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What Will The Future Of Cannabis Look Like?


the future of cannabisI always tell other activists that we stand at the edge of history with the winds of change at our backs. There has truly never been a more exciting time in history for cannabis than right now. From a reform and business perspective, the future looks bright. Very bright. That’s not to say that there won’t be hurdles, because there will be. And that’s not to say that there won’t be bumps in the road, because there will be those too. But when you consider the potential for the upcoming decades for the spread of legalization and the growth of the legal industry, it should give you goosebumps. It gives me goosebumps on a daily basis.

I spend long hours speculating with friends about what the future of cannabis will look like. I get asked a lot if I think that big business will try to take over the cannabis industry, and sadly, yes I think they will try very hard. Corporate money is going to follow the profits, and cannabis is very big money right now and the profit potential is growing every minute. With that being said, I don’t think that corporate types will take over the industry, at least not as much as other industries of similar size. Maybe it’s because cannabis has been part of a counter culture segment of society for so long, but the average cannabis consumer doesn’t like generic cannabis.

Cannabis consumers want to know where their cannabis comes from more than other consumers want to know where the products they are consuming come from on average. Cannabis consumers are more conscience than consumers of other products on average. They aren’t just going to buy into any branding campaign and think about the quality of the product second like society does for so many things. Cannabis consumers are smarter, and are more likely to support the ‘David’ than they are the ‘Goliath.’

I think that we will see attempts by the alcohol and tobacco industries, and further attempts by the pharmaceutical industry, to enter the cannabis space. But I don’t think they will ultimately be successful. Cannabis consumers want products that are grown/made/processed by people that are experts and have been doing it for decades, not guys in lab coats applying irrelevant knowledge on behalf of Phillip Morris. I have been contacted on more than one occasion by a tobacco company reaching out to people in cannabis media, and I have told them to kick rocks every time and that they have no place in this industry, and will continue to do so as long as I’m alive, and I know I’m not alone in feeling that way.

To watch a video of cannabis expert Steve Deangelo’s (Executive Director of Harborside Health Center) take on the future of cannabis, click this link here.

I think that the cannabis industry is going to have a heavier influence from woman than any other industry of comparable size, which is something that I hope gets the credit it deserves. There are so many ridiculously talented women in the cannabis industry. More and more will find new careers in the cannabis industry in the future, and they will thrive. Organizations like Women Grow will help facilitate those transitions and empower women to take the cannabis industry by storm.

I think that oils, pre-rolls, and edibles will continue to grow in popularity. People will always buy ounces of flower, but I think that as the industry continues to grow, and access to cannabis grows with it, people will move to more convenient, smokeless forms of consumption more and more. I know I have personally smoked less and less cannabis each year and eaten/vaped more and more cannabis. There will be more cannabis research conducted in the future

The future will see more cannabis research conducted, more discoveries made, and more people helped as a result. There is so much that we don’t know about the cannabis plant still, an I can’t wait to see what is discovered about it. I don’t think it’s far fetched to predict that in the future cannabis will cure a disease that was previously thought to be incurable. I think that in the future people will make more money off of ancillary cannabis-related ideas than growing and selling cannabis. Everyone and their grandma wants to grow and sell cannabis, but the people that will truly strike it rich will be those that come up with original ideas in the industry that no one else has thought of or is doing.

I think that a lot of money will be made in the cannabis education sector of the industry in the future. Cannabis trade schools will become the norm, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more accredited universities offering cannabis courses. In the future we will see cannabis extraction become part of organic chemistry course curriculum for instance. There will be online courses, there will be books, there will be summits, seminars, and expos galore.

I think that there will also be a lot of money to be made dealing with outside industries that want to target and market to the cannabis community. The American cannabis community is made up of tens of millions of people. That’s a huge sector of society, and don’t think that non-cannabis companies don’t recognize that fact. Munchie food companies, clothing companies, etc., you name it and they will be trying to find ways to market to the cannabis demographic. Companies like Jack in the Box are already dipping their toe in the cannabis arena by having commercials that insinuate cannabis consumption. As marijuana goes more mainstream, soon they will quite insinuating and go all out.

