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White House ‘Responds’ To Marijuana Legalization Petitions


Drug Czar Gil kerlikowske MarijuanaBy Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

The Obama Administration has officially “responded” to the “We The People” online petitions regarding marijuana legalization. Well, kind of — if you’re willing to dignify a bureaucrat mouthing the same old meaningless platitudes by calling that a “response.”

Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske chose to respond to eight petitions regarding cannabis law reform with one blanket response. Speaking of which, ol’ Gil tried to put a wet blanket on the grass-fire that is the legalization movement, but it turns out all he could do is blow smoke.

Conventional wisdom dictates that when you have to make a press release, but really want it to get as little media attention as possible, you release it late on a Friday — which is exactly what the White House has done with this one. That way, all the top-line reporters have gone home or are bar-hopping by the time the release hits, and it has Saturday and Sunday to blow over before the week’s regular news cycle resumes Monday morning.

Kerlikowske struts about self-importantly on a dead stage, completely unaware that history has passed him by. His refusal to even meaningfully engage with drug policy reform advocates shows that worse than being useless, he is just in the way — a willing part of the problem.

“When the President took office, he directed all of his policymakers to develop policies based on science and research, not ideology of politics,” Kerlikowske’s response begins. Doing great so far, eh? Maybe he’s going to mention all those studies that show cannabis is not only medically very useful, but also remarkably non-toxic! Yeah, right.

“So our concern about marijuana is based on what the science tells us about the drug’s effects,” Kerlikowske lied.

According to scientists at the National Institutes of Health- the world’s largest source of drug abuse research – marijuana use is associated with addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment. We know from an array of treatment admission information and Federal data that marijuana use is a significant source for voluntary drug treatment admissions and visits to emergency rooms. [Editor’s note: Kerlikowske is lying. Almost ALL of the unfortunate schlubs in “marijuana rehab” are there under court order, and would be thrown in jail if they didn’t agree to the “treatment.” Source: a report from the federal government!] Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has almost tripled over the past 20 years, raising serious concerns about what this means for public health – especially among young people who use the drug because research shows their brains continue to develop well into their 20’s. Simply put, it is not a benign drug.

Like many, we are interested in the potential marijuana may have in providing relief to individuals diagnosed with certain serious illnesses. That is why we ardently support ongoing research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine. [Editor’s note: Kerlikowske is lying. The federal government has done everything in its power to BLOCK medical marijuana research, recently even denying respected University of Massachusetts researcher Dr. Lyle Craker permission to grow cannabis suitable for such studies.] To date, however, neither the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have found smoked marijuana to meet the modern standard for safe or effective medicine for any condition.

As a former police chief, I recognize we are not going to arrest our way out of the problem. We also recognize that legalizing marijuana would not provide the answer to any of the health, social, youth education, criminal justice, and community quality of life challenges associated with drug use. [Editor’s note: Kerlikowske is lying. How the hell would he know what effects legalization would have, if he’s never tried it? What we do know is that regulated models like the policy of “tolerance” in the Netherlands and of decriminalization in Portugal have been proven to reduce drug use, especially among teens.]

That is why the President’s National Drug Control Strategy is balanced and comprehensive, emphasizing prevention and treatment while at the same time supporting innovative law enforcement efforts that protect public safety and disrupt the supply of drugs entering our communities. [Editor’s note: Kerlikowske is lying. The federal government’s drug enforcement budget is heavily weighted towards enforcement, not treatment.] Preventing drug use is the most cost-effective way to reduce drug use and its consequences in America. And, as we’ve seen in our work through community coalitions across the country, this approach works in making communities healthier and safer. We’re also focused on expanding access to drug treatment for addicts. Treatment works. In fact, millions of Americans are in successful recovery for drug and alcoholism today. And through our work with innovative drug courts across the Nation, we are improving our criminal justice system to divert non-violent offenders into treatment.

Our commitment to a balanced approach to drug control is real. This last fiscal year alone, the Federal Government spent over $10 billion on drug education and treatment programs compared to just over $9 billion on drug related law enforcement in the U.S.

