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Which States Will Legalize Marijuana In 2016?

2016 election marijuana

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Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana in 2012. If all goes well, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. will also legalize marijuana in 2014. Assuming that happens, which states will legalize marijuana during the 2016 Election? Many states are already ramping up efforts for 2016, and there’s a chance that some states might even legalize between now and 2016 via their legislatures. Below are the states that I feel have a great shot at 2016. If your state is not on the list, but you feel that it should be, feel free to add it in the comments section, along with why you feel 2016 is your state’s year. Also, if you feel that a state is on my list but shouldn’t be, feel free to state why in the comments:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

The states listed above either have strong campaigns already working on the ground (and $), or are located in the North East part of the country where legalization via the legislature is most likely to happen in my opinion. I’m not trying to guarantee that all of the states listed above will succeed, but if asked which states I’d bet on, those would be them.

What the legalization models will look like in each state is up in the air, but I think those states have the best shot at legalizing marijuana by the end of 2016 in one form or another. Missouri might seem like a long shot to some people, but I work very closely with their campaign, and it’s one of the strongest campaigns I’ve ever seen. If that campaign team was in most other states, those states would make this list too.

There are other states that have a good shot, like Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and perhaps Minnesota, but I think those states are still farther away than the states listed above. Other states, especially Idaho, will have to wait until marijuana is legalized at the federal level before someone can smoke marijuana within state borders without fear of prosecution. I would predict that federal marijuana legalization will happen in 2017/2018, and no later than 2020. I used to predict a date that was much farther out, but the winds of change are much stronger these days, and picking up momentum.


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  1. I live in Texas. I don’t use marijuana but I have ask my doctor about marijuana and he is always testing my since I ask. He said doctors are not allowed to talk to there patients about it.

  2. Amber Rinehart on

    I have MS & epilepsy, smoking marijuana takes away the anxiety that over comes my body due to the diseases! I have almost no seizures due to marijuana! It’s sad that I have to use it illegally!!! Medicinal marijuana needs to be legalized in THIS GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!!!

  3. I am sick and tired of the Marijuana War in Texas. The doctor’s drug test individuals for Marijuana before allowing them to have certain medications. I can understand if the patient is on Opioids, but other medications such as those for seizures should not be included.
    After I discovered I had seizures, the doctors attempted to keep me over drugged on their tranquilizers. This may have been okay except i felt my thoughts, actions, and personality changing I told my main doctor to change my medication or I would quit seeing her. I was tired of being a zombie. She did but she is constantly attempting to increase the medications again. I heard Texas was beginning to study the effects of Marijuana on seizures and asked if I could do that instead. WRONG MOVE! This doctor started hitting me with drug tests. It was not until nearby states legalized Medical Marijuana that I said screw it and have been self medicating and feeling better. The way I see it,if the Texas doctors do not want to okay my use of medical marijuana, I will stop seeing them a d move to a nearby state where Marijuana is legal. I am just tired of the Doctors attempting to overdose me on unnecessary pills and kill my friends with opioid addiction when there is another solution.

  4. I’m currently on opiated and their shorting my life. Run out and I wish fer death please experiment with the good and don’t consider the bad effects, die from pharmaceuticals or option to use medical marijuana. Plz my quality of live suxs now pull to move and a pill to sleep . I’m depending on all these maybe they’ll help maybe Not. I’m sure my life’s been shortened. Is their a answer or I’m doomed to use till my body’s shut down Please see what’s the healing property of cannibis. Chris the pillbilly

  5. I agree 100 percent with you Garret. At least we would know exactly what type/strain we are using and know that it would help ppl so much

  6. Should Florida become a cannabis state I will be moving. Not to far from where I live. I could at least drive once a month to visit my family.

  7. Seems like Tim people would realize this. I’m sure they do but just don’t care. Pitiful

  8. Richard Wilson on

    That would be good to see. Tennesseans wouldn’t have to drive so bloomin far to escape the harmful effects of weed (getting arrested).

  9. Richard Wilson on

    Anybody here from Tennessee? We need some common sense representation too.

  10. Those who can protect the American people have an obligation to do so. When given the gift of strength one owes those with out it in payment for that gift..

  11. The federal government can spent 4.9 billion on data collection. we should take that facility and use the servers to create a database so that every eligible voter can log in to a personal account and vote on every issue local state and federal. upon a persons 18th birthday they should given an opportunity to vote on all current laws that are in place. but that will never happen because the politicians will never give up that much power. we elect them then they go and tell us what we want.

  12. I feel you should not punish someone if they were born after the law was written because they never had the opportunity to vote on the law in the first place. Then they get a felony arrest for possession and distribution and have lost the rite to vote before they could use it to tell the government what they feel the law should be, this steals the rite to vote from the American people . “Who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of age” (26th Amendment, 1971). in 2007 my best friend killed himself in front of me. I now suffer very badly from ptsd and have trouble socializing.Iironically I cant function with out bud. The reason why he did it he was a felon. When he was 18 years old he was charged and convicted for distribution and possession. He had 13.5 grams of bud , they weighed the bag at 0.5 grams that made it 14 total and a felony. He spent two and a half years in prison. He wasn’t able to obtain reasonable employment and as a result was forced to live with his mother who was an animal hoarder. He was 25 years old and had no rights, no girlfriend , lived at home, always smelled like animal waste no matter how clean he kept himself or his area in that home, no license, no car, and no money. All that broke his spirit and caused him to give up. He was never given the rite to vote on the law that took his life and ruined mine. Rest in peace my brother and friend J. Jayson Holmes we love you and miss you.

  13. I’m also a Christian and I would rather use a God given medication than these chemically produced Norco pills. Texas needs to step up and do the right thing.

  14. I think the state of AL could benefit with retail marijuana as the state can’t afford to pay teachers & schools their pay without trying to raise taxes on homes. AL is s poor state and could benefit in a big way by legalizing it. Just think 1 Billion in tax dollars per year! That could turn this poor state into a great state and provide jobs for everyone. If they don’t legalize I will be leaving to the Rocky Mountains soon!

  15. I hear ya Tammy. I hope we can get it legalized here. Would be better for everyone.

  16. She might need a little bit of more convincing.. Heck, I would pack up and leave in a heart beat should I ever got that offered to me…

  17. Kevin, I do understand that a lot of our politicians are way to old to be in office in the first place. Secondly, Christians (such as myself) do get blamed a lot and I can see why. When I get to go to church (due to my health) I try to educate people. See, a lot of the older generation doesn’t care about what’s right or not (including the Bible) even where it plainly states that God made all herb yielding seeds. Deprogramming or Education is the best way to try and get Marijuana or at least Medical Marijuana legal…

  18. I’m not from Kentucky but I’m almost certain if you look for Marijuana activist groups up on FB you would find one, 2, 3, 4, maybe even 5 groups to join.. Good Luck!!!

  19. So true. I don’t mean to reply to every posting on here but that (to me) means a lot. I am a Christian as well and proud to be. I strongly believe in Marijuana and I just wish that people would understand that not all Christians are Bible Thumpers saying NO TO MARIJUANA.. I say YES, YES, YES……

  20. I wish I could move to a state that has it legal but being on disability and my family here, I just can’t right now. We are being punished for where we live and that my friend just makes no sense at all to me..

  21. I personally think it’s ridiculous to even leave it up to each State. Of course, Alabama I wasn’t even expecting to see on the list. We are suppose to be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, right? Not THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA, however, thanks to Nixon and his “War on drugs” and being passed on from one President to another just makes no sense at all. When Nixon started this mess (as far as I can remember) knowing that Marijuana had cured a lady from cancer he knew that is was a powerful wonderful plant and instead of doing research on Marijuana he chose to put Marijuana in the Schedule 1 Narcotic list and left it up there for more research needed
    . After he got impeached, Ford came along and chose to not research Marijuana either. That brings us up to where we are today. They did research alright on Marijuana for the cons only. To this day if you were to ask anyone running for the 2016 Presidential Election (with the exception of Bernie Sanders) you would more then likely hear ‘WE NEED MORE RESEARCH’. Enough is Enough… I have heard so much BS about how Marijuana can really harm someone that I’m so fed up with hearing that as well as other citizens are fed up.
    I have heard questions asking “What if your child got into it”? Well, God forbid, but what if your child got ahold of a gun, had some Tylenol lying around somewhere, even as a child I have heard of almost everything including children getting into Bleach, perfume, alcohol etc… Now, I don’t have any small children anymore around the house but I did have small children at one time running thru my house and I would much have preferred that my child got into Marijuana versus all these other examples. (Even though I never had Marijuana around my house).
    I do know that it would take at least (just my figuring) at least a half of a pound of Marijuana smoked, ate or whatever to even start to harm anyone. I just can’t imagine smoking a half of a pound of Marijuana at one time, especially a child.
    It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA… Everyone wants Peace, so if everyone in this world was allowed to use Marijuana at least everyone together in this world I KNOW WE WOULD HAVE PEACE FOR AT LEAST A MINUTE. And to say that referring to partaking in Marijuana for World Peace for just a minute then wouldn’t this be the greatest thing ever!!!!!!

  22. I live in north Texas and would love to see it legalized. I’m also a Christian as well and know many people just like me who believe the same thing. I’m just saying just because someone is a believer doesn’t mean they don’t support legalization.

  23. TheSavageBlock on

    I’m in Virginia. it’s sad to say that we have a long road ahead of us. I’m hopeful for the future; but I’m getting out of the state ASAP. All I need is the forever green card and I’ll be golden. I wish legislators would realize that the study conducted under the Nixon Administration was fixed. when you strap a gas mask to a little monkey and give it pure weed smoke the monkey will die of suffocation. I have had a gas mask on me, it isn’t as fun as one may think but effective.

  24. Haven’t heard but Florida I think is moving forward and I live by the border- how about you.

  25. Jill Sargent Taylor Brock on

    I’m in Alabama and id heard that marijuana for prescription use passed the senate, but never heard about the house…does anyone know anything about this or have any further information for Alabama stand on this?

  26. First, let me say that I have no real opinion on the legalization of Marijuana. That being said, God did make everything on this planet. However, many people feel that the plants that God made for us to use were much different than what they are now.

  27. Sandi Stamey Hensley on

    I am a Christian and I think there is nothing wrong with it. used properly is much better than pharicuicals~ many CHristians have this view point!

