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White House Refuses To Honor Petition For Medical Marijuana Provider


chris williams montana white house petition medical marijuanaThe White House accepts petitions, acting like if the petitions get enough signatures that there will be some type of action that comes out of it. Apparently if you are a medical marijuana provider facing a virtual life sentence for a harmless act, exceptions are made and a response is withheld. Below is the White House’s response to Montana medical marijuana provider Chris Williams’ petition. There’s a link at the bottom to tell the White House what you think…I encourage all readers to do so:

Why We Can’t Comment on Chris Williams

By The White House

Thank you for signing the petition “Grant a full pardon to Chris Williams, a man facing 80 years in prison for legally growing medical marijuana“ We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on WhiteHouse.gov.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President the authority to grant “Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States.” For more than 100 years, Presidents have relied on the Department of Justice and its Office of the Pardon Attorney for assistance in the exercise of this power. Requests for executive clemency for federal offenses should be directed to the Pardon Attorney, who conducts a review and investigation, and prepares the Department’s recommendation to the President. Additional information and application forms are available on the Pardon Attorney’s website.

The President takes his constitutional power to grant clemency very seriously, and recommendations from the Department of Justice are carefully considered before decisions are made.  The White House does not comment, however, on individual pardon applications. In accordance with this policy and the We the People Terms of Participation-which explain that the White House may sometimes choose not to respond to petitions addressing certain matters—the White House declines to comment on the specific case addressed in this petition.

Tell us what you think about this response and We the People.


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  1. I would so like to add my voice to this commentary, but it has all been said before. We have a group of 535 or so that can use any little petty argument to persecute and imprison Americans, yet they are free to break laws at will. They take bribes from anyone that will pay them for anything, and they disguise these bribes from “Lobbyists (read as GANGSTERS / Mafia)” as “Campaign Contributions”. They “insider trade” on the basis of laws THEY will pass or not pass. They rape, murder, and steal from us at will. They suppress our voices, and anyone that would speak up for our needs! As a Republic, we are ruled by the word of law, but what value do such protections offer when the criminals in DC can change the rules at will?

  2. I am a current mmj grower needing funds to move things forward. Im currently 2000 in dept . can u help?

  3. I’ve started an MMJ business. Anyone who wants to starts an LEGAL MMJ Business.We are Seeking individuals OR partnerships who would like funding to start their own LEGAL Medical Marijuana business who have experience. Will only take 25 applicants in the next 30 days. Serious Inquiries only.Email me @ infogogreenmmj@nokiamail (dot) com

  4. No, we need to get away from god just as badly as we do the government. It’s an archaic mindset, enforced by the powerful to make people easy to control.

  5. DavidTheExpert on

    I TOLD you these online petitions are worthless. The only thing they promise they will do is RESPOND to them with some sort of letter. And that’s exactly what they did here. What else did you really expect??

  6. its all about money!!! always has always will be.. if it was some towel head son of a bitch then this guy is released.. they would probley give him a joint on the way out this country is stupid!!! sorry this goverment is stupid and wasted the whole time in office drunk off there asses!!!

  7. this is just a bunch of b.s .. even if marijuana is legalized tomorrow nationwide.. chris would still be in prison for this stupid crime that aint even a crime but to these dumbasses it is..its like grandfather in basically..so chris will have to serve time because these dumasses running the show are sitting back getting wasted off liquer and flat out dont give a shit.. we need to be a 3rd world country so we can over throw these dumbasses they are all retarded and think they work harder than we do

  8. If you can persuade someone to your point of view, the seeds of change will produce delicious offspring that will edify and delight a lifetime. Force someone to your point of view and you will get a bitter harvest, that will grow like a cancer.

    The peace Gandhi earned for his country, turned enemy to ally without a single shot being fired in anger. Never in the annals of war has a leader gained such an overwhelming victory.

  9. my patience with this country has gone down to ziltch cop trys to put me in jail for pot i’ll just try and kill him, fucker better kill me first, cuz i couldnt care less anymore. i have ptsd and living this pissed off all this time isnt cool. people want me to not have pot if they only knew how bad i get w/o it. i also have ocd, adhd, a crushed foot and digestive probs that have been there since i was 6. but my rage in life with out pot has me absolutly careless to consequences. people like me who are willing to kill themselves dont really care about the consiquence so much when i finally flip the fuck out. how many shootings do you think happen with the guy being stoned… not any i bet.

  10. Most people have figured out that the White House Petition process is USELESS. Just another failure on the Fed. gov. to make it “look like” someone cares. We know that isn’t the case, so it’s just more money wasted.

  11. I’m about to go away for five years for weed. The time doesn’t bother me but leaving my daughter is killing me inside. I want to thank all of you of for being involved in this campaign to help those that have been struct down by these insane pot laws. Please keep educating people on the truth . Join NORML.org and other legalizing groups. Thank you. We will prevail !

  12. Yes. Also it will reduce the usage of much more harder drugs because ppl won’t have to worry bout getting caught by the police

  13. oh sure arrest 1 man 4 growing pot 2 help others but as the goverment steals our money 2 give 2 other countries 4 bs crap then turn rite around & say to our vetrans that faught 4 our freedom that probably could use pot as a little help with their problems & say its broke we dont have any money 4 our vets . true shit heard it on the news friday rite out of a congressmens mouth . u people r off ur rockers . we have money 2 prosecute & rage the war on drugs whitch the goverment said its a loosing battle & still keep puring good money after bad .

  14. declines to leave a comment on the situation, just a case, and or petition, its a man life we are talking about, not something to simply bat your eyes at and walk away, this is nothing but disgusting,

  15. Time to get with the times President Obama, start acting like a progressive instead of like a regressive Republican.

  16. Isn’t it possible for us to throw our attorney general into the sea? with cinder blocks stitched deep into his skin? These people have no right to be in office, let alone the right to breathe the same air as us.

  17. I had signed this petition and needless to say that response pissed me off; I mean way to completely dodge the issue, makes you want write them back and say “Well fucking forward it the pardon attorney then, ya dicks!”

    But at least Chris Williams is not facing 80 years now, though he resisted pleas for some time he eventually took a post-conviction plea offered by the government removing 6 of the 8 charges and effectively lowering his jail time to 5 years, he’s scheduled to start his sentence on the first of February this year so he’ll be out in time to see his son graduate.

  18. I tried telling people thats said Obama was going to legalize or relax the drug laws He is a puppet not of the NWO but of the liberal socialist thinking.

  19. This government is bullshit and sooner then later its gonna drive this country to the ground. We the people made u president which obviously was a mistake and now its your turn to start giving the people what they want

  20. Dominick Arpey on

    Listen, when you back a dying dog in a corner it’s going to attack. Marijuana will be legal soon, this guy will eventually be released. Drug lobbyists are as heavy hitters as energy lobbyists. Many have defined careers busting potheads. This mentality will not die quietly but it will die, as sure as the sun comes up in the morning.

  21. Do your research Mr. President! This is the stupidest thing you can do, to ignore the people that have elected you into office. Wake up and inhale…LOL

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