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Which States Will Vote On Marijuana Legalization In 2016?

2016 election marijuana

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The 2016 Election is not that far away, especially for campaigns. Signature deadlines vary across the country, but they will be up sooner than later. Campaigns are working very hard to get marijuana legalization on the ballot in many states, some having better chances than others of making it on the ballot. I was hopeful that over a dozen states would make the ballot in 2016, and maybe there will be some significant changes that help some states catch up. But for now, below are the states that I feel will make the ballot, and in the case of Nevada, already have made the ballot:


As is always the case in California, there are multiple initiatives. I have seen a lot of people on social media promoting each one of them, but I haven’t seen any text for some of the initiatives, and haven’t seen polling for any of the initiatives. I do believe that ultimately most people will band together with ReformCA as time goes by, which seems to have the most resources for its initiative. WeedMaps has put up two million dollars for a legalization effort, and Justin Hartfield recently did an interview in which he said that there are multiple billionaires in California that are willing to fund an effort that shows promise. For the sake of California, and for the sake of the greater movement, I hope legalization can be achieved in California in 2016. California used to lead the way on marijuana policy, and has since fallen behind. California is an enormous state, and if it legalized, it would open the flood gates for legalization in other states in future elections, and would create a recreational state industry that would dwarf all other recreational marijuana states combined I’d imagine. I would estimate that a successful campaign in California would run upwards of 20 million dollars, which obviously is a huge pile of money, but is not that much for a handful of California billionaires.


I think that Arizona will ultimately make the ballot. I know that MPP is pushing for it very hard right now, and the signature gathering effort seems to be going well. Polling is strong for the initiative and I think that Arizona joins the other states that have legalized marijuana. I don’t like the Arizona provisions as much as Oregon’s, but it’s certainly better than prohibition.


As I previously stated, Nevada has already made the ballot. And barring some crazy unforeseen circumstance, I think this initiative passes by a decent margin. Because of how many tourists visit parts of Nevada, this could lead to an enormous market. I know that many of my friends think that Vegas could become the marijuana capital of America because of the culture that’s already in place there, the amount of people that travel there, and the fact that people are willing to spend more money when they go to Vegas compared to other places.


There are multiple efforts in Michigan, but the one I am rooting for the most is MiLegalize. I have worked with their campaign to help spread awareness, and their signature gathering effort is right on schedule. The Michigan Cannabis Coalition has already gathered over 170,000 signatures according to media reports I’ve read, and I think it’s quite possible that Michigan could see two versions of legalization on the ballot.


Maine is so overdue on marijuana legalization. I thought for a long time that Maine would be the first to legalize via its legislature, and that could very well still happen, but if not, I expect to see a legalization initiative on the ballot, and that it will pass. The initiative has great funding, polled well, and has been generating a lot of buzz. Maine has multiple efforts underway, but unlike Michigan, I think we will likely only see one of those efforts make the ballot.


Massachusetts’ initiative also has great funding and polled well. I think it makes the ballot and passes by a decent margin.


Ohio of course is voting on marijuana legalization in 2015, not 2016, but I felt it was worth mentioning. The ‘grow for profit’ provisions are not good, and the use of Buddie the marijuana mascot is absolutely a terrible idea, but despite those things, Ohio has a great shot of becoming the fifth state to legalize marijuana for better or worse. The initiative is going to be joined by another item on the ballot that would prevent the initiative from becoming law. A legal battle would almost certainly ensue if both were to pass, with both sides having valid legal arguments to make. In a perfect world, the Ohio Supreme Court would uphold the legalization initiative, allow it to become law, but strip away the 10-entity grow-for-profit provision. Then everyone would win, well, other than the financial backers of ResponsibleOhio. They would still be able to grow for profit, but just not exclusively.

Legislative Action

I think that between now and Election Day 2016 we will see a state legislature legalize recreational marijuana. Many states have tried and failed, but every year that goes by states get a little closer. I’m not sure that we will see it in 2015, but I definitely think at least one state will do it in 2016, if for any reason because the state’s politicians finally realize that legalization is inevitable, and they want to get out ahead of it so that they can craft the laws. I just hope that the laws they craft are fair, and if not, that everyone will band together to push an initiative the next election cycle to fix whatever was passed.

