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What Was The Biggest Marijuana Moment Of 2013?


hash bash 20132013 is almost in the history books, and it was a very big year for marijuana reform. But what was the biggest moment for marijuana in 2013? I’d have to go with Uruguay legalizing marijuana. Uruguay is the first country on the planet to legalize marijuana, and I can’t think of anything bigger than that.

It saddens me that the United States wasn’t the first to legalize marijuana, but we had our victories in 2013 as well, although on a smaller level. Portland, Maine legalized marijuana during the 2013 election, and there were also victories in Michigan as well. 2013 saw some implementation milestones met in Colorado and Washington for their recreational marijuana programs.

One of my favorite parts of 2013 was all of the buzz surrounding initiative efforts across the nation. While the actual election day for these efforts isn’t until 2014, it was still exciting to see how many states feel empowered to start initiatives, and start them early for the next election cycle. There was a lot of downplay from some national organizations as far as not going for 2014 and waiting for 2016, but the polling numbers were just too good, and marijuana prohibition is just too bad to pass up any chance at reform.

What was your ‘biggest marijuana moment’ of 2013? I posed this question on my Facebook, and multiple people commented and sent me messages stating that 2013 was the year they first got their medical marijuana card. That’s absolutely a huge thing on a personal level. I will never forget the feeling I got when I first got my card in the mid 2000’s. There’s no way to accurately describe the feeling of being felony free, but I can assure you, it felt good! I look forward to seeing what you folks have to say in the comments section.


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  1. #1. WEEDS- Dr. Sanja Gupta/ Charlotte’s Web
    #2. The FEDs not going after legalized cannabis in Colorado and Washington
    #3. Uruguay legalizing completely
    #4. Banking being allowed to get on board, kind of/sort of
    #5. 58% of Americans giving the nod to legalizing cannabis
    #6. Alaska getting more than enough signtures for full legalization to be voted on
    #7. CCHI2014 in California that will allow all adults legal cannabis and hemp
    I wonder why not much ink is being given to hemp. Hemp can do wonders for humans and earth.

  2. #1. WEEDS- Dr. Sanja Gupta/ Charlotte’s Web
    #2. The FEDs not going after legalized cannabis in Colorado and Washington
    #3. Uruguay legalizing completely
    #4. Banking being allowed to get on board, kind of/sort of
    #5. 58% of Americans giving the nod to legalizing cannabis
    #6. Alaska getting more than enough signtures for full legalization to be voted on
    #7. CCHI2014 in California that will allow all adults legal cannabis and hemp
    I wonder why not much ink is being given to hemp. Hemp can do wonders for humans and earth.

  3. I know that, and you know that, but there were a lot of Americans that were surprised by what he said on prime time CNN.

  4. government owns insurance companies, which get paid by consumers to get a pill prescription and in turn the government makes more money, OF COURSE he was wrong and the government lied, thats what they do

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  6. I got expelled and kicked out of my house for accidentally returning a textbook that my friend left pot in.

  7. Why exactly are you even on the Weed Blog? Kind of Hypocritical at this point isn’t it? Oh… you are hocking your wares at us to make more money… I thought greed was evil as well?

  8. I’m in Alaska and as such looking forward to the 2014 election, the structure is in place on several levels, and I’m working on mine LOL

  9. The instant you juxtaposed homosexualtiy and “soul possession” was the instant you lost all credibility. In which case, I find it ironic you’re hocking your book on the internet, with a computer.

    Alan Turing, WWII codebreaker and father of modern computation — was gay.

    Oh, and if you’re currently on a Mac or Windows PC, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates — both Atheists.

    You wouldn’t be able to plug your book (much less offer an mp3 audio package) were it not for the invaluable contributions made by homosexuals and non-believers.

  10. I agree the legalization in Uruguay is the biggest single event of the year. But I think 2013 will be remembered as a significant year when we look back years from now. A strong undercurrent of momentum has been created this year that’s going to carry this movement toward it’s end goal. The initial stages of credibility have been established as we see so many Investment Groups, Businesses, and individuals enter the arena who were once watching on the sidelines. The ‘yellow light’ given to the Banking Industry by the Feds. The identification by Cities, Townships and States that this thing is real, and they need to get a grasp on how to implement and monitor it’s presence. And the overall growth of public support we’ve seen in all the polls this year. There’s going to be hugely impacting moments in years to come, that’s a given, but I think we’ll look back and see 2013 as the foundation on which future landmarks were built.
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    I suggest you go back to smoking pot. Maybe then those voices will go away.
    After that, you could get a job that actually helps people instead of hurting them. (It could happen.)

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  14. I think a big ah-ha moment was when Sanjay Gupta publicly said he was wrong and the government lied.

  15. Sad but true. But perhaps it could be incentive for the states that are sitting on the fence of this issue to move forward and no longer fear fed intervention. A glass half empty is always half full as well.

  16. The second Cole Memo – clears the way for legalization and on close inspection, creates incentive for states to tax and regulate marijuana especially those that wish to keep the federal government at arm’s length. The memo says the Feds will not interfere with legal marijuana programs so long as they meet certain goals – but read backwards, it says the federal government will continue to interfere in the business of states that do not legalize and regulate marijuana.

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