  28. Rachelle Contreras on

    If they put it to a vote in Texas it would pass. More people want to legalize marijuana then ever before. The medical benefits have been proven and its a shame people can’t use marijuana as an option to all those dangerous legal drugs and their side effects

  29. People far as Christians or any religion think marijuana is bad its better then them prescription’s the doctor give all the medication you take the worst people get read all your side affects on you pills bottles you just get another sickness all on commercial’s lawsuits if your doctor prescribe you this prescription so yeah I think every state should be legalized at least you don’t here bout people dying off of it or catching another sickness or getting sued and for New Jersey government need to legalize it for both uses people need start coming at there government hard and don’t stop fighting until you get
    through they don’t have a problem coming at you hard when u laid up in they hospital’s n doctors offices killing yourself basically of the pills n shots they fill ur blood up with make smart choices in life

  30. Indiana and Kentucky will probably be 49th and 50th. Our politicians are so far backwards they think their ahead! I have a relative who has spent thousands on drugs to help debilitating migraine headaches,seizure type. Guess what,the only thing that helps is a couple of hits off a joint. All of the anti seizure drugs cause birth defects. Now she is the happy mother of 2 but in Indiana she might be a criminal.

  31. Anonymous rasta mon on

    Mann we need some legalization in West Virginia! fuck all that gay medical use bull shit make it where everyone can share the love?

  32. I’d say Ohio for at least medicinal marijuana as we do have one of the best hospitals in the world up in Cleveland.

  33. If you live in SC how would you know for a positive that Texas is legalizing? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense… I mean it’s obvious that you aren’t a Texas politician just sayin….

  34. Thomas Nelson on

    Who ever said weed was just for smoking or to get high? It has many other benefits it can bring besides medical purposes or getting high. Jobs, factorys, textiles, fuels that put off oxygen Instead of pullution ects. The list go’s on

  35. I lived in WV for many years & yes I used weed that was grown there. It’s too bad that a bunch of alcohol/tobacco tolerant politicians run one of the best weed growing states in the US. WV should make marijuana medicinal use legal & get in on the boat to making money from taxes while giving the people the medicinal choice of herbal choices instead of pills!!!

  36. They need to redo for the people running around with felony’s for growing in NY. When NY turns around and legalize it..

  37. I live in Kentucky, I hate it but we have many stupid politicians, and religious people. Do they not know that their god made marijuana. you know he made everything in this world for all of us to use. he probably knew back in the day we might have had to need something for pain since there wasn’t a Walgreens on every corner back then. think about this all you idiots out there who claim to be Christians

  38. It will be. The red Republican states dont like it all because Marijuana threaten the profits of the pharmaceutical companies. Its all about the almighty dollar and its sad. They chose money over healing and saving lives. That is pretty sickening.

  39. I live in Cali and I love that the use of weed is legal here. I use it for medical purposes for depression and insomnia, I flush or wont fulfill my prescription by my doctor the crap is poison. Marijuana is a God Send drug. Its the greedy pharmaceutical companies that are scared. They are greedy and want us customers (we are no longer patients) to stay sick and make their billions in profits. Alcohol, the most dangerous drug out there and cigarettes are no threat to pharmaceutical companies, weed is. Weed will be Federally legal soon enough. Screw what the Government claims.

  40. I live in the most stubborn red state there is Kansas. In this great state our elected body would rather you meaning us kansan. Lose jobs from infrastructures problems due to cuts to fix a state budget that put are children in a non winning situation by cutting funds for education. Than fathom the possibility of tax revenue that would be made if marijuana would be legalized. As our brother or ssister state to the west of us have been throwing in our face for the last 4years now. Look some people shouldn’t take up weed its just not for you. But it shouldn’t be the basis for making money to help this great state save its children education (hell we have teachers leaving this state to go to Colorado due to budget cut to their pensions) just saying hell I could just be blown smoke out my rear but really c’mon man! !!!

  41. Indiana is the most podunk ignorant Old people living in the world 85 percent is a good out come for all alcohol is 10 percent there’s been no deaths from weed look at all the alcOhol deaths my question are u dimb or stipid and its healthy da

  42. Christopher Diaz on

    Mike Pence sucks, weed for TBI patients, of which I am one, protects and heals the brain, because it activates your natural cannibinoids. I’m tired of all the pills I have to take.

  43. Jarred Haftopluos on

    I am bipolar, I have adhd,and I have insomnia I smoke weed because I need it and it a wonderful plant it is very healthy for the brain if its illegal just be smart and do wat u want there will always be marijuana just smoke it in your house and dont do it while your driving or walking down the street or around anyone

  44. Archibald Stankfanger on

    I wrote Gov. Mike Pence and was told that as long as he is governor Indiana will never decriminalize. He wants stiffer sentences. PENCE MUST GO !!!!

  45. Tammy Harrell on

    Idaho needs to be legal. My mom is bipolar and it helps her with her depression and she also has a lot of pain from her torn rotery cuts. I have seen her do so well when she uses. She is more herself. Just like drinking it’s OK when not abused so y not pot. Come on Idaho catch up people need it my 2 uncled died of cancer had so much pain the marijuana could have helped them

  46. I have to agree about the reference about the Bible, but I still stand behind what I stated I guess you don’t live in Texas. If you did, you would really understand. Texas tried to get weed legalized but the dumb ass Govoner allowed watered down THC for medical but not to decriminalize it nor approve for personal use. The medical liquid THC(too weak) will not help people who use it for seizures like one of my family members. So FOAD about your remark about looking stupid!

  47. Austin Konrad on

    Buddy my pops is a cop, I grew up in the shop. You know why they don’t police affluent white neighborhoods the same way? Cause the affluent people with clout lean on the city council, they city council leans on the chief of police, the chief leans on the captains, the captains lean on the patrolman. Now the patrolmans can police the affluent neighbrohoods all they want to, but forget getting bumped up, their life would be made hell till they quit.
    [just a higher rate of criminal activity (and foolish bravado) lands them in jail more often]
    Bull shit. Drove my fellow employee to work last year. Guys 45 years old, never been aressted for anything. He was talking to his buddy at the gas station, cop pulled up throw him up against the wall felt him up and ran his name. We ended up being late that day. That never gonna happen to me. I’m never going to be late for work for talking to my buddy at the gas station and a cop throws me up against the wall.
    Buddy, you are a true unadulterated shit bird.

  48. White teens don’t go out and wreak nearly the havoc and mischief… I’ve lived in a large multitude of places in my life and being in the “hood” is quite a bit different from most places… Largely blacks picking fights in parks or in the streets, walking down the street smoking blunts as obvious as can be (most people would at least try to hide it) approaching strangers and trying to sell them (stepped on) cocain, etc… while I do believe we are headed into a police state, I in no way think “the black man is being held down” or being “overly persecuted”… just a higher rate of criminal activity (and foolish bravado) lands them in jail more often

  49. You do realize the bible says right in it that god gave us all seed bearing plants… This has nothing to do with bible thumping (aside from you trying to get your thumps in and looking stupid) and more to do with voting numbers and business (both of which are still horrible reasons to disallow potential life saving medicine just because their over welming voting majority [to be read the wishes of the majority of those who would be voting for them and not the overall majority] and stupid issues such as Indiana’s for profit prisons with guaranteed incarceration quotas, pharmaceutical companies, and other companies that would lose some of their bottom line if cannabis was legal.)

  50. Georgia should just go ahead and legalized it. Doing so would build on taxes which state could use to fix the infrastructure in the state. Why not make money to help our state as well as stopping another prohibition? It would also clear jails and prisons that are getting overcrowded with non violent offenders(pot smokers) and use jail and prison for the real criminals.

  51. Cody Foster on

    I lived in Colorado until I was 11, and I’ve lived all over the US to include Hawaii. California & Hawaii are on the short list to legalizing recreational use.

    In the place we call the Southeast, forget about it. The neo-conservative putzes in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, and South Carolina are too numerous & stupid to be thoughtful. Floridians failed to approve medical marijuana in 2014 by nearly 10%. Florida is a social and political backwater dominated by Republicans and recent conservative transplants from all over the nation.

    Missouri, no way – I lived and went to grad school for 6 years. Columbia was a great town with an active NORML chapter, but there are too many back ass people living here.

    If you want true social freedoms and a cultural richness, move to Oregon, Colorado, parts of Arizona & New Mexico. These places are a more enlightened part of the country.

  52. Ya know the sad part about the legalization of pot here in Texas, is that our political system is run by clowns (remember when Gov. Perry ran for president and Bush?) The issue with Republican office holders is that they are afraid to make any sensible decision because they do not want to look bad and they are afraid of firm conservators who are constantly bible thumping. They hide behind religion(they don’t believe in the separation of church and state), such as when the Supreme Court legalized Gay marriage, they shit themselves. They do not want to look bad and they firmly believe that they are going to hell for legalizing marijuana. Maybe Texas should go back to making booze illegal again and see how many of them will survive the DT’s. It is very possible that republicans cannot make important decisions like legalizing marijuana for rec use or medical they suffer from excessive inbreeding.

  53. Tree_Burner_420 on

    Let’s legalize the Commonwealth of Kentucky! ? I would love to see that.

  54. Ralph Harriman on

    Hurry up and get a few people together to get it on the 2016 ballot. If not find all the junk marijuana seeds you can and plant Georgia green. I thought about doing that in Fl and I know other people who have thought of the same thing.

  55. Gabrielle Alisa Gingrich on

    I live in the south eastern end of South Dakota about a 15 minute drive from Minnesota and I agree the winter is hell, I try to avoid having to go outside because my body screams from pain

  56. Gabrielle Alisa Gingrich on

    I was born and raised in Washington state and because of economy my parents relocated to South Dakota and now I am here back in Washington I smoked medical marijuana and have a prescription for the use but now in South Dakota there isn’t even medical despesery is there any chance in the future this maybe possible

  57. West Virginia needs to be on there for the simple fact that the soil in WV would be perfect for the growth of marijuana. If we can’t be a coal state then take those abandoned coal mines and remake them into weed farms!

  58. smoke weed everyday all day fuck the street weed we need to be medicated properly

  59. smoke weed everyday all day fuck the street weed we need to be medicated properly

  60. Charles Haley on

    Marijuana is a plant god put on earth it is used for alot of things and some people use it for pain .so come on Texas make it state wide

  61. Charles Haley on

    Marijuana is a plant god put on earth it is used for alot of things and some people use it for pain .so come on Texas make it state wide

  62. verifiedchoice on

    Weed Legalization also prevents illegal drug trafficking, come on Obama smoked Marijuana plus even in America Marijuana was actually legalized everywhere… New York City #LegalizeCannabis

  63. A month ago I would have said Pennsylvania wont legalize but on may 19, 2015 new governor tom wolf who replaced RINO-republican tom corbett stated the state needs to decriminalize marijuana immediately. He may raise our taxes but if he gives us weed ill consider it a wash.

