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What The F**k Does Marijuana Have To Do With The Ferguson Murder?


michael brown ferguson missouri marijuanaA preventable tragedy occurred in Ferguson, Missouri last weekend. An unarmed teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. If this didn’t involve a police officer pulling the trigger, the media would report it as murder. But instead, because it was a police officer that pulled the trigger, mainstream media has tried to gloss over the event. Officials in Missouri have done a horrible job at handling the situation to say the least.

The incident in Ferguson, Missouri has resulted in rioting and outrage. The murder of Michael Brown should have never happened, and many Americans for the first time are witnessing just how militarized law enforcement has become in many areas. An autopsy was performed by Dr. Michael Baden. Dr. Baden was brought onto Fox News to discuss the autopsy, and rather than focus on pertinent facts, instead Fox News and Dr. Baden chose first to discuss the fact that marijuana was found in Michael Brown’s system at the time he was murdered. Per Mediaite:

“Does the fact that they found marijuana, does that exclude the fact that there might be other drugs in his system or even that the marijuana was laced with anything?” Van Susteren asked the doctor. “Is that the final analysis or could there be more information to come in terms of the toxicology?”

After admitting that he had not seen the toxicology report in question yet, Baden went on to speculate about what the presence of marijuana in Brown’s system could mean.

“Very important with marijuana is the levels of the different drugs that are present in marijuana to have an opinion as to whether or not he might have been affected by the marijuana,” he said, “so that he may have been acting in a crazy way and may have done things to the police officer that normally he would not have done.”

An innocent unarmed teenager was murdered by police. Rioting and outrage are occurring as a result. And what does the media and the doctor focus on? Marijuana. As I stated in the title, what the f**k does marijuana have to do with this case? Michael Brown could have smoked every gram of marijuana that is on this planet, and in no way would it justify the murder that occurred, nor would it be relevant to the case. Shame on you Fox News for trying to insinuate that marijuana played a role in this tragic event, and shame on you Dr. Baden for suggesting that marijuana, or anything other than police brutality, contributed to the murder of this innocent teenager. RIP Michael Brown. My heart goes out to your family, and I pray that meaningful change comes out of this horrific tragedy.


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  1. I guess the broken eye socket on the officers face and major swelling closed of his eyes didn’t matter to the facts here. In any state if you go up to a police car reach inside and brutally attack an officer your going to get shot and killed maybe, hmmm what do you think. This entire case is a web of lies both the so called witnesses was over 50 to 75 feet away so him pulverizing the cops face may have looked like pulling away. This man not boy he was 19 legally man old enough to kill for the army is a man. I know he wasn’t in the army, but he was a thug play with fire and get burnt we are all taught this young as BOYS not to harm police or you will get shot. He deserved it end of story. You can reply I don’t care what you say thugs are thugs he played with fire and got burnt.

  2. As several other people have appropriately asked, “Why is everyone so willing to ignore a police officer publicly shooting an unarmed 18 year old?” Right. Because the 18 year old was big and black and OH SO SCARY.

    Doesn’t matter how big the kid was — the bullets proved who was the “bigger man” didn’t they? I’m not as disturbed by the details of the shooting as I am by the reactions to it. You sir, are a terrible human being.

    Worst case scenario NOT involving bullets, the cop would have gotten beat up, and Mike Brown would have gone to jail for assaulting a police officer. That’s how the events should have played out. Shooting an unarmed man is not Ok. I’m pretty sure we give cops pepper spray, tazers, and nightsticks so they WON’T shoot everyone.

    Racism wouldn’t bother me so much if there weren’t so many racists with guns. That cop murdered Michael Brown — dress it up however you need. Whatever sick preconceptions you’re validating with your nonsense doesn’t matter to me. But don’t act like you believe you have the morally high ground: there is no excuse to shoot an unarmed person.

  3. Mindless? Do you even know where our weed laws come from? Are you aware that although blacks and whites smoke weed at the same percentages of their populations, blacks are around 8 times more likely to be convicted for it?

