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When Will The Feds Realize That Marijuana Legalization Is More Popular Than Obama?


Colorado Amendment 64 Received More Votes In Colorado Than The Obama Campaign

As loyal readers know, I just got back from Denver, Colorado where voters recently passed Amendment 64. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that marijuana prohibition is dead in Colorado and Washington State. I find myself pumping my fist into the air in an expression of victory from time to time, whether there are people around or not.

The federal government is ramping up it’s rhetoric, claiming that they will not allow a state to respect it’s citizenry and not respect the democratic process in Colorado. Those ‘boogey man tactics’ haven’t stopped us from implementing marijuana reform before, and there’s no way we are going to let it stop us now! Our friends at the Marijuana Majority posted a fantastic pic after the election that I think sums up the mood in Colorado and beyond:

barack obama colorado marijuana majority

As of the last official count I saw, with 100% of Colorado precincts reporting, 1,291,771 votes in favor of Amendment 64 had been counted, compared to 1,238,490 votes for Obama received 1,238,490 votes. That means legalizing marijuana in Colorado was 53,281 votes more popular than the President of the United States. When I say that marijuana legalization is more popular than our commander in chief, I’m not stating a subjective claim – it’s a mathematical fact!


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  1. Seattle police, and the Kings County Prosecuting Attorney have publicly stated their new state law, written to begin January 1st, will be recognized immediately. The attorney likened today’s situation as similar to the 1920’s and alcohol prohibition, saying the changes are “consistent with the will of the people”. I like things that way.

  2. I know many readers here worship Obama but in the 2012 election he only got just above 20% of registered voters to vote for him

  3. More people die and suffer from the drug war than most people think. In the last ten years, 50,000 Mexicans died, nearing Genocide totals. That excludes global figures, individual incarcerations, arrests, etc.

  4. tommy pot seed on

    Actually John, iv’ed lived on the border for 25 years and the figure is more like 65%. Cartel members have said that legalazation of cannibis would put them out of buisness cause the demand for cocain and meth is not enough. They also said that they would rather go back to prostitution and gambling cause it’s funner and less people die. Makes you think deeply huh.

  5. tommy pot seed on

    Didn’t know if ya knew but a very important amino acid for the human body is located only in hemp seed. hmmm

  6. I hope the rest of the 49 states follow. That’s 1 way of helping to pay off the dept we are in. And may I say its about time somebody realized its not ever goin away so good for you Colorado!

  7. 8 Decades of Reefer Madness is enough. The only thing anyone ever killed after smoking weed was a bag of Doritos. Cocktail hours has a new companion–Hookah hour. It’s just that simple. Play on sanity, play on!

  8. I can only hope the war on this harmless and medically beneficial nature herb is done. 30% of the profits of Mexican cartels would disappear and up to 50 % of the prison population would have a chance to be released and perhaps pardoned! Then they could participate as equals in our society rather than where a badge as a felon for the entire life!

  9. From what I’ve seen Obama hasn’t officially commented on this legislation. Don’t jump the gun on Obama yet. I have a funny feeling that hemp ethanol will be forced to be on the table to stabilize food markets for corn and sugar, while reviving an industry that could put people to work and bolster the American farmer.

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