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What Will Be The Last State To Legalize Marijuana?


Reefer MadnessThere is always a lot of coverage and talk about which state(s) will be the next to legalize marijuana. I have my bet on Oregon, but then again, it’s where I’m from and I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of pride in my state. But something that doesn’t get talked about very much is which state(s) will be the last to legalize marijuana.

I saw this question come across social media the other day, and I would have to say Idaho unfortunately. I haven’t been too all the states in America, but the I have been to Idaho many times, and it’s a very scary place to be if you are a marijuana consumer. I hear there are states in the Midwest and South that are bad too, but Idaho would be hard to beat in my opinion.

There is of course the chance that federal prohibition will end, and then states will either be able to decide their own marijuana laws, or they will follow the federal government and make it legal. But I think even then Idaho might still pass a law prohibiting marijuana. It’s the only state Senate I ever heard of that passed a resolution making marijuana reform itself illegal. They somehow made marijuana even more illegal – it’s that crazy there.

What state(s) do you think will be the last to legalize marijuana? Do you live in a state that is particularly harsh towards marijuana, and the citizens and politicians are gone off the reefer madness? I look forward to reading the comments. Hopefully people can see which states need reform the most, and we can all start working extra hard in those areas.


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  1. He’s talking about being able to get a job. Even in recreational legal states, an employer can still fire you or not hire you based on you having THC in your system. Until it is legal on a federal level, they will be able to do this. Nothing was even said about prosecution….LOL. But you got your two cents in.

  2. Arkansas or Texas will be the last state just because there both bible thumping states, and not saying there nothing wrong with that but that’s my reason for believeing Arkansas and Texas be the last

  3. I don’t smoke pot. But I feel it should be legal. I don’t feel the the Federal Government should tell us what we can or can not do to our bodies.

  4. louisiana oppression on

    Louisiana will be the last . We have the harshest laws against marijuana in the country. We have 3 men doing life for third offense of simple possession.

  5. Indiana is VERY harsh on marijuana laws. A few months, in March, when other states were legalizing it recreational… The old white men on the podium, as I see them, actually tried to pass a law that would increase the penalties of having used paraphernalia on your person in vehicles and whatnot. Wow. When studies are being done to show that it is LESS HARMFUL THAN CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL. Does it makes sense? Indiana! Indiana…. you are ONLY agriculture. You ever come to Indiana, all you will see are cornfields. No lie. There aren’t even large cities here, because it’s ALL CORNFIELDS. Do you know what leading the growth of marijuana would do to our awful economy? It would reverse it.
    Damn. So self destructive.

  6. Maybe not. I know so many who would love to see this pass. Their are a lot more supporter there than you think. I’m one of them :) I think it will happen sooner than you think.

  7. yep I'm for it on

    But the governor doesn’t though. He made it clear until it is legal he has no desire in pushing it forward.

  8. Good for you. I always face negative comments about pot on local websites, but since I have learned to know what I’m talking about, I usually win the argument. :)

  9. Again, I am NOT a pot smoker myself but I have saw too many friends and relatives locked away for many years because they had a joint or 2 on them, and it has always bothered me a bit too.

  10. Well Indiana is a state the produces next to nothing and almost runs entirely from locking people up, from everything that i read and saw. There are more than just Mike Pence that are in bad with GEO and CCA and other lockup-4-profit prisons. I have been trying to spread this awareness as well and people attitudes on pot are changing slowly (even in Indiana) slowly but surely.

  11. Same exact boat… the 2nd possession is a felony.. which is retarded. Wisconsin is bad with marijuana laws. It’s honestly unreal.

  12. It doesn’t matter if all 50 states legalize pot. As long as it’s a federal crime most law abiding people with good jobs can’t touch it. Myself included. If I could smoke weed and make a decent living I would be in CO yesterday. That still isn’t the case. Keep up the good fight people. One day I hope THC is no longer on the testing of employment.

  13. I am a law enforcement officer in Colorado , while I have never used marijuana, I think it should be legal to use in all fifty states, I prefer do deal with someone high on marihuana , than an angry drunk anytime, trust me.

  14. I didn’t see that your Governor gave a reason for increasing the penalties on marijuana, except that he wants the state to look tough on drugs. I mean, it’s not like he was trying to fix some problem, unless there is an epidemic of pot smokers in Indiana? (Yeah, like that would be an actual problem, right?)

    I would suggest that you start posting on local news websites where the GEO prisons are mentioned, with comments that rightfully shame those making profits over a racist drug war. Try to find the websites that you think the politicians frequently read. I know, it’s not much. But I think politicians pay attention to things like that, or someone in their staff does, and it might help. (shrug)

  15. Understanding and kindness were (and probably still) frowned upon in and looked at as a sign of weakness in Indiana. There were a few people that we realistic on things but they were rare. As for the police, they are worshipped most places. Not questions or criticisms allowed no matter what the case. That’s why is still say that Indiana will be the last state to legalize it. Part of the problem with Indiana doing that even if they really wanted to is the fact if you follow what the governor is doing, is that Indiana is a state in decay but they will always build you another money making prison or jail somewhere for minor drug offenses. And that may sound odd or not make any sense to the lay observer but the Governor himself admits that he is the GEO prison candidate.


  16. Damn Buzz, Condolences, That sux! I know about it cuz I went on an adventure with my older girlfriend a few years back w/ her grandkids that she was raising -because her son (their father was in an Arizona Prison) and they were going to meet him for the first time. No kidding, the road signs threatened imprisonment for speeding or littering and I couldn’t believe how many prisons I saw. As awesome as the Phoenix area was, I’m not going back to Arizona. Pretty place, but they literally have a cage waiting for everyone. Forget that! A dispensary, They will wrap wire around it and get lights guns and dogs immediately.

  17. I just dont understand the fear people have of Marijuana, whats the deal? its the safest drug on the planet it cant kill you you cant overdose it actually helps you to not get cancer even if you smoke it.Recent studies show that you smoke Marijuana it reduces you chances of developing lung cancer by 2 fold.Its been shown to not only kill cancer cells it also shrinks tumors better then Kemo .So whats the problem then if its a beneficial drug that cant harm you in anyway the only side effects are feeling good. Whats the problem?

