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What’s The Best Headshop In Your Area?


headshopThe Local Headshop Is Often The Center Of Marijuana Culture In The Area

What makes a good headshop? For me, one of the biggest factors is selection. I like to walk into a head shop with a ton of items on the shelf, and diverse selection. I always like to see the funky stuff; items that the average headshop doesn’t carry. I like to see headshops that only stock quality merchandise, as opposed to a bunch of crap crammed into a storefront with one case or shelf with quality items.

Obviously a big factor (arguably the biggest!) is prices. Finally, a big thing that I look for is customer service. Is there anything worse than frequenting a headshop were the staff has an attitude? There’s a really famous headshop here in Oregon that I will never go to again because I received the worst customer service of all time. I know I’m not the only one…

A marijuana consumer’s first headshop experience is usually something they remember the rest of their lives. I certainly remember my first visit to a headshop. Looking back, the prices were outlandish, and the quality was lacking, but I remember being so blown away that there were stores completely dedicated to counterculture. With so many corporations fighting to infiltrate the industry, I truly hope that local headshops remain around. After all, Walmart just doesn’t understand counterculture!

One of my best friends on the planet owns a headshop in Salem, Oregon (Smokey’s). I remember when he opened in 2002. It was a big step, and I vividly remember having the conversation with him about what makes a headshop great, and how he was going to be better than everyone else. Smokey was the one that took me into my first headshop so many years ago, and I’m always happy to go into his store and see how awesome it is. I wish I was lucky enough to had gone into a shop like his for my first time.

One of my favorite things to do when Jay Smoker and I go on the road is frequent headshops. I don’t always purchase stuff, but I just like to see what designs local artists are coming out with, and what different states consider to be ‘the best.’ I’m going to start a series on TWB looking for the best headshops on the West Coast and beyond. What is the best headshop in your area? Please leave it below in the comments, and who knows, if I’m in the area I might just have to stop by and write a review ;)


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  1. Smokey’s in Salem is my favorite shop. They carry better quality stuff and have better pricing. The shop is always well stocked and clean. And the the employees are cool. I like the T-Zone downtown and the one out by Keizer is my preferred T-Zone, the Lancaster store just doesn’t have the same mellow vibe. I would like to see more quality artwork and less scientific glass, but the scene is changing and I remain the same.

  2. Sandmans tobacco shop in Prospect Park Pa 19076. Its on route 420, its literally 5 minutes away from Philadelphia international airport. Its ran by a military veteran who fought oversees. The service is second to none, i put my life on it, im there everyday. Definitely a great shop to check out, great varieties n a broad selection.

  3. Eugene has quite a few. I think my favorite is Hunky Dory. Plus it’s right next to me new dispensary.

  4. Brickell Smoke Shop
    13 SW 7th Street
    Miami, FL 33130
    (next to The River Oyster Bar & Tobacco Road)

  5. mellow mood in Portland, OR – SE Hawthorne. They have some pieces going for several grand, but then some affordable pieces, too. I visit to check it out like a museum – I get some incense, etc. there, though.

  6. I also enjoy Abby Roads, I once witnessed them pulling a shotgun on someone that was getting belligerent, made me feel very safe even though they are located in the hood. However, I feel that most of their stuff is very generic.
    Another really nice “novelty shop” in the great state of Arkansas is Eddie Headies in Downtown Little Rock. There stuff is very pricey, but the pipes they have there are real pieces of art that are the most unique I’ve seen anywhere. They are amazing.
    There is Puffin’ Stuff on the border of Pulaski County and Saline County off of I-30, and they are a little mom and pop store, but they have original pieces for good prices, and most are locally blown, which is cool in my opinion. Also, the staff there is very welcoming and always willing to help.

  7. Springy Dingy in Hot Springs was always my favorite, but now that they cant sell pipes, and such, I prefer wonderland.
    The Magic bus is alright too, but I’m not a fan of their location.

  8. William Clinton on

    Well, here in the natural state (Arkansas) we have some of the same laws on the books as Pennsylvania ( I tried to get them changed when I was governor lol) never ever say bong, weed pipe, pot, or anything else that is considered illegal, and most headshops have a sign saying such and that if you don’t know what to say, just point. That being said, most of the headshops charge outlandish prices for everything they sell, regular old school bongs (non-scientific) that are glass can easilly cost 60 to 80 bucks, most shops don’t even sell scientific bongs (unfortunately). Now there are two headshops that I recommend visiting if you come to the natural state, if you’re in little rock you must must MUST check out abbey road, it’s like a trip back to the 60’s when you walk through the door, and the service and selection is awesome (and their prices are the best in 40 miles).