Medical Marijuana

2016 will see at least two states voting on medical marijuana in my opinion. The first is Florida, which voted on medical marijuana in 2014 and it almost won. 2016 will be a more favorable year, the campaign will be better after learning a lot during the 2014 effort and I think the initiative gets pushed over the top this time, which would be absolutely huge on many levels. Florida is a very significant state in the overall cannabis reform battle, and it would be a huge domino. But an even bigger domino in my opinion would be Missouri. I know a lot of national organization leaders want to boo-hoo the effort, but I have worked with the Show-Me Cannabis campaign since 2012, and I know that they have solid funding, some of the best polling results I’ve ever seen for an effort, and they have more momentum than ever before. A victory in Missouri, which is a very conservative state, would send a message to all other states in America that reform is coming, and that every state is in play.


What do TWB readers think? Did I miss a state? If so, list it below and state why you think that state has a legit shot of making the ballot. In a perfect world every state would legalize marijuana and regulate it like tomatoes, and successful campaigns would run off of volunteers and many small donations. But the fact of the matter is politics don’t work that way, which is why we have never seen an initiative make it on the ballot given those parameters, let alone win on Election Day. Initiatives need language that polls well so that it brings in the large donors. Politics is expensive, which sucks, but that’s the reality of the situation. 2016 will be a watershed election year, and will largely be the point from which marijuana reform’s momentum is measured. If six states legalize marijuana in 2016, and a state legalizes between now and then via a legislative action, and Florida and Missouri legalize medical marijuana in 2016, it’s game over for prohibition. Someone should let Kevin Sabet know that Walmart is hiring now so that he can prepare for the future.

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  1. It may grow there but some of your beattles may be a concern. Here on the west we have alot of natural bugs that protect the plants

  2. I think initially, most grow operations would be greenhouse and either hydro or container based plants. I personally would prefer that in order to better provide security for my operation as well as ensuring crop availability. But as for Western KY I think marijuana would survive and flourish in that soil! But you are right, time will tell and times they are a changin’!

  3. I feel that eventually it will be legal in Kentucky however, we are a very conservative state. With that being said, I see it being grown in Kentucky and providing jobs and generating needed revenue in places where tobacco is currently growing now. Our soil in Western Kentucky is unique as dark fired tobacco is grown only in our area. Therefore, I have to wonder how marijuana would do in my part of the state. I guess time will tell…

  4. After flordia comes texas. I like the idea of MM here in texas. Makes more sense than pills being shoved down your throat for pains and/or mental illness. This also creates jobs and opportunity on this natural beautiful green earth

  5. There is a motion in Kentucky to bring the discussion of medical marijuana to the forefront in the 2016 Kentucky legislature. At present there is no effectively organized and managed effort in the state to conduct signature gatherings, rally’s or to garner or even measure the support of the people. I have no doubt that Kentuckians would favor an end to prohibition as Kentucky could see an enormous gain in tax income and economic revenue.

  6. PliableDiamond on

    California is overdue in getting it right. There are so many people growing in Californa now its amazing. When Ace Hardware starts selling products that are commonly desired by cannabis growers you can see the writring on the wall. Fifteen years ago Ace sold nothing that could help a grow except soil…

  7. Jessica Perkins on

    Arkansas definitely needs the legalization and dispensaries because there are so many here in pain that we even have pain management offices and, I can tell you, at least the part of the state I am in has thousands of recreational and medical users ready and waiting for legalization. The city I am in has an extremely high rate of unemployment and this would provide lifetime careers for so many struggling families. How do we group together and find the voting times and locations to make this happen? I ask because every time this is voted on I only heard about it after voting time is over. Honestly if there were more media covering the time and date of these polls I strongly feel that dispensaries could officially open in all states of the beautiful USA next year.

  8. Socialists. Telling other people what to do and failing at it with their pretentious assumptions and superiority complexes time and time again. Maybe you should move to Cuba or Venezuela if you hate everybody who doesn’t think like you in this country.

