevalent at some collectives has proven the top colas (when grown properly) have higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, providing a slightly better medicine with a slightly better flavor. Top colas will always be the most dense as well unless there is a heat or lighting issue. I’ve gotten to the point where I will harvest top colas first and keep them separated since its the only flower I will actually smoke. The rest becomes concentrate, usually for cooking ;)

  5. I don’t really care about the size. I’ve found that big nugs are good birthday and Christmas presents. The only downside is the big stem but you can just give the stem to the dog to chew on.

  6. redeyedmonster on

    I prefer medium nugs rather then small or large nugs. Large nugs suck because of the stems and small nugs dont work well in bongs or pipes. Meium nugs u can go anyway u wanylt without the stems. Plus it seems to last longer that way

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