  64. omar salazar on

    North Carolina should be on that list just because everybody I know smoke,grow,sell,less police brutality if weed is legal.

  65. Perhaps Pennsylvania could be included on the list…although it is still far off, right now there is a bill going to senate for legalizing medical marijuana, with restrictions. So we’ll see what happens! Just legalize it already!!

  66. Reply

    Bonnie Paige Covarrubias
    8 minutes ago
    I agree, but feds will fight this because of the Mexican Cortail. Is the state’s with legalization Democrats or Republicans?

  67. I agree, but feds will fight this because of the Mexican Cortail. Is the state’s with legalization Democrats or Republicans?

  68. Minnesota should be on this list. There is a lot of people in Minnesota who can benefit from this alternative medicine and my brother is one of them. He suffers from arthritis and the freezing cold months Minnesota goes through does not help with anyone’s health conditions.

  69. Paige Covarrubias on

    Texas!!!!! Should be the main state to legalize weed because of INDUSTRIAL USE ? and if you legalize weed in Texas we will give the other states a great big push into legalizing weed everywhere and lets not leave out the beautiful medical purposes

  70. Wisconsin plzzz it would help people and does help cancer and Thiers already people do like a lot so really should just do it already like come on like Thiers no then bad about it nothen can say its add well its not and it changes peoples mudes in good ways it does a lot

  71. Prayers for you and your family You are correct the people who judge it as being so wrong haven’t smoked it or never had to live with chronic pain…. if only they had to be in the shoes of a person with a condition of Fibro,MS ,epilepsy and MMJ was their only relief they would be Pro make that MMJ Stuff legal NOW

  72. Yes it had the opposite effect on me also I was able to work then quit 10 years ago and cant work anymore MS if they made it legal i could probably work again..

  73. I agree we need MMJ in WISCONSIN sign the wisconsin petition to get our reps to look at it

  74. funny it is people like you who give the fat cats in big pharma and politicians the reason not to give us our MMJ

  75. I want Florida to legalize marijuana completely. Lived there for 20 years, and decided to no longer live in fear of the being jailed for smoking marijuana in the privacy of my home, and headed for California. Problem is I love Florida, and their laws are insane regarding marijuana. You can have your drivers licence suspended for 2 years for a small amount of marijuana. Lose your home for cultivation for personal use. But when my son turns 18, he can be sent into war and be killed for our great country, and Americans are prohibited and imprisoned for marijuana. Alcohol and anti depressants, and all those type drugs are far worse. Wake up America, as Marijuana is the best thing to legalize in this great country. I am a good hard working person. Never been arrested, and live my life lawfully. In California,Oregon and Washington, soon Washington, DC, you may live free from fear of prosecution for using or growing marijuana for personal use. Please vote in favor of total legalization throughout all the United States. If anybody has any positive news about Florida, let me know as I want to go back to my home, where I love and belong. My Florida !!! Love it !!!

  76. The prisons that have been privatized are under contract to meet a quota from the states to keep the prisons full. If the state or county doesn’t meet that quota, the private owners can sue for the lost revenues, and the state must pay. Really screwed up huh.

  77. Peyton Cottrell II on

    Texas, could legalize marijuana before 2016, because we do have three bills that are being voted on in Austin, Texas, and they are 1) decriminalization 2) medical marijuana and 3) full legalization of marijuana and im a member of a marijuana civil rights group in Houston, Texas, that’s called “National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws!”

  78. Michele Erickson on

    I’m in MO, as well. They first denied the petition near the end of last year due to it being too vague. They went back and fixed it going off of Colorado’s model and now its back on the ballot. There’s a lot of people here in Taney County who are for full legalize for medical and recreational. I’m for both. It helps me out medically for my insomnia. Our state legislation needs to get updated on the facts and update our D.A.R.E. program. They are feeding our children a bunch of lies about marijuana. To all the parents with children in the fifth grade, ask your kids about getting the info from the dare officer and read the lies. Then go online and find all the info that you can to prove that their teachings are full of crap.

  79. Yep there is a new bill called the Missouri Cannabis Restoration Protection Act. If you would like to learn more about it and other bills that are being submitted in MO Like Missouri Cannabis Reform on facebook.

  80. No Texas y not last state I bet the one state that boast freedom for all. I guess they want to keep the jails full as long as they can

  81. Dillon Thomas on

    Im from MO. I read a few weeks ago that a bill was filed for the legalization of marijuana. The article said that the guidelines will be the same as Colorado. So medicinal and recreational. Up to six plants in your home and all that good stuff. Cant wait.

  82. Thanks for the update. I’m Registered. And on my roommates case to register as well

  83. I live in MO. I’m hopeful that it does, but I’m afraid that if they do pass medical it will be with strict guidelines , such as IL guidelines.

  84. David Willoughby on

    Be registered to vote in 2016, it’s going to be on the ballot according to show me cannabis.

  85. Austin Konrad on

    Dude you do realize the stats you just provided make the case that the law are not applied equally don’t you? African Americans only make up 13% of the population, yet they make up 45% of the prison population in the U.S. Incarcerated for Drug related Use, despite the fact that the demographic with the highest rate of drug use is white teens. So yes Black Man being oppressed you freaking dingbat.

  86. 3How 3would you know where my sources are. At least my sources can speak proper English. You sir are a joke

  87. I don’t watch the news or anything like that but I do a ton of research from multiple varied sources and that’s what the available information is telling me. Crime is down and they may have to refund as much as 30 million in excess tax revenue to the people. My sources are sound. Thank you that is all

  88. Lol is that what you read? Ok, well im here in colrado between the border and kansas and im here to tell ya stop believing what the media tells ya.

  89. Tell that to Colorado..they have made a ton of money and their violent crime rate has dropped significantly since they legalized

  90. I’m in Missouri and I sure hope you’re right. We are working hard to just get medical marijuana through

  91. word bro. You cant just assume all republicans are against legalization, and that all democrates are pro legalization.

  92. lsd is for fucking losers and weirdos. weed is for anyone, and for people that enjoy life. Its really manly to do something that makes your brain become completely retarded. Yeah man, your sooooo cool

  93. I feel like Ohio is quickly working on legislation soon because with Ohio being a rich soil land known for great farming and if legalizing marijuana to keep it farm land then I think Ohio would make that call to preserve the land

  94. taquia sunrise on

    I really think Tennessee should get the chance of marijuana legalization next,because tennesse had a chance to but tenn. Government passed the opertunity up for something else that was needed in TN. And I hear that “please don’t get dicuraged”….!….
    . that TN. Is in the top 5 most vilont states..in mine and and others opinions..people r not vilont on marijuana..so legalization of marijuana might come to TN. Benifit..

  95. wasn’t john in office when they decriminalized it and made it legal for medical purposes? I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been offered the medical card while I was living in California.. I am one of those ppl that is doesn’t help with my pain.. although I have read some heart wretching stories of how well it works with many ppl. I know a lot of ppl who do smoke and to be honest…. the GOV. is all about helping the state recover their finances…. you cannot argue with the money that Colorado has brought in since they legalized it… with the surrounding states ohio could really cash in on the tourism like Colorado and Washington right now if they act fast… if not the train will be gone when it becomes federally legal in 2018-2020.

  96. If one state has legalized it all states should legalize it. Sure weed has many medicinal properties but it also has negatives as well. I don’t think anyone will say smoking a joint is good for you but if you’re going to deny people the right to smoke it the fair thing to do is outlaw cigarettes and booze. While you’re at it cars kill people and so do bicycles, skateboards, airplanes, and mostly everything else.
    Legalize it and gain revenue for the state, empty the jail cells, cut out lots of marijuana smuggling and gang war murders due to that smuggling.
    Let people sit in their house and smoke one and get mellow. It’s a lot safer than alcohol overall and will even lower domestic violence.
    I’m done

  97. Cleveland Ohio need it Bad if People was High off Weed it would be Less killing shit people would be to High to even want to Fight let alone kill somebody I’m just saying,,,

  98. I thought we were discussing the legalities? Not Oppression in the South. People like you twist and blur the subject matter to equality & discrimination. You mention that young black men are imprisoned in the South, really?? Let’s break this down to statistics. MSNBC as of 2013 stated that 45% of the prison population in the U.S. Incarcerated for Drug related Use and Trafficking in the United States are African American. That leaves 65% either Latino, Asian or White etc. So why do you spew your bullshit about the “Black Man being oppressed” Quit looking for reasons to point your little crooked finger!

  99. I live in Maryland and it honestly should be legalized. All states should legalize. What’s bad about it? It isn’t worse than alcohol !!! 100% of people who don’t smoke are mostly the ones who want a law against it and thats the truth admit it. So lets take it down to basic facts. You smoke weed, your happy, you’re relieving stress and yes hunger or munchies come along with it. Nobody has had an overdose on weed or has died from it. They say it leads to “other drugs” no. It is the very own and choice of that human being to say hmmm do i want to try other stuff or not. When you first smoked or took that hit that very second did you think that automatically?? NO! Now lets talk about Alcohol, you can’t walk straight, your state of mind is horrible, your either happy, sad, angry, or relaxed depending on whats going on with your life, you wake up with a hangover, you can get alcohol poisoning which can lead to death, your out of control, and when driving under the influence of alcohol your chances of getting into illegal problems are very high! Now explain to me how smoking weed is worse and is illegal and alcohol is?? HAHAHAHA! Please feel free to spread my message I’m just an average american living and enjoying with whatever life has to throw at me and MAKE MARYLAND LEGA!

  100. i love pot but if people think states are going to generate all this money that the people will benefit from you just a clown who wants to smoke. i find it funny people never trust the gov until its about getting high lol. America is going down the people have been turned into brats who want it by any means

  101. Ack basswards TEXAS will be last.
    The prison business is too big here and marijuana is a BIG reason why they stay full.
    I believe that “If” Texas ever does legalize it it will be several elections after everyone else..

  102. Interesting article. I think your timeline for federal legalization or decriminalization is pretty spot on, though wouldn’t have thought so before.

  103. I dont get these idiot politicians , at the very least for medicinal purposes. How dare they tell a terminal patient that he cant have a substance that brings them relief.

  104. Rick McCallister on

    James Madison recanted that position in correspondence as President and afterwards. It was the cornerstone of his re-implementing a national bank, which he argued vehemently against in the FP.

    His arguments in the Federalist Papers, as he explained in no unclear terms, were based on the assumption that the Constitution was being written to amend the Articles of Confederation, not to replace them.

    The Constitution itself, via Article 1, Section 8 and the Supremacy Clause, does grant Congress the power to take those issues not covered in the Tenth Amendment under Federal jurisdiction, provided they can argue that it helps the “Common defence and general welfare” of US citizens.