  18. Not true its decrimilized in Nebraska! if you get caught its like getting a speeding ticket under an ouce! $200 fine. Over an ouce procecution. So it dont have to be legal to decriminalize.

  19. Wisconsin gave me a felony for less than a gram of marijuana it was my second charge but my first charge was nothing serious either it was less than 7 grams and they tried to give me 3 and half years prison on the second charge but I got a deal and did 18 months probation and 60 days in jail but lost my job and cant get it back no more because of my felony, please help Wisconsin loosen on their marijuana laws, its the least these beige drinking bastards can do, Its unbelievable really, It completely ruin my life. I’d appreciate a movement towards reasonable marijuana laws in Wisconsin

  20. Matthew Roscoe on

    If there’s one state that is the last to legalize it, it will probably the most backwards state in the union…Utah! But the way I see it going down is, there will be a handful of states that will have yet to legalize it when the federal government gives in and legalizes it nationwide.

  21. MS has already decriminalized it…and theres something about if you’re from a state that uses medical and you have your card and are meeting the legal limits they’ll allow you to proceed with tree….and how do i know this…i lived in Gulfport for a looooong time

  22. All the agricultural states will slowly come around to legalization and the sooner the better, corn is dropping due to a lot of farmers are growing corn for gas.
    They will put their prejudices aside and go for the gold. If you are a farmer and plant your fields and get like 3.91 cents a bushel and now marijuana yields 30,0 00.00 $ a bushel if 60.pounds a bushel or bundle for the same effort and water or the initial cost to plant is the same, why would someone want to waste their time for little return?

  23. Idaho will be next…Think east coast like Washington DC. or somewhere there is not a lot to gain from pot. Idaho can grow pot like nobodies business.

  24. You all think your state is bad. I live in south Dakota. One guy is running for a political position and I guarantee he won’t win the election because he supports legalization. Also everyone here is so old fashioned and think it’s terrible for you and will ruin your life

  25. To be honest I don’t even care if Marijuana becomes legal as long as they decriminalize it. I really don’t want to get it from stores because there shit will not touch mine, any strain they have in those stores. Plus the prices are ridiculous with legalization. We all know how the US government rips there citizens off every way they can. Legal marijuana will be no different. I could just imagine the taxes. Just decriminalize it so anyone can use it without risk of jail time. Really doesn’t need legal, just decrime it.

  26. I would have to agree with you Suzie. The governor here is a douche and won’t listen to reason!

  27. Oh man I hope you’re right Ricky. I never dreamed I’d see the small steps forward that a few states in the US have taken in MY lifetime. But here we are!

  28. I would bet everything I own, everything anyone I know owns, and everything else on Earth that Kansas will be the LAST state to ever “legalize” cannabis – if they ever do at all. This is the place where they are removing the theory of evolution from school textbooks folks.. c’mon.

  29. Allow me to clarify my position. Back when MMJ was looking for help in getting legalized, the full legalization (non-MMJ) crowd threw our support behind the MMJ community. Now that MMJ has theirs, many are against full out legalization as well as the ability to home grow. MMJ businesses do not want full legalization because they will lose some business.

    Recreational supporters helped the MMJ community as the first step with the hope the doors would be open to legalizing recreational use. But I see on many forums MMJ businesses speaking out against full on legalization because they got theirs so fuck everyone else.

    MMJ now uses the same reasons for not allowing recreational legalization that was used against MMJ itself with hopes to keep their monopoly to sell and profit from the plant legally. All we really traded the cartel for was MMJ monopolies. This is exactly why MMJ in Colorado went to the head of the line because they fought not to lose their business as there will be far more recreational purchases than MMJ from here on out.

  30. I just did 125 months in ADOC,your not lieing,there sending us fools that have no business being there.

  31. Wow Bright, you might want to have that yelp review changed up a bit, maybe add some new ones! That 1 star isn’t going to help anything!

  32. You probably already know about the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition, but if not, please join us in our fight to have mmj legalized here in Alabama. It’s a hard fight here, but we won’t go away & we won’t give up till it’s done.

  33. Thank you… it’s not often you find people in AGREEMENT here! Hahaha!

    CANNABIS – Chronic Medicine for Chronic Pain.

  34. Alabama is usually the last at EVERYTHING and will undoubtedly be the last to legalize marijuana as well.

  35. I feel that Missouri is one of the last states for medical or recreational.. They are really stubborn here.

  36. naturally paleo on

    I would like to just group most of the southern states together as the most unprogressive and last states to legalize marijuana

  37. I think a good strategy to suggest is to tell your lawmakers that you will vote against every tax and bond issue that does not include legal mj as a fiscal policy. And where is the federal response? Mr. Obama, you want funding for affordable healthcare act? All you have to do is sign an executive order to move marijuana from one schedule to another and bang, there’s your funding. It’s not like you owe Richard Nixon any loyalty. Besides, what are they going to do, criticize you? You could afford to show a little temper now and then, considering how much crap you’ve taken in your time in Washington.

  38. North Carolina. Even on non-mj issues their legislature is as backwards as it gets. I was in a store in Wilmington last September and was surprised to see a sign apologizing to out of state visitors for the lack of intelligence of the states lawmakers.

  39. definitely Virginia… the commonwealth state where wealth is all but common for most of its residents

  40. i hear that! guess what most of AZ is? haha my county is 85% Mor on and they grow COTTON

  41. Vanessa Burnette on

    oh please no…seems us Texans like money too much to let the pot boom pass them by

  42. I completely agree. Some people of Louisiana are very one track minded. They don’t see that this could actually help our debt problem we are in. I go to college and our college is in debt by so much money it’s ridiculous. they can tax the hell out of marijuana and they will make so much money. everyone would definitely benefit from it. state and government would be making money and people will be happier and feeling good.