  9. Sounds like you should twist up a fattie and just chill the hell out. You seen very stressed. Is this election getting to you? You should know that MMJ has natural mellowing agents that can take the pain of losing right away. You should accept that Socialism
    is the best thing for the country today. The gap between now rich and the poor has widened to the point that traditional government cannot repair it. In addition, the current bunch of GOP nut jobs will never be able to beat the Dems regardless of who the candidate should be…… So for aa highly stressed individual such as yourself laying up a good supply of weed, you know, enough to get you past next November might just save you from a complete mental breakdown. It’s a brave new world …..deal with it.

  10. Looks like you have missed Scott Supak here, acting like a bigot against everyone that isn’t a Bernie Sanders, Democrat party cheerleader or who point out the failings of socialism throughout history. This guy enjoys drowning out any opinion he disagrees with childish terms like constantly calling people Glibertarians or falsely accusing them of being GOP groupies and using straw man arguments accusing them of saying things they never said. And way too many commenters here were egging him on and not saying anything about his abusive temper tantrums when he was on here regularly doing so.

    When I pointed to a legitimate criticism of the Democrats in my state illegally keeping independents off our ballots for 25 years with discriminatory election laws, Scott Supak couldn’t stand any criticism of the Democrats and resorted to personal mocking and saying “boo f’ing hoo” about election laws that are blatantly anti-democratic.

    That type of behavior against those with political beliefs which aren’t socialist, is a prime example of socialism’s failures through out history. In a nutshell, hating everyone that isn’t a socialist, mocking them, shouting over them to drown out their political speech which then leads to the use of government force to limit free speech by putting political activists in prisons (like China still does) and finally controlling all elections by keeping competition with opposing views off the ballots (like my state already does) leading to oppressive socialist dictators and/or one-party socialist regimes like China and several other countries.

    You show up two months later and ask me what I’ve been smoking? You’re the one that is two months late. Luckily, this Scott Supak hater hasn’t been around much lately and there have been more commenters here that don’t get hateful when people point out Democrats have some horrible flaws that can be just as bad a Republicans. You asked.

  11. don’t worry about that guy. What the hell was he even talking about. Rand Paul defender? really? At least with Ron Paul he was actually a libertarian, Rand Paul is so far right ring he might as well be a nixon.

  12. there is no age limit now and there never will be. if you thank about when we put an age limit. that means people or kids don’t have the right to be seizure free or cancer free they to deserve there right to life

  13. Curtis Slinkard on

    Yeah they have totally jumped the gun on what they are trying to get legalized. If they let the ones going through the Senate and House one of those would of passed but then they let it go cause of this bill coming up with no restrictions on it. That’s not going to pass cause how I read it there isn’t even an age restriction!!!! Not even I would vote for that.

  14. Ohio has an issue 2 that would kill any Legalization in Ohio, this year or any year. It would kill any bill that declares a tax amount. Let us pretend the readers are smarter than this reporter and understand that if a bill was passed without actual tax amounts, the crooked politicians would tax it so much, it would never work. We have 10 huge grow areas to feed the Personal Marijuana group and we will also be allowed to grow at home, after paying a $50 a year license. those that whine about that should look at what it cost to just fish and hunt. In 4 years a new commission would be able to add grows 11-100 if they wish. Every pharmaceutical Corporation gets like 20 years monopoly on new drugs, 4 years for 10 different corporations with thousands of stockholders is hardly a monopoly. I pray and hope this passes. For all the truly sick and dying patients that this would help..

  15. A wonderful thing is happening in Wyoming folks. We’re going to Legalize Cannabis here!
    Wyoming NORML is working very hard right now to provide an opportunity for the people of Wyoming to VOTE
    on whether we want to have a Medicinal plant made available to people who, along with their doctor, agree that this remarkable substance could help to improve their quality of life and perhaps, the quantity too!

  16. A wonderful thing is happening in Wyoming folks. We’re going to Legalize Cannabis here!
    Wyoming NORML is working very hard right now to provide an opportunity for the people of Wyoming to VOTE
    on whether we want to have a Medicinal plant made available to people who, along with their doctor, agree that this remarkable substance could help to improve their quality of life and perhaps, the quantity too!
    If you want to help, send us your donation please http://www.wyomingnorml.org/home.html

  17. How does a President do what is the Legislators job?

    Ever heard of voting and accepting you aren’t a majority opinion if you loose?

