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What Will It Take To Change Obama’s Stance On Marijuana Policy?


barack obama president marijuana policy cannabisLast week, in a speech in Mexico City, President Barack Obama stated that “”I’ve been asked, and I honestly do not believe that legalizing drugs is the answer,” according to Talk News Radio. This of course includes marijuana, which is now legal in two states in America. It is sad and frustrating that President Obama is absolutely unwilling to look at math and history and apply logic in this area of public policy. If Obama did, he would conclude that the war on drugs has failed, and that a new approach is required in order to help fix things. What would it take to change President Obama’s stance on marijuana policy? Is there anything that can happen? I personally don’t know if anything would change Obama’s mind. Below are things that we know won’t change his mind (even though they should):


Nearly six out of ten US adults support legalizing the consumption of marijuana, and slightly more than half believe that the substance ought to be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol, according to national polling data.

Will Of The Voters

Voters in Colorado and Washington State passed marijuana legalization initiatives in the 2012 Election. In Colorado, Amendment 64 got more votes than Obama did, which one would think would hammer home the point to Obama. Sigh.

The Support Of Federal Level Politicians

Federal politicians such as Jared Polis in Colorado and Earl Blumenauer in Oregon have tried to push federal legislation that would end marijuana prohibition. Even Republicans have joined the battle. Usually an issue with bipartisan support in Congress gets the President’s attention, but I guess marijuana is the exception.


At a time when states and the federal government need every dollar they can find, President Obama refuses to consider a completely new source of revenue (marijuana taxes) that is significant. Marijuana legalization would create desperately needed jobs, and unlike other industries, it can positively affect virtually every area’s economy in the entire nation. I know timber counties in Oregon would gladly welcome such a thing, considering most other industries are unable to do business in those areas due to various reasons.


Almost every week it seems like there is a new scientific study that proves the medical value of marijuana, and proves that it is not as harmful as alcohol and tobacco. If I tried to list them all in this article, I could spend the rest of my life and still probably not include all of them.


Marijuana consumption is not going to go away in America, ever. Anyone who thinks that it will has not looked at history. Support for marijuana reform is growing daily, and it’s only a matter of time before marijuana prohibition is over. Future generations will look back on marijuana prohibition and determine that marijuana opponents were idiots, and wonder how they were able to keep prohibition in place for so long. Unfortunately, President Obama does not live in reality, at least not in regards to marijuana policy.

People are dying as a result of marijuana prohibition. Others are wrongfully incarcerated, and if they don’t get a long prison sentence, their lives are ruined because they now have to carry around the ‘marijuana scarlet letter’ which makes it almost impossible to get a good job, or go to college, or in one of my good friend’s cases, he can’t even coach his son’s sports teams because he is a felon. Shame on you President Obama. Your stance on marijuana policy is ruining lives, and I don’t know how you sleep at night. I pray that you change your mind during your second term, but I won’t hold my breath.


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  1. I love your list of things we know WON’T make him change policy. hahaha. You should also include: “The Constitution”

  2. Tired of bad policies on

    Obama must be in with the cartels. He is not for change but for control of people. Let us all races become free as long as we cause no harm to others.

  3. BoogieMan_Dan on

    What about the states that won’t even allow its citizens to vote on the issue. Like Texas, for example. The Federal Government will not bend on this issue because the prison system has become such a money making industry to shareholders. Also, the Pharmaceutical Companies bribe politicians with insider trading tips and secret stocks that make the politicians so much money, that they are bought and paid for by big pharma. The Federal Government is not the ally of the people any more but rather only works in the interests of global corporations and mega-banks. I’ve been fighting this issue for years now trying to get politicians to at least allow the people to vote, but they won’t budge. But I’ll never quit smoking it, so they’re just going to have to martyr me in the end. I don’t care. I’m going to live my life the way I choose or I’m not going to live it at all. This is suppose to be a FREE country.

  4. he has really been a disappointment i think the powerful almighty lobbyists are saying no. Also, Mitt Romney or any other republican would have been a million times worse

  5. How magnanimous of you to make excuses for the POTUS. One president, Nixon, instituted this refer madness with his war on drugs and all the laws and agencies he put into place. And yet you say one president, Obama, is powerless to end this? I disagree. And that has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. I voted for him twice.

