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White Fire Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


White Fire Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The White Fire marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is believed to be a cross between Fire OG and White Rhino. White Fire is very strong and has very euphoric effects. The White Fire marijuana strain is very frosty, almost white nugs.

“A very euphoric, heady strain that will allow you to get things done, despite being an indica-dominant hybrid.” – Brad420Brad

Check out the White Fire marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about White Fire, and how White Fire affects various ailments.

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white fire marijuana strain


white fire marijuana strain


white fire marijuana strain


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  1. I have diabetes and i have bad sharp shooting pain in my feet and a burning feeling . I smoked white fire and i noticed the pain went away and i fealt like i could go for a jog and i could dance around on my feet and before i couldnt hardly walk on them . I was told it was 30% . It gave me energy too

  2. OGRaskal Strains:
    1. White Fire OG (aka “Wi-Fi OG”)

    (OGRaskal’s Fire OG Kush x Krome’s “The White”)
    OG KUSH (OGR[Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x (Hindu Kush – Indica)Tom Hill – X18 Is Pure Pakistan Male}])
    Krome: “My strain “the white” has no relation to white widow to the best of my knowledge. It’s called the white for one reason only. The color of the buds when finished. Looks like they were just rubbed in confectionary sugar or something. The real name of the strain is “Triangle.” Got the name from being a 3 way cross. Has nothing to do with location, as I’m far away from Cali and to the best of my knowledge, it was born and raised in my home town. The triangle kush is another local strain that’s been around for years. I really don’t want to get into its origins as it always seems to start a heated debate.”
    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

    The White »»» Unknown Hybrid
    Unknown Hybrid »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid

  3. OG Raskal Seeds White Fire(Wifi)
    White Fire Fem aka WIFI ( Fire Og X The White)

    The Famed Fire Og kush clone we brought to the community we hit with the reversed White clone only male pollen to create another Legend… The WIFI has quickly become a staple in most gardens. She has the look, yield and smell. She is what legends are made of and from.

    Sativa 60% – 40% Indica

    Flowering Time 60-70 days

    Yield – High

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