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When Will Medical Marijuana Be Available In New York?

new york medical marijuana

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Medical marijuana patients in New York have been waiting a long time for safe access to medical marijuana. After a very long wait, medical marijuana was legalized in limited forms in New York. But since New York doesn’t allow home cultivation, patients had to wait until cultivation and distribution licenses were awarded, which was a drawn out process. Now that licenses have been issued, patients are still without medicine, and while cultivation companies have until January to get their product to patients, many are worried that the deadline will not be met. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Some stakeholders in New York are already voicing concerns about whether or not medical cannabis will be available for purchase in January, as required by state law.

A mother with a severely epileptic daughter told one NBC affiliate that there’s “no way” MMJ will be ready for sale in New York if the medicine has to be grown and manufactured in-state, given that one of the license winners has said that its manufacturing plant won’t be up and running until December.

The same mother is also worried that the licensees may not fully understand what type of medicine is really needed by patients, since the state only allows non-smokable MMJ.

She said that the co-founder of a licensed medical cannabis company she spoke to told her that medicine would be in the form of “sprays, sub-linguals (oil drops) and a vaporizer,” but that what she needs are concentrated oils or capsules for her seizure-stricken child.

New York’s medical marijuana program will always experience issues as long as it doesn’t allow home cultivation, prevents many patients from being approved because of the condition they suffer from, and doesn’t allow all forms of consumption. This is something that New York politicians need to realize. All the while patients will suffer in New York, as they have been for way too long. For the sake of patients I hope that medicine is ready by January (or preferably sooner), but with the way things have been going in New York, I think everyone is expecting delays. I truly hope that when meds are finally available, that they are in forms that actually help patients, and I also hope that the handful of companies that have licenses don’t price gouge patients, which happens way to often these days in the medical marijuana industry.


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Johnny Green


  1. zack benavides on

    I just moved to NYC from Detroit Michigan. I am currently 19 years old and have always tried to stay healthy by staying active and eating right. I got my Med card in Michigan because I have chronic pain in my knees The pain would be so bad I stopped going on runs, bike rides and lifting any heavy weight. once I got my Med card my life was back to normal, I felt like a normal teenager again. I could go on runs, bike rides, go the the gym and never have to worry about chronic pain in my knees. Since I have arrived in NYC I haven’t smoked in 2 months and I feel terrible, I don’t go on runs, bike rides or go the the guy because the pain in my knees is so bad. On top of it I do much more walking in NY compared to Michigan and my knees hace been hurting more than usual lately. Looking for anyone who could possibly point me to a good doctor or let me know if it’s even possible for me to get my Med card in NYC. Just want my old life back.

  2. Same here. Some Dr.’s don’t want to go against the pharmasudical companies. Opiotes kill marijuana don’t. This is ridiculous.

  3. Captain chronic on

    I suffer from spine and joint pain which I have been taking hydrocodones for now for years, and I have a very rare non hodgins lymphoma. I ask, why shouldn’t I have access to a plant that’s 100% natural, here forever, and safe and highly effective for pain and cancer without the harsh drawbacks of chemicals and their realities….. Angry New Yorker…..

  4. disqus_rpB6j9qGRq on

    True that. I have CRPS and my pain doc says that if I don’t take my oxy and I use marijuana instead, he will stop treating me.

  5. I have chronic pain. Sucks that I can easily get tons of opiates but when I want low THC marijuana for the pain, that’s a “no.” I just want to have a normal life. How can a plant be worse than hardcore opiates or narcotics?

  6. What kills me too is, more people are getting cancer due to chem trails and Fukishima radiation! Truth! Yet they allow that without hesitation~!

  7. Yeah, it doesn’t allow home cultivation because they want to be able to profit from it! Bastards! They simply do not care about people living or dying!

  8. Lawrence Goodwin on

    You must be referring to the 4 kids who’ve passed away since passage of the Compassionate Care Act in June 2014. All of them might’ve been helped by cannabis oil. There are also TENS OF THOUSANDS of ADULT New Yorkers–suffering through the ravages of cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, digestive problems, etc.–who should be receiving cannabis treatment RIGHT NOW, but are not due to decades of fascist opposition from NY politicians. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s very own lady, TV star Sandra Lee, is now chest-deep in a difficult struggle against breast cancer. If Ms. Lee doesn’t smoke, her man clearly has enough money to go buy a nice vaporizer for her. Mr. Cuomo could then find a local dealer of the tastiest cannabis flower in his own wealthy neighborhood, and do his part to make his lady feel better. But no, Cuomo has to keep acting ‘tough on crime’ and ‘send a message to the children.’ The real human suffering of cannabis prohibition is hitting Governor Cuomo right at home, yet he refuses to see the hypocrisy and arrogance in his imposition of “severe restrictions.” It’s a wretched nightmare from which we New Yorkers cannot wake up.