Thank you for making your voice heard. I encourage you to take a moment to read about the President’s approach to drug control to learn more.

Sadly, that seems to be the best that the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy could come up with in response to online petitions with a total approaching 151,000 signatures.

Kerlikowke’s, er, “response” did absolutely nothing to address the questions of medicinal use addressed by several of the petitions to which he was supposedly responding. Neither did it answer the concerns regarding states’ rights and the freedom of states to chart their own courses when it comes to cannabis policy.

P.S. It seems Obama just didn’t have the sack to make the response himself. Hypocritical pot-smoking bastard.

We The People

Article From Toke of the Town and republished with special permission.


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  1. pretty soon every politician will be for legalization. because majority of people want it. and they want majority vote. and BTW voting doesn’t matter, it may make you feel good like you helped but peoples vote doesn’t matter.

  2. Gary Johnson is another Republican candidate that WANTS TO LEGALIZE CANNABIS! Forget Ron Paul!

    Gary Johnson’s views on social issues are more related to the Democratic party than Republican, and that’s why you may not have heard about him. The Republicans won’t even allow him to debate.

    Read about him here for yourself and if you like him…. spread the word! I voted for Obama as a democrat…what a disappointment. I never thought I’d vote for a republican, but if this Republican has a chance, he’ll get my vote. Check him out please


  3. ConservativeChristian on

    Jesus said to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. None of us would want our child or grandchild thrown in jail with the sexual predators over marijuana. None of us would want to see an older family member’s home confiscated and sold by the police for growing a couple of marijuana plants for their aches and pains. It’s time to stop putting our own family members in jail over marijuana.
    If ordinary Americans could grow a little marijuana in their own back yards, it would be about as valuable as home-grown tomatoes. Let’s put the criminals out of business and get them out of our neighborhoods. Let’s let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.
    Here’s one way that was REALLY WORKING until the Federal government targeted them in October 2011: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/2011/07/the-pot-republic-one-sheriffs-quietly-radical-experiment.html
    The current proposal before Congress, bill HR 2306, will allow states to decide how they will regulate marijuana. You can email your Congressperson and Senators at http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml to discuss HR 2306.
    And a big THANK YOU to the courageous, freedom loving legislators, governors, and countless others who are working so hard to bring this through! You’re doing a great patriotic service for all of America!

  4. http://wh.gov/b34 PETITION TO DEMAND RESPECT FOR


    We the People
    petition President Obama and his Administration to:

    Respond to each of the 7 MARIJUANA, CANNABIS and HEMP
    petitions individually
    instead of one canned response.

    The white house recently responded
    to 7 marijuana petitions
    with one canned response.

    The response did not address each issue separately.

    It is disrespectful of the OVER 100,000 people
    who signed each petition to dismiss it in such a generic way.

    We would like to hear from the White House
    what it’s position is
    on each petition.

    Created: Oct 29, 2011
    Creator of this petition: “John K.” of Portland, Oregon




    It is fraud to promise to respond to petitions, and then to issue
    the exact same response to 7 different petitions which have
    entirely different issues!
    The fraudulent response by President Barack Hussein Obama
    and his Administration


    History of Petitions:
    The right to petition your government is guaranteed
    by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    Throughout our history, Americans have used petitions
    to organize around issues they care about from ending slavery,
    to guaranteeing women’s right to vote,
    to the civil rights movement.

  5. The white house issued a single canned response to 7 petitions with an aggregate of over 100,000 signatures on its marijuana policy. This is highly disrespectful of the many people who put their names to the 7 petitions.

    Help me get this petition (link below) going – ask the white house to respond appropriately to each petition:


  6. For you to call Ron Paul a fascist shows how IGNORANT you are Taking everyone’s chance to live in a free country with you lies But I guess you feel like Obama and say don’t worry about the money and no the states can not have the rights that our forefathers meant us to have instead you have a lying dictator that will impose his will on us now and into the future not one of the GOP candidates have the brain power or the intelligence to know what the Decoration of Independence means or how to avoid our country’s downfall I guess your not smart enough to see that all the Super powers in history have been swept aside because of ignorance or out right denial that we are all equal Do us all a favor and just don’t vote at all because peoples lifes depend on this election.

