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What Weed Title Do You Use?


stoner balloon art alienLately, I have received some messages, comments, and e-mails asking that I no longer refer to myself as an ‘educated stoner.’ Some people feel that it only perpetuates the stereotype of a mindless loser, sitting in their parent’s basement, sucking down bammer bong hits. I think that the term ‘stoner’ fits this description, but an ‘educated stoner’ is someone that lives in their own home, pays their own bills, and knows that there is more to the marijuana movement than just consuming marijuana.

I will probably always refer to myself as an ‘educated stoner.’ I think it is the most accurate title for me, a person that consumes marijuana regularly, yet doesn’t meet the stereotypes perpetuated by conservative members of society. ‘Educated stoners’ are under the influence, yet above the ignorance, and fighting for legalization on the front lines.

When I was in high school, everyone called me ‘stoner’ or ‘pothead’. I think even a couple of my teachers called me that on occasion. I wasn’t offended at the time, and I’m still not offended when people call me that now. But then again, I don’t know of too many people from Oregon that care about those semantics as much.

Are you offended by the word stoner or pothead? If so, what you prefer people call you, if anything at all? I want a title that captures my love for consuming marijuana, my love for marijuana education, my love for marijuana activism, and my love for showing law enforcement that if they try to F with me, they will realize really fast that I am their worst nightmare. So I pose the question to the readers, ‘What title do you like for yourself, and why?’ Who knows, maybe I will have to switch up my title if I see something that I like!!!


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  1. Usually names describing people end in an, ist, er, sooo cannabibban? Marijuanian? Herbist? Let me take a good puff I will see where this goes

  2. I call myself, when I am lucky; “high”. As far as how I explain or refer to myself as a pot smoker….hmmmm, I guess “Active Marijuana Advocate” would be the one I use most….or just the usual “pot smoker”.

  3. My friends and I used to get annoyed with the names pothead and stoner, so we would call ourselves Cannabis Connoisseurs.

  4. I agree that “educated stoner” is an appropriate term, I know some “professional stoners”, yet I have trouble classifying myself as an anything stoner. But I must argue the point that pothead and stoner are interchangeable… just not how I view it. Sorry bud :( Love the site though.

  5. hahaha I would like a better title that fits this description.. I am a pain patient and was for 10 yrs before my children came into play. I have just moved to a legal state and got a medical rec.. I am FINALLY out of the HAZE that the dr’s put me in for 13 yrs(in an illegal state) I couldnt take proper care of my 2 babies b/c i was taking the pain regimen that was set for me by medical drs,after therapy,biofeedback,etc failed to work, I finally moved to where I can medicate and only take 3 pills now (I was on 11 pills)1 yr ago I have lost 30 lbs,have more energy,lowered my cholesterol,& increased my physical abilities.. I do ALOT more with fewer meds and medical MJ. But I am a mother and others dont give you a chance to explain the reasons why I vape,moved 3200 miles,and got a med card.. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! for the first time in 16 yrs!!! please lets come up with a nice title one that can be used by a mother/wife/pain patient without instant judgement!!

  6. I choose a healthier alternative to alcohol and opiates that have been the stable of those in need to kill pain and lift their spirits for far too long. I am the future. Are you ready for me?

  7. I’m a cannabis law reform activist. I hate the word marijuana, it conjures up images of repression and racism…

  8. ME- Marijuana Enthusiast.- I love it. I love researching it, smoking different kinds of weed. Good and bad, I love meeting new smokers, smoking with all types of people, and all types of smokers. Marijuana enhances damn near everything and I owe it my time to legalize it for everyone. I am thoroughly enthused with marijuana. I am a Marijuana Enthusiast.

  9. I personally, do not care for titles / labels. I mean, as long as you are or can be self-sufficient, then there is really no need for anything other than “Dude” or “Chick” (something to define gender). Why do you want to make pot-smoking seem anymore like a “click” or “trend” thing then it already does. I myself “love” everything about pot, including the questions like:

    What gives anyone the right to tell us what we can and can’t do, when it effects no one but us?

    How is it justified to lock people in prison with rapist, child molesters, and murders for being in possession of a fucking plant?

    ….it truly pisses me off how the majority of this country can be so belligerently ignorant on what should be a “no brainer” subject. I like to argue the subject a lot.

  10. Mark Ketchledge on

    Back in the day we were all ‘heads’,anybody remember that one? Remember “how’s your head”,or evr’bdy knows “feed your head”! He’s a ‘head’,she’s a ‘head’.No,,gonna’ git me some head ain’t the same,not even close.

  11. Deep post brotha! I go round and round with the fact that since I prefer to smoke weed instead of drink beer I am a criminal – this drives me nuts. Oh well it will all change soon enough!

  12. Adam Summerhill on

    Who cares what others think…I’ve been fighting this war for 30 years and someone is always going to get pissy about something.

