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What’s On Your Marijuana Bucket List?


stoner bucket listWhat Is On Your Marijuana Bucket List?

Even though I am only thirty years old, I have a bucket list. I think after the famous movie came out, everyone above the age of ten made a bucket list lol. Going to the High Times Cannabis Cup was on my list for a long, long time, but alas, that was deleted from the list last weekend. There are still ten things on my list, with half of them relating to marijuana. I might as well call it my marijuana bucket list, eh? Here is what I have on there currently, in no particular order:

Meet Tommy Chong

I have been trying to meet Tommy Chong for a long time. I came very close once at a headshop in Portland, but I was denied due to a lack of customer service and poor communication. I was also hoping to meet Tommy Chong at the Spring Gathering last year but he didn’t participate in the meet and great. I have a Chong Glass bong that I want to get autographed. Someday…

Buy Recreational Marijuana Legally

I am confident that within my lifetime I will buy marijuana legally, and for recreational purposes only. I have a medical marijuana patient card, and I have purchased medical marijuana on multiple occasions. However, I want to buy legalized marijuana. What will marijuana legalization look like? Only time will tell. When will marijuana be legal? At a state level, as early as 2012. At the federal level…egads who knows!

Smoke Marijuana On A Hot Air Balloon

I actually took this item from another list I saw awhile back. I have always been fascinated by hot air balloons, and they say you get higher at a higher altitude….

Smoke Marijuana With My Grandma

My grandma is the classic product of the reefer madness generation. She thinks that since I smoke marijuana, it’s only a matter of time before I start hitting the crack pipe lol. I told her 18 years ago that I cared about this issue, as well as every year since. She suffers from all kinds of ailments, and I know that if she just smoked out with me one time, her entire perception on things would change drastically. I almost got her to eat a medible once, but she chickened out at the last second :)

Make The Pilgrimage To Amsterdam

I have heard from many people that Amsterdam is not like it used to be. You can still get high grade marijuana, it’s just a bit trickier. Regardless of new rules towards marijuana consumption by tourists, I still want to go there. If it’s not the mecca of marijuana anymore, it still was for many, many years and a visit is a must before I die.

So TWB readers, what is on your marijuana bucket list? Do you want to roll the world’s biggest blunt? Smoke down with a celebrity? Consume marijuana in a random way, and/or at a random location? Comment below, because I might have to bite your idea if it sounds fun enough!



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  2. Mymj bucket list is simple. Go to Amsterdam, and Portugal smoke weed have a one night stand!

    And fly to NY or Cali, or even Fla and buy legal weed for recreation!

  3. Number one on my bucket list, is to sit down with the president of the united states and have a legal marijuana summit. (think beer summit)

  4. my bucket list is to go to the high times cannibas and to a rapper/producer Curren$y and smoke with his crew

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