    Beyond that, the Federalist Papers are not law to begin with. So your quote of Madison simply does not apply from any angle.

    And one final note: States do not have rights. They are also governments. They have powers. PEOPLE have rights. A state is just another government, just as capable of abridging personal liberty as any Federal government.

  105. Rick McCallister on

    It’s not that simple, actually.

    The Tenth only applies to those issues the federal government *has not claimed jurisdiction over,* which they can do per Article 1, Section 8 and The Supremacy Clause.

    When Nixon founded the DEA, the states were no longer in control of their cannabis policies. That’s how the federal government has gotten away with raiding dispensaries for the last decade, why they had to clear banking for cannabis-related business, etc.

    The Constitution goes far beyond just what’s in the Bill of Rights. It also assigns powers to each branch of government. That’s where the devil comes out… In the details.

  106. Rick McCallister on

    In most cases, I’d agree. But the reality is that we’re fighting a massive, media-supported stereotype when it comes to cannabis and its users. Poor grammar, spelling, and less-than-eloquent arguments reinforce their stereotypes, regardless of how correct Katie might be.

    No it’s not a fair double-standard, but it is one we have to work to overcome if we’re going to keep our momentum going. We have to be better writers, arguers, etc than the drunks and script-pushers. It sucks but it’s true.

  107. The only reason alcohol won’t become illegal (again) is because they already tried it and it failed miserably and caused a lot of illegal activities (think mafia). Of course marijuana never created quite the same level of activity and the illegalization of harder drugs has created a lot more. I agree with the sentiment though…that alcohol is a lot worse than marijuana and therefore if you are going to allow something that does a lot of harm to people be legal, why not permit something that helps a lot of people…and vice versa.

    forgive any spelling errors please. I am on a phone writing this. :)

  108. Well u must certainly be an experienced chemist correct? When I was in doctorate level organic chemistry our professor was hilarious. Talked about drugs & Chem all the time. Basically said that almost anyone who says they know how to make LSD is a liar lol. Most don’t even know it has to be done under an inert atmosphere lol

  109. I can assure you that real acid is out there. I have a very close relationship with this drug and I know how to get it, who wants it, and how to make it.

  110. The cdc reports that 88,000 people die each year as a direct result of consuming alcohol. This loss of life costs 2.5 million years of potential life each year with victims losing an average of 30 years of life. The cdc links zero (0) deaths to the consumption of cannabis. They link cannabis to death only through the violence of the war on drugs and accidental deaths due to intoxication (26,000 deaths each year). In other words, alcohol in and of itself is deadly but cannabis isn’t.

  111. We should be legalizing all drugs. What kind of country criminalizes people for putting something in their own damn body? Addiction is a disease and locking people up isn’t the cure.

  112. Because either way they’re profiting. Wouldn’t you rather our money be utilized by the system instead of a black market?

  113. Lol you have to get over yourself gramps. Like I said lsd is relatively easy to synthesize. Do a little reading before you go talking about things you don’t know

  114. Lsd is a chemical that is relatively simple to make, especially for a chemist. I can guarantee real acid is alive and well.

  115. Also, will the “Dred Scott” case apply to marijuana in one state and taken to another eventually?

  116. At what point do you think we’ll begin to hear about illegality of marijuana its relationship to racial oppression in the South? How many young black man are imprisoned for minor marijuana possession and sales charges?… another way to get them “in the system” and label them criminals. At some point a threshold will be reached … and the rest of the country will not be able to deny the relationship between illegal marijuana and racial oppression.

  117. Marijuana has been,proven to be less harmful than alcohol. If the government is going to ban,pot then why not alcohol? More people have,died from alcohol use than marijuana use.

  118. Madison, WI has always beena pot friendly city, refuses to see the obvious. This state needs to look to the future and be a progresive state, like the rest of the world! But it won’t, wisconsin doesn’t know the meaning of progresive, nor the meaning of contemporary. It only knows police brutality.

  119. Wisconsin will be the last state to legalize in my beliefs because this state, my home state is stuck in the past. It’s a backwards state that has no intentions of joining the real world. I am ashamed of my home state and its stranglehold on ancient bygone ignorant practices. I hate this state!

  120. As long as it is illegal people will use it recreational and medicinal. That means criminals benefit and tax dollars wasted senselessly on control to stop use of marijuana. When legal it means jobs, regulated quality control (no pesticides used in production and no arsenic or other chemicals) which makes it a lot safer for use.

  121. U are an idiot. I’m a republican and I also support legalisation. I’m sure there are plenty of liberal folks who don’t want to legalize it either it’s not about your political preference so much as it is about people being uneducated about marijuana in general! Stop pointing fingers and try voting when u can and try to let that speak for u instead of spouting off about “who is to blame!”

  122. I live in North Carolina. I feel that if it is legal in one state that it should be legal in ALL states period!!!!!!

  123. No I think Florida will be its a huge state and alot of old people and that’s not for it they need to know more of the health benefits facts . There is alot of people who are for the wealth and stuck up and don’t care about people they r republicans and they just look at the bad without knowing the true facts now we lost 2014 and were hoping it will be on the ballot 2016 I personally think they should legalize in all states it would create more jobs and help the economy

  124. legally insane on

    I will run circles around coworkers while working on weed, and actually enjoy being at work in the process, and actually I found in some weeks when I did not smoke, I was making even more mistakes than in weeks I was stoned….

  125. I will run circles around coworkers while working on weed, and actually enjoy being at work in the process, and actually I found in some weeks when I did not smoke, I was making even more mistakes than in weeks I was stoned

  126. legally insane on

    florida already has petition started by same people who made the petition for medicinal

  127. As Henry David Thoreau said (paraphrased), “People get the form of government that they deserve.” If this younger generation hasn’t read his (1854) book, Civil Disobedience, then shame on them.

  128. North Carolina, I feel it can help with a lot of the problems that’s going on with the world, the earlier the better #NCForMarijuana

  129. yeah because oxycodone is so much better for you right?and “drugs are bad m’kaaaay!?” except the legal ones that kill you. hey dale, im on board here ive got three degrees, business management, accounting, paralegal, smoke everyday and still hit the books every night. Cannabis does the exact opposite of what its critics say, it motivates you, helps your creativity and drive to succeed. it gives me that extra little nudge to keep going.and in fact if not for smoking i probably wouldnt have made it through all my years of schooling.

    this guy is living in reefer madness world, it reminds me of an anti marijuana video from the 70’s where a painter had just finished a piece. The man says ” well, marijuana helps my creativity and i use it before i paint” and the narrator says ” what? no it doesnt, those dont look like real flowers!” LMAO

  130. Mr Lonely Heart on

    I gathered signatures for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment for 2014, and boy i had a tough time.Even people that i knew would love it to be legal were so scared to sign it because of the threat of big government coming down on them. I believe the fear of losing everything just for even associating themselves with a movement of this sorts is why its moving so slow in Ohio. Especially when there are stories of flash bomb grenades blowing up babies during drug raids going on in the U.S. these days. In my opinion, that very scenario is what plays through peoples minds as they grab the pen to sign the petition, and its awful that people have such fear of even changing laws in opposition to the government.

  131. Anrgy Young Voter on

    We have the same problem with John Kasich in Ohio, so were gonna have to vote their asses out of office ASAP!

  132. It’s been diluted by 99% because today’s fragile minds couldn’t handle a full-blown 1500ug trip. What used to cost $2/hit would now cost hundreds for the equivalent experience. I suspect that most of the “acid” circulating anymore is nothing but LSA (morning glories).

  133. I’m not sure that full legalization is the right way to go. Wall Street is already getting their filthy hands involved and that can’t result in anything positive. In addition, why should the government profit from legalization? They’d just put the money into more spying on us and other anti-American activities. Then there’s GMO weed on the horizon. I believe full decriminalization is the best way to deal with it.

  134. Yes we would vote the hell out of that! We had ohiorightsgroup to get it on the ballot but didn’t get the numbers

  135. It can’t be all that bad. If I lived in the South, I’d be hitting all the cow pastures every morning.

  136. I’m 60+ yrs old and can almost certainly say that there hasn’t been any real acid around since at least 25 yrs before you were born. Therefore, you wouldn’t know.

  137. So many uses other than using it! Paper, Food products, Fuels, materials to make clothes, then of course, MEDICINAL USES!!!

  138. Ohio was one of the first states to decriminalize it and will probably be one of the last to legalize it. The people here want it but something is not working.

  139. Hopeful in Como on

    I think the city of Columbia will just say F.U. to state laws & decriminalize it soon. They’re close!

  140. How many people die from LSD? Alcohol can and will kill you. That doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to put people in prison for using drugs.

  141. Legalize in wisconsin. I just don’t know why it isn’t legalized everywhere. Just look at some people in Wisconsin who have a disability and need treatment. Medical marajuana

  142. Heroin was legal it was a drug used by doctors just like opium etc and pple misused it like they do everything so they made it a drug and banned it. Our government has made all the drugs hooked usthn ban them but pot well man didn’t make that! I do not smoke but I k ow.many that do for pain and I think it should be legal. I have a broken spine take 60 mg of morphine and 10 4 times a day and I am 26 if they came up with something to stop the pain and not get me ripped I’d be on it now but doc want the pill users it makes them money

  143. OK, don’t laugh but I really hope Utah gets on board soon. I’m a typical Utah resident, a Mormon, and I have never tried pot in my life. That said, I have watch both my parents die from cancer as well as a nephew. None of them respond well to the opiate pain medication prescribed by doctors. The Nephew was young enough to give pot a try and he said it worked so much better than oxycodone for relief os his pain and lack of side affects. Yet, after being caught with it, he was forced to go to rehab during the last year of his life. I think even if it was only for medical reasons it should be legalized. It has numerous benefits and very few and much milder side affects than drugs proscribed by a doctor. Come on Utah, bring on the weed!!!!!!

  144. Jillian, you are not helping the argument. If you understood the constitution you would not ask such a question. I am in favor of legalized pot but not at the expense of states rights.

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” -James Madison

  145. Kelly Gipson Schaefer on

    I would absolutely love for them to legalize marijuana in Kansas City Missouri. I already have a name for the store I’m going to open.It is going to be called Kelly’s green trees.I would also be interested in finding out how to open up a store once it becomes legal.I would actually like to stay a step ahead of the game so that when it does become legal I’m prepared to make some money

  146. Yes agreed Wi needs to legalize now!. There is a law in Wi where you CAN get medical marijuana but you have to be basically on your death bed to receive it. LEGALIZE NOW.