    I helped found our chapter of NORML here, but because I have Intermitten Explosive Rage Disorder and PTSD I mostly help others find cheap alternatives to spendy BS like Carbload and Hortilux ~grins~ I help newbs start gro-ops if they want to legitametly help others ~smiles~

    However, I am crazy and without Marijuana I would either be in Prison, Dead or on Deadly Psychotropic Cocktails (I know from experience).

    Disability even gave me my SSD after telling them I would not take doctors psychotropics anymore and would only smoke pot, but the doc has me on Valium for breakthrough rage ~smiles~, but I rarely ever have breakthrough because good Marijuana keeps me on the downlow! ~smiles~ . Keeps my HARSH mellowed ~smiles~

    I consider myself a normal person, and I don’t believe in normal. I believe that a certain allowable dysfunction is within us all and soceity dictates how far we can take that ~smiles~.

    When I am stoned they call me Adam. When I am not stoned they call me “Watch Out!” ~chuckles~

    I mean if you consider all the Republicans who get busted for gay sex, child molestation. Democrats who get busted for cheating on their wives and owning brothels while arresting others for it, I think I am pretty damn normal ~smiles~

  13. I dont really care what people call me, pothead, stoner, what ever, I do use cannabis daily, and will always do so. If it bothers you then dont knock on my door, because if you dont have weed i surly am not going to knock on your door, as you probly suck down your 12 pack and the drive to the store with your kids?? and then say that i have a problem… call me what you want, call me what you will, I am gonna smoke till i get my fill ! and one last point , God made the weed, gave it to us in the book of Genisis …….WHO are you to take it away ???

  14. General Practitioner on

    Hash Pappy. I had christened my friend with that name when in junior high as he turned me on to the blessings of hash and ganja in general. This was over 30 years ago and I’m still smokin and eatin it for what ails me. Forever grateful to him, and the plant. Hash Pappy, you rock brotha man.

  15. I am “The Chronicologist.” (self-proclaimed) ~ “I am in constant search of understanding the effects of weed and the deeper meaning, the truth behind the truth, the ironically funny, nerdy humor, personal enlightenment, and the study of human energy and it’s transferrence through interpersonal interactions…” ~ The.Biig.Thiinker.

    p.s. feel free to use the title if inclined.. ;)

  16. I am a herbal aficionado.. I hate when people call me a pot head or a stoner.. I don’t mind the term educated stoner.. And I guess the only time the terms stoner or pot head piss me off is when squares call me it.. It’s sort of like with black people and the ‘n’ word. If another black guy calls another the n word it’s alright, but not when a white person says it. That’s how I feel about weed. If some square calls me a stoner, fuck them!

  17. I am Senor Marijuana… I like medical marijuana or cannabis patient. amazingly few people know what cannabis is, the ones who do, i think also enjoy the herb. You do get the stink eye some, (even from my mom still!) but more often you get to see the twinkle in their eye when they understand and agree

  18. I am a quality improvement specialist, specializing in the quality improvement of all realms of cannabis culture as well as all possible institutions that can be affected/effected by it. Committed but not limited to the consumption, creation, education, inspection, and overall love of cannabis and the peace of mind and heart it can bring to literally anyone in the world.

    Cannabis culture afficianado, protector, and defender.

  19. Me and ninjasmoker are getting high right now and brainstorming ideas for the blog. We are going to put up a new poll on Monday, where we will have several ‘titles’ to vote for. In the meantime, continue to post your comments, and we will use the best (and most referenced) ‘titles.’ Ninjasmoker said he would consider changing the names of ‘Stoner Friendly Links’ and the ‘Saturday Stoner Comedy’ to fit the winning title!

  20. i am all of the above, been a pothead, i like to think im an educated stoner, i just love the green now…. good ol mary

  21. I am called First Satiman, I am a minister in the Fellowship of the Enlightened. I also host a podcast called The 420 Hour on Karma Radio Network. Check it out at the archive site, the420hour.mypodcast.com

  22. I call myself a Cannabis Afficionado or Enthusiast.

    Friends call me a “Professor of Higher Enducation” as a joke but is now a running theme.

    But all in all, i just love gods small yet great gift to the world


  23. I Am Chronadian on

    you and I are one in the same!! We are Chronoisseurs!! that covers it all!! and sounds classy too lol!!

    peace & glass
    I Am Chronadian!

  24. ***Cannabis Sacrament Minister***
    ***Medical Cannabis Patient***
    ***Chronic Pain Patient***
    ***Cannabis Free Thinker***

    I am NOT a “stoner”, “pothead”, or any other derogatory label that has been born out of the war against CANNABIS.

  25. me tooooooo…..
    i hate being called a pothead….
    i mean that same friend eats loratabs or however u spell that man made shit and has the audacity to call me a pothead??? i mean i dont bash on him or nuttin’ yah know or judge him…. to each is own i believe…….. thats the way the world should be spinning….


  26. Medical marijuana patient.

    Chronic pain patient advocate.

    Nonprofit business owner.

    Grassroots political activist.

    Feminist. Mother. Wife.

    But not a “stoner.” I hate that term.

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