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Where Are The Best Places To Grow Marijuana Outdoors?


outdoor marijuana gardenFive to seven large, healthy, female marijuana plants can supply a heavy smoker with enough weed to last a year. This means that it only takes a relatively small area of land to provide for all of your marijuana needs. Even so, finding this space can be tricky because there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing where to grow your marijuana.

The ideal site would be in a secluded clearing near a riverbank with rich, rock-free soil that was blessed by the sun all day. Therein lay the four major concerns for choosing a site: security, soil, water, and light. Want to know more about growing marijuana? Get a free guide about growing marijuana at this link here.


Though security will be discussed in more detail later, generally speaking, security is a top priority for any cannabis grower since plants that are “discovered” can’t be harvested. If you are planting cannabis on your own property, be sure to do so in a remote area since this might give you plausible deniability. You can simply say you had no idea that it was there. Public lands that are neither hunted upon, nor near trails nor other obvious attractions also make great spots. Also, watch for areas that might draw psilocybin mushroom hunters as they would love nothing more than to happen upon a stand of healthy potent marijuana plants.

Another concern may be new development. There are many stories of marijuana growers scouting out a spot, preparing the soil and readying their watering systems only to have the place overrun with bulldozers and workers in midsummer. Some marijuana growers use a greenhouse, even if it is just a crudely constructed greenhouse of their own design. The goal is just to conceal what’s growing inside. However some people are fortunate when choosing a grow site either in that their neighbors respect their privacy or the laws in their area look kindly upon growing, and they can simply concentrate on soil, water and light.

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  1. If you have a south facing backyard and “cool neighbors”! Then build an attach greenhouse onto your home plant after your area last freeze fans are cheaper to run then lights a in MHO soil, sun& time “05-2014- 10-2014 harvest time” will taste better just don’t tell, show them to anyone and read books on how to grow a garden. Organic feed your soil not your plants!

  2. Hahahaha I’m in the 209 I might know you lol we truly do have fire weed in the 209 and a good prices

  3. So this is about guerilla growing. I was thinking it was going to be about actual geographical locations that are best suited for outdoor growing.

  4. Robert- i dont wanna point out the obvious but.. wouldnt an online discussion about this topic help the rippers just as much as the aspiring growers! (had the bulldozer thing happen in PA in late Sept.)

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