To watch a video of cannabis expert Steve Deangelo’s (Executive Director of Harborside Health Center) take on the future of cannabis, click this link here.

I think we will see attempts by mainstream media to try to cover the marijuana industry more and more, and the biases of the past will go away. The snarky, title puns will go the way of the dinosaur. We will see mainstream media using the term ‘medical cannabis dispensary’ instead of ‘pot shop.’ Media companies will hire cannabis correspondents, some of which will be better than others. I always hate reading an article about cannabis that was clearly written by someone who doesn’t consume cannabis, or really know anything about cannabis. It’s like reading a high school research essay. I think that will become less prevalent in the future.

As more and more states legalize recreational and medical cananbis, there will be a trend towards heavy regulation. You are already seeing it. Think that ResponsibleOhio’s model sucks because it only allows ten entities to grow cannabis for profit? Consider the fact that on the medical side of the equation states like Minnesota only allow 2 and New York only allows 5. That’s the model that governments (and some reform organizations whether they admit it or not) are going to push for. It’s not how I want it to be, but how it will be nonetheless I think.

I always say that the average cannabis consumer gets more sophisticated everyday, and I expect that trend to continue. Cannabis consumers are more educated than ever before, consume cannabis in more forms than ever before, and expect more out of the cannabis purchasing and consuming experiences. Long gone are the day when you just ‘got what you got’ and didn’t know what it was or where it came from or what’s in it, at least on the West Coast and some Midwest and Eastern states.

In the future we will see better cannabis stocks on the market. I issued a challenge once upon a time that if someone could show me a company in the cannabis industry that is offering stock and has a solid end product I would buy into the company. That has yet to happen. Admittedly, I haven’t researched every company that offers stock. However, each and everyone I have seen relies on hype to push its stock, and not solid ideas. I want to buy stock in a company because I like their direction and see that people are swooping up their products and/or services more and more. Instead people are marketing their stocks as a good by because ‘my goodness, just think of how big the industry will be!’ That might work for some people, but not the masses. In the future I expect to purchase cannabis stocks, and for them to actual do well and hopefully help me retire from my cubicle job!

In the future there will be ‘cannabis everything,’ and what I mean by that is that there will be a cannabis version of just about every idea out there. Now that it’s fall you will see pumpkin spice everything everywhere you go. Someday cannabis will be like that. A cannabis flavored latte, cannabis flavored food, a cannabis theme park, a cannabis arcade, etc.. That is a day that I can’t wait for!

To watch a video of cannabis expert Steve Deangelo’s (Executive Director of Harborside Health Center) take on the future of cannabis, click this link here.

From a reform movement perspective, we will finally see the end of cannabis prohibition in the future, and in the future generations will look back on prohibition as one of the biggest black eyes in American history. All the ruined lives, all the misery, all the patients that were treated like criminals – history books will not look back kindly on the prohibition era. Our grand kids will read about people like Kevin Sabet and wonder why someone wanted to see prohibition maintained, and the injustices that went along with it.

As a result Kevin Sabet will have to move on and find other work. What that will be, who knows, but when people find out about how he feels, what he has fought for, and how he was a puppet for the pharmaceutical industry, I’d imagine not many people will want to hire him. But then again, there are cannabis companies that have hired ex-narcotics officers from federal agencies, so who knows.

In the future we will see more public acceptance of cannabis consumers, to the point that they are treated equally compared to alcohol consumers. More and more people are coming out of the ‘cannabis closet’ everyday, and that trend will continue. Cannabis will continue to go mainstream, until it’s so common that people don’t even think about it differently anymore.

