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When Will We See A Marijuana Related Super Bowl TV Commercial?


superbowl commercial super bowl marijuana nflOne of my favorite things about the Super Bowl is the commercials. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in a state without a professional football team (Oregon). Funny commercials are my particular favorite. I never understood someone paying millions of dollars to run a commercial that doesn’t stand out because it’s extremely plain and could have been played during any other time for far less money. But then again those companies make a lot of money, and I’m just a viewer eating chicken wings so who am I to pass judgement.

I had a talk with a buddy today about how long it will take for a marijuana commercial to air during the Super Bowl. Marijuana is legal in two states, many more are on their way, and prohibition can’t last forever. Marijuana companies are growing and corporations are infiltrating the industry. A company is bound to have a marketing budget large enough to advertise on the larger state on television when the time is right. Right now there is no company large enough to afford a spot, which cost upwards of 4 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time. But someday that things will be different.

What kind of commercial do you think they will air? Will it be a commercial for a smoking device like a CannaCig? Or will it be for an ancillary product like growing equipment? What if it isn’t an industry based commercial, but a political one? It’s hard to envision any or all national organization(s) affording the price tag for a Super Bowl commercial spot, but maybe someday we could pool together enough money from some large funders. Could you imagine the reaction that would get? Airing a ‘regulate marijuana like alcohol’ commercial ad right after a Budweiser commercial would draw a ton of publicity, and let the world know that reformers are ready to operate on the largest public stage in America.

What do readers think? When do you think a marijuana commercial will air during a Super Bowl? Or do you think that might not ever happen? If so, why not? If you do think it will eventually happen, what kind of commercial do you think it will be? Or if you had it your way, what kind of commercial would you like to see? Perhaps Willie Nelson and Dave Chappelle doing a skit…just a thought!


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  1. Growing stuff is legal now so maybe that and if they can get the cost of vaporizers down maybe those. There’s a lot of money going into grow stuff already.

  2. DavidTheExpert on

    It definitely won’t be a political ad. I’ve never seen any type of political ad air during the super bowl (unless I’m missing something). There just isn’t enough money behind political issues, even huge issues like gun control or whatever.

    But legal cannabis will one day be a billion dollar industry, just like alcohol. So we will one day *definitely* see cannabis-related ads during the super bowl. I’d wager it would be for something easily accessible, like a cannabis-infused food product (maybe canna-beer?) or some sort of fun gadget, like a vaporizer controlled by your cell phone’s bluetooth… who knows.

    As for when, I’d have to guess immediately after it’s legalized federally. If it’s only legal in a few states, it won’t pay to advertise to the whole nation. The quicker we end prohibition at the federal level, the quicker businessmen will be able to make their billions of dollars.

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