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Which States Will Be The Next To Legalize Marijuana?


legalization legalize marijuanaMarijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington State as everyone knows. Legalization has been tremendously successful in Colorado, while Washington has had some good and some bad in my opinion. Which state(s) will be the next to legalize? Below are my picks for 2014, as well as which states I think will wait until 2016:


Alaska is a very libertarian-minded state, and it’s ripe for reform in 2014. Marijuana legalization will be on the ballot August 19th in Alaska. It’s the only state so far that has a marijuana legalization initiative approved for the ballot. And since their vote is in August, not November, I think Alaska will be the next state to legalize unless another states beats them to it via their legislature, which is far from a slam dunk.


My home state of Oregon is currently in the process of trying to gather signatures for two ballot initiatives. One is the same people that were behind 2012’s Measure 80. They made the ballot once, so doing it again is quite possible. However, as 2012 illustrated, national groups are unwilling to work with the people behind this initiative, so victory is no guarantee even if it makes the ballot. The other initiative is by New Approach Oregon, which has national backing, and has a lot of momentum. If the legislature in Oregon refers it’s own version of legalization to voters (odds are looking good!) then New Approach will likely change it’s focus. But if not, look for their efforts to ramp up soon.

There are multiple New England states that may legalize via their legislatures, but there is still a lot of uncertainty right now, so we will have to wait and see. 2016 will see a landslide of states legalize, after which i think we will see the federal government end marijuana prohibition altogether. 2016 predictions include California, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Montana, and D.C..


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  1. Hello my pot smoking friends, and if you don’t like pot, why are you reading this?
    I’m 60, smoked pot a “few” times, been busted a “few” times. I gave up an addiction 14 years ago, cigarettes. A legal toxic, supported by our government, and is the #1 killer in the world, check it out. I am pro about legalizing pot but I think the Gov is legalizing it just to profit. It was illegal to gamble but the lottery is OK? Tobacco smoking is OK? If they do make it legal they will control it, an uncontrolled substance?? Anyone that was busted for it will know what I mean. I know this sounds funny,,,but, if they do legalize it, I think they owe me a refund for my fines, lawyer fees..public duty an embarrassment of having my “crime” in the paper ..maybe a pack of smokes and a ticket..

  2. First thing is I don’t smoke Weed, But I think it should be legalized. The US Govt. has been battling weed for Decades now and they have never even made a dent in it as far as stopping the sale & use of it. Why not legalize it and stop spending all of the Millions&Millions of Dollars trying to stop it. Sale it and put a TAX on it and use it as way to have extra money for the budget that can’t be balanced!!

  3. If you do to agree with it, than it is up to YOU to instill in your children what you believe is acceptable. Don’t pawn your poor parenting skills on what is “socially acceptable”. things you may not personally agree with, whether they are substances or media will be available to your children regardless of the laws. For example, I don’t want my children exposed to ignoramus that make rash unsubstantiated judgements…. Yet here you are.

  4. Boss-of-all-Bosses on

    Fuk U you toilet bowl water drinkin, wretched, decrepit, dispiriting individual…….YOU are a FUCK-TARDED sumbitch. Slap your grandma you mug……

  5. Set free Mari Jane on

    I did not know that the U.S society is the total opposite then the rest of this world. A claim like this speaks of ignorance, stupidity and lack of common sense, rendering you total retard. There is not a single piece of evidence supporting any of your theories you claim, which you most likely even call facts. First of any country which tolerates or legalized weed had a decline in consumption overall , less “abuse” for recreational use, lower crime rates and is even used as an exit drug for people with serious addiction like alcohol, heroine, cocaine and other strong addictive substances. Cannabis is not one of them, no one ever died of over consumption either and is thought to be even impossible. I put an ounce of bud up my ass and you take a bottle of vodka instead, then we will see who is still alive after! As far as I know, you would be most likely dead! When you fail in raising your kids and giving them the knowledge they need to succeed, you should rather not have any in the first place! You are most likely someone who prefers to rub of the responsibility to the school system instead to raise your child. Can you do some research next time before you spew nonsense around a forum which tries to correct the mistake of banning this plant in the first place. Go back home and put your head in the sand, your thoughts are NOT appreciated anywhere, but amongst ignorant retards like yourself only.

  6. It makes no difference whether or not anyone on this website approves or doesn’t approve of the legalization of marijuana. PERIOD! No one has the right to tell me or anyone else, that they cannot smoke marijuana!
    As long as I don’t impact anyone else negatively, it’s irrelevant whether or not anyone approves or doesn’t!
    We don’t need the government, religious fanatics, or just jerks hung up on power trips dictating what we can and cannot do!

  7. What’s more enjoyable to the elderly (like me)? Memes or cannabis?
    Shall we declare it a tie? (Considering I ain’t got no bud, and am smoking roaches…)

  8. Cities appear to be as segregated between right and left as states do. I think Albuquerque is progressive (or, it wants to be). It’s not like we’re getting help from the state, anyway, here in New Mexico.

