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Where Would The Money Generated By Washington I-502 Go To?


What Could $582,000,000 Every Year Do?

By New Approach Washington

The answer is:  a lot.

According to the state Office of Financial Management, I-502’s new 25% marijuana excise tax, combined with retail sales and B&O tax, would generate more than a half billion dollars in new tax revenue annually.

Approximately $182 million would go to the state general fund, $34 million to local budgets, and $366 million to health care, education, and prevention.

That’s a lot of money for our communities and for our state.

It’s time for a New Approach to marijuana.

washington i-502 tax revenue distribution

Source: New Approach Washington


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  1. Your all kidding yourselves…the govern-bent will only miss use the money and the voters wont ever see it..it will just disappear into their bottomless pit of waste, graft and corruption…govern-bents ARE criminal organisations.

  2. It’s funny how all of you anti folks sound just like the Prohibitionists you claim to despise. All of your ridiculous claims of the sky falling sound just like that film made a long time ago to discourage cannabis use. What was the name of that film again? Anyway, cut the crap, legalization for regular people is coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. Selfish….tsk, tsk, tsk.

  3. Novak-This is no laughing matter. You’re smug, flippant, ignorant, and condescending attitude and statements are not only offensive but tiresome dreck. With attitudes like yours and your cohorts no wonder why all other attempts at legalization in Washington failed to make it this far in the process.

  4. One month after the passage of I-502, no matter what the federal response, our misdemeanor possession law will be replaced by complete decriminalization of up to an ounce.

    Instead of an arrest, and, on conviction, a mandatory day in jail, a criminal record, up to a $1000 fine, and all the money paid to an attorney to try to avoid conviction, would be replaced with no state entity being allowed to arrest an adult citizen for possession of up to an ounce.

    Of course, I-502 does not replace the Fourth Amendment and that a blood draw cannot be taken from a driver until all three of the following conditions have been met: (1) probable cause for an arrest, (2) reasonable belief of driving while impaired (typically established through field sobriety tests), and (3) reasonable belief the impairment is caused specifically by drugs, and not alcohol.

  5. That money is only guaranteed IF the state actually implements the TAX/REGULATE section, and then, only for two years. The rule making process is supposed to come up with a plan by the end of 2013, with stores and growers not opening until at least 2015. So this chart is meaningless since nothing is guaranteed.

    Plus, the only way to get those numbers is IF every cannabis consumer in this state quits buying from other sources. For instance, every cannabis patient would have to stop growing their own or getting it from collectives. Recreational users will have to stop buying it from their local growers, etc. Oh yeah, and you have to convince the growers, processors and retailers to submit their info and fingerprints to the FBI…you know those Fed boys still consider this a schedule one drug as dangerous as heroin!

    Good luck with that.

    One thing you will FOR SURE see is a HARSH new PER SE DUI law for cannabis users without telling you how much cannabis will put you over their arbitrary 5 nanogram standard.

    How much does 1 nanogram cost? LOL

  6. Conservatives4Legalization on

    I love this plan. To think of all the millions of tax dollars spent on prohibition by each state. Finally common sense to replace a failed policy.

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