  43. i’ve been trying to raise awareness here in louisiana, but have encountered extreme hate simply for posting facts about marijuana on facebook. i’ve begun to feel that change here is honestly pointless. ignorance is pretty deeply engraved in our culture and most people don’t even consider any idea that hasn’t been in their family for generations/isn’t preached every sunday. it’s quite sad

  44. my friends and i always joke that louisiana will be the last. i don’t think they’ll ever legalize here if they can help it. almost everybody is catholic, conservative and vastly ignorant. they’re pretty nuts about keeping the evils of ganja off the streets. i would know as i did spend a night in jail & am currently on probation, because the cops scraped up less than a joint of CRUMBS off my floor. cheers to the rest of the country, though, for being open to progress! leaving this state as soon as i can :a(

  45. Ricky Ableidinger on


  46. Utah! Actually run by the mor ons, skusme! That’s what u get when leaving out the big M (+). Prohibition is such a praised way of life in our state … Except sildenafil et al.

  47. umm. yea. this is really a hard question to answer because knowing every states views/laws on this would take a lot of research. but living in wv i do know we have some of if not the harshest peneltys for is possession and use than any other state in the union.”look that 1 up” it’s true.read that recently. for possession here of LESS than 14 grams it cost me,thousands of dollars,my right to hunt or protect my family, my right to vote, any chance of a job making more than minium wage, 1 and 1/2 yrs home confinement 4 months in a rehab 4 months in a regional PRIVATELY OWNED prison that my judge has stock in, and thus incentive to put people there. (apparently legal or maybe just overlooked) 1 yr on parole. and a felony conviction. for less than 14 grams! it’s huge here. the “politicians” not the state per say , but the politicians themselves. here are making a killing on pot being illegal.good chance we will be the last to make it legal. i’ve actually written letters to our representatives here who actually got kinda ignorant with the reply’s they sent me back. they stopped just short of telling me i deserve to be executed for smoking a doobie,and that a snow ball has a better chance in hell than wv does of legalizing for any purpose ever. kinda ironic since it’s professed to be w.v’s #1 cash crop by far! hope god burns them all in hell, or at the very least takes them all out of politics forever. but that’s just me.

  48. burn a bud with a buddy day? very nice….. i do this regularly lol but never attached an event name to it . i think that should be put on the calender next yr and made a federal holiday !

  49. It’s funny because after 30 years I’ve started enjoying marijuana again simply because i love how it releases my mind from all the stress and Bullshit that builds up during the day. My weed buddy and i were talking about how great it would be if South Carolina would legalize it but would probably be the last state to do so. We are in the heart of the “Bible belt” and blue laws. We need to start a “burn a bud with a buddy day” so more people can enjoy the benefits of recreational marijuana and then our social culture csn change.

  50. ALABAMA! First in Football… Last in common sense and being current… Alabama is timelocked in the 1940’s, with the same racist, redneck, religious-right stupidity that has given the state the reputation of being a backwoods dump populated by uneducated inbreds.

    Thousands of petitioners have flooded the Alabama legislature with papers and proposals…. aoll of which are summarily TABLED by pompous politicians padding their pockets from Big Pharma and from the Privately Owned PRISONS that are ALL being paid royally to KEEP US LOCKED UP…

    Lock us up and take our voting priveledges… that way we’ll NEVER see legal cannabis. WE CAN’T VOTE FOR IT!

    Maybe if they read up a little and see how much COLORADO is getting in TAX RECEIPTS, they MIGHT think again… but until then, it’s living in the past under the thumb of some dickhead politician that is NOT DOING THE JOB HE WAS HIRED/ELECTED TO DO…. SERVE THE PEOPLE.. Not his own ass!

  51. omar christian on

    I’m thinking Texas ..because it would just be taking money out of our southern neighbor’s pocket..plus..oil wells and jail cells is our money maker…who needs casinos or weed here..so they say….shit ..I DO!!!

  52. I say south Dakota just because I live in this state and so many people against it here but in all reality if they just sit down and smoke a joint and get the tampon outta the I assume they would realize it’s not that bad

  53. Yeah…Oklahoma is awful. Liquor stores are closed on Sunday, they aren’t allowed to refrigerate anything or sell things like lemons, liquor store is the only place that’s allowed to sell regular strength beer (you can sell only 3.2% at a grocery store), liquor store is the only place you can buy wine, and you can’t buy Budweiser, Coors, etc at the normal strength in a liquor store…those brands are only allowed in grocery stores and only at 3.2% alcohol. Nothing changes in Oklahoma. Nothing. It’s still 1940 there. I have a theory. It’s so fucking boring that nobody has anything to do but think about what other people are doing. So 99% of political effort goes toward stopping other people from doing the things that frighten them.

  54. That would be insane!!! Man are my fingers crossed. I just can’t see Texas legislation letting that through.
    Oh how I hope I’m wrong!! It is way past time.

  55. That would be insane!!! Man are my fingers crossed. I just can’t see Texas legislation letting that through.
    Oh how I hope I’m wrong!! It is way past time.

  56. Coq Au Everclear on

    Indiana produced much hemp during World War II. You must not have learned anything in those six months. I’m so sorry.

  57. I completely agree. Our politicians are either really old, close minded,or in someones pocket with the exception of Mike Manypenny if we are not last deff in 2nd or 3rd to last

  58. Thats now… but you have to get something going out their, some people who want to legalize it..
    Texas is doing it now! Florida is!
    Lets go people!

  59. Everyone thinks their own state will be the last to legalize. But I definitely see the last states being Wyoming, Idaho, and maybe Utah.

    More importantly, we will never get legalization if the MMJ business doesn’t stop fighting against full legalization. It’s like they want to try to protect their monopoly on a plant. What’s even funnier is the same reasons we use for full legalization are the exact same reasons MMJ proponents used to get laws passed but now fight against the full legalization crowd.

  60. My guess would be Louisiana. They just locked a guy up for 20 years for a quarter of an ounce. Third offense or not, 20 years for a quarter bag. Grow up Louisiana.

