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What To Do If California’s Marijuana Regulations Suck?


international cannabis business conference 2015I received the following press release for the International Cannabis Business Conference. With the evolving situation in California, I felt it was a timely piece that I should pass on:

Business and politics: At San Francisco’s International Cannabis Business Conference in February, entrepreneurs will learn about California’s new marijuana policies — and how to change the bad ones.

California is on the verge of becoming the world’s largest marijuana market, and the newly-passed medical regulations will make or break businesses. If legalization passes, the market will transform even more.

That’s why business and politics are the themes of February’s International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco. Entrepreneurs will  learn about California’s new policies, how they can prepare their businesses for future policy changes and how to back fight back against policies that don’t make sense.

“California’s industry is in the washing machine,” said Alex Rogers, producer of the conference. “Businesses better buckle up because some of the new rules will suck.”

The conference is about more than simply featuring the biggest names in the business. “The industry is constantly getting more sophisticated, and just educating people on policies is no longer enough,” said Debby Goldsberry, a conference organizer and the executive director of Magnolia Wellness, a medical cannabis collective. “Now business leaders want to influence policies, lead the movement and make history.”

The reasons for this are simple. It’s good for business, said Anthony Johnson, executive director of Oregon’s successful legalization campaign. “We’re not just an industry,” he said. “We’re a movement, and the entrepreneurs who take the lead are loved by their customers for doing the right thing. ”

The International Cannabis Business Conference has attracted thousands of conference-goers from around the world, and it’s one of the largest and most successful cannabis business conferences.


International Cannabis Business Conference, Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 14, 2016 at the Downtown Hyatt Regency, 5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, Calif., 94111. ww.internationalcbc.com/tickets or 1-888-920-6076.

Praise for the International Cannabis Business Conference

“Business, science, social justice and human rights – this conference has it all.” —Dr. Carl Hart, Scientist, Activist, Educator

“Truly unique. The ICBC thinks globally and acts locally.” —Ed Rosenthal, executive director of Green Aid and leading cannabis cultivation expert

“A high-class event with a lot of heart.  Top-notch speakers, well-organized, and a passionate group of attendees.” —Troy Dayton, ArcView Group

Selected Speakers

Andrew Sullivan is a pioneering blogger, journalist, best-selling author, and leading advocate on drug law reform, civil liberties, and human rights. He is a regular panelist on The Chris Matthews Show and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Arjan Roskam founded the Green House coffee shops and the Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam. He started a series of documentaries called the Strain Hunters, whose mission is to identify, locate and retrieve cannabis landraces that have not yet been studied, to give scientists and doctors the possibility to further enhance medical understanding of the cannabis plant.

Ed Rosenthal, widely known as  the “Guru of Ganja”, is the world’s leading expert on cannabis cultivation. He currently serves as the executive director of Green Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense Fund.

Debbie Goldsberry, an established leader in the marijuana movement for over 25 years, co-founded Berkeley Patients’ Group and is the current executive director of Magnolia Wellness Collective. She is an expert in cannabis business development and teaches at Oaksterdam University.

Raul Del Pino has long been at the leading edge of drug policy in the Spanish-speaking world. In 1996 he created the first Spanish language website dedicated to information about drugs. He has served as chief editor of Cannabis Magazine and is an expert on digital resource and content development. Raul is now in charge of project direction and management for Spannabis, Europe’s largest cannabis fair and expo.

Program Highlights

California’s new regulations: What happened, what it means to your business
What’s next in full legalization: How to prepare for a transforming market
Celebrity interview with Tommy Chong
Keynote speech by Andrew Sullivan
Successful cannabis business strategies: Why advocacy is strategic
How to pitch your cannabiz and land big investors
Thinking bigger: Taking cannabis nationally and internationally

Background information:

      Politics and advocacy are the themes of February’s

International Cannabis Business Conference

      . Entrepreneurs will learn about California’s new policies, how they can prepare their businesses for future policy changes and how to back fight back against bad policies.

California’s medical marijuana industry is transforming. Growers will need permits and may face fees as high as $10,000. The state is requiring seed-to-sale tracking. Flowers have to be tested in labs for pesticides. State agencies to police production.

Legalization will be on the ballot. At least 10 proposals have been filed with state regulators, and San Francisco has already created a task force to draft recreational marijuana regulations.


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  1. End of the Rope on

    Grow rights are at the center of it all as most will tell you. And the monopolization of access to cannabis is the real joke. Just the fact that our federal government dances to every tug of their puppet masters wishes makes me sick with every word I read these days. The greed that all these money grabbing sociopaths live with will come back and bite them one day. The medicinal use of cannabis in its “raw form”(non-decarboxylated) requires much more of the plant than it takes to get high. All these half-assed attempts at regulating cannabis are nothing more than business as usual in the United Monopolies of America. Any Initiative written that claims to give rights and then allows them to be circumvented by local municipalities is only catering to the monopolistic gains of a small greedy group. And to sit back and act like there’re fixing a problem when they know they ARE making it worse is a slap in the face and an insult to intelligence. I’m a patient and cannabis is medicine. Denying cannabis to a patient or anyone for that matter is wrong. We ARE adults and can make our own decisions.

  2. You don’t need to educate me on how much weed can be produced by a plant, I am completely aware. You dodged my statement completely, ignoring that this act does NOT give you a solid right to grow 6 plants. Who is dishonest here?

