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Which State Has Better Marijuana – Colorado Or Washington?


platinum og marijuana strainThe Super Bowl just ended, and it’s clear which state has the better football team, as the Seattle Seahawks crushed the Denver Broncos. The game was not that exciting, but I did participate in an interesting conversation with some of my friends and family during the game. Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana. Which state has the best marijuana, Colorado or Washington?

I have had the benefit of attending events in both areas, and have smoked a lot of marijuana in both states. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and bought A LOT of marijuana from Washington State in my lifetime. It’s definitely some of the best in the world. However, in my humble opinion, I think that Colorado has the better marijuana. There of course is no way to prove it, so it’s purely just my opinion, but I think it’s an educated opinion.

I absolutely invite anyone and everyone from Washington to try to change my mind. When I come visit, I can assure you that I’m more than willing to smoke all of your top shelf marijuana ha ha. But based upon my experience in both states, I’d have to give the slight edge to Colorado. What do readers think? If you have visited both areas, which one had the better product? Let the debate begin!


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  1. Scott, I’m glad to hear that you are in remission. And you make your own medicine? That’s great! Do you prefer sativas or indicas?

  2. “Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.” Steven Wright, brainyquote.com

  3. tinctures are great also phoenix tears (extracted THC OIL) from plant material been making them since 2000 when my Dr prescribed mj for me medically it killed my cancer

  4. sounds like u need to change your strains sounds like u have lower thc plants I been using canna-bis since 1968 and I still only need 1 to 3 hits or 1 or 2 of my edibles or tinctures one eye dropper I haven’t built up a tolerance in 46 years but again everyone is different

  5. i have 4 pipes I use one for 100% sativa (durban poison or spacebomb), 1 for sativa dom 60/40 (chem dawg and flo) 1 for indica dom (blueberry/G-13 sour kush, Alaskan thunder fuck, holy grail, og kush and more kushes) 100% indicas (mango and romulan) so I change strains all the time and I’m still only a 1 to 3 hitter lol but again my homegrown is over 20% thc on my strains

  6. When you say “short term effects,” do you mean the “high”? I realize that smoking is not the healthiest way to medicate, but these short-term effects seem achievable through smoking and not through edibles. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds right now to also include the high-potency extracts in my pain management program, but I am looking forward to trying them.

    Of course I am familiar with Dr. Mechoulam and his highly-respected work — where would we be without him? (As I recall, there was an article on this website not too long ago about the great doctor.)

    The 24-hour rule seems like a good one, if tolerance becomes a problem. But I’m confused about the accumulation of THC having no correlation to tolerance. Is it because the THC is stored in our fat tissues? I mean, I’m trying to compare this to what I have experienced with opioid tolerance, and I’m having trouble comparing the two. I realize that our bodies process these drugs differently, but I didn’t realize that was correlated to tolerance.

  7. Erik Haselhorst on

    Most medications function on that principle. Cannabis is similar, but different, and far more complex. It has a very unique place in the world of drugs and medications. Varying levels of its four main constituents produce a myriad of medical benefits. Then there’s the other 475 constituent chemicals also found in cannabis and cannabis extracts that people like Raphael Mechoulam are working on. He isolated THC back in 1964 at the University of Jerusalem and has been studying the plant ever since. He’s published hundreds of papers on his research over the last fifty years.
    Eating Cannabis, particularly high potency extracts, tends to be better for pain management and MS than smoking it.

    Tolerance levels drop rapidly, after twenty four hours of abstaining one usually notices the difference. The THC that accumulates in our fatty tissue has no real correlation to the short term effects, or our tolerance levels.

  8. The only regulation is the amount of THC one ‘supposedly’ has in their system if pulled over by a cop. WA has the ridiculous ‘5 nano-gram’ limit (which has NO science behind it) as the legal level of intoxication when driving. Colorado didn’t have it until their legislature saw WA law and added it later. Seems stupid is contagious. As for THC limits in the sale, there are none. Retail outlets can currently sell weed with high THC although WA hasn’t decided on concentrates yet. If you can find a 30% THC nug, snap it up! Some redneck lawmakers are trying to classify high THC weed differently than the mid-shelf stuff we usually get. This way they can separate it from the laws passed already. Leave it to the inbred right wing to drop a turd in the punch bowl of legalization.