  147. shut up your ignorant
    ive been dealing with weirdos like you destroying my life since i was sixteen in 68
    they arrested me for selling a five dollar bag
    they wanted to try me as an adult at seventeen
    sentence me to 20-40years
    i did 15 months where i was exposed to but not raped
    where i was cracked in the head by a two hundred and fifty pound guard with a lead filled club
    ive raised two ivy league girls
    another who is a web designer
    ive got three degrees and am an industrial commercial electrician
    ready to write a philosophy of religion book
    i need to smoke every night for pain and insomnia
    but can~t bcuz of ignoramuses like you dictating to me i cannot resort to herbal remedies
    but i can all the the narcotics i want – right

  148. I agree it should be legal but I doubt it will happen in Missouri as long as our governor jay nixon is in office he’s in my opinion worthless and doesn’t seem to care what the people of missouri wants

  149. Stephen Colbert for president on

    Well you see the thing with heroin, LSD, and other drugs is they can and will kill you. Marijuana has killed 0 people.

  150. Dudes, why do we have to stop here? Let’s all get on board with heroin, LSD and other drugs that alternate the state of being. It’s no problem, we can control these drugs if they are legal. Just think about the productivity our country will be cranking out once more people get on board. And we can generate more income for special programs, like indoctrinating our young people so they can be pot smokers too!!! Hey we can even cut down on scholarships since most people on drugs will have no ambition to go to school. (Sorry Johnny Green) your either an exception or took basket weaving 101 for your degree. The broad use of marijuana is just another nail in the coffin of the United States. I make no apologies, been around far too many users during the years i played music. It destroys productivity. Bottom line.

  151. Even though I hate living here that would be fantastic maybe even enough to make Kenosha bearable

  152. Anyone know where I can retrieve stats or tracking since marijuana became legal? Looking for tax dollars, income, related crime rates etc…

  153. If we live in the UNITED States of America then why does each state have their own laws? Sounds more like INDIVIDUAL States of America. I guess some states just have special treatment. Marijuana should be legalized across the nation. Government laws are so outdated.

  154. With Missouri and legalization, Kansas City is both in Kansas and Missouri. I would be surprised if MO legalizes and KS is not far behind. It is very doubtful that KS will budge by choice, but the driving back and forth downtown and/or work commuting will pose a serious issue. Illegal at home and legal where you work (or vice-versa). Kansas was one of the last states to end alcohol prohibition, but Kansas City would have to adhere to either strict regulation on State Line or lax within the city limits. I would love to see that transpire, as I could move 15 minutes away and be in Missouri. I am egstatic they have such a powerful campaign!

  155. I totally agree with yer prediction… America is ‘tired’ of being “asleep” for far too long. It’s time to wake up and smell the reefer!

  156. Has anyone else noticed that every year since 2012 the price has been going down? I use to live in West Virginia and since Wa. and Co. legalized it, theres almost been a 100 dollar price drop. I guess its because the market is being flooded with it. I’m looking forward to the future price drops as more states legalize because I cant afford the shit !

  157. “Remember, you represent the everyone…” Alright then, it looks like you’re the king of English grammar. The comments section on theweedblog are not going to be in any way influential when state wide voting rolls around, so I wouldn’t worry your pretty head too much. As for creating a compelling argument for the cause, I don’t think that senselessly attacking a random person on the internet really helps your case. Nice try, though. (Whoops, I’d hate for you to get all pissy over the sentence fragment!)

  158. You’re being a jerk, Perhaps one should look at their own corners before judging others.

  159. I wish Louisiana wasn’t so backwoods, cause there are people, including myself that could benefit from medicinal Marijuana.

  160. I also have fibromyalgia and Cervical spine damage and I have a nerve degeneration that causes bee sting like pain in my face and legs. My Pain Management Doctor has me taking the highest level of Lyrica and Tramadol, 2 different Muscle relaxers and at my last appointment he put me on Cymbalta 2x a day! It takes the edged off but my pain level is so high its causing high B/P. I had a friend suggest I try some of hers and I was surprised. The pain was gone and I felt better than I have in 16 years. I don’t usually do things that are illegal, however, the pain is getting worse and I’m considering using it when my pain goes over the top. If it comes to a vote in Indiana, I would absolutely vote YES!

  161. if your not a regular toker it wouldn be long it depends on the person as far as body fat % and so on but a once in a while hit or joint probably only a week at the most. A heavy smoker usually can clean there system out in a month and thats a joint a day. and that also depends on the strength of the strain as well

  162. enoughisenough on

    Wisconsin needs to happen now, as well as our country as a whole. It is stupid that it has not happened already, people are being put in jail and being murdered because the government is taking their time. Just do it! Why wait any longer?

  163. I think louisiana should legalize. Majority of the state does. There are so many people in jail due to marijuana possession. There are so many other crimes that need to be focused on. Such as dangerious drugs that actually kills, rape, gang murders, etc. Louisiana should get ready to legalize because majority of citizens support it and the state could really use the tax money to make louisiana a more appealing state. People are going to start moving to states that are legalized and more money for that state. If marijuana was legal people would also quit smoking the synthetic marijuana. Marijuana is better than cigerettes and alcohol. Legalize Louisiana!

  164. SouthernSmokerEJH on

    No shit. Get with program southern states!!! Mississippi an Louisiana need to start being more progressive

  165. i REALLY THINK GEORGIA needs to legalize it because that would save space in the county & city jails, and prisons for the real criminals.
    I have never heard of anyone dying or hurting someone over weed.

  166. I think Florida could Legalize marijuana in 2016 if they legalize medical marijuana in 2014. It it would be a big blow to the anti marijuana movement just like California would too.

  167. I don’t see it happening in OK soon. Oklahoma is way too conservative and republican. Oklahoma is also way behind the times: *Last state to allow tattoo shops,. *Still not compliant with federal Real ID act. *has some of the most restrictive alcohol laws in U.S. If you need MJ, you may want to move!

  168. If you want to give your support, please have good arguments and make sure your English and spelling are good. Otherwise you are making us look bad, because the other side will point out your errors. Remember, you represent the everyone who wants it legalized. People still do ‘stupid shit’ when they’re high on marijuana, and saying that ‘pills’ are bad is a terrible argument because there are thousands of different kinds of ‘pills’, so there is no way you could make a comparison.

  169. I think wisconsin should be on the list to be totally legal for marijuana like Colorado. I think Wisconsin should be next. As for myself I use marijuana to help me with quite a few issues. I have always had an eating problem as well as sleep , depression, anxiety, and horrid back pain. When I use marijuana I am able to actually eat an hold it down I am able to actually sleep at night an not just have to lay there with my eyes closed I dont feel so depressed anymore my anxiety is I think completely gone an as far as my back pain due to a car accident… what back pain! Marijuana is not harmful unlike pills an alcohol. Those are the ones that cause people to do stupid Shit. The worst a person will do when they use marijuana is eat a whole lotta food cuz they got the munchies. Marijuana can out rule pills. They say pills can help with alot of mental problems as well as health. But they can also kill you in ten different ways. So legalise marijuana in Wisconsin.

  170. This is right Missouri’s campaign is a good one and its growing. I think legalization is imminent just a matter of time!!!

  171. I agree…Kentucky needs to step up. I have severe Fibromyalgia and several autoimmune diseases. Doctors are not prescribing narcotics anymore and I’m left with nothing! I feel marijuana may help!

  172. All the states actually alot people do have medical problems that marijuana could help give them a normal life

  173. Washington D.C But not Virginia? I wish we had more of a push for legislation here in VA. Watch us be the last state…

  174. TN should really be on the list, I love marijuana with a passion, and it has truly helped me in life through self medication. I feel that if it was legalized it would lower the crime rate here in Memphis.

  175. Until its removed as a schedule 1 controlled substance isnt all of this a giant waste of time? I understand and respect due process but isnt the real question we should be asking ourselves, why is medical marijuana still a schedule 1 why is this process starting from the bottom up. I could see if we were taking it to the supreme court but this isnt the case. Why is federal grasping ever so tightly to marijuana remaining a schedule 1. Why cant this start with the federal government removing marijuana as a schedule 1. Would that not make going through the legalization process at state level not a waste of time? As long as marijuana sits as a schedule 1 under law no matter where you are legal or not you could go to jail and have your record mark for life. Maybe I dont understand the process. It’s just that every time I research this subject I am always met with the conflict of schedule 1 over state law. Assuredly that will keep the people with the money for giant size cultivation and distribution far away from this industry. Not a great way to pioneer the industry. I mean cmon! this is just weed!

  176. Actually you are allowed to have up to 100 grams, grow up to 100 grams, and give someone 20 grams and only receive $150 fine no jail time. So I don’t see why we don’t just make the jump to legalization.

  177. I live in Texas and I think that it will be last here too, unfortunately. It needs to be legalized here and it’s frustrating to me as I live with so many health problems that would definitely be helped with marijuana. The list is too long to put on here but I’m tired of taking all these pills. If I could move to a state where it is legalized or at least has legalized medical marijuana, I would have moved already. Too many people are not informed or are just plain ignorant when it comes to MJ. This is the one thing I really hate about Texas. People like me and others need help now!!!

  178. maddog19722011 on

    Wow. Nowhere does it mention Pa.
    Not only is it surrounded by states accepting its purpose, but our Senator, Daylin Leach recently went on a taxpayer funded trip to Colorado, had 2 hits of some smoke, toured different growing facilities and shops and is currently in strong favor of getting medical marijuana legalized and recreational use as well. The only thing holding this up is Tom Corbett. Come November this will all begin to change for a more positive Pa. Corbett is going to lose this election. Just legalize it nationwide. How some states it’s legal and others you can get your door kicked in and be locked up is just plain unconstitutional.

  179. It’s great to follow all of your (american) effort for legalizing marijuana in every states, I hope my country, Indonesia will legalize it as soon,, cheeerrsssss m/

  180. Kentucky was slow in not allowing smoking indoors, but they need to get with the program here…

  181. Michigan needs to step up to the plate and make it fully legal instead of making ppl that need it jump through hoops of fire and spend $250 just to try and get a Michigan Marijuana Medical Cert Card. What this all says is that an individual is not qualified to know he or she is sick and needs at least 3 years of qualifying medical records and to be checked out by a doctor that issues a receipt for a check up than you have to send all the paper-work along with a fee to the state where some ass wipe makes the determination whether you qualify or not. Bottom line is you could be out of $250 and lots of wasted time and effort if your denied, just doesn’t make sense, …free the weed for anyone that needs it.

