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Where Do You Plan On Making Your First Legal Recreational Marijuana Purchase In Oregon?


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationAnd just like that, Oregon is now allowing recreational marijuana sales to occur in parts of my home state. To say that this is a significant day in my life is a huge understatement. I’ve been waiting for (and fighting for) this day for a very, very long time, and I know I’m joined by a lot of other cannabis enthusiasts who have been doing the same. I really wish people like Jim Greig, Jim Klahr, and Jack Herer were here to see this day. I will be putting clouds of smoke in the air in their name today, you better believe that!

Most outlets were waiting until later today to start their sales, but I know of a lot of places that started sales at midnight in order to get a jump on the day. As usual, I will not be able to participate in the fun until I get off of work at 5 pm. Then I will be fighting traffic for two hours to get to Portland, where I plan on making my first recreational marijuana purchase at Panacea dispensary at 6714 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213. For a full review of the dispensary, and an explanation of why EVERYONE should be buying their recreational marijuana from them (and medical too!), click this link here. While I really want to make my first purchase, I’m hoping that by the time I get there they are sold out of all of their amazing flower, which would mean that others are enjoying it, and that all of those dollars went to a dispensary which is ran by some of the best, most compassionate people I have ever met in this industry.

There are a lot of places in Oregon that don’t allow marijuana sales of any kind. For a complete list of everywhere that is allowed to sell recreational marijuana, check out this link. The list was compiled by the Oregon Health Authority. If you are at a place that is not on that list, that likely means that they don’t have the legal authority to sell recreational marijuana, so beware. You don’t want to support people that are cutting corners, making it harder for people that are doing things legit, and in the process potentially making everyone in this industry look bad.

There are A LOT of eyeballs on Oregon today, so remember to consumer responsibly. Same goes for dispensary owners – be responsible. Card everyone. I don’t care if someone looks like they are 100 years old, card them. If they want to be mean about it, feel free to send them my way for a discussion about the importance of doing everything above reproach. The future of the cannabis movement and industry depends on it. I don’t ever, ever want to see Oregon make even one sell to an underage person, like we have seen occur in Washington and Colorado already.

So TWB readers, where do you plan on making your first recreational marijuana purchase? Or, if you were one of the people that made your purchase already, where did you go? How much did you pay? What was the flower like? Would you recommend it to others? Did anyone travel from far away to come to Oregon to enjoy today’s launch of sales? If so, where are you from? This article is scheduled to post while I’m at work, so I’ll be checking out this page to read the comments all day, and I’m very curious to see what people have to say.

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  1. Johnny Green has nothing to do with comments. We are mostly just a two man operation and he works full time.

    We never censor anything. Never have, never will. We delete spam and hate speech mostly.

    I appreciate your input but we can’t change the “repeat comment” policy, it is a Disqus thing. Feel free to read our comment FAQ for more info. Thanks again!

  2. Then you’re not looking very hard. One visit to Leafly.com and I’m seeing $5-7 grams all over the place. Most places must charge more since they’re not growing in-house and/or outdoors, but there are inexpensive options all over the state. Just keep looking, the deals are there!

  3. JG: Ok, but I can’t tell if you are censoring them or not. If you are, you should drop that policy completely as it does not redound to the honor of a civil libertarian and activist to prevent the freeflow of ideas. Better a few screwballs air their grievances on your comment boards than to be considered a low-rent employee of Pravada, and a cad.

  4. I am hoping that Oregon will have the gumption to avoid the pitfalls that I witnessed in Colorado. Notably, treating cannabis as if it is some type of plutonium; to be handled and sold with kid cloves on, and allowing petty tyrants at shops to create arbitrary ID checks and dress code regulations. (Yes, shops in Colorado had them) Essentially, I am arguing that Oregon treat cannabis as an intoxicant to be sold to adults in a similar way as they do alcohol and tobacco. Unfortunately this simple expedient did not happen at the beginning in Colorado. There the prohibitionists were allowed to craft the laws and sales regulations, creating a completely unnecessary hierarchy of control which rewarded aggressive and condescending store owners and their unbalanced employees to engage in extremely petty behavior simply because they could. My advice to Orgeonians or anyone buying recreational cannabis is to not tolerate rudeness from clerks, or owners, name names on Yelp reviews, call managers and owners to complain of unfair or heavy-handed treatment. Demand respect at every turn. Make sure only the best and most respectful rec shops stay in business. Put the jerks out of business. Turn it into a buyers market, not the arrogant and snotty sellers market that Colorado had at the beginning.

  5. Whoops! Below should read: Turn it into a buyers market, not the arrogant and snotty SELLERS market that Colorado had at the beginning.

  6. What happened to all the $5 grams we were promised? All I’m seeing is prices at$10-$20 and that’s without the tax…

  7. darthhillbilly on

    I am SO jealous. I just hope that it isn’t too long before marijuana reform comes to the south…FEEL THE BERN!!!

  8. I am a medical patient from downtown Potland. Here are a few nice places near downtown that do me right and am pretty sure sell recreational as of today. They include: Oregon’s Finest, Oregon Weedery, Nectar (several locations), and Cannabliss (2 locations). The Leafly.com menus help tremendously if you are shopping for a type of cannabis or particular strain. Recreational has a 3 month tax holiday so might as well quiz the budtender, get something you like, and leave a nice tip. Enjoy… :-)

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