  9. Yes, you’re right. It’s just that I have a pretty high tolerance level for medications, and I haven’t noticed any difference in the effects of cannabis (so far) when it comes to strength. (I mean, except for the differences in strains.)

    It’s something I want to understand, how my tolerance levels will be affected with long-term cannabis use (toking). And I’m also wondering how edibles may affect those same tolerance levels, especially since there is a build-up of THC in our systems.

    With anti-depressants, that was one of the goals — to have the medication build up in your system. Do you think cannabis is similar or opposite? Or, maybe it just depends on what you’re treating? For MS or cancer, you may want the build up, but for pain management — maybe not so much.

  10. Erik Haselhorst on

    If you smoke it constantly, morning til night, you have no benchmark to go from because you’re always under the influence. So it is a form of tolerance to the “recreational” effects. Most medical users that I know don’t actually get “stoned” from cannabis, because they’re maintaining a constant level in their bodies so that its medically effective.

  11. Is this tolerance you speak of a recent problem? Or has it been happening over a period of time? I mean, I know a lot about tolerance levels, but I would need more info from you…

  12. 40%? Where does this number come from? Like a wise man once said: “95% of all statistics are bullshit.” Been chasing the reefer since 1974 and with the exception of the schwag mexican in the 70’s all my bud has been Washington grown. Same with all my friends and cohorts here in Seattle. Maybe if I lived in Vancouver, I would be buying OR weed, but why get bunk from down south when the good stuff is local? My opinion may not be ‘educated’ but it’s been around for a long time.

  13. Switching strains? I have master kush, Blue dream, gold thai, sour d & grand daddy purple. So strain switching is what I do.

  14. Switch up the strains, often if you can. Ya shouldn’t wear the same shoes all the time either.

  15. Only if you believe that there is such a thing as weed or THC tolerance. Sometimes it is just a matter of a difference in strain strength.

  16. Sometimes it seems like I’m talking to myself out here in the cloud, so it’s so nice to hear that someone appreciates the thought and effort I (usually) put into my posts. But I think the words sound funnier in my head than they appear on the screen.

    But to be called level headed and fair — why, I can’t think of a better compliment, gracias, Vincent.

    There are those occasions when I look back at my previous posts and (yes, I’ll admit it) I crack myself up. Laughter and cannabis — what more does one need?

  17. I have had plenty from both and I’d say in my opinion Colorado does but if we thru in Cali I’d say cali

  18. Well, the way it looked yesterday – the Colorado boys may have had a better indica, and the guys from the northwest had some high energy sativa.

  19. Vincent Nibblin on

    One thing about your posts, they are always level headed and fair, and sometimes funny!

    Peace :)

  20. Hold on you first have to ask were the weed your smoking on comes from cuz my educated opinion is around 40% of Washington’s weed come from oregon …

  21. From my experience in Breckenridge I found some stellar weed. WA where I live and at least in my general area you have to “shop” around to find the best that compares with what I had in CO. So it can be found but I would give the ever so slightest edge to CO. I’m a flower guy so this is strictly related to buds. I don’t know how comparable oil or any of the other stuff would compare. WA State does not regulate THC content and as far as I know CO doesn’t either.

  22. Dude, I’m not going to risk my medical cannabis card for some stranger on the internet. And you shouldn’t risk your freedom for that either.

  23. Renee Roberta Nash on

    Seeing that I have never been to Colorado, or have knowingly smoked any Moon Cabbage from there, I can’t really do a comparison. I have, however, had a very vast and long relationship with various strains of Washington Weed since the winter of 1971 when I first smoked a joint at a Who concert in Seattle at the tender age of 16. The only thing I have to compare with is BC Bud and some Cheeba Cheeba from Colombia.

    And my opinion didn’t help a damn thing, did it? Sorry..I am still rather dazed by the Seahawks’ taking control of the scoreboard after only a few minutes in the first quarter. That game was truly a thing of elegance and beauty.

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