  61. Socialist? You’re missing the point plus I don’t think you really know what that word means. not debra is being criticized because she apparently is only interested in standing up for an individual’s rights when the individual is her. If the movement had stopped with medicinal cannabis, then CO wouldn’t have legal recreational cannabis sales. That is not a helpful attitude in any movement because it guarantees diminished returns each time we have a victory. In fact, saying anything like “if you don’t like the unjust laws where you live then move somewhere else” is always the wrong advice when it comes to bad law. The answer isn’t to move; it’s to advocate for change because even if you can afford to move just so you can enjoy your rights, there will always be those who can’t and such an attitude simply abandons those people.

  62. Oklahoma definitely they were the last state to legalize tattoos (around 2008) they r 10 yrs behind the rest of us an and I believe it will be the same as far as good ol Mary Jane is concerned

  63. I pray ms well at least help the people that need it for medicine. I currently have to take five pills a day. And at least three could be replaced if they would legalize it. Side affects are killing me, and I hate to
    Risk getting caught smoking and loose my kids. I’m no criminal, just tired of being a Ginny pig top the pill industry, when I could smoke and not have to deal with the horrible side affects……. pray we can get help in our state, pray Deborah Dawkins can get the bill passed for all people that could benefit more than just taken these pills that slowly kill your body

  64. I moved to Ok 4 years ago from PA and the cops around here don’t really care about possession. If they find it in your possession, they just make you flush it or destroy it. So I think they are a little more progressive here than I thought.

  65. They will do something: Hang people for smoking joints in their own homes. Texas laws are extremely strict on EVERYTHING!

  66. I’m a strong christian honey and I smoke. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke cigarettes but God made it for us. To heal us. Body, mind and soul. I was diagnosed with clinical depression 10 years ago. I’ve never taken an anti depressant and it works for pain. You don’t need rehab for weed. Just saying.

  67. I don’t agree, maybe you don’t go in jail in the city you live, i live in, amiens, somme, picardie, and i can assure you you can go in jail just for smoking, you lose your job and your life is wrecked forever… I know stellarvoyager is right, we are not killed for smoking pot like in Singapore,, but we loose everything.. So, don’t tell me france is cool for smokers, it’s nothing but bullshit

  68. I don’t agree, maybe you don’t go in jail in the city you live, i live in, amiens, somme, picardie, and i can assure you you can go in jail just for smoking, you lose your job and your life is wrecked forever… I know stellarvoyager is right, we are not killed for smoking pot like in Singapore,, but we loose everything.. So, don’t tell me france is cool for smokers, it’s nothing but bullshit

  69. Nanci Loveless Burns on

    Indiana! Our stupid politicians won’t even pass Medical, let alone legalize. I just want to be able to grow weed in my garden with my vegetables.

  70. Nanci Loveless Burns on

    Indiana! Our stupid politicians won’t even pass Medical, let alone legalize. I just want to be able to grow weed in my garden with my vegetables.

  71. Why? That is a little bit socialist… if you want legal MJ move to Colardo. I don’t care if you don’t, it’s up to you.

  72. Jayson Scandroli on

    IL will be last.. Look at our BS medical laws now and we still dont have it up and running yet

  73. stickyfingers13 on

    Yah, Indiana sucks sometimes but I feel its my job to stay and educate ppl on the truth about the wonderful marijuana plant. Its hard, but one day my work will pay off, and indiana will be a bud paradise. I have lived in indiana for 28 years now and its really not that bad. The only mayberrys in this state are all in the southern part of indiana. The northern parts are more on board with bud. The town I live in we burn with the sheriff and mayor. So no mayberrys by me.

  74. stickyfingers13 on

    Yah, Indiana sucks sometimes but I feel its my job to stay and educate ppl on the truth about the wonderful marijuana plant. Its hard, but one day my work will pay off, and indiana will be a bud paradise. I have lived in indiana for 28 years now and its really not that bad. The only mayberrys in this state are all in the southern part of indiana. The northern parts are more on board with bud. The town I live in we burn with the sheriff and mayor. So no mayberrys by me.

  75. Okay, but when will those bible thumpers who control the IN state legislature or those bible thumping voters who control the elections vote to legalize?

  76. Okay, but when will those bible thumpers who control the IN state legislature or those bible thumping voters who control the elections vote to legalize?

  77. Dextroketashroom on

    i’m in Ft. Wayne IN and I’ve managed to get high every day since March of 2001. I’m 26 now. I’ve been caught with weed before and all the cops did was make me dump it out and let me go. Michigan has legal medical too and it’s not far from here so lots of people bringing the good stuff in.

  78. I smoked in my first apartment (in MS). It wasn’t until 2 years later that I found out the woman living across from my place was a cop. She was in the process of moving to the Gulf Coast for job promotion. I can tell you I’m glad she didn’t rat me out to her cop buddies :) I didn’t get my deposit back when I moved out. Oh well I guess that’s fair..I skunked up the place…LOL!

  79. ditch weed? kansas is right next door to colorado. i haven’t seen ditch weed here in over a decade.

  80. Major bummer. Usually, the state of California is where a cannabis lover would want to live.

  81. I’m glad that Colorado can enjoy the blessings of legalization and wish Colorado the very best, but if I may be so bold, I’m a bit turned off by your shallow “I got mine” attitude.

  82. Sounds scary. But I’m sure there are nice people in Indiana too, aren’t there?
    Law enforcement in Texas is treated the same way — it’s like they can do no wrong. And they are a bunch of scary guys, too. (Damn, someone just walked over my grave…)

  83. so is Indiana. Indiana is a bit more tyrannical and has a constant war on fun (and reality) going on. Law enforcement/ Law makers are simply treated like God. I have never lived anywhere so horrible, unfair, and corrupt.

  84. I remember reading about that! It’s funny when you try to explain Indiana to someone who has never lived there and they think that you are crazy. Now i have live in some pretty crappy places but I have never seen such a crappy state, seriously. I wish that I had never lived there at all. But yeah that dog story was ok with the parent because the police said so. I do honestly believe that most (but not all) people in Indiana would throw their own children in a wood chipper if the police told them too, as crazy as that may sound to some.