  3. that would work for me and it did when I lived in AZ and grew indoors, but our county says I can’t grow in my house, it has to be a detached building with all kinds of bells and whistles and I definately can’t grow outdoors…and I can’t afford to build a permitted greenhouse with hard glass walls and roof and a 6 ft. hard fence around the greenhouse…overkill and expensive

  4. Don’t you get it? Most Californians are not indoors and are not going to get three cuts a year. We rely on sun, soil, and water. A BOS ban on county-wide outdoor cultivation would be devastating in my county. Maybe Parker can provide a grant program for all us growers he THINKS want to grow inside (and he happens to own just the right hydro company too!). As a first-timer, I’m sure I’ll have buds raining down on me to see me through the year. SARCASM. It will be a very loong painful spring and summer as a 6 plant grow will be long gone before October.

  5. CAReform would’ve at least given your County’s populace the RIGHT to vote yea or neigh on such an in-your-face attack on you’re state right to cannabis. If the majority prevailed, the BOS prohibition could not go into effect. Parker & Co gave away so much to local control we’ll be the laughingstock of real recreational states. But hey, the Insiders are now at the trough and you can be sure they’ll get theirs.

  6. Nope. They’ll sign on when the field is clear and AUMA is the only Prop left standing. No one wants to be associated with 2010 redux. That’s why I’ll hold my nose for AUMU and also the triangulating pair of Hil & Bill (because it’s hopeless to expect the general populace to read and understand #Bern). It’s no wonder I’m a medical vaper. I have this delusional, eccentric, irrational thought that the 2016 election will pick the most qualified candidate. Are my padded walls on order yet?

  7. I live in N. CA in Siskiyou County and the board of supervisors just passed a ‘complete ban’ on growing outdoors. You can only grow 6 plants in an approved greenhouse if you have a license…and they aren’t giving out licenses…the big pharma and big tobacco peeps will be moving in

  8. Let’s have a bet, shall we? – I’ll wager NORML WILL support AUMA. – You can name the stakes. – Ready?

  9. You are confused. Six plants will produce at least 12 ounces. With an average of three harvests a year, that’s three ounces a month. – Do you really ever blow through more pot than that?

    But you’re not about honesty are you? – You’re just another greedy grower lying to attack ending the war on marijuana consumers. – Shame on you and all your fellow conspirators.

  10. As a medical patient, I’ll have my 100 sq ft provided the BOS doesn’t ban outdoor cultivation AND the state doesn’t make it so onerous on Doctors they flee the state or licensees plummet. If they ratchet down on qualifying as a patient, six plants will be a fuckin farce. Consider: most severely ill patients in CA are the last who can afford, understand, and physically operate and indoor operation to maximize the 6 plant “opportunity” sarcasm strongly ON. Parker et al did this state no favor by leaving crumbs for those who most need help, the end user patient. Right now I cannot morally see myself holding my nose and voting yes. Hat tip Allan for pointing out NORML’s position and reasoning. I couldn’t agree more.

  11. AUMA will free California, America and the world! – Sick, greedy people like you will not stop us.

  12. That shows how twisted you are. No marijuana consumer or reformer would ever believe a word you say.

  13. I can’t support this measure until it receives strong support from NORML. They have not taken a position on it because it contains so many fallacies, they are afraid to outright support it. When NORML is questioning it, you know things are going the wrong direction. The position of “support everything because it says legal” is an amateur tactic in a state like California in the current times.

    Marijuana reform was ALWAYS about having the right to grow included. If you say otherwise, you are not a true activist. The AUMA does not include the right to grow. It allows cities to completely ban outdoor (almost all of them will), and the ability to “regulate, but not ban” your 6 plants, which means they could allow you to have 1 indoor plant, that is grown with appliances and restrictions that makes it nearly impossible for the average person to grow (a de facto ban). Many consumers would like the possibility to be able to participate in the industry and do not want existing businesses to get shut down and the environment to become more restrictive. It gives $3 million to cops EVERY SINGLE YEAR to develop a protocol to figure out if you have weed in your system to throw you in prison for DUI. That is the direction things are heading. We can call it “PC legalization” – it’s supposed to make things better, but it contains provisions that make things backwards. It’s like eating steak and shrimp, with a side platter of fecal matter on the side. It’s supposed to be great, but in the end it sucks.

  14. Nonsense. – AUMA is similar to the legalization in the four Free States. – After the dust settles on re-legalization, average marijuana prices will be around $50 an ounce or less.

    Get out of the way of our freedom! – There will be no repeat of Prop 19 this time around.

    Marijuana reform was never about the growers and sellers. It’s about freeing consumers. – AUMA does that.

  15. Stoners For Legalization on

    After reading this post, I am convinced more than ever that The Weed Blog is an undercover Prohibitionist site.

  16. On top of it the new Sean Parker initiative does nothing to change these regulations, so have fun with “legalization”, LOL!

  17. I’ve already contacted my old dealer to prepare for the incoming dog and pony show. The cities and cops are gearing up for their local bans, and are getting ready to fine and shut this thing down, and almost everywhere has a ban on cultivation and sales. Recently the city of Indio voted for a complete ban because they heard from a Colorado police organization that weed legalization was bad, and boom that was it – a total ban. It was fun while it lasted guys. You bit the bait, now have fun sinking down. Johnny has no idea of the politics here, as he resides in Oregon. I’ll be enjoying my $150 ounces of Hawaiian and Alpha OG in the mean time. People wanting the legal will have fun searching through the bans and high prices.

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