  18. @shaggy: have you ever read Harry Levine’s research outlining why cops support prohibition? He says everything Kevin Sabet and the drug czar don’t want you to know.

  19. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Austin (my loss!), and yes, it’s a bastion of sanity and creativity. And as you insinuate, cops walking the beat are not the ones supporting prohibition. Their bosses do to keep numbers up and finance themselves. (Also true here in NYC, weed arrest capital of the world.)

  20. Apparently you have never been here in Austin lol everyone smokes I’ve even had cops giving me a ticket for it while telling me how they used to smoke.

  21. No, NM is not doing it county by county. Some municipalities are attempting to lower penalties associated with possession of an ounce or less and lower law enforcement priority…but is is still illegal. Like I said…we’re at the mercy of our corrupt and ignorant politicians…NM will be one of the last states.

  22. When will ReformCA publish their initiative? I keep waiting to read the actual text of the proposed ballot initiative.

  23. Nebraska will more than likely have a legislative bill put forth in 2016 as well as a constitutional amendment petition initiative. It’s just a matter of whether we get the required signatures before the legislature can accomplish anything. I personally would rather see it go by way of the petition because we will have much better language and more control over what the law says. Nebraska passed quite a few progressive laws last year and I see this passing also.
    If you would like to help a red state that borders Colorado legalize medical cannabis, let me know!
    Deena Province

  24. Bernie Sanders isn’t an independent now. He’s running for the Democratic nomination for President.

    You do know you can look these things up, right?

    “Scott Supak just wants socialism without democracy or free speech, just like a good totalitarian communist”

    More lies. I’m a libertarian socialist, like Bernie. While those might sound like contradictory terms to you, I suggest you look into the phenomenon. You’ll find people like Chomsky. And Ghandi.

  25. Rand Paul is going to turn this country into Somalia according to the socialists that post here. Better not mention Rand Paul’s actual record on cannabis in federal office on this website or you will be labeled a GOP groupie, even if you’ve never donated to, worked for, or voted for a GOP candidate.

    Socialists don’t like the truth, but they sure do enjoy personal attacks and shouting down anyone who disagrees with them. Especially that Scott Supak commenter who says “boo f’ing hoo” if you even mention that some states discriminate against independent candidates like Bernie Sanders and keep independents completely off the ballot for decades upon decades. Scott Supak just wants socialism without democracy or free speech, just like a good totalitarian communist, and he’s in favor of Bernie Sanders no matter what and will attack everyone who doesn’t kiss his ring.

  26. The border states like arizona, california, and Texas are key states to have it legalized …there will not be a demand to bring it in illegaly to the these states since it will already be legal. If you’re going to vote republican then support (R) rand paul and if your voting democrat then support (D) bernie sanders.

  27. Besides states, we need to make sure we have the right president in 2016… like Bernie Sanders and not a republican like Carli, which she lied, (her child) she said she lost was 35yrs old had nothing to do with weed she was addicted to prescription pills and alcohol…and was her husbands daughter and not hers.

  28. Immediate action on descheduling right off the top. Eliminating the witch hunt pre employment testing immediately after that. Lives have been flipped upside down because of METABOLITES for years. I’ll never understand why last weekend’s buzz should rip someone’s life apart.

  29. New Mexico seems to be doing it by the county, if you don’t live in Santa Fe or Abq, were screwed! I’m up outa here asap, damn 3rd world politics, the governor here wanted to scale back the whole program last year, it sucks here.

  30. Its just like jesus and the easter bunny. Smoke being bad for you is a myth. The hypocracy of alcohol being legal is amazing. That being said – i do like bradley, 1st take care of head. I could give a $uck about laws. I know my moral compass. And im free.

  31. Show-Me Cannabis campaign has done nothing to help 2016 in MO. they are a sellout. you sir have failed to admit the real pusher for real Full legalization

  32. 2016 is too far away. This year alone 1.6. MILLION Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer and half of them will eventually wind up dying of it.
    Oncologists need every weapon they can to fight Cancer and make life tolerable for Cancer patients. 82% of Oncologists them want their Cancer patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana. Every Cancer patient should have the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana. Every. Single. One.