    As for Mr. Brown, the cop who tried to arrest him didn’t even know he was a robbery suspect. And Dred Scott himself is buried just four miles south of Ferguson. This country can’t outrun its ghosts. Time to confront them.

  4. According to new reports yesterday, he was shot in the back. You might want to ask your boss at Fox News how you can spin that.

  5. Sorry that’s Jose guerrera ands he was shot dead, more than 20. Times in his own home in Az, and they found nothing

  6. Hey yo I guess he deserved the two bullets in the head, your a bigot, and stop watching Fox, it’s bad to eat so many lies
    What about trevon, what about Eddie Herrera. Wake up dude. If black people don’t know get a fare shake, none of us do. It’s not about those people it about all of us..

  7. True, but that’s why companies like fox control and own many different information mediums, so they can control public opinion and also political votes. These big networks aren’t about entertainment or they would show better TV. Most of these channels will have a few decent shows, lots of filler, and generally focus on their “hard hitting news” or the shock factor about claiming stupid ass shit… Think about the child who gets in trouble JUST so they can get attention, adults can sometime be like this too, so I couldn’t imagine a corporation being any different. Human nature is transparent, whether or not you are a child, or an adult.

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much. The tide is turning and there is nothing Fox can do about it. The days when people could be brainwashed by a single medium are over as the information is readily available to anyone with a computer.

  9. what robbery video are you watching?? What I’ve seen is Mr. Brown, may he and his family accept my peaceful prayers and thoughts, is he was in the background PAYING for the cigars he was said to be carrying. Even the store clerk said it was not Mr. Brown who stole the box of cigars. Not the few that was found in the possession of Mr. Brown. Completely different clothes, and especially shoes vs sandals as the thief was wearing.
    I sure as hell don’t condone police using aggressive force upon citizens in any form, unless there is a gun pointed/facing them.
    But eff foxnews!!! Reason I have not watched tv or movies or listen to commercialized contrived garbage radio stations, for the past 13 years. What does it matter if someone is MJ in their system, that fact is irrelevant to the shooting. You all get ‘lifted’, so when was the last time you decided to go for a run or attempt to attack someone??? Perhaps run to the kitchen for a snack, make a run for Taco Hell, or run to the bathroom due to laughing or being so focused upon a conversation. It’s just a ploy to keep MJ in the limelight. All to make the idiots who loose brain cells for watching such CRAP, to keep MJ illegal. I agree shame on foxnews and shame on Dr. Baden for going along to answer those questions.

  10. Your mindless comments are a bit part of the reason we’re having trouble moving medical marijuana out of the shadows. Robbing a convenience store and assaulting a cop don’t imply any form of common sense, just arrogant stupidity regardless of race.

  11. He discredited himself by robbing the store, and he forced it downhill from there by his stupid actions. It’s on video in the store and multiple other sources.

  12. Yes, it did happen, just take a look at the video and it’s clearly obvious.
    As several people have appropriately asked, “what would you do if an irate 300 pound guy had tackled you and began beating you to a pulp?” The dufus was blocking a police car from reaching a call for assistance, so it wasn’t as if he didn’t know it was a cop.

  13. The truth is weed didn’t effect the situation, nevertheless the presence of marijuana in Mike Brown’s system is media blastable since half the nation is at odds about it. As a shooter, I could say that either Mr. Brown or Darren Wilson, the officer involved, had a previous incident and was fed up with being disrespected which led to a clash, not a huge thing happens all the time. In the clash the trained officer grabbed his revolver and eventually let off a wound shot, not a fatal shot; Mr. Brown would’ve been dead at the truck. Mr. Brown of his size could of taken one shot during the clash and still ran. The discovery of other rounds fired explains the chase and shoot. These are near target warning shots or misses. At this point Mr. Brown turns around from fear for his life or another shot to the arm. Still not too huge a deal, officer could’ve let off, imagine a regular shooter with a huge target like that trying to run, too easy. Now face to face Mr. Brown with hands up begins to take a step or two to either get down or to charge the officer. Officer Wilson believes the latter and begins to shoot Mr. Brown with four shots. Two to the left side of the body to stop Mr. Brown, and unfortunately the overkill trigger-happy second double tap to the head to finish him off.