  86. good luck with that . I lived in florHELL for 8 years ! the cops tread pple like SHIT down there! I move back to michagin, where they have med weed . but up here ! the cops and judge do NOT respect the written law! made in it law by the voters !! they just do what they want ! and make up new bullshit laws!! to fuck over pple ! florida must make
    it full legal!!! or the cops and judge will fuck U all !!!! I have seen it ! first hand !

  87. so it is ok ? to have many wifes ? and have sex with kids and marry some one unage ? but no smoking weed.what fuck up state!!

  88. Cloudsareracist on

    I live in WV and I’m afraid you’re right. Although WV would benefit exponentially from legalization our backwards thinking politicians are intent on keeping us 20 years behind the curve. Legal is WV would be a glorious thing though and as a Christian I am praying every day that legalization comes to fruition in the mountain state.

  89. calif,has been legal for some time for med,but not for grow,and some countys such as fresno just passed ordinance in county, each plant is $1000.00 fine and $100 per day till plants gone,can use if U have med card,but cant grow, and all stores closed down county wide and can still be arrested, its all bull shit.our sheriff did this

  90. I lived in IN for about six LONG months once and I found lots of conservatives there. Sure you might find enlightenment in Indianapolis and Bloomington, but you have to contrast that to the Valparaisos and Evansvilles. The first two might have greater populations, but I suspect the state has many, many more Valpos and Evilles.

    I’ll have to cut TN an KY some slack simply because they are traditionally hemp growing areas and that might be just the incentive needed to legalize. MAYBE. I would like to hear some insights from people in those two states about the hemp growing factor. Also, TN and KY are famous for the production of tobacco and alcohol, so it would be hard for them to play the self-righteous card unless, of course, they are brazen hypocrites.

  91. WRONG… IDAHO way,way after Utah. I’ll be long dead before Idaho even thinks about it. Bummer!

  92. I think it is going to be one in the south, maybe georgia or SC, I currently live in SC and if anything I think they will never bring it to legalization because it is a bible belt state, don’t get me wrong here, I’m putting down christian religion, I just think that they are too set in the ways of their beliefs, and because of that they could push to NOT allow it even for medical reasons….but I could be wrong, and I am hoping that I am! :)

  93. Captured Angel on

    Florida. The complete Southeast. It is so backwards here, it’s not even funny. I once could not get into my apt. complex because the police had it cordoned off due to someone smelling pot through their open window. And this was a nice, upscale complex. Of course, if you’re going to be stupid enough to smoke pot with your windows open in a marijuana misdemeanor/felony state, then you probably deserve to go to prison.


  95. Coq Au Everclear on

    I think Indiana will actually come through. They’re already actually debating (not hating) the concept. Places like Kentucky and Tennessee, on the other hand, still have dry counties, so good luck there.


    Considering the demographics (elderly, republicans, & southerners), then including some politics, I’d think OK, IN, ID, NE, ND, AR, SC, TN, MS, AL or TX to round out my list ‘low ten’ states. Come to think of it, this may coincide with places I’LL NEVER GO TO TOO!!!

  97. It would be nice if they did legalized it Wyoming due to the fact that we have one the lowest costs of living in the US as well as the fact that if you’re willing to work hard here you can make really good money in the oilfield and good money in construction. Which means I would have way more money for the top notch buds than in any other state where it’s currently legal :) , but unfortunately it’s not. I guess I’ll just keep working hard making bank and take vacations in the legal states ;)

  98. I live in Indy also.. When Colorado legalized, Indy made it a FELONY for possession of 3/4 oz. It used to be felony for 28 grams but they DECREASED the amount to 21 grams!! So, as the penalties in other states decrease, Indy INCREASES them.. Can anyone say.. ass-backward?? Indy will be the last to legalize in my opinion!

  99. Kentucky will be the last since all are money comes mostly from our gross ass bourbon and whipping horses and riding them its where i was born and still living but hemp is legal to grow industrially only with a weird ass tax and entrepreneurs don’t want to invest in it due to how regulated and not much money to be made out of it. I honestly think its bullshit I should be able to grow and use whatever plant I want if i want to have poppies i should if i want to have cannabis I should I dont need no bullshit government tell me what I can a can not do and all are taxes are going to our bullshit presidents vacations and shit. Land of the free I dont fucking think so If it was a “free” country why are millions in jail for non-violent crimes fuck some kid got 2-3 years in federal prison for graffiti. :(

  100. Here’s another question: How many states will still have it illegal when the Feds finally legalize it? I say ID, WY, UT, KN, OK, TX, LA, MS, AL, SC, IN.

    The very last state will be f’ing Texas–and then kicking and screaming–, but Austin will have long done so if possible by state law.

  101. Green Machine on

    I’m 31 years old and have lived Wyoming my entire life. We have to many natural resources that produce massive amounts of money for the state to legitimize legalization of marijuana any time soon. As well as the fact that we’re are the 40th largest state and the least populated at the same time. That’s why I believe Wyoming will be one of the last state to legalize. Oh well just have to take a vacation in one of the legal states ;)

  102. Many of the ancient people in FL are old hippies that used it previously. Some only quit due to not wanting to go to jail.

  103. ronnieblowhard on

    If Colorado shows it can be responsible and the users are safer than alcohol drinkers it will be legalized federally. It also wouldn’t hurt if crime dropped and the state government made enough to improve public assistant programs for addiction (hardcore drugs etc) and improved schools. I could see every state jump in at that point and want a piece of the pie. We are talking about money after all. States can never get enough of it.

  104. I live in france too, and thanx to USA, spain and uruguay, for the first time in my life, after 20 years smoking, i’m confident in future possible legalization here.
    We are the biggest hash smokers in europe, even more than Holland, and here cops don’t really give a shit about small quantities. You don’t rott in jail anymore for smoking, and there are hundreds off growshops.
    our goverment can’t hide his head in his butt forever concerning Marijuana.