  6. Perhaps if a loved one of his were dying of an inoperable cancer, he might change his mind. Perhaps if one of his daughters had been convicted of the federal crime of possession of a schedule 1 substance and the rest of her life were ruined because of it, he might change his mind.
    He was just plain lucky. He never got busted for inhaling. That was the point, wasn’t it?
    He made all of us believe in change, but it wasn’t the change we wanted, after all, was it? For the most part, I admit I do approve of most of his policies, but on this issue, he has failed us as much as all the presidents since Nixon first declared this absurd war on drugs. He can’t even look at his own experience and right this wrong, which he knows in his heart of hearts needs to be changed.

  7. All of you people complaining about how horrible Obama is at president are just racist. The president is a pawn or lighting rod. Had no real power and doesn’t and will never run this country. That’s for the rich, gutless, and scumbag white guys to do. They ruined this country with greed and ignorance not Obama

  8. I don’t want to put certified idiots like Bachmann, Ryan, King, Lee, Paul, or Cruz into positions of power such as the Presidency. The crimes against humanity, and against US citizens in particular, would skyrocket.

    As a self-proclaimed teatard, what are your thoughts on the US military budget? Do you agree with your contemporaries that we need to raise the already over-bloated military budget that already has us spending about the same on our military as the rest of the world combined, or do you agree with me that with our budget issues, unemployment issues and crumbling infrastructure that we should cut the military budget by AT LEAST 75%, moving those funds to maintaining, repairing, updating and expanding our national infrastructure?

    IOW is your patriotism and fiscal conservatism real, or just political posturing to advance a dishonest and cynical ideological agenda?

  9. Mr Obama, as a black man, how do you feel about blacks being disproportionately jailed for drugs?

    Mr. Obama, you’ve admitted you used marijuana AND cocaine. When will you be turning yourself in? Cocaine possession is a felony after all, Mr. President. You even said you “inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

    Mr Obama, would you still have become president if you had been caught with the drugs you admit to using? You never got caught, never went to jail or got forced to “seek treatment”, yet you turned out ok enough to lead a nation. How do you feel a criminal record would have aided your career?

    Why are drugs ok for you but not every other citizen of this “free” country?

  10. Marijuana advocates are always providing links to peer reviewed sources which are constantly ignored and supplanted by the usual “Reefer madness”. I think a new and refreshing approach would be for the prohibition supporters to provide supporting evidence for a policy which makes no sense and destroys the lives of far too many. I won’t hold my breath.

  11. These politicians need to realize right now that this oppositional position means the end of their political career. Period. They can get tough on prohibition while they are in the unemployment line.

  12. The Mexican drug cartels and the politicians on their payroll oppose the legalization of marijuana.
    Al Capone had hundreds of politicians on his payroll but the drug cartels don’t?

  13. The “commander and chief” is a blithering idiot, everything he’s done since he’s set foot in the Whitehouse has brought this country from bad to worse, so yea it’s time for a change lets start with replacing that idiot with a president who actually knows something about running a country.

  14. Like I said WE THE PEOPLE can change all this, WE HAVE THE POWER IN OUR HANDS, but we are too high to realize it.
    We have the power of a vote…1 person 1 vote.
    Don’t vote for anyone that is not openly pro cannabis. and watch how quickly things change. we need to come together, we can fix all this ourselves.

  15. notANidiot on

    Your article contains very little supporting evidence. I’d suggest if you are truly passionate about the federal legalization of marijuana you provide proof that what you’re saying is fact. Someone in the White House may see your article but not take it seriously because 1- you insult our commander in chief and 2- you didnt provide proof of your claims. It doesn’t matter how well known your statements are in the mmj community if your trying to convert nonbelievers. Also, it’s never a good idea to insult someone you’re trying to get on your side of an issue, that’s just bad politics and willcreate an uphill battle you’re already struggling to fight with half-assed articles like this one.

  16. What do you want to do? Continue crimes against humanity?

    Note: I’m having a very difficult time telling Bush from Obama.

    And BTW – I’m a teatard.

  17. Obummer has been given way more than enough chances to do the right thing. IMHO he will always be a complete scumbag for this.

    He will never change his position until out of office or Big Pharma tells him to.

  18. Rand Paul, despite his views on cannabis prohibition, is a teatard idiot.

    What do you want to do? Elect a President that will make Shrub look like a Renaissance genius?