    I will dream with you — and hope that, 10 years from now, we won’t still be here, fighting over all of this…

  9. You’ve got a great point.

    There are multiple cities legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana across America. Using cities as a stepping stone, we generate historical data that will ultimately be used to scientifically support the rational decision to legalize marijuana.

    If marijuana is still illegal in 10 years, we’ll be able to the use statistics of a hundred (or so) cities where marijuana was legalized with no negative effect on society. In fact, states that have legalized medical marijuana have already experienced a significant reduction in traffic accident deaths where intoxicated drivers are at fault.

  10. saturn alien dawg on

    wtf guess what street weed dealers are out of business. For a while now thanks to “clinics” and they didnt start selling blow cause no one buys”blow” anymore most fiends smoke meth. They got into the industry of weed farming/growing, selling farming/growing supplies, working at pot clinics, trimming, blowing glass, etc. Working in a legit industry and not worrying about going to jail every day. That is the weakest argument ever do you think you can just show up and start slanging coke and meth? Thats a different game then weed a little more serious at every level.

  11. What are the kids going to be doing next? They’re going to be smoking weed without fear of having their whole lives ruined for it, they’re not going to be worried about harsh jail sentences or outrageous fines for smoking a joint. It’s ridiculous you would even entertain the notion that kids only like things that aren’t socially acceptable, nobody I’ve ever met who smokes has ever said they do it just because it’s illegal, they do it because it’s enjoyable and better than alcohol. They aren’t going to go out and do coke or meth just because weed is no longer illegal. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today. We’re trying to debunk the myth that weed is a gateway drug, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

  12. Last night our legislature passed the bill to study the effect of legalization on CO and WA. Hopefully that means that when they finish counting the money made in those states by the end of the year, we’ll see a move to legalize in NM in the next session. I’m old and impatient and don’t want to die before it happens, but in the meantime, I’m thankful for the MMJ program every day – makes being old bearable.

  13. No, it is a blog – it says so right at the top. And anybody who came here expecting it to be a news article is a dumb ass.

  14. Looks like we need to concentrate legalization efforts on the city level — like for Albuquerque!

  15. idk y people keeo trying to hold back legalization because of kids. its up to the parents to make sure their kids arent partaking in what their opinion of misbehaving is or w/e you want to call it. i been smoking since i was 16 and ive never been lockrd up nor commited a crime except for smoking it. all you medical smokers think that people who want it legal for recreation are gonna mess it up for you, but we go through the same fight. i dont want this government or anybody at that telling me what i can and cant do…. i pay my bills i pay my taxes and i work 6 days a week to survive in this fucked up racist ass country….. dont tell me its illegal for me to catch a buzz wen im not out here drinkin and driving and crashing and killing families… im tired of paying for the police to enforce people who want to sit and chill…. crime wont go up you dont hear about people doing stupid acts when they are high…. the whole point of legalization is to get it off the streets. coke and all thrm other drugs are what cause people to kill still and destroy…. not weed….

  16. No I don’t appreciate it. I don’t appreciate anybody that supports continued prohibition like yourself. Prohibition is a crime against humanity and it’s pathetic that I have to explain that on a blog about weed. Jeez, are marijuana advocates turning into prohibitionists now?

  17. I think legalizing is nuts if you ask me. What are the kids going to be doing now that this is socially exceptable. Coke? Meth? Weed dealers will be fucked so they’ll resort to the next thing with profit which is blow. Crime will go up for sure if legalized. No harsh laws for it and maybe frowned upon would be the practical choice . The laws are outdated and held together from stubborn old men who are resisting change. Our law makers were dead wrong about the effects and made weed this terrible thing so now our generation has to reform this country so we can live I’m actually peace. Instead people who actually smoke because anxiety or what have you we can’t even buy this or distribute without being hassled buy these retarded narcos who have nothing else to do besides fuckin with people that mean no harm to society. This is my peice I hope someone appreciates it.

  18. Oh, I’ve been called a lot of things, Ms. Walters, including a troll. Doesn’t really bother me, since I know the truth. And sticking to the subject isn’t something we’re very good at here at The Weed Blog.

    I haven’t gotten personal with you so far, but if you want me to, I can certainly try. But, what would be the point?

  19. A move to take cannabis off Schedule I in New Mexico just cleared a Senate committee last Saturday. Our legalization initiative got put on hold but this is a step in the right direction.

  20. What about these facts?
    The race is on in California for initiatives to legalize weed in 2014:

    As the L.A. Weekly reports Thursday: “Two initiatives that would fully legalize marijuana were approved for signature gathering (“circulation”), the California Secretary of State’s office announced this week.

    “A would-be initiative by Americans for Policy Reform, backed by San Jose pot shop operator Dave Hodges, got the green light from the state to start gathering signatures. Also approved was a proposal from the Drug Policy Alliance. A third legalization submission got the thumbs up from the state way back in fall. A new, fourth player, the Cannabis Policy Reform Act of 2014, had yet to be approved for circulation.”