  9. I’m not sure what the limit on Delta9
    Is in N.Y..

    Just having limited access (no home cultivation ) and so few distribution
    Outlets this program is designed tO
    Politicians are not DRS and whenever they get involved we get #prohibition
    Based laws .
    What about the children?
    First do no harm?
    I hope GWPHARMA and Charlottes web is available
    They started EPIDOLEX clinical trials in Georgia
    Why NOT N.Y. ?
    oh because the Political bullshit in ny and NJ was written so people have limited access
    Containing <.3 %
    ENOGUGH of the bullshit
    derived from industrial HEMP
    Liquid gold
    Cheeba Chew (cannabidiol)
    NOt one of these products will get someone wasted because we know it's DELTA9 that these politicos fear most.

    Unfortunately these compounds work in SYNERGY
    Or as someone said on TWB
    The entourage effect
    So by limiting any compounds in cannabis medicine they are shortchanged and this bill is a slap in the face to the parents and the children who suffer directly
    #prohibition sucks JIM CROW
    Any one of these parents needs cannabis oil and can get to Col or CalI
    THE mmj community will help you
    I Would go with into shop for any child that needed this medicine
    Fuck. That'd be worth going to jail for!
    Someone needs to open up HEMP ROAD tor cannabinoid medicines!

  10. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I apologize for rambling, Johnny Green. Articles compiled by The Weed Blog always get me riled up! I’m forever grateful to TWB for the constant updates. The mother mentioned in this article, if I’m not mistaken, is the amazing Christine Emerson, a pediatric nurse from the Rochester area who fights with infinite passion and grace for her daughter Julia. Emerson’s tough little 8-year-old became afflicted by refractory epilepsy at age 4, and every day with seizures takes Julia farther away from the ‘normal’ life of a child. In the first 6 months of 2014, Ms. Emerson traveled a lot and fought hard in Albany, joining dozens of other New York advocates from every part of the state, to make NY politicians “realize” the importance of cannabis medicine. With the exception of such truly kind hearts as state Senator Diane Savino and Assembly members Richard Gottfried and Crystal Peoples-Stokes, NY politicians–at the state and local levels–are basically a heartless bunch of poseurs. They are either ignorant of cannabis history or actively prolonging the Anti Marihuana Tyranny in New York. The whole reason “severe restrictions” were imposed on the Compassionate Care Act by NY politicians was to prevent “diversion” of properly cut, cured, dried and trimmed, seedless, female cannabis flowers. The hysteria is so pervasive that they don’t even trust their own constituents!!!!!!! Here’s a news flash: THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of such flowers are still being produced, distributed, sold and consumed in New York despite nearly $500 million in annual anti-marijuana spending. NY politicians are complete f@#%ing fascists, I tell you.

  11. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Re the sentence: “New York’s medical marijuana program will always experience issues as long as it doesn’t allow home cultivation, prevents many patients from being approved because of the condition they suffer from, and doesn’t allow all forms of consumption. This is something that New York politicians need to realize.” NY politicians, especially Gov. Andrew Cuomo, DO realize that the current program is unworkable. (Please note: Cannabis plants were already grown for medical purposes in the United States, including here in New York, for nearly 90 years!). How DARE they defy the demands of mothers and fathers from all across New York, who desire a better life for their seizure- or illness-ridden children with the help of medical cannabis. Several unfortunate little ones, including adorable Anna Conte and Donella Nocera from the Buffalo area, DIED waiting for NY politicians to let go of their anti-cannabis hysteria. These totally arrogant NY politicians refused to pass or sign the 2014 Compassionate Care Act without the severe restrictions in place. As a native New Yorker who’s devoted 15 years of my life fighting against such anti-cannabis hysteria in my state, I can say for sure that this is government TYRANNY in its purest form. Let’s start putting these politicians in handcuffs!

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