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Where To Find Legal Recreational Marijuana In Colorado


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Where To Buy Legal Cannabis in Colorado

As of January 1st, recreational marijuana purchases and sales will be legal in the State of Colorado. For the first time in American history anyone from anywhere can come to Colorado and purchase marijuana. It’s something that I have hoped for since I started smoking marijuana twenty years ago.

There are some questions that I get asked a lot that should be considered before planning your bucket list trip to the recreational capital of America. For starters, you cannot smoke marijuana in public. If you were planning on hitting a two foot long joint while walking down the street, you will have to take that joint to a private area, at which point you can smoke it will no disregard for anything!

Another question I get often is ‘can I fly out of Colorado with the marijuana I’ve purchased?’ The answer is clearly no. If only it were that easy! You cannot drive while high, you cannot purchase marijuana from a non-licensed outlet, and you must be 21 years or older to purchase marijuana in Colorado.

The most common question I get is ‘where can I legally buy recreational marijuana in Colorado? Below is a list that will be updated frequently as more and more stores open up:

Denver Area
Name Address
3D Cannabis Center 4305 Brighton Blvd Denver, CO 80216
CitiMed 1640 E Evans Ave Denver, CO 80210
Dank Colorado 3835 Elm St Denver, CO 80207
Denco 3460 Park Ave W Denver, CO 80216
Denver Kush Club 2615 Welton St Denver, CO 80202
Evergreen Apothecary 1568 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210
Kindman 4125 Elati St Denver, CO 80216
LoDo Wellness 1617 Wazee St Denver, CO 80202
Medicine Man Denver 4750 Nome St Denver, CO 80239
Mile High Medical Cannabis 1705 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80204
The Clinic 3888 E Mexico Ave Denver, CO 80210
The Green Solution 2601 W Alameda Ave Denver, CO 80219
The Green Solution 4400 Grape St Denver, CO 80216
The Grove 74 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80219
The Haven 777 Canosa Ct Denver, CO 80204
The Healing House 2383 Downing St Denver, CO 80205
The Health Center 1736 Downing St Denver, CO 80218
The Shelter 4095 Jackson St Denver, CO 80216


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  1. Can I buy from a Colorado center to ship to me in Virginia? Is it legal?will someone help a sista out!!

  2. There is a give an take on any issue Wes. I have to agree with you that it should not be abused so not to open the door for lawmakers to amend the law to start cracking down on the legalization of recreational pot smoking that goes in effect in just a few hours. Having it taxed it just part of having to give up something in order to get something. Thank you for replying to my posting. Now I wish that my state of Connecticut would get on board and legalize recreational smoking. Makes no since to keep locking people up and over crowding our prison systems with non-violent pot smokers. Way to go Co. and Wa.

  3. I live in colorado. It is a historic period. Enjoy but remember…moderation is key. Abuse of any substance is negative . Avoid behavior that gives argument to the ones who think colorados pot law is bad. I don’t agree with the tax rate but that is an issue that will be revised eventually

  4. ASH: Samuel Walter on

    If you’re coming to Denver for the January 1st launch of recreational marijuana sales, I highly recommend The Green Solution. They have been my medical provider for the past three years, and they are fantastic. Two of their four locations will be open for recreational sales at 9am on January 1st, and their Northglenn location will be open for recreational sales in February. The TGS Lakewood location will remain a medical only facility until the city of Lakewood lifts their moratorium on recreational sales. Here’s the addresses of both TGS Denver locations that will be selling recreational marijuana starting at 9am on January 1st. Get there early! The demand is expected to far exceed the available supply, especially in the first days and weeks of January. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of people who come out to be a part of this historic opening day will be going home empty handed. As more stores and production facilities make it through the licensing process and fiery zoning hoops, the supply will increase to meet the demand. But as I said, if you’re coming out on January 1st, regardless of which store you choose, get there early so you don’t miss out.

    The Green Solution – Alameda
    2601 W Alameda Ave, Denver CO

    The Green Solution – Grape Street
    4400 Grape Street, Denver CO

    Main phone for all stores: (303) 990-9723