  14. Thank you finally someone sees the connection. Scott suspect, this is a very good post, if you passed his comment please back up and read.

    Prohibition, plays into the hands of corporatism greed and thirst for power to accelerate their monopoly on our society. Blood suckers, destroying the family, our planet and all else for their selfish gains

  15. That did not happen. Fox news needs to STOP, opinionated commentating, soap box lying. Drop the news from Fox and tell people comments here are based on our opinion, not based on any part of reality. Perhaps their name should reflect the people’s opinion vocalized here. Coch brothers corporatism and enslavement of the masses.

  16. Neither you nor Johnny nor Fox News knows exactly what happened that day. When all the facts come out, I hope we all learn from this awful episode. Until then, perhaps Fox News can explain why they chose to make a big deal out of finding THC in Michael Brown’s blood, other than trying to discredit him.

  17. So Johnny Green, what would you do if a 6’4” 290 man beat you about the head and face, tried to grab your gun and caused to to fire, ran away and then turned and started sprinting back towards you?

  18. What a major cluster fuck. Marijuana had nothing to do with an unarmed kid getting killed by a trigger happy cop. He made a error (the cop) he should of been charges looked into and filed. But no they suspend him with pay. They might as well givin the cop a medal to. What did they think would happen. This was abuse of power by a bully. They act like they understand why the entire city is in an up roar. This shouldn’t be a race thing but unfortunately it was a African American kid. I wonder if the same people would of been so upset he was Caucasian? Just so you know no matter what color the kid this is a major fuck up and should not of happened. To the parents of this young man I am sorry for your loss. I know this won’t bring your son back but I hope you get the justice you deserve

  19. Yes we must have objectivity, its funny how all these people without all the facts come to final conclusions. Seek truth don’t just pick left wing or right wing. Has the weed blog interviewed every witness on the scene or just the “reliable” mainstream media reports (man I love how they always give us the truth Lol). It is crazy that they would mention marijuana as if it was relative to hostile behavior.

  20. Please explain further? And I’ll go read the post again and see if I get your drift. Frankly, I have been waiting for some political fallout regarding marijuana as soon as I heard the tox. report said he had used weed. I wondered if someone was going to make a deal out of the cigars allegedly stolen from the convenience store by Michael Brown too, being they’re often used to roll blunts, but I haven’t heard any more about either. Shame on Baden for being an ass**** and trying to make an issue of weed, but at least the interviewer had the sense to ask about the rest of the tox. report. I am appalled at the handling of this murder, but not surprised at all. If the media chooses to grab at this weed bone that has been tossed out there, I hope it won’t reflect badly on the progress made by our Show Me Cannabis friends in MO.

  21. Our anti-marijuana laws come from racist roots, so racism is an important part of any story regarding legalization. Marijuana laws are just one of the tools used in the centuries long war against black people. Reforming those laws would go a long way to reducing the disparity in prison populations, despite the fact that the different races all consume marijuana at about the same rates.

    But don’t hold your breath waiting for hippie punchers and racists to stop punching hippies and lynching people. Until enough libertarians (who choose other issues as more important, and therefore choose to join the coalition of hippie punchers) decide to rank this cause as important enough to vote for progressives, who overwhelmingly support changing our racist drug laws, then this is the kind of crap we can expect.

  22. If the weed blog’s sole purpose is marijuana legalization, I would have to say their political calculus is a bit off on this story. I do admire the relative altitude The Weed Blog generally takes on the subject if marijuana. The Objective altitude is why I prefer The Weed Blog over a plethora of other marijuana activist sites.

  23. This is why I no longer watch fox news and haven’t in awhile … Can’t go a whole commercial break without seeing ads from pharmaceutical companys , which might have something to do with all their anti marijuana bullsh*t

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