    Next up, if you’re in my home city of Hot Springs, You must check out The Magic Bus, they have been in business forever and the dude who runs it is totally laid back and chill, (just don’t say the magic words listed above) and his shop has a lot of biker gear as well as bongs pipes and 60 and 70’s memorabilia. Those two shops are the only ones worth visiting in Arkansas. And remember I did not inhale, because with the shit that I was getting, there was no need to inhale!!!

  9. I live in Pennsylvania where drug paraphernalia is illegal so while we have a few headshops we don’t call them that within hearing distance of the store. Its all about Alternative smoke shop etiquette. That is a pipe and not a bowl(bole?). Its a waterpipe and never a bong. Screw up and use “Street slang” for paraphernalia and you’ll get the bum’s rush out the door. You gotta walk on egg shells and be as politically correct as possible. It once took me 30 minutes to work up the nerve to buy a steamroller because I couldn’t think up a name so I eventually just pointed at it and said “I want that thing there please”. I saw a guy get booted for calling it a tube pipe. There is a “Wonderland” in Philly thats been around forever. They have a decent selection but they charge an arm and a leg for everything.

  10. Try going to COOL RIDGE on HIGH ST in morgantown WV they got the best local glass in the area. Brownies is well brown

  11. Green Goddess on

    I reccomend Highway 420 in Seaside, Oregon. The shop moved from SE Portland to 1803 S Roosevelt, which is really Hwy 101, Seaside, in 2013. They specialize in local glass, vaporizers, and BHO extract making equipment. It is a fully stocked shop with clothing, jewelery, detox products, and tapestries. I like the candles and the Wild Berry incense products. Plus, the chihuahua is really cute :)

  12. Brownies Glass in Morgantown, WV. Only place within 150 miles of Pittsburgh with a decent selection of name brands.

  13. Shredded-Wolf on

    In Temecula California, we have two great headshops. The Glass Wearhouse and Visions. I’ve been in a few others in my town and I was gravely disappointed.

  14. The hideaway in Minneapolis. They have something for everyone and every budget. I saw pieces run from $1 to a couple thousand. Plenty of local artists work as well. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgable. I told them what my price range was when i was looking for my current bong and they worked with me to find the best deal. Price is definitely negotiable there and they even threw in some free little stuff like butane fluid for my torch lighter and papers and stickers. They even have little starter kits for new smokers. If you get a chance to visit I would definitely check it out.

  15. I’ve been rather partial to Pype’s Palace, north Portland, but I haven’t gotten out to check out the newer ones in past couple of years. I’m guessing Head East is not your fave… Peace, bro

  16. Midnight run on

    The only headshop around georgia southern got busted with 100,000$ worth of spice.

    Btw I know of 5 ppl around here that went bat shit crazy on spice. This one kid followed a stranger and her kid out the store and forced his way im the car and pulled his dick outfor the woman. Swear to god!!

  17. Wonderland in Hot Springs Arkansas. Of course it’s the Only headshop for 150 miles, but it’s still the greatest.

  18. My general impression is that most head shops are going to go the way of the Dodo bird once pot is legal. Across the board they seem to be owned/managed by quick buck entrepreneurs who have taken a “calculated risk” by offering a “borderline” product in a strict regulatory environment. Few of them have any but the slightest customer service skills and they repeatedly prove that they couldn’t care less about the customer. Of course there are exceptions, but this is what I have experienced.

    Dispensaries are in something of the same boat. Their customer service is terrible. Instead of forward thinking and true “consumer first” thinking, many of them simply dispense pot with the attitude of a cheeky McDonalds server i.e. “What do you want from me and how can I make you go away soon?”

    Now I’ll grant that being a 54 year old consumer with a MMJ card might not be who they are used to serving, but it is that demographic that will make or break them when Legalization happens.

    Apple isn’t the biggest company in the world because they worked to make the fastest buck. They actually took the consumer into account.

  19. Truckers Union in Eau Claire Wi is the best in my area! Not only are their products awesome and of very high quality but the staff is the nicest most down to earth I have EVER met!!!

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