  105. also, I would consider Texas as a strong candidate considering it’s current political climate, however, thankfully it looks as though it’s one to two presidential election cycles from ‘flipping’ politically due to changing demographics.

  106. While Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming will be slow I don’t think they’ll be last. Mormons tend to be highly educated. These states are also fairly properous and are drawing migrants from surrounding states. Youth culture in Utah, my home, is heavily influenced by California youth culture. So even though Utahns tend to be extremely politically conservative and most suffer from ‘just-world’ thinking (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-world_hypothesis), they do have a decent grounding through education in the rules of evidence and science. Additionally, the steady drum beat of stories like this: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/56788108-78/marijuana-utah-medical-stockton.html.csp (highlights a mother’s struggle to get life saving medicin for her child) strike right at the core of the debate for ‘family values’ voters. I think that one of the poorer southern or midwestern states will be the last holdouts as they tend to be more insular to current trends in culture and information. I’ll throw out the guesses of Alabama or Oklahoma.

  107. Alabama, of course. Lawmakers won’t allow anything that would bring money to the state except businesses from other countries like China and Vietnam.

  108. I live in Canada. It’s not legal here yet, but it’s not treated as anything more then open booze. They ask you to throw it away, and that’s it. If they catch you with a few oz, they take it. I don’t know anyone who’s actually been charged in the last ten years. Congratulations to Colorado!

  109. Immortal Illumined on

    when i was a kid the #1 rule was NEVER bring weed into nevada

    now they are “hella” lax…nevada is tight, long live stateline in tahoe

  110. Immortal Illumined on

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    20 years behind us …to think california runs this country by almost 2 decades, lol…south carolina will be the last


  111. AZ medical or not will be a tough nut to crack. Too many religious rule-makers and then there’s the Federal funding for prisons, cotton, copper, & cattle that they fear losing. Not to mention a pretty sweet deal for the government that is established already through the medical program that conveniently for them will put a state dispensary within 25 miles of everybody. We are now @ 96% of citizens living within a non-grow area. Legalization would change the dynamics of their new-found cash-cow and the elbow deep enema they are giving us with prices. Not to mention the reputation weed has out here because of speed-freaks and crackheads and pill smokers that make “all dope” look bad to the Mormons and Christians and prudes that rule AZ. We have lawmakers like Kavanah, Montgomery, Polk, Sheriff Arpaio, and Good Ole “Boss Hogg” in charge out here. Now they successfully pushed off the people’s vote until 2016…how handy. Its not looking good for true cannabis rights anytime soon folks… ok rant over sorry

  112. Indiana i think will be atleast one of the last if not the last i could be wrong i live in Indiana. The federal government needs to get their heads outta there asses and legalize it.

  113. Trekker Tammi Ferrell Brown on

    I was thinking the right wing gun toting fundamentalist state of Arizona would be last.

  114. Oklahoma, of course! It was the last state to legalize tattooing for cryin out loud! Cops and courts are generating too much revenue from cannabis criminalization to ever quit. Private (for profit) prisons are a booming “industry” in OK. It was just discovered that many state representatives have taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the prison industry. Gov. Mary Fallin is at the top of the list. So SAD!!!

  115. I’m in TeX. Thxgiving my mom stopped by.. I was hitting the bong with my head out ta window. Two days later child protection stopped by ,I told her I was smoking because my bi polor meds mess with me. Now not alluded to be alone with my kids off meds. They want me to take drugs???wtf????

  116. stellarvoyager on

    Nah, I think places like Singapore and Malaysia, where they actually have the death penalty for cannabis, are way worse. I remember people smoking hash right next to Jim Morrison’s grave and in front of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, right out in the open. Granted, that was 20 years ago….

  117. i’m a born again Christian and so are many of my friends and we all believe in legalization. it really troubles me to see “Christians” take the blame. No Christian would recognize the gov’t killing,stealing or destroying it’s citizens. The ppl you all refer too are actors.

  118. Johnny Bloomington on

    Really?! Shit didn’t know that. Well Kansas then. I hate that state. Full of Jesus and abortion billboards on I-70!

  119. Possession of 1/2 ounce or more in Tennessee is Felony Sales and punishable by 1-6 years and $5000 fine on the first offence

  120. You allways think of USA alone, never of the rest of the world. I live in the shaggy and backward France, and unfortunately, I think it will be the last country in the world to legalize, until then, we will keep on rotting in jail for smoking pot

  121. IF the government allowed weed , then we would open up a whole new agriculture , farming would be booming again , the deficit would be erased by mary jane alone within 10 years .Make growers pay taxes like farmers and its on … i know … i should be president ,,ty ty ty ty

  122. Arkansas ,the stereotyping here is horrendous,we see all yall see in the cities in smaller cities here .. No chance in court .. Local media can slander you any way they want with no repercussion . Arkansas by far … ive been to most of the states here besides utah and idaho , and its nothing like here..

  123. stellarvoyager on

    Don’t forget about the school kid who was mauled by a drug dog when, as part of an anti-drug presentation, cops planted some weed on this kid and wanted to show the school kids what happens when the dog “alerts” that weed is present. As I recall, the kid’s parents were OK with their child getting mauled, because it sent a message that drugs are bad. Sickos.

  124. stellarvoyager on

    I would have to agree, Idaho. Sad that a state with such beautiful scenery has to be so totalitarian when it comes to the herb.

  125. The Jerry Springer show is like professional wrestling and reality TV — it’s all fake.

  126. FLORIDA!!! There are so many ancient people here and “Christians” that it probably never be legal

  127. J Todd Dunnigan on

    Idaho for sure. I live here and I love this state with one exception, the people and establishment are unreasonably harsh on marijuana. I’m currently not able to live in my house becaue I have a no contact order with my wife and kids for “their protection” because they found a bong on my property. They didn’t even find actual weed, just a bong and I got kicked out of my house. It’s mega harsh here. I love it here but I’ll be moving soon.