  19. I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary, and Obummer (to my shame) in the general election. In 2012 I would not have voted for Obummer if you paid me to! (I voted for Jill Stein in 2012).

    So long as people just keep electing scoundrels like Obummer nothing will change.

    Of course he wants the cancer cure to be illegal. There is no money in health care (treating the actual issue(s)), but tons of cash in sick care (just treating symptoms). That is why Big Pharma will never cure cancer… there is way too much money in the cancer research industry.

  20. Obummer tried to lie to us, to get us to vote for him, with promises he would di something about ending cannabis prohibition… I did not believe a word he said, and I was absolutely correct in my assessment.

    Anyone who supports cannabis and hemp, and who opposes the Reefer Madness policy that is cannabis prohibition, is a complete fool for supporting Obummer.

    Maybe if the DEA were to raid the white House, terrorize the kids, Michelle and Obummer and shoot their dog for no good reason, maybe, just MAYBE, it might dawn on him.

    But I seriously doubt it.

    All Obummer has been is Shrub on Steroids.

    Welcome to the Fascist Police States of Amerika.

  21. Obummer tried to lie to us, to get us to vote for him, with promises he would di something about ending cannabis prohibition… I did not believe a word he said, and I was absolutely correct in my assessment.

    Anyone who supports cannabis and hemp, and who opposes the Reefer Madness policy that is cannabis prohibition, is a complete fool for supporting Obummer.

    Maybe if the DEA were to raid the white House, terrorize the kids, Michelle and Obummer and shoot their dog for no good reason, maybe, just MAYBE, it might dawn on him.

    But I seriously doubt it.

    All Obummer has been is Shrub on Steroids.

    Welcome to the Fascist Police States of Amerika.

  22. Most unpopular president in history? Seriously? Obummer is definitely not a liberal or progressive, that much he has proven… but while he is the ‘AntiChrist du jour’ on Faux Noise and Squawk Radio he is the first US President in a LONG time who won two terms, both with over 50% of the vote and, in his second election, won by a LANDSLIDE in the electoral college (the only voting that actually counts for President).

    He is clearly an asshat, but the ‘most unpopular President’? I think that title is still held by Shrub.

    I agree Obummer should legalize cannabis. All he needs to do is tell his administration to stop cannabis prohibition actions. He could put Cannabis on schedule 6 with just a memo if he were so inclined. He could get rid of Kerlikowske, Haag and the rest of the Reefer Madness Warriors simply by appointing different people who are not Reefer Madness ideologues.

    But spouting off propaganda talking points from Bullsh!t Mountain is not going to help your credibility any.

  23. Obummer is a corporate tool of Big Pharma and the rest of the corporate oligarchy in the US. He is a hypocrite (choom gang), he is a liar (won’t mess with medical cannabis) and a delusional fool who denies reality that is right in front of his face (so better to serve his corporate masters).

    That he continues to subject millions to the draconian failed policies in the futile hope that what has not worked for 8 decades will suddenly and magically start to work because he will it to do so.

    It doesn’t work that way, Obummer.

    That he subjects these millions of citizens to what he (luckily for him) managed to avoid by not getting caught, is truly despicable and dastardly. While getting caught as a young adult he would not have changed who he was, but his life would have been far less ‘stellar’.

  24. Thisis Insane on

    Everyone listen up! While they continue to set us up and bust us every 45 seconds, we seem to be having trouble getting this done thru the proper channels. We ALL need to start applying jury nullification, in each and every case of cannabis persecution. If you are ‘requested’ to perform jury duty, then you need to pass the vetting stage and get in there and vote not guilty, no matter the evidence.
    JURY NULLIFICATION. Live it, learn it, practice it.

  25. Thisis Insane on

    He can’t change anything, because he has no power over and above the real power in charge. I may not know exactly what/who that is, but it’s not him.

  26. I suggest voting for Rand Paul if he runs. At this point continuing Prohibition is a crime against humanity.

    I voted for Gary Johnson because of Prohibition. It will not be over until we become single issue voters.

  27. He is full of chit as ever and the most unpopular president in history so give up ur dreams Obama u will leave a nobody president because u can’t do anything u lied,to, chit u were bouncy and energetic but now u don’t do chit do something and by oking marijuana u would go down in history as a good man,,,

  28. A: The 2017 Inauguration.

    Presidents become really supportive of marijuana reform once they get that ex- part added. (Bill Clinton, Vicente Fox, we’re looking at you…)

  29. marijuana has been around long before we have, its a NATURAL grown plant, it has MANY MANY health benefits and they may as well give up on trying to ban it because we the people are not stupid!