  182. There’s a website on the internet and I’m sorry that I can’t remember the link, but there’s a picture of the USA with all the States in different colors. When you click on your State it takes you to a complete list of all of the Representatives and Senators for your State and access via email to each one. Senators you’d email everyone, but you need to know your District to pick the correct Representative that represents you. You pick a topic and there’s a block to enter what you want to discuss and then you email your feelings about that subject and click send! It’s a fast and effective way to let your State and Federal Politicians know that if they come out against legalization of Cannabis in your State you will vote against them when they come up for re-election! If they get emails from enough pro-legalization voters, it might change a few minds about Marijuana.

  183. You forgot to mention liver failure! I have recently started taking 2000 mg per day of Milk Thistle which helps protect the liver. But this is 2014 and I’ve been on Narcotic Medication since around 2000. Although the DEA spouts Methadone as the most dangerous narcotic there is and have stopped doctors from prescribing it, it happens to be the least damaging to the liver and luckily I was on it exclusively from about 2005-2012, so maybe my liver isn’t in that bad a shape. I am praying that the Milk Thistle will do what it’s suppose to do. With my luck I’ll die from liver failure before Oklahoma legalizes medical cannabis.

  184. As much as I admire you and your opinions (and I’ve talked with you about this before), you may be way off the mark by leaving Oklahoma off your list of States who will legalize medical Cannibus by 2016, as a matter of fact we may have it on the ballot by Nov of 2014, with legalization by January, 2015! The writing’s on the wall. The petition being circulated in Oklahoma is very close to the signatures it needs to have the bill bypass the House and Senate and be put directly on the Ballot. Thanks to the incredibly hard work of “Oklahomans For Health” and the “Oklahoma Coalition to End Prohibition”! Between June 25 & July 29, Oklahoma has registered over 19,000 new voters! Primarily so that they can sign the petition. We may be at the very edge of the number of signatures we need (160,000) to have the Medical Cannabis Bill on the ballot in November! Thanks for listening. Please don’t crush my only prayer of being able to live the rest of my life somewhat free from pain! And please take the time to read this article.

  185. Denise Johnston on

    As much as I admire you and your opinions (and I’ve talked with you about this before), you may be way off the mark by leaving Oklahoma off your list of States who will legalize medical Cannibus by 2016, as a matter of fact we may have it on the ballot by Nov of 2013, with legalization by January, 2015! The writings on the wall. The petition being circulated in Oklahoma is very close to the signatures it needs to have the bill bypass the House and Senate and be put directly on the Ballot. Between June 25 & July 29, Oklahoma has registered over 19,000 new voters! Primarily so that they can sign the petition. We may be at the very edge of the 160,000 signatures needed thanks to “Oklahomans for Health” and the “Oklahoma Coalition to End Prohibition”! Read the following article:
    Thanks for listening and I know you don’t mean to crush the only hope I have of living thr remainder of my life being free from a majority of the pain I suffer!

  186. Denise Johnston on

    I also feel for you as I too have Fibromyalgia. I cry when they take my blood pressure. My entire body aches and the joint pain is critical! I also have degenerative disc disease, a failed Lumbar 360 dbl spinal fusion at L4/L5/l5-S1, with resulting nerve damage, an extremely bad L3 since it now takes on all the pressure, sciatic arthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging discs at c2-3, c3-4, c4-5, c5-6, and bone spurs at 3 of those levels that are getting closer and closer to fusing into each other. My life is no picnic. :(

  187. Denise Johnston on

    At least you had a doctor advise you to try it. My pain dr drug tests me randomly and if he finds even a trace of it in my urine I’m out as a patient and most likely blacklisted from what few pain mgmt physicians are left in Oklahoma! He’s already found a trace in me once and I gave the excuse that it was probably a trace that was left in the e-mist Hemp Oil I was trying to see if it helped me. I wish I knew for sure how long one small joint would take to leave your system. At least I’d have 1 day every month I could be pain free. I’m not a great grandmother yet, but I’m almost 55 and I’ve got a step-grandson who’s almost 16, so it’s always a possibility. Lol

  188. Denise Johnston on

    As much as I admire you and your opinions (and I’ve talked with you about this before), you may be way off the mark by leaving Oklahoma off your list of States who will legalize medical Cannibus by 2016, as a matter of fact we may have it on the ballot by Nov of 2014, with legalization by January, 2015! The writing’s on the wall. The petition being circulated in Oklahoma is very close to the signatures it needs to have the bill bypass the House and Senate and be put directly on the Ballot. Thanks to the incredibly hard work of “Oklahomans For Health” and the “Oklahoma Coalition to End Prohibition”! Between June 25 & July 29, Oklahoma has registered over 19,000 new voters! Primarily so that they can sign the petition. We may be at the very edge of the number of signatures we need (160,000) to have the Medical Cannabis Bill on the ballot in November! Thanks for listening. Please don’t crush my only prayer of being able to live the rest of my life somewhat free from pain! And please take the time to read this article.

  189. I’m a resident of Missouri and want to know how you would go about being allowed to grow commercially. Will there likely be some sort of registry or application process?

  190. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas will be last unfortunately. Hope I am wrong

  191. Indiana! I am a resident of this uninformed state. So many people here are desperate t o at the very least have medicinal marijuana legalized. I suffer with fibromyalgia,I am a great-grandmother, after all the meds.I had a Dr.(IN) tell me to try marijuana. I did. What a relief it gave me, unfortunately it was very hard for me to find, not something I could keep at home legally,hard to cover up so even tho I know what may be the best for me I must continue with meds. that give me little comfort, cause weight gain and are so new that there’s no way to know what my future will bring. If only the powers that be here in this state could walk in my shoes 1 day-be offered a way to live wiith this debilitating condition-maybe then those of us who have been search for so long could live life again. How dare them to force me to live this hell on earth when-even tho there is no cure-we could have the choice. Just give us the choice.

  192. What about PA., cause something here needs to give, especially since these prescription drugs (painkillers) are killing people EVERYDAY , but as long as these pharmaceutical companies are making their billions and these privatized prisons are making billions from petty cannabis arrest… such a shame that so many people have to suffer while others make mega bucks…

  193. darthhillbilly on

    Kentucky passed a hemp pilot project, then passed CBD oil legislation that no kid will benefit from. I am glad that other states are doing better on the legalization front. My state will most likely wait for the federal repeal of prohibition. I look forward to the day that no person, regardless of skin color, will be persecuted/prosecuted for using a plant that should be available to all. FREE THE WEED!!!

  194. darthhillbilly on

    With information being easier to access, The Powers That Be, are finding it more difficult to keep the wool over anyone’s eyes. Propaganda is harder to propagate, when the truth is easily discovered by using a search engine. FREE THE WEED!!!

  195. I’m right here with you. I don’t hear nearly as much about campaigns of any sort on a legalization front here in ohio. We are even still one of the state’s that treats hemp as a schedule 1 narcotic. :P at least we have the recent statewide decriminalization for under an ounce. I hope we can get the ball rolling and get there by 2020 at the absolute latest

  196. I would like to tell people be very careful planting pot because my husband was caught today in West Virginia . I think it is so ridiculous that alcohol that has killed tons of people is legal and weed is illegal it doesn’t seem right . Weed I have seen countless times on tv that has helped cancer patients and little kids that have seizures and aids patients eat and I have chronic pain and it helps me have a better quality of life . It should be legalized in every state . I don’t understand why that they can’t see the good it has done for people and listen to what the scientist and DR. say that it is a medication . In West Virginia there giving my husband a felony pretty much messing his life up and I’m so worried he is going to loose his job and get jail time for something that is not bad not one person has overdosed on weed or died . People that are against it don’t understand it and has never smoked it . Today a whole bunch of DEA agents came to my house like they were trying to catch some killer . I’ll bet West Virginia will be one of the last states that will legalize it but I do believe in the future it will be legal and should I just wonder how long it will take . Extremely upset !!!!

  197. I haven’t read about the Republican party being in favor of legalization. If the Dem’s can hold on to the Senate in November, Washington and Colorado can continue moving forward, hopefully along with some of the State’s on the above list. However, If the Republicans do gain control of both legislative branches of government, Only President Obama can stop them from derailing the current legalization movement .

  198. Derek James Hymas on

    My name is Derek Hymas,, just a smalltown nobody……but iI tell u what, with my slang and all, if weed were legal, I never would have been betrayed, stabbed in the back, shot, raped, cheated, lied to, manipulated, and as hurt as I am today and I’m only 28…. I am a smoker of the purest kind and those times I never had my weed meds must I say because it is gods given medication grown from his world, I chose to get alcohol in place of it, due to this ive almost killed someone, myself and hurt my wife likea vicious animal…..weed relaxes us and brings us all to a closer spiritual reality to God, makes us more aware of our surroundings unlike man made prescriptions and alcohol…this world of his you all have shit on is is still his and on your judgment day for going against something so good and positive, well, he wont be happy, marijuana is still a drug yes, I’m not saying smoke all u can, I just know how happy, content and relaxed I am on it….restart this world with legalization throughout the United nations use the taxes alone off the profits to bring my country out of debt….who stands with me….?

  199. I’m from Wisconsin, and as much as I wish we were on the list, I don’t think we should be. Wisconsin isn’t a state like Michigan, where the residents can start a petition and get laws placed on the ballot and then voted on by the residents. If that was the case, then it would probably already be legalized here. However, as long as Scott Walker and company are in office, marijuana legalization in Wisconsin is nothing more than a pipe dream (no pun intended). We’re going to have to wait until federal legalization, and even then, it will probably still be illegal at the State level here.

    It’s a sad, unfortunate truth that politicians don’t care about the will of The People.

  200. Dare I say it? Okayokayokay, I will. There are so many smoke screens being thrown up but they all fall apart when you point out that our government subsidizes alcohol, tobacco and firearms. The US is the biggest arms dealer in the WORLD. So, any arguments the feds throw up about protecting us from ourselves is so funny that IF I had a spliff I would hurt myself laughing.
    Come on, Wisconsin, catch up with Madison – your own damn capitol for Pete’s sake.
    Simply put: This is a personal freedom issue…all stats mention crime reduction, coffers increase to help the state help its citizens and mucho less violence…AND Sara Lee stock rockets!

  201. I think Wisconsin Should be on the List. Tax it like alcohol… Follow the steps as Colorado,
    Btw the crime rate will go down!! And it would REALLY HELP for the people that really need it, Plus it would boost up are economy!!!

  202. Rand Paul is not a teabagger; he is a Libertarian Lite. He does not support MJ but thinks it should be a states’ rights issue and he DOES support states’ rights, even states that choose a path he disagrees with. He seems intellectually honest but he is not a pure libertarian, and when he deviates from true libertarian beliefs it is always on the side of hard-core conservatism which gives me the heebee-jeebees.