  33. Isn’t Arkansas pushing for MMJ in 2016? They came surprisingly close to passing it in 2012, and I thought it might have a chance in 2016. They did just elect uber republican Tom Cotton though, so who knows what they are thinking.

  34. We need immediate action at the federal level. American Children are suffering and dying — needlessly. The current situation is a national disgrace.

  35. Call (202) 456-1111 and keep on calling until the President takes Marijuana off of Schedule 1.

    85% of Americans want Marijuana legalized for Medical Purposes.

    So does Surgeon General Murtha, the AMA and the ASCO — The American Society of Clinical Oncologists.

  36. Everyone who cares about this issue should call white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 to ask the President to take Marijuana off of Schedule 1 immediately.
    Call as often as you like — at least once a day — and ask everyone you know to call and keep on calling too until he does it.

    Don’t wait until you or someone you love gets Cancer to get involved.

    By then it will be too late.

  37. Patients are restricted in order to prevent healthy people from using cannabis. As long as we legitimize “recreational” cannabis prohibition, patients will suffer.

  38. That sucks! I’m looking to move to a state that supports it (medical now, recreational in 2016). But it won’t truly matter until they de-schedule it at the federal level. I hope every day that’ll happen, which may yield additional support in the states that need that extra push. Most just don’t want to go against the government.

  39. I have yet to see an unbiased study from a government or anti-legalization group, other than cancer.gov which did report that marijuana does have positive effects on cancer.

    As for the anti-legalization commentators, I’ve seen nothing but name calling and outright spite. Some commentators have provided some references to all the same biased reports that have since been debunked, but nothing new. Yet every week I’m seeing new positive information.

    Something about the federal government not declassifying marijuana feels very illegal. Especially being they actually hold patents for the medical use of the plant. In the article below, they refer you to US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”


    Between this, and the cancer.gov report, how can it stay scheduled any longer? The longer they keep it scheduled, the more kids are going to know they’re lying, and wonder what else are they lying to them about. If Gov. Jeb Bush smoked, and he can run for president… if President Obama smoked and he is presidet… then meth must be even safer!

    Deschedule, and let the states set their own legalization statutes. Then folks can move to where they want or need.

  40. First walmart does not want a sniveling lier like Kevin Sabot working at the stores. He will find another meal ticket band wagon to join.
    I can’t wait until it’s time to vote, I will be voting to legalize Michigan.

  41. This issue has risen to the level of a moral imperative — much in same way that the need to end segregation and ensure civil rights did decades ago.
    Americans who need Medical Marijuana shouldn’t be treated as “second class citizens””
    Neither should the companies who produce it.
    For Americans, especially American Children with Seizure disorders, Marijuana isn’t about “getting high” its about “staying alive”
    Americans who want to end the prohibition of Marijuana have the moral high ground.
    Its long past time to drive that point home in every discussion and debate on this topic.

  42. I’d like to urge everyone here to read the special issue of “Nature outlook” about Cannabis.
    Nature is the journal where Watson and Crick published their article on DNA.
    The two top scientific journals in the world are Science, published in the US and Nature, published in Europe.
    If you’re got the money to subscribe to them, they’re well worth it.

    As a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer Research, this whole subject makes me want to pull out what little hair I have left :-)
    Marijuana isn’t just a “Wonder Drug” its a whole bunch of them.
    Many years ago I said “Marijuana is a rain forest in a single plant”
    The more we learn about it, the more its clear that’s true.

    Americans are suffering and dying — needlessly — because of bad laws passed on the basis of “Big Lies”

    That’s unacceptable.

  43. We need action take at the federal level now.
    This year 1.6 MILLION Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer.
    Half of them will eventually die of it.
    Every one of them deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.
    The 2016 election is too far way.
    For far too many Americans, its literally a matter of life and death.

