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What Were The Top Marijuana Moments Of 2014?


marijuana 2014The year 2014 is almost over, and I have been seeing many lists of ‘top moments’ in the marijuana world from the past year. While I was at work this week I reviewed other people’s lists and and pondered what I thought the top moments were in 2014. Below is a list of what I came up with. The list is not in any particular order. If there is a moment you thought I missed, or something you disagree with, feel free to post your comments in the section below the article:

Legalization Continues To Spread

2014 saw Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. legalize marijuana and join Colorado and Washington. That’s not bad for a mid-election year where conservative initiatives and candidates made a strong showing throughout the United States. Now that four states and Washington D.C. have voted to legalize marijuana, the momentum is greater than ever to see marijuana prohibition ended nationwide.

Florida Voters Strongly Support Medical Marijuana

Yes, Florida did not legalize medical marijuana in 2014. However, the initiative received roughly 58% of the vote, which sends a clear message that medical marijuana legalization is virtually inevitable in Florida. The strong support for medical marijuana in Florida is undeniable, and the Florida Legislature will have to either pass a true medical marijuana bill next year on its own, or see supporters organize for a 2016 effort without the Florida Legislature’s input and have to live with the result.

Spending Bill

The federal spending bill that recently passed and was signed by President Obama was very significant to the marijuana reform world. On one hand, it de-funded medical marijuana raids by the feds. On the other hand, it attacked the will of the D.C. voters by including potentially harmful language aimed at derailing D.C. marijuana legalization implementation. The spending bill also de-funded anti-hemp enforcement. The spending bill was good in some ways and bad in others, but it’s significance is undeniable either way you look at it.

Feds Allow Native Americans To Legalize Marijuana Cultivation And Sales

The United States government officially stated that if Native American tribes want to legalize marijuana cultivation and sales on tribal land, they will not stand in the way. While no Native American tribe has taken advantage of the policy change at this point, it’s still tremendously significant because parts of America that thought marijuana legalization was out of reach are now in play.

Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin

Colorado started making legal recreational marijuana sales in January of 2014, and Washington started in July. There is still a lot of implementation to be done, and kinks to be worked out, but the fact that a person can walk into a store in two states and buy marijuana for recreational purposes is amazing. Tax revenues are being generated, jobs are being created, and local economies are being boosted, all of which are great things.

Major Media Outlets Get On The Right Side Of History

Mainstream media has a long track record of supporting reefer madness and spreading anti-marijuana propaganda. However, 2014 saw a significant change with many mainstream media outlets coming out in support of legalization. The largest of those was the New York Times.

Obama Admits That Marijuana Is Not Worse Than Alcohol

President Obama throws around a lot of statements when it comes to marijuana policy. But one of the most significant came at the beginning of 2014 when he admitted in an interview with The New Yorker that marijuana is not worse than alcohol. It of course would be nice to see him bring public policy in line with that statement, but that has yet to happen. His words are still significant however, because many of his predecessors would never admit to such a fact.

Philadelphia And New York City Decriminalize Marijuana

Philadelphia and New York decriminalized marijuana this year, which is significant not only because they are huge cities, but also because they have had so many issues with racially disproportionate marijuana enforcement. It doesn’t fix the problem all the way, but it’s a good first step. No one should be locked up for simple marijuana possession – it’s an obvious waste of resources.

Grandmas Getting High On Video

I will end this list with the now famous three grandmas that got high for the first time, on video, and released the video to the world. It went viral almost instantly, and while it was meant for entertainment, it proved to initiative some very serious conversations, especially among older people. I know after my grandma watched the video, she had a lot of legit questions for me that I was very happy to answer and discuss. Below is the video for those that haven’t seen it yet, or, for those of us that can’t get enough of it:


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  1. An off year is a Republican year, really?!
    I always thought an off year was one in which a “career politician” wasn’t re-elected, and that would be a good thing…

  2. …it is now up to those who have/are/could be affected by cannabis prohibition to get involved in ending it. Write letters, add comments to articles, talk to friends, family, & strangers. The better the public understand the facts-(as opposed to fear, hysteria, & ideology), the less they have to fear. With the facts on the table, we can better make rational, pragmatic decisions.

  3. Recreational weed hitting 1 million in sales in one day is another. It would be great if we could get people like Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway to buy marijuana. It might change some people’s minds. They would stop calling it the derogatory name, “pot”. This was probably the best year ever (so far) for weed.

  4. Tax revenues are being generated – police can kill you or imprison you over unpaid taxes. I don’t think that promoting that as a major benefit is a good idea.

    No more taxed than tomatoes – should be our ultimate goal. There is no Black Market in tomatoes.

  5. What is especially heartening is that the cannabis measures this year were mostly local affairs because the “Big Boys” figured that in an off year, a Republican year, the cannabis measures didn’t have much chance.

    What does that mean for 2016? With the wind at their backs the “National Big Boys” will be pulling out ALL the stops.

  6. Great progress, but not enough.
    An American dies every minute of Cancer.

    Cancer patients can’t wait.

  7. Everyone in Florida who reads this should call the governor and their state representatives to demand that they take immediate action to make Medical Marijuana available to patients that need it.
    I believe in the full legalization of Marijuana for everyone, but Cancer patients can’t wait.
    Every minute an American dies of Cancer.
    Its IMMORAL to prevent them from having access to Medical Marijuana.

  8. 2016 is way too long to wait. My heart bleeds for all the people who’s suffering could be reduced or eliminated by Medical Marijuana.
    I’m especially heartbroken by knowing that kids and the elderly need it especially badly.
    It stinks that the people who need it the most can’t get it.
    Its a moral outrage.
    Kudos to all the people who’s hard work has led to the progress so far, but the fact that there was such a massive disinformation campaign in Florida has led to a situation where so many Cancer patients will needlessly suffer and die rips my heart out.
    I hope everyone reading this calls the whitehouse comment line at (202) 456-1111 and asks that President Obama take immediate action to ensure that every American that can benefit from Medical Marijuana has access to it regardless of their ability to pay — that it be covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance carriers.

    Marijuana needs to be legal for all MD’s to prescribe in all 50 states.
    It needs to be immediately removed from Schedule 1 and there’s no good reason to have it on any schedule at all.
    Patients lives shouldn’t be used as political footballs.
    Cancer strikes the young, the old, Republicans and Democrats — it doesn’t care what your political views or religion are.
    We can wipe out Cancer if we put the effort into doing it.
    Marijuana is synergistic with chemo and radiation and should be part of every Cancer patient’s treatment regimen.
    We lose more Americans to Cancer every year than we lost in WWII.
    1500 Americans a day die of Cancer.
    Every minute another American dies of Cancer.
    2016 is too far away.

    Please call congress and the Whitehouse.
    Cancer patients can’t wait.
    Its a horrible way to die, and its IMMORAL to stop them from having access to Marijuana.

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