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What’s Old Is New Again In Michigan: Third Coast’s Grand Re-Opening


michigan medical marijuana hb 4271Michigan’s first licensed dispensary wants you to come in and see what’s new about the place.

Co-founders Jamie Lowell, Darrell Stavros and Melissa Skuta have redesigned their facility and are re-branding the medical marijuana distribution center. Gone are terms like ‘3rd Coast’ and ‘Compassion Center’ and the dull paint. In are colorful photos, new furniture and an upbeat attitude.

“We are actually called a medical marijuana distribution center by the city of Ypsilanti,” Stavros said. “That’s what it says on our license from the city.”

In celebration of the new layout and fresh approach to compassion, Third Coast is hosting a grand re-opening celebration on Saturday, June 6.

Music will fill the air, courtesy of guitarists Laith Al-Saadi and Ray Reyes, better known as Razor Ray. Maruga, a stringed instrument wonder and a legendary figure in music history, will be playing at the Coast, too.

A little bit of Hash Bash history may be recreated at Third Coast on the 6th as marijuana law reform hero John Sinclair will also be present, perhaps to team up with Al-Saadi for a session of Beat Poetry with guitar accompaniment. The duo rocked the crowd with that combination at the Hash Bash in Ann Arbor and at The Sweet Leaf in Flint earlier this year.

There will be giveaways, raffles and food. Included: a $650 light package, to be raffled off at the end of the day. Also available are nutrients, hats, shirts, various trinkets and charms.

For six years Third Coast has been a destination location for advocacy organizations, patients and political groups. Many television interviews and radio segments have been broadcast from the halls of the rambling building, which has office space available for rent.

The facility will still provide space for meetings and events.


June 6th 11am – 7pm

19 N. Hamilton, Ypsilanti


Source: The Compassion Chronicles

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  1. Help!!! I’m a small grower of medical marijuana, and I am quickly seeing how Republicans are wanting to monopolize the market, with only having a few growers growing for everyone. Another case of the rich get richer and screw the little man. Can we get small growers, dispensaries, and users to ban together and fight this.

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