  44. We need action taken at the federal level now.


    Americans who are sick or dying shouldn’t have to buy their medication on the “black market”
    Medical Marijuana is medicine. Kids with seizure disorders aren’t helped by what people buy on the street.
    The kind of Marijuana oil they need is only available in states that have real medical marijuana laws.
    Cancer patients can use “black market marijuana” to help with their symptoms, but its Russian Roulette if they try to use black market “hash oil” to try to do High Dose Medical Marijuana Oil Therapy (HDMMOT) and God only knows what pesticides, etc are in that they get on the street.
    Step 1 is to make sure that Americans in all 50 states who need Marijuana as Medicine can get true Pharmaceutical grade Medical Marijuana products safely and legally.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta is right —

    “We should legalize Marijuana. We should do it Nationally. And we should do it now”

    Legitimate Medical Marijuana patients, especially Cancer patients and Children with Seizures need Pharmaceutical grade Medical Marijuana products.

    Having said that, people who use Marijuana recreationally shouldn’t have to take the chance of getting the equivalent of “bathtub gin”

    Its time for people to stand up and say “enough it enough” the current situation is pure BS.

    It is every bit as IMMORAL to deny Americans with a legitimate need for Medical Marijuana as it would be to deny diabetics insulin or Americans with life-threatening infections antibiotics.

  45. Many of us here in Texas are pushing for at the very least full legal medical cannabis not just for epilepsy as it is currently and hopefully full legalization in 2017 when our next legislature meets.

  46. I feel your pain. I voted republican exclusively since I started voting in 2000. I have since changed my voting affiliation to “independent”. Republicans Matt baker and mike turzai are the two people in Pennsylvania who are killing this off. Those are the two we need to vote out whenever their time comes around.

  47. Nowhere near. They’re too busy worrying about giving money to entrenched union interests and one-percenter developers for third-rate baseball teams.

  48. I’m in Florida and I’m just not seeing the enthusiasm this time around. The proposal is much more restrictive then last time and only a few conditions will qualify for medical marijuana use. Of course I’ll still vote for it, but I’m just seeing a lot of apathy towards the effort this time.

  49. Johnny, I know that you read these comments and if you notice a lot of people are talking about Texas. Most of the people in Texas want to legalize it. The politicians though are not listening to the people.

  50. Uh…no…it isn’t on the 2016 ballot and voters have no avenue to get it on the ballot. We’re at the mercy of our corrupt and largely ignorant politicians. New Mexico will be one of the last states #fact

  51. Texans are still convinced that weed is evil and prohibition works, aka, “if we legalize, use rates will increase.” (Heaven forbid!)

    Here’s the antidote:

    In the 1970s cannabis interdictions were measured in pounds and they made front page headlines. Today they are measured in hundreds of tons and are commonplace. In 1937 nobody knew what recreational marijuana was, least of all teachers and students. Today it’s ubiquitous in every high school.

    Why? Because making cannabis illegal no more convinces consumers that it’s evil than us screaming at Texans convinces them that it’s good.

    Once Texans understand that prohibition doesn’t work and in fact subsidizes production, the only question for them will be: who will sell weed? Subsidized gangs and terrorists who encourage kids to buy and sell, or taxed, God fearing Texans who care about kids?

  52. Unfortunately Pennsylvania isn’t on the list. The damn Republicans, of which I am registered but havent voted that way in Pa elections in 4 years, have kept a MMJ bill stalled in The House for the past several years. Its the only state in the NE without a MMJ program. Full legalization is still just a pipe dream here. Im physically disabled with sever neuropathic pain but I can have all the opiates I want, just no cannabis. In four years I plan on moving to a more weather friendly state that will have at least a MMJ program. Old white Republicans in Pa are unbelievable!

  53. After reading your post I tried to come up with a easy to understand method to convey the message across the USA with you. Read my post on the weed blog.

    Thank you, Steve from maryland

  54. When it comes to making marijuana legal for medical or recreational use look for the benefits for marijuana users and those that do not use. This is the only way to responsibily look at the whole picture.

    1. How many men and women will benefit from it after returning from serving their tour of duty for the U.S.A.

    2. Medical patients need access without the fear of possession charges and jail time.

    3. It needs to be taxed fairly to be affordable for all who desire to enjoy themselves responsibly.

    4. Marijuana growers who are legal need to work hard to use solar and other environmentally friendly methods of production. Good business sets examples for others.