  203. Lets pull out the American Heritage Dictionary to see what the word “Liberalism” actually means. For clarification, most political scholars use the second and fifth terminology’s to describe the modern word we now use for LIBERAL 1). Having, expressing, or following, social or political views or policies that favor non-revolutionary progress and reform. 2). Having, expressing, or following views or policies that favor the freedom of individuals to act or express themselves in a manner of their own choosing. 3). Belonging to a liberal political party 4). Of, relating to, or characteristic of representational forms of government. 5). Tolerant of the ideas, or behavior of others. 6 a.) Tending to give freely; Generous. ( Middle English, from Old French, from Latin liberalis, of freedom, from liber, free. “Liberalism” is defined as 1). Liberal views and policies, especially in regards to social or political questions 2). A liberating movement within Protestantism.
    It took two “liberal” Democrat states to begin dismantling of conservative,prohibitionist drug policies. Indeed, If one looks at the list of sixteen States listed in the article above, thirteen among the sixteen are managed by liberal Democrats. Rather odd that I could not find one “libertarian” listed among the leadership make-up of this group. Therefore, In fairness to others, please stop simply making shit up in your head and then posting it, in order to fit your personal political ideology.

    Libertarian’s didn’t “split” from the Republican Party over Nixon. In fact I don’t ever recall hearing about “libertarians” at all during this time. At least not in the context of being either with the right-wing pro -war hawks, or, among the increasingly violent anti-war movement. Years before the Watergate break in led to the downfall of Nixons Presidency, I was of draft age. I watched as Nixon pulled my birth date from a fishbowl. My number was 253 of 360. My best friends number was ONE. He left two weeks later and I never saw him alive again. This was late in the conflict, Nixon needed as much canon fodder as he could get, which he readily found among many poor young men of draft age, particularily in the Southern States. At this time if you got into trouble, even for a minor offense (smoking pot was way up there) this normally led to you’re being compelled by the county sheriff to “join up”. This, was happening while Nixon continued his illegal yet tremedous B-52 bombings of Lao’s and Cambodia.

    Making up your own definition of words, is one thing, re-writing history however, is quite another. Doing so is highly unfair, especially to my friends that lost their lives in SE Asia (there were many more than one), not to mention the at least four million Vietnamese citizens who died too. No, I was politically active at this time. And don’t recall ever hearing the word “libertarian” used during this period. Also, claiming that “libertarians were among ” the most active” carrying out the anti-prohibitionist message” is utter Bullsit . Anti-war demonstrator’s were “Hippies” , later, after many became ever more politically active, they called themselves “yippies”. Perhaps these eventually morphed into what one now considers, a libertarian? Hard to tell. Back then, I was truly unsure if America was going to survive being a country at all. Especially following the horrific events that occurred in 1968. So, please, again do me a favor. And get your facts straight before you post them. Have a nice weekend.

  204. Not a gateway. But winning them over makes the gains stronger rather than temporary. What you want to look for are TEA Party libertarians. The conservative faction will be tougher.

  205. Libertarians are the most reliable allies of the anti-prohibitionists. They split from the Republican Party over Nixon. And the libertarian leaning part of the population has been among the most active carrying the anti-prohibition message.

  206. Have you seen the latest med pot numbers in Florida? 88% favorable. Among Republicans it is only 80%. Even if the polls 10% high that is amazing. And you know what happens with some delay… BTW the Republican gov candidate is against the ballot measure. Despite his party being in favor.

  207. I don’t know about our entire state, but here in Louisville, kentucky they have heavily decriminalized marijuana in the past few years. You can now have up to half of a pound before it becomes a federal offense and anything under 2 ounces gets you a ticket and a fine less than what a speeding ticket would run you. However our legislature is so screwed up with old white guys that it would probably take federal legalization. It should be noted that hemp was our biggest cash crop until the end of world war 2 though! (When hemp was stupidly made illegal, 0% THC and a wonderful raw material!)

  208. The people complaining about no grows like you, Mississippi, or wherever you happen to live are from out of state. The retail law in Washington was designed primarily for Seattle’s summer cruise ship tourists. The wives with Fendi handbags, and husbands with Patek watches on their wrist. These people aren’t interested in growing their own weed. Not before they depart for Alaska, Hawai’i , the San Juan Islands, Great Bear Rainforest etch, etc. Most Washingtonians , especially in Seattle have medical authorizations. What this means Alabama is they’re already free to grow 15 plants, plus possess 24 ounces (one pound and a half of consumable bud ,honestly , what’s the point of a one off sale to basement growers ? Pass your own legalization law if you don’t like ours, Washington’s recreational law will eventually be amended to include grows. The law has been amended several times already. I’ve been buying from the same dispensary literally downstairs for years. At the price they sell to me, I’d be very hard pressed to grow it myself for much less than I pay now.Not everyone who wants to eat a hamburger wants to grow the cow. This states top priority right now is getting all 334 retail stores up and running. Have a nice weekend.

  209. Many agree with Paul’s view regarding cannabis., and look no further. There is a Tea-party extremist heart beating inside that chest.

  210. Thank you for the information. Not having enough dispensary’s must be hard for ill patient’s. Here in Washington Nurse practitioners and Doctor’s of Naturopathic Medicine are allowed to write medical marijuana authorizations. A nationally prominent school for Natural Medicine is located in Seattle (Bastyr Center for Natural Health). I think having that located here helped. Primary care physician’s have insurance companies breathing down their necks. Most of Washington’s authorizations are not written by a Doctor other than an M.D.

  211. Like it or not the political realm is where legalization will either succeed or fail. The first states to legalize medical marijuana in 1998 were then (and are still today) controlled by Democrat’s; namely, California, Oregon and Washington. Both Washington and Colorado the first states to legalize cannabis are Democrat. If you believe Tea-Party conservative’s are Americas gateway to legalization, then I’m afraid you’re in for a very long wait indeed.

  212. Also, despite the fact that the two NJ dispensaries are non-profit, the state requires them to pay 35% tax on gross income and donations, which is obscene. NJ will never have an effective medical cannabis program, let alone recreational cannabis, as long as Chris Christie is calling the shots. It’s tragic what’s happening in NJ.

  213. No. Medical cannabis exists in NJ in name only. The requirements that doctors must meet in order to recommend cannabis are intimidating to the doctors and with so few doctors participating most patients cannot get a recommendation even if they have a qualifying condition. It is so difficult to get a card that the state’s two dispensaries are on the verge of going broke. Cannabis use in NJ is also among the lowest in the nation so I would not add NJ to the list. They will be among the last.

  214. I am not suggesting that everybody should grow; I am suggesting that everybody should have that right. A plan B so to speak that will act like a check on prices.

  215. flourescent tubes-two cool white to 1 warm white for veg, opposite config+a clear incandescent(don’t start a fire)100w for flower. works!

  216. I’ve yet to hear one Tea-Party leader; including their self-appointed, national leader, Texas Senator Ted Cruz , call for an end to marijuana prohibition. Cruz recently renounced his Canadian citizenship ( being half Canadian myself, I’m offended).

  217. Thanks, but I know enough about the Paul’s political views. I just happen to disagree with them. Want some example’s: their belief in a “person hood” amendment, turning natural disaster assistance relief “back to the church’s, allowing private business owners the right to ignore the Civil Rights Act of 1964, etc. Are there some issue’s with which I happen to agree? Yes. Their belief that ‘nation building” abroad doesn’t work , ending marijuana prohibition ( although President Obama also agree’s with them on these two).

  218. Do NJ cities and towns have medical marijuana dispensary’s ? I believe New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws are fairly recent . I’m just curious. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting.

  219. Democrats spent many of the 80 years you mention cleaning up foreign war’s started by Republicans. Former Republican President. Richard Nixon, created the Drug Enforcement Agency (The DEA) in 1972. Shortly afterward, personal property confiscations began nationwide, many for simple marijuana possession. When people think of the drug war they think of the DEA brought to America by a Republican President.

  220. Danny Noonan-Miss on

    The mis-used term “liberal” means Leftist, which means Big Govt control. Conservative and Libertarians are more for personal freedom than Leftists. Pot legalization is not a right-left argument, it is a personal freedom versus Big Govt prohibition argument. Democrats have had 80 years, and multiple opportunities to legalize marijuana and they have been opposed to marijuana legalization since a Democrat put into effect prohibition. Read up and get educated.

  221. Danny Noonan-Miss on

    I keep hearing your stupid reference to “teabags” which simply shows how dumb/blind you are. There are millions of conservatives smoking medical and recreationally on a daily basis. Democrats completely controlled Congress and the Executive branch many times over the past 80 years and did absolutely ZERO to legalize cannabis, so leave your petty hate-filled politics out of this. ALSO, the most ardent ANTI-Pot politician is Kennedy of Connecticut (D) who actually has an organization actively opposing legal marijuana. Get educated and quit being so stupid.

  222. They are nuts! All of the damn red state politicians & their bible thumping holier than thou hypocrite base are whack jobs!!!

  223. I’m sick of hearing how the teabags are going to make things better for pot smokers! Load of CRAP!!!

  224. I thought the teabags were for pot, according to some of the right wing trolls spewing crap on this board!

  225. I can’t believe Wisconsin isn’t on this list! When I lived in Madison in 1977 I smoked in the streets,parks, bars etc seemed to be one of the most liberal states in the country!

  226. stellarvoyager on

    A64 is not going to be repealed. It is a constitutional amendment, and thus cannot be repealed by the legislature, only by a vote of the people. With the initiative retaining and even gaining support in polling, and the smooth rollout of retail sales, an initiative to repeal A64 would not stand a chance.

    Once people change their opinion from opposing legalization to supporting it, they don’t go back. It is a one-way street. And legalization has only been increasing in popularity nationally and at the state level since these measures passed. I myself, a long time ago, used to be opposed to legalization. Then I learned the facts and saw how much I was deceived by the prohibitionists, and I have never gone back to supporting prohibition. When you find out that someone has lied to you so blatantly for so long, you never trust them again. You resent them, and indeed despise them, for being so shameless, and at that point, you tune them out completely. The prohibitionists are rapidly losing credibility. With so much information out there now, it has become impossible for the prohibs to mislead people any more, hence the changing attitudes.

  227. I should have added look at Rand Paul and what he is pushing for. This is a great example of the Tea Party’s stance. I believe you can find what I am talking about elsewhere within this blog. Seek and you shall find said the Freak Brothers…

  228. Contrary to what you are trying to convey, next to the liberatarians, the tea party is your best bet to see legalization happen. The Republicans are too scared, and the Democrats want to regulate us to death.