Activists will continue to fight into the future, fighting for workplace protections against workplace discrimination, for the freeing of cannabis POWs, for the expungement of past convictions, and for distinctions for patients. Patients shouldn’t be taxed for their medicine, and should have special, compassionate protections. I think in the future we will see cannabis candidates for public office, and what I mean by that is that we will see long time cannabis figures run for office themselves, and win. We have seen candidates before, but they have never been taken seriously up until this point. And there have been candidates that are pro-cannabis, but it’s just one of their many views. I’m talking about a bone-a-fide cannabis candidate, like Vivian McPeak for Seattle mayor, or something like that.

Anyone who looks at the future of cannabis knows that the writing is on the wall for prohibition, and that prohibition will be ended sooner than later. I have always felt that when that happens, the cannabis community can still do a lot of good fighting for other social issues. The cannabis community is second to none when it comes to pooling together resources, spreading awareness, and many other things. I’d hate to see that framework go to waste, and would love to see the cannabis community’s skill set be used to support other good things. I know that if I can ever get out of my cubicle job, there is one particular idea that I’d like to pursue, but we will have to see if that ever happens for me.

To watch a video of cannabis expert Steve Deangelo’s (Executive Director of Harborside Health Center) take on the future of cannabis, click this link here.

The future of the cannabis world is bright, and this is a very exciting time to be a part of the cannabis scene. We are literally in the midst of history being made, and if that doesn’t get you fired up, then you must not have a pulse. The freedom that comes with cannabis legalization is something that everyone in America will experience in the future, and that makes me smile. The cannabis plant is a wonderful thing, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for it.

What do TWB readers think about the future of cannabis. Any predictions? I look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. I would love to agree with you but as a Dispensary owner you are 100% wrong. The consumer walks in and 1 in 10 are educated. The rest ask “whats your highest THC” the market will be controlled as always by who markets the best and marketing now involves the “image” of the strongest product. When that “THC” buying factor goes away (maybe) then you will start seeing consumers that “chose” for another reason. Its sad as a dispensary owner to see your best product passed up because it is 4 points lower than the junk someone had tested by a lab that bumps up numbers to give false readings, as proved in test after test from product randomly taken from shelves. These false test results make people think they are getting “safe” products so they dont think they need to ask and EVERY grower says they are “organic” with NO way to prove it – talk is cheap and there is a lot of talk about organics with no real use of them from beginning to end.

  2. I read your report, from an anti-cannabis org., who’s JOB’s are directly linked to cannabis probation. What a load of twisted numbers, but mostly crap. You sir are a dying breed: go after the drugs that really harm humans, in other words opiates from your MD., speed from Mexico, heron from the sand box. You and this so called report are not going to be believed because of all the lies the GOVERNMENT has tried to force down our throats. Go piss up a rope.

  3. A good read as always, thank you Lawrence.
    Just to add,, For some time prior to the inquisition, in the state of North Carolina, may be wrong on the state. If a landowner / farmer did not set aside a percentage of their land for the purpose of growing cannabis or did not grow. The state would swoop in and fine the landowners and / or confiscate the required land, like in asset forfeiture. In actuality, the same scenario as that is done now, but only in reverse.
    Will someone please stop the World, I want to get off at the next stop. This is nuts’

  4. If I was a grower I wouldn’t trust Project SAM and Kevin Sabet to tell me that the sun rises in the East and to situate my plants accordingly.

  5. In the future marijuana wont be legal anywhere, not even for medical use. CO, OR, WA, and AK will repeal its laws legalizing marijuana in 5 to 10 years. All the medical states will repeal medical marijuana. You wont be able to use the plant, only Marinol and Sativez would be allowed.

    For anyone calling me a troll, look at whats going on. A new 200 page report shows teen marijuana use, marijuana car crashes, school expulsions from marijuana, marijuana shipped out of state, marijuana hospitalizations all skyrocketing! Its got countless bars shooting off the charts proving.