    5. How many jobs in this new legal distribution, sales, and growing business help the unemployment rate. Does it mean jobs for young adults after serving in the military.

    6. Watch every move the government intends to do with the tax revenue.

    7. Revamp the D.E.A and law enforcement to focus on nasty illect drugs and trafficking. Synthetic drugs like k2 and bathsalts are deadly. Crack and herion are deadly. Keep in mind it is easier for children to access k2 than marijuana.

    8. Most important. Help people understand the benefits of legal marijuana.

    9. Please continue this list of benefits with me to help state and federal government understand legal money is good.

    Thank you Johnny Green for this place to post.

    Thank you army, navy, airforce and marines

  55. Land of the free just doesn’t mean much here probably because our government is so strict it’s kind of a false statement Texans are probably more behind the statement don’t fuck with us or you’re dead lol … I mean shit look what happened to Mexico after they fucked with us from a world power too nothing. The only reason Texas even joined the US in my opinion was because of debt think about it Texas used to stretch all the way up to Canada why would you give that up unless you had to.

  56. There is something in the water of Texas that washes away compassion and empathy. You would think that in a state that was once a country that “The Land of The Free” would mean something but instead, it’s the land of the evangelicals rule.

  57. I just wish I knew a way to get it into the minds of Texas politicians that it’s going to happen and they need to get with the program just sometimes seems like they are the kind of people that need to be forced to do something about it, and unfortunately Texans keep voting for shitty politicians who only care about their own gain not the Texans whom which the majority of them want full legalization… it also kind of sucks that you very rarely see Texas here on the weed blog which basically means either very little or no progress unfortunately.

  58. What about New Mexico? It’s already on 2016 ballot!, work still needs to be done since New Mexico wasn’t meant mentioning. Let’s get some hard work done so that people remembers to vote on it since it’s already been in ballot/

  59. We can’t convince some folks (especially in the Bible Belt!) that weed is good or even less dangerous. But we can convince them that prohibition fails to curb supply or demand – that they can’t stop us from consuming it (legal or not) which means either having an illegal market that susudizes terrorists and gangs and allows kids to buy and sell, or a regulated market that doesn’t.

  60. “Dissenting opinions are welcome”. Nice to see in print on this site. This has not always been Johnny Green’s position on free speech. For shame! Cannabis and free speech should go hand in hand — unless you’re a good white liberal who has assimilated the appropriate taboos to never think about. I remember when I wrote that I wasn’t sure if DABS could become a drug of abuse—that was a big no-no, and Green suppressed the comment. I had to repost it.

  61. You missed VT which will be the first state to pass via the legislature- and as such- a monumental milestone. Shap Smith, speaker of the house, has come out in support, Gov. Shumlin says he’ll sign it. Shap, who wants to be gov, changed his position because regulation is supported by the majority which means politicians are being forced to capitulate! Another milestone!

  62. Stephkeith Owens on

    they are making me pay 1200,for a lawyer and when i get done i will have to do community service and pay the court 1000 or so ,and they want to put me on SUPERVISED PROBATION for one gram and a bong.the cops walking past my apt smelled weed waited for me to come out and bum rushed me.they told me to just give it to them then i could go on to work. and now they want to treat me like a criminal.i grew up on the streets ,ive robbed and stolen shit,i did my seven years.i know what a criminal thug is and its not me.if anything MARIJUANA makes me a better person. but its ok to buy VODKA and cigerettes!!!!!n the show me state MISSOURI,IT A SCAM ALL ABOUT CASH IN THE COURTS POCKETS. WELL IM GONNA ALWAYS SMOKE WEED AND I AM NOT A CRIMINAL. sincerly KEITH PAUL OWENS!!!!!!!

  63. Seeing as I live in the bible belt, a snowballs chance in “you know where” is probably higher than my states chances at common sense marijuana reform. I’m hoping that as the Presidential Election nears more of the candidates will move towards the will of the people. Ohio succeeding would be monumental…too many states within a 1 day drive of Ohio. I guess we’ll wait and see…

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