  229. It would be great if that happened !

    After NoCal, my second favorite place to grow legally would be Redland in Dade County, FL. They have the perfect climate for Thai weed.

  230. Little Boots on

    Minnesota was once one of the leaders on this issue, decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana way back in the 1970’s. However since then the state has been tragically behind the times on continuing to dismantle the utterly failed laws underpinning the train wreck that has been marijuana Prohibition. Sadly, Minnesota went from being in the vanguard and a leader on this issue to being a mere follower of the more egalitarian, free, just, fair, civilized and equitable states like Washington and Colorado.

  231. Misha Byram of Texas on

    Will more than 30 states force Federal Government to repeal all anti-marijuana laws? I need proper answers and unique POV please. thanks

  232. As one who lived part of a misspent youth in the Southern Rockies ( Northern NM), I’d recommend you spend a winter there before fully commiting. Those average temp’s don’t mean much when that winds howling 30mph and it’s -20F. Just say’n…

  233. Not everyone has room nor an inclination to grow themselves. Some people are just simply terrible at it too. Collective gardens work well in this case.

  234. Isn’t that what people in 48 other states already do? My friend in Louisiana has 7 years left to serve of ten at Angola Prison Farm. This, for having a joint in his front shirt pocket. Legalization remains the best path forward.

  235. Are you referring to Oklahoma ? The Reddest State in America? Even my French cousins talk about Oklahoma’s politicians being nuts. Now that really would be something.

  236. please also ask that they vote to reclassify cannabis too. As it’s the best way to keep the Fed’s and right-wing kooks at bay.

  237. Unless cannabis is reclassified legalization will remain at the mercy of goober state politicians each election cycle.

  238. I agree with your political analogy regarding medical marijuana . Recreational is different. If the Republicans when the Senate this Nov. And keep the House too. It is my firmly held belief that ALL recreational legalization will go up in smoke.

  239. Legalization on the federal level will not make pot legal everywhere. It just removes it as a federal crime. It would not change any state or local ban on pot.

  240. Fl has initiative and referendum; they don’t need their governor to be on board. On the other hand, Chris Christie in NJ managed to slice the balls right off of that state’s legally enacted medical cannabis program…

    BTW this counts for an ounce…

  241. I can’t give you an arrow up because I don’t believe it but I hope I’m wrong.

  242. If we do not have the right to grow we will not really be free but always dependent on one Big Brother or another.

  243. Viel Glück für die Deutschen. Sie benötigen die Öffentlichkeit zu erziehen, wie Ihre Überprüfung zeigt Anzeichen von Angst.

  244. You might be right. I’ve heard it said that the Fed’s might not allow anymore multi-state legalization until they’ve see how things work out in Colorado & Washington. Colorado could easily slide back to being a Red State if they vote in a Tea-party Senator this November, which appears likely. Colorado is one election cycle away from repealing marijuana legalization.. This is not the same political situation in Washington. And it’s for this very reason that as yet after 20months have passed, that no Colorado bank has accepted cannabis business clients.

  245. Johnny Bloomington on

    Colorado’s temps aren’t that much different from Missouri. Co only has a low thats 5 or 10 degrees cooler around the Denver area. Washington is nice but even more$.

  246. kurtisbuddylee on

    What about the state of New Jersey? It`s already been legal for medical use. Even though Governor Christe is against it. The taxes and debt in New Jersey are also over very high and the Debt is in the Millions!!!!!!

  247. If you don’t like -20F temp’s you might try Western Washington’s temperate maritime climate, which makes Seattle feel like Miami, compared to Colorado. Colorado’s one Cold-assed place in the Winter. I’d rather ski in British Columbia & surf Vancouver Island even over the same weekend. Plus a big bonus is Honolulu’s an easy five hour non-stop flight from Seattle (and cheap if you shop around). Hawai’i will be legalizing soon too.

  248. I predict Oregon will choke once again. Nevada (I just returned from Vega’s) it still felt fairly Red-neck, but hey, look at Colorado. We’ll see how legalization lasts there the way those people vote,( like Kansan’s until a few years ago) Well see how the Tea-party feels about legalization there in Nov.as it appears Senator Mark Udall looks as though he’s going to lose to an anti -pot Tea party dipshit. I Don’t know much about D.C. If I go East, it’s to visit family in Switzerland and France. Switzerland is one of the best kept cannabis secrets in Europe.

  249. Question: Are there any light sources that does not require the use of a ballast for a 4×4 beginner garden. Please help me! Jersey

  250. Throw Mn in.I believe with the sad mmj law coming on board I think Mn will have a chance because of the tide turning with other states giving Mn the push it needs.Plus two yrs away gives the state plenty of time to say PROHIBITION SUCKS

  251. With legalization already on the ballot in Oregon, Alaska and DC, it is unlikely that NM will be #3. I bet Nevada comes in before NM.

  252. Yes – zero chance. A state that has engaged more than any other in severe drug penalties. Without a citizen initiative process, it is dependent on so many conservative politicians and an anti-pot governor.

  253. I think you are better off sticking to the polls. Western Oregon and Eastern Oregon are like two different states. I give legalization 50-50 because it failed in the past. Alaska, it is already quasi-legal, I think it will pass. Washington DC – no doubt at all. New Mexico, I haven’t seen the polling but they did elect Ron Johnson a long time ago.

  254. Perhaps if Florida didn’t. have the worst Governor in America today. Dump that dipstick and I think it can happen.

  255. New Mexico has a medical law. Something any state should be proud of.. I still predict New Mexico will become the third legalization state. I used to live in Santa Fe and Tao’s and it’s diverse culture and tourist trade are already in place.

  256. Time to vote out politicians who won’t allow our Nation to progress … we need to advance from the dark ages .. in order to grow and those who are holding back Medical Marijuana .. We need jobs and Hemp to grow our economy … 15 Trillion Dollar Deficit must go .. we have been in too deep … stop letting our people die .. stop letting our children die! MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!! EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS TO FREEDOM .. LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!

  257. Work on Gov. Goodhair to support medical cannabis for Texas’ ill patient’s. That would be a good start. Texas is only 16 years behind the West coast States on this Issue..

  258. I’ think New Mexico will be next.. Oregonians seem to cheap & price distracted to develop a realistic system that works. , Alaska (my native state) , is too Tea-Party. Therefore my $$$ on New Mexico.

  259. Bringing politics into this issue is not going to help get it satisfactorily handled and alienates a lot of people that would otherwise be on board with the initiative. Making ALL elected officials clearly aware of the needs of the patients and the benefits of doing so are the critical aspects of moving this initiative forward.

  260. May I ask why you put New York on the list? I feel like we will be among the last.

  261. Yeah Missouri is too conservative in this regard, but donate to Show Me Cannabis and let’s try to get it on the ballot at least!

  262. Imho..I can’t see how cannabis grown under lights can taste,smell, effect you the way Sun, soil , organic gardening of cannabis can. And why buy what you can grow? Ok so you could “hire” someone to grow it for you and turn over a crop every 3mo and produce a 1,000 pounds per harvest, but of what quality? (130-200) per oz? Then factor in paying the grower, lights, fans, water, ect. Compared to building a 100-50ft greenhouse, solar fans, water, organic fertilizer. Grown from March-mid-October early November and harvest a 1,000lb sweet, no chemical taste sticky ? That you grow and quality of (320-400) per oz.. Small Micro-Grower! Who sell to friends and work as wholesalers, making about : 320×16=5120per lb.×1000=512,000 per 1000lb. At some point the price. Will drop,but quality will command a higher price! Just say yes, grow your own Micro-Cannabist business! Just my H.O.

  263. Albuquerque New Mexico on Monday turned in there petitions to the city to have Cannabis D criminalize. It was understood that in order to get on the November ballot, 11,000@ signatures would be needed, and as of Monday 15,000+@ where turned in. Now a Republican city Council person is now saying that a mistake was made and to get the Decrime petition on the ballot it would now take 15,000@ signatures! Just proves that the City of Albuquerque is ruled govered control by Oligarchs. ..I guess the dayz of the Range Wars never left New Mexico. The so called leaders? Of this state will lie, cheat, steal and obfuscate issue to the citizens. The only cure for there Psycho Pharalogcal McCarthyism hive mind approach to Reagan’s 30years trillion dollars war on citizens is Legalisation!

  264. No free will here. I am compelled to add to this thread. I’m not betting either way, but it would be nicce to score an oz o’bud.

  265. Washington, D.C. , my problem is the federal government has veto rights over DC Laws

  266. Watch OK. As unbelievable as it sounds, the petition circulating to get medical marijuana on the November ballot is really doing well, and the last poll showed over 70% support for medical legalization.

  267. This is a good and bad thing. Legalization is finally happeningbut it should not have taken so long, legalization nationally should not take another 2 year or 4 years. It takes drug companies jut a few years to get a drug FDA approval. The frog companies use a couple thousand people to test the drugs. Marijuana has had millions of people test and study it.we all know what the side affects are. Munchies.. Pharmacy drugs side effects are and could be kidney failure, blood in stool, stroke, blood clots,, make you susceptible to illness, they can make you addicted to them, the can cause lung infection, blindness, diarea, plus other things. Has anyone ever had an adverse reaction beside not knowing your tolerance. Everyone please call your legisltature and get legalization on the ballet for November let’s not wait another 2 years. Call your politictions, your city mayors, your Representitives, call your senators your goveners. Let them all know how you feel let them know how you will vote if they do not vote for legalization. Get registered to vote. Go vote. Let your voices be heard.

  268. we are close to the tipping point, where things will change dramatically.
    all that’s needed now is a little extra push from everyone involved in legalizing cannabis… let’s get this thing done now!

  269. I see marijuana becoming a greedy industry as well. I just want to be able to grow it or know someone that grows it and I can buy it off of them.

  270. The Tokester on

    That is red hot that all this legislation is happening. It’s only going to get better, and I think this is the most interesting news, the legislation, apart from the weed strains. This is better than New York Times.

  271. I’ll make an unusually optimistic (and unlikely) prediction: the Feds will legalize it by then.

  272. Johnny Bloomington on

    I hate living in Missouri and if the stars a line, I’ll be going to Colorado. But if not, I’ll be spreading the word and voting in Missery.

  273. John Cabrera on

    Come on, Missery. I might have to relocate if it doesn’t pass in 2016. State is boring as hell.

  274. None. 2014 and 2016 will be a flop. I predict that all the marijuana initiatives will lose thanks to SAM.

  275. Florida will be 2016. Once MMJ passes in November, expect another initiative to be filed for 2016 for full legalization. Mark my words. If I am wrong, I will personally give an ounce to every person that comments on this thread. Yes, I am serious!

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