    Still believe its a made up hoax? look here at all those graphs!


  6. e roll Kai itched on

    Yep super piece,I’m actually going to save article and reread it a couple times to let it sink in.
    I.mean it really the business is only limited by your imagination.
    Im pushing 60,and alot of issues with pot are brand new. I mean ive never heard of so manynames,strains etc.

  7. Lawrence Goodwin on

    The future for cannabis was very clearly presented by the late Jack Herer in his monumental work, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” first published in the 1970s and updated several times before his passing in 2010. The future should be very similar to the first 160 years of United States history, when Americans freely grew cannabis. No one had to fear the teams of federal, state and local agents that today–in borderline fascist states like New York, Florida and Missouri–conduct armed raids of private property for the sole purpose of seizing and destroying live cannabis crops.

    According to Mr. Herer, Manufacturing, Medicine, Nutrition and Recreation are the Four Main Sectors of the cannabis economy after so-called full legalization (same as total repeal of prohibition). The Four Main Sectors will be fueled by the fibers, pulp, seeds, leaves and flowers of these truly wondrous plants. Go ahead, look it up: Our very first President, George Washington, literally commanded future generations to sow cannabis “everywhere.” Little did Mr. Washington know that there would arise an Anti Marihuana Tyranny to brutally suppress not just previously free cannabis commerce, but most public knowledge of such plants as well. Today, nothing really changes because the fraudulent word “marihuana” remains in Schedule I of the 1970 federal Controlled Substances Act. That word is the cold, dead HEART of this tyranny and it must be completely REMOVED from all federal and state laws. By tomorrow! Then, back in the same U.S. Treasury Department that unleashed this nightmare upon our nation in 1937, we need to rename the agency as the Bureau of Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Anything less simply prolongs the tyranny.

  8. Thats like a blink of an eye politically speaking…Shit, just 2 years ago, it was very common for people to say pot won’t be legalized in their life time (30-40 year olds here)…guess what.

    Its legal here where these pessimistic dumbasses vented their nonsense.

  9. You don’t think Monsanto wants to sell seed which yields 700-1250g/m^2 of 25% THC with selected terpenes that vastly increase the psychotropic effect and flavor? They could sell them for cheaper than the ‘Ghost Train Haze’ you could buy now from an average dumbass.

    Cannabis has a rare metabolism which makes it quite the potential for GMO pharmacopoeia and yield rivaling bacteria.

  10. Consumers want to procure similar products along a wide geographical range…how many artisans will sell in 20 major cities?

  11. LOL…the “in crowd” already determined what “the future” is.



    I’m a grower..my opinion is that pot is a primitive drug and will not be popular in 100 years. By then people will manufacture drugs specifically designed for their demands based on their specific biochemistry. We will also genetically engineer ourselves and incorporate cybernetics. Before then we will engineer pot to make all kinds of cool drugs..some will be like LSD


    Why smoke pot if you’ve got better ends at your means- traditionalism?

  12. Wow! Johnny, this piece is unbelievably written, worthy of the highest journalistic praise. I sincerely agree with you on ALL points made in your blog…and I’m hoping (and praying) that you’re right. The overwhelming swarm of corporate cannabis is taking over the once “artisanal” industry. My company , Kush Tea has felt the crush of these mass produced products coming into the marketplace. Dispensaries are choosing to carry the more corporate brand look, there’s no room on their shelves for products without slickly printed display stands. As dispensaries becomes more and more like weed Wal Mart, consumers will lose out in the end. ❤️

  13. As long as we can ‘home grow’ the big companies see little ‘monopolized’ money.

    Big industry does not want people to be able make their own product that they grew in their backyard, they want to be the only supplier. Ohio’s legalization effort shows that a monopoly is what big industry wants, they were pissed to have to add home growing in order to get it on the ballot.

    Push for ‘home growing’ in your state as it gets closer to legalization.

    With home grow we can keep this out of the hands of big industry

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