  128. Ricardo Perez on

    You will think so, but as in Florida, there other states that are governed by morons.


  130. Sunshine Jeremy on

    Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

    Cram that in their faces. Last time I checked, cannabis was a seed bearing plant.

  131. I liked your second post (the reply to my response) much better than your first post. To be clear, my vision of legalization includes all players big and small. I envision small farmers markets and micro-groweries. As time goes by, and people are deprogrammed from the reefer madness stuff, maybe things will get less restrictive when it comes to undoing the crime against humanity of prohibition. It seems like the movement to reform marijuana laws is like herding cats, we all have our ideas, including myself. But I do your appreciate your clarification and I thank you very kindly for addressing my concerns.

  132. I think it will also be Idaho, even the the wife of one of our representatives has cancer but she is going the way of the chemo/radiation therapy, too many so called “Christians” here who still believe the governments lies about it being a gateway drug! when every day we see on the news about someone being killed or arrested for drinking and driving! or someone out of there heads on meth, or some prescription drug!.

  133. ExtremePacifist on

    I agree that any movement toward ending prohibition of marijuana is better than waiting for a complete freedom from punishment at the hands of the people in power within the government, and legalizing a small amount is better than no amount at all. I am pointing out the elephant in the living room; the plutocratic merger of big business with big government, as it is with all other industries, where the few rich powerful businessmen within corporations and government monopolize the whole industry and anyone outside of that circle becomes a criminal.
    Instead of allowing every citizen to be free from prosecution and harassment, we all are still outlaws unless we play their game of tax, regulate, and consume their government sanctioned corporate products.
    But for the average selfish mindless consumer citizen, I guess being allowed to go to the local government approved, corporate dispensary to purchase a limited amount at a capitalistic marked up price, is true American freedom.
    As for me… I’ll keep agitating until we all are free, like Tom Joad said.

  134. I agree. It’s the bible belt and they are stuck in the dark ages.. But once people realize how much money it can make legally.. They might change their minds. Especially if you look at the statistics of illegal sales. they can’t even properly guesstimate because it is so high.

  135. Indiana is the textbook example of and ignorant police state. I think it will be the last state too. Most of the people there can’t even wipe their own rear end without getting permission first. Indiana is the WORST state EVER….. period!

  136. I say that it will be Indiana too! Indiana is a failed state that doesn’t produce much of anything except prisons and cops everywhere. Also the Governor of the state is in bed with the GEO prison 4 profit lobbies and actually INCREASED the penalties for weed as a way to fight the budget in the failed state of Indiana.http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9cb_1365127919

    I am not from Indiana but I had the misfortune of living there for a year and a half and I have never saw any other state where most people act like they are in the 50’s in Mayberry.. i also learned after living in Indiana that the people on Jerry Springer are REAL! What a NIGHTMARE state to live in. No one should have to live there.

  137. Once states realize the $$ they are missing out on, I don’t think there will be a state left where it is completely illegal. Medical marijuana will absolutely be allowed in all states, and I also think recreational marijuana will be allowed, though with more provisions. There is simply revenue to be made and its marijuana not crack cocaine!

  138. South Carolina I was born here raised here but the so totally trip on drugs you get a ticket for papers one seed 1grm stuff like that the cops in this state thirsty so I think it will be the last of all

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  140. North Carolina will not be the last cause I live there and me and my brother are making way to much noise to the local police and where my brother lives too. They said wait 2 years and weed would be legal. this came from a couple deputies and a state trooper. they know me and my brother are full grown man ready to fight and we will never forget the pain prohibition caused to our wallets.
    The cops are getting an ear full in North Carolina. they admitted that is a matter of time

  141. Louisiana will probably be one of the last states to legalize. It’s not because of the people, a recent survey has shown that 53% are ok with legalization. It’s the politicians, the sheriffs, and the prison lobby that don’t want it. Louisiana is the #1 jailer on this planet and there are those in power there that want to keep it that way.

  142. Saying that you want to decriminalize cannabis just makes prohibition more comfortable. Decriminalization still means that there will penalties even if they are non criminal. Decriminalization means a black market/drug cartel monopoly over the trade. Legalization may not be perfect, but I will take that over decriminalization any day. I don’t need prohibition to be more comfortable, I want prohibition eradicated.

  143. Need to rethink your statement. Beginning a couple years ago a lot of those retiring now are former hippies or are still hippies at heart.

  144. I don’t know how close you are to Wichita, but the South-Central KS Legislative Delegation will host a public forum tonight 1/8/14 7:00 Sedgwick County Courthouse Jury Room 525 N. Main. If your outside the Wichita area, maybe you can call a friend and have them show up? We really need to be heard and several key activists are out of town. I hope to see you (or a friend) there!

    P.S.: They usually search for weapons, so bring clean pockets!

  145. Well Utah sent me to prison for 2 grams in separate baggies, also did 3 weeks in jail before at 18 after being caught with zig zags hahahaha. Though they did just legalize gay marriage so who knows!

  146. stickyfingers13 on

    Indiana will be one of the last states, users are too afraid to speak out, indiana is locked down tight, to find good buds is almost impossible, most of us grow our own. And we grow some of the best buds in the world, Bubble gum!

  147. MultifacetedMage on

    The last state to pass Marajuana laws will be the state of minds of those who still see Marajuana as a gateway drug that leads to the use of excessive addictents such as : Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth and Opium.

    Not only does Marajuana not lead to these it never has and never will!

  148. What a bunch of crap. I feel for you. I’m lucky that my doctors, while they won’t sign on with the program, they gave me their “blessing” and are pleased that I don’t need to use many other forms of medication.

  149. Florida has some pretty stiff marijuana laws but it looks like we have the signatures to put Medical Marijuana on the ballot next year. 76% of the state is for MM. 70% of the republicans! Go figure.

  150. Tell your Dr. They need to go back to school and to stop being a propaganda puppet. Any Dr. That doesn’t recognize the medical benefit is either stupid or hiding something

  151. Don’t blame the blue-hairs and retirees. Too many are on board. Remember too, that the hippie cultured are entering or already in retirement.