  30. I think he mostly simply doesn’t care about the issue and all, and/or thinks it is a distraction from his own priorities.Maybe if he gets immigration reform passed, and after the midterms next year, he’ll actually do something. But I just think it’s not his issue.
    The real question is, will the next president be any better?

  31. With every passing day into Obama’s 2nd term, I get less and less patient with him when it comes to cannabis law reform.

    He knows better. We all know he knows better. Does the “Choom gang” ring any bells?

    I could excuse the inaction in his first term. There was no way he would have gotten a 2nd term had he tried chipping away at the $$$ behind the drug war. The GOP would be salivating at the prospect of running against Obama on a “Dope & Change” platform with their hands out (as if they aren’t already) for ‘contributions’ from industries such as the private prisons, alcohol, tobacco, and of course, big pharma.

    Well now he’s got a 2nd term. He’s run his LAST campaign. There is no longer any reason, not even a tacitly understandable justification, let alone any ethical EXCUSE for continuing the prohibition of cannabis — perpetuating the drug war’s cannabis MYTHOLOGY of universal addiction, crackpot gateway theories, and fabricated health risks.

    Five years ago, when Obama was up for his first election, the scientific evidence in support of the safety and medical efficacy of cannabis was merely overwhelming. Well now the evidence has reached critical mass.

    Obama, in his callous denial of science, is keeping the cure for cancer ILLEGAL. How can he sleep at night, knowing the suffering he could relieve and the legal persecution he could prevent and END by simply RESCHEDULING cannabis under the CSA???

    I voted for the man — twice — because I’m not a single issue voter. But when I think about THIS issue, it angers me beyond words that I must count among my allies Pat Robertson and Rand Paul, not the liberal President I voted for — twice.
    He knows better. It’s an insult to the intelligence of the public that he thinks we’re not aware of that.

  32. I think the biggest horror here is that HEMP is illegal! Every day TREES are murdered when a crop of HEMP can be harvested in less than 16 weeks and will yield 4x more durable paper…
    It is an industry that is already being tapped all over the world in Canada, China, India… yet!!

    Deforestation, Global Warming…

    On the horizon a durable, renewable resource looms… It is a trillion dollar crop! http://www.hempfarm.org/

    “Scientists estimate that by 2030 there will only be 10% of forests remaining, with another 10% in a degraded condition. 80% will have been lost, and with them hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable species.” ~wikipedia, “Deforestation”

    United States is the only industrialized nation that prohibits its farmers from growing this incredible cash crop. Federal law concedes the safety of industrial hemp by allowing it to be legally imported for use as food, yet all hemp included in products sold in the United States must be imported instead of being grown by American farmers.

    Although many states have already legalized hemp, the federal government prohibition on hemp cultivation, which began in 1970, continues to deprive us of jobs and economic growth. This senseless restriction needs to be lifted to help our farmers, and to get our economy back on track.

    Hemp is Taxable income the US is missing out on every day! It will create Ag Jobs, grow the economy and reduce import costs.

    It’s several times stronger than cotton. It’s more resistant to abrasion and tears. It’s more resistant to mildew, soiling, shrinkage and the deteriorating effects of the sun.

    Hemp grows throughout the world without pesticides or herbicides and naturally fertilizes the soil for future crops.

    Hemp can be cultivated in as little as 100 days compared to the 50-500 years it can take to grow a tree.

    Hemp can be used for Building Materials, Nutrition, Cordage, Paper, Composite Plastic, Fuel, Textiles, Health and Beauty and more!

  33. So, if legalizing drugs is NOT the answer, Mr. Obama, are you suggesting continuing the same failed, disastrous policies IS the answer? If so, you sir, are insane, along with the vast majority of politicians. But I guess that’s nothing mew.

  34. That’s messed up..he doesn’t want marijuana to be legal..but yet he drinks a beer with 2 other men live on tv…lovely way go let’s just drink booze n get out there n get dui or wreck n hurt someone..I don’t think so…say yes on legalize marijuana…u dont never see anyone in bad wreck from smoking a doobie…I didn’t think so…

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