  21. The race is on in California for initiatives to legalize weed in 2014:

    As the L.A. Weekly reports Thursday: “Two initiatives that would fully legalize marijuana were approved for signature gathering (“circulation”), the California Secretary of State’s office announced this week.

    “A would-be initiative by Americans for Policy Reform, backed by San Jose pot shop operator Dave Hodges, got the green light from the state to start gathering signatures. Also approved was a proposal from the Drug Policy Alliance. A third legalization submission got the thumbs up from the state way back in fall. A new, fourth player, the Cannabis Policy Reform Act of 2014, had yet to be approved for circulation.”

  22. I know enough to know a troll when I see one. Why don’t you stick to the business at hand rather than replying to me. You have provided no useful info at all. At least I stuck to the subject. Putting your personal opinions about me does not make you look any less like a troll. Yes, it’s called freedom of speech. I used mine to express my opinion, You used yours to be a troll!

  23. You don’t make any sense. If you find the articles useless, why are you wasting your time reading them? Just because I may or may not like something doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to comment on it — it’s called freedom of speech.

    And, if you are able to compare your information against anything you find here, and yours is more updated, then you’ve learned something, haven’t you?

  24. because all these articles are useless. I already have my own info, and better sources. If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them! Free information is useless when it is wrong!

  25. If you want news of California, why don’t you do your own research, and post what you find for the rest of us, instead of berating the person giving you free information?

  26. Louisiana will be last to legalize marijuana legislation, because we have the largest For Profit Prison’s in the nation.

  27. o.O — Hmm. It’s kinda difficult making judgement calls about states we don’t live in, but if I had to venture an educated guess, I’d say California has a good chance as long as they avoid confusion with two different legalization initiatives trying for the 2014 ballot.

    2016 is going to be the big year. At least four more states will legalize.

    Does that mean we should sit on our hands until 2016? Surely not! Elections aren’t just about ballot initiatives — they are also about electing people to represent OUR INTERESTS. 2014 is about getting the right people into CONGRESS.

    Primary season is almost upon us all — candidates are seeking party nominations. Make sure EVERY candidate answers the cannabis question before they pick a nominee. Hold their feet to the fire, especially US Senate candidates.

    Now, a story.

    A tale of two Republicans….

    Once upon a time, in the land of Texas, there was (is) a Republican named Chris Mapp. He had aspirations of running for US Senate in 2014. Unfortunately, Mapp was asked the cannabis question, and was found wanting. Mapp took to facebook to answer the cannabis question, but he did not expect the fight which ensued when he did not take it seriously. After saying some very nasty and colorful things to the constituents advocating for cannabis, more constituents joined in to bring Mapp to task. Hundreds of comments later, in less than 24 hours, Mapp’s political aspirations were dead and buried. The foolish Mapp did not know 58% of Texas voters want cannabis legalization. Now, he’ll never forget.

    Once upon a time, in the land of Georgia, the Minister Derrick Grayson, another Republican aspiring to the US Senate, also took to facebook to answer the cannabis question. Instead of insulting and condescending to his constituents, he did something bold. He told the truth. He said “Personally speaking, I believe all drugs should be legal. People should have the right to do with their bodies what they choose, so long as it does not interfere with the liberties and freedoms of those around them. It is a misconception that if drugs were legal, use would increase. On the contrary. It simply means that it would put a financial dent in the prison industrial complex. There would be fewer deaths over drug related crimes and the illicit drug trade would grind to a halt.” Lo and behold, his constituents REJOICED. The wise Grayson knew 54% of Georgia voters want cannabis legalization. And we, the voters, will always remember.

    The End? For the foolish Mapp, yes. For the wise Grayson, not by a long shot.

  28. Pa Gov (R) is up for re-election in Nov 14. John Hanger (D) is running on a procannabis campaign which includes medical and recreational. Vote for Hanger!

  29. Why oh why is New York not on this list…

    Come on Andrew Cuomo, stop with the bs, check out some Pub Med articles (use Google Scholar), and see that cannabis is a much safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco!

  30. The police department in my home town needs some. Also, please send some to Obama, and yo mama.

  31. Dumb ass stoners…read the first paragraph again. He’s asking for your opinion/picks for which states will be next to legalize. The two states listed are his picks.

  32. I agree with everyone else, this hardly seems like the article I was expecting. Two states, all you could talk about is two states? Oh wait, their is your final paragraph in which you briefly mentioned the rest of the country. In the future, what you should do is, gather at least three times more information and material before writing an article. With what you provided, the Heading should have read, ” My Opinion About Two of the Remaining 48 States Legalizing Marijuana”.

  33. PA…DID someone say PA…..Not a chance…like Ohio……old boys network…..goin to take a little time here

  34. stellarvoyager on

    I would even add BC, Canada, to the list, making a vast “green corridor” from Alaska to Mexico.

  35. this is an article? promoting Oregon against all reason once more? What about California? I think you should really retire from writing these articles. You’re about as inadequate as a middle aged couch potato trying to impress a hooker with your sex appeal.

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