  152. Idaho? Are you kidding me? Texas and Louisiana, North Carolina make their police budgets stealing deeds. Those will be the last three states to legalize. As I write this I have a deputy sitting in my shrubbery. Been there 15 yrs. Yep 15 yrs. I’ve even complained to the feds to either charge me with something or get the fuck off of my land and stop killing my dogs.

  153. Debbie Murdoch on

    I agree; Texas has too many unscrupulous politicians (like Ted Cruz) that probably profit from keeping it illegal. I used to live there and have first-hand knowledge of law enforcement SELLING what they confiscated!

  154. Wisconsin is behind the times on lots of issues,mainly because of our Governor Scott Walker. Maybe once he’s gone things could change…hoping!

  155. ExtremePacifist on

    As more states follow the lead of Colorado, to legalize small amounts of marijuana, they will attach amendments to control the sale and production of cannabis, to ensure the profits of the corporate interests who will surely rise up out of this new market, and they will not end the war on drugs.
    They will still punish people for having more than the “legal” limit.
    It is either legal or illegal.

    Don’t simply accept the government’s version of legal cannabis, be cautious, and informed, but, don’t settle for laws that continue to deprive all of us of our natural rights and freedoms.

    Marijuana is not as legal as you thought, in Colorado.

    Other states are preparing and adapting similar draconian laws to “legalize” marijuana, with so many restrictions and harsh penalties, that the drug war will not only continue, but, the… people will be forced to go to corporate, government sanctioned, dispensaries to buy Marijuana, or be punished to the full extent if the law.

    Trojan horse politics.

    “There are none more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free.” Von Goethe

    Colorado Penalty Details:
    Possession for Personal Use
    Private possession by persons 21 years of age or older of up to one ounce is no penalty.
    Private cultivation of up to six marijuana plants, with no more than three being mature is no penalty. Transfer of one ounce or less for no remuneration is no penalty.


    Possession of less than 2 ounces is a Class 2 petty offense that is punishable by a maximum fine of $100. The offender will be summoned and a court appearance is mandatory. Failure to appear in court is a Class 3 misdemeanor which is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $500.
    Possession of between 2 and 6 ounces of marijuana is a Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year imprisonment and a fine not to exceed $1,000.
    Possession of between 6 ounces and 12 ounces is a Class 1 misdemeanor which is punishable by up to eighteen months of imprisonment.
    Possession of more than 12 ounces is a Class 6 felony which is punishable by 1 year-18 months of imprisonment, as well as a fine between $1,000-$100,000.


    I don’t even use marijuana.
    For me, it’s about freedom.
    Personal, individual, and health freedom.
    No one should be harassed or punished for using any substance, only if someone uses a substance and then causes harm to another person.
    That includes all legal substances, like alcohol and prescription drugs.

    “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”
    Genesis 1:29

    Decriminalize Cannabis.
    Not legalize it.
    Not taxed and regulated.
    Not marketed to consumers.
    Not advertised on TV or other mainstream media sources.
    Not sold in stores.
    Just decriminalize cannabis and hemp, and if someone wants to grow cannabis they can give it away or barter with neighbors; bag of oranges for bag of weed, etc…
    If anyone is caught selling it, they get fined, and deal with the IRS.
    If Marijuana is legalized, taxed and regulated by the government, and marketed and advertised by the corporations to the people, then there would be an epidemic of mindless consumers, like the way Wall Street markets tobacco and alcohol to the mindless consumers, and now we have an epidemic of addicted users, and millions of deaths annually.

    Just decriminalize Marijuana, it’s a natural plant and flower.

  156. I live in Kentucky and here in Louisville I just read about a grow and sell seminar being held here, so I feel like my state is extremely close to making it legal. I am also from Texas and I believe they will be the LAST state to legalize. They have no tolerance for drug possession of any kind and were currently in the middle of a “war on drugs” in the northern portion of the state when I left 2 years ago. I highly doubt they would abandon a so called “war” and make marijuana legal anytime in the near future

  157. You would honestly not believe how many of the retirees smoke. Oregon’s ballet last year 90% of the votes were pretty much retirees.

  158. you seem to knoyour shit ,is kntucky even in the running ,or are we screwed to the end ,hell we grow more than any state,well we use to!

  159. Probably or redneck state of Indiana! I don’t think NORML is doing a damn thing here!

  160. As a active marijuana advocate and a Alabama resident i would have to say either idaho or w.virginia. i think alabama as a state will get it legalized in a few years if not sooner. ACTIVE. AMMJC.ORG MEMBER

  161. I can’t wait until they legalize in Rhode Island it’s decriminalized and legal for medicinal use for years now.

  162. Gotta agree with Brandon crawley.
    Alabama is very scary with Mississippi a very close second.
    Having grown up in MS and traveling to AL many times I’ve sweated a lot when passing those hillbilly/redneck “cops”
    They’ll throw you under the jail for anything related to herb.

  163. Your message probably would be more respected if you hadn’t started it with ‘are you retarded’. Try not being a dick about someone’s opinion. It might make yours less rude.

  164. Brandon Crawley on

    Alabama. We haven’t even legalized a lottery. I don’t see us legalizing marijuana any time soon.

  165. I live in MN, we’re decriminalized here. Doubt we will be last. Hopefully we will be legal in the very near future.

  166. GA because of the religious right. You see in the bible belt this the nutsack and taint of Jesus. Amen!

  167. Are you retarded? The toughest laws(state law) are enforced in Oklahoma, texas, louisiana, and florida. The penalties are greater, than they are in anybothet state, not to mention in Louisiana, you have note than one case of a three time offender being jailed for life over marijuana possesion(at a felony level). Do a little more research before just blabbing.

  168. Rhode island is where i live, and it is decriminalized here so we are steps closer to states like Colorado and Washington

  169. I live in Kansas, I really hope we r not the last ones I am getting crap from my doctor because I have cronic pain and I smoke to lessen the amount of pills I have to take. I don’t wanna get addicted to those pills: (

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