  7. Why dosn’t someone sue the administration the constitution gives the people the right to honest and open representation from tue government everything the statement said is a lie thus the administration is lying to the people and is grounds for a law suit and grounds for impeachment. Sadly it won’t mater next year anyway no one is going to elect one of the republican Ron Paul bing the only one willing to legalize marijuana. So since we have no other compatible options in the end Obama will win or the world as we know it will end.

  8. He was equally in-effective when he was the chief of police in Seattle too. So it’s more than telling that he would be welcomed in & recycled through the Federal system. These people are worse than do-nothings in that they’re constantly in the way of progress as well as being 20 years behind the times. Jeeez, that describes our worthless Federal govt in Washington DC too, doesn’t it?? Oh well, don’t worry. CHANGE is coming and it will start SOON with an economic implosion or crash heard around the world. Once that happens and everyone realizes that Washington is indeed broke and it’s currency worthless and it’s influence is curtailed, all this Federal non-sense will stop. Just ask yourself how are they going to pay for any of this when there’s no money?? Answer: The end (of the strong Federal experiment blessed by the banksters and the beginning of the strong state model of governance envisioned by the Founders) is near. The failure of the Federal govt leviathan AND their easily manipulable paper “MONEY” (the current preference of crooks and thieves in places of power who obviously believe in “privatizing the gains and socializing the losses”), will be the best thing that ever happened to America & it’s people and will be celebrated as such by future generations. You ready??

  9. You evidently are clueless about the definition of the word fascist.

    Now don’t go trying to paint me a Ron Paul supporter, he gets no support for me for election as POTUS, but a fascist he is not.

    If you don’t even understand the definitions of the words that describe the very fundamentals of politics you really shouldn’t waste people’s time posting hare brained nonsense.

  10. Say, is it too late to start another one of those White House petitions? How many signatures do you think a petition asking Messrs, Obama and Biden to step aside for the good of the country would rate?

    Perhaps someone has already thought of this idea. If so, please disregard.

    Oui the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, and limit the incidence of nausea and disgust with our Government, do ordain and establish this petition and demand that Barack H. Obama and Joseph D. Biden, do voluntarily vacate their respective offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America at the end of their current terms of office on the Twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Thirteen.

    Just in case anyone thinks the text above sounds vaguely familiar I did dust off one of the moldy old forgotten documents in the governmental archives and adapted it for this suggestion. We don’t have to use the wording above, it’s just for purposes of illustration. I just kind of like the way they wrote things in ancient times.

    Am I a day late and a dollar short? If not it sure sounds like clean, wholesome fun to this correspondent.
    I’ll take my guns, religion, and freedom… You can keep the change!

  11. “… To date, however, neither the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have found smoked marijuana to meet the modern standard for safe or effective medicine for any condition…”

    Actually this is very incorrect.

    Harris, Gardiner. .” New York Times 26 April 2006. Web.
    In 1999 the Institute of Medicine, an independent, nonprofit organization working to find factual information and data to offer insight and advice to policy makers and the public, reviewed and supports the use of marijuana for medical applications. In 2006 the FDA disregarded the empirical evidence provided by experts in science and medicine and took the bias advice/agenda of the Drug Enforcement Agency and issued a stand against the use of medicinal marijuana. More stunning is the subjective political corruption and hypocrisy the FDA inflicts upon America. The Food and Drug Act prides itself in the supposed rigorous and tedious testing pharmaceuticals must go through for approval; with little oversight in how these tests are conducted, yet will not recognize this study and previous studies performed by other groups of highly accredited scientists.
    …And don’t even get me started on the otracites the FDA is allowing in India by not over seeing what these companies are actually doing in terms of testing the serverly disadvantaged and destroying the environment.

    And you might also wish to check this article out as well:

    – Carter, Jimmy. “Call Off the Global Drug War.” Op-Ed Contributor. New York Times. 16 June 2011. A35.Print.
    The Global Commission on Drug Policy has made new recommendations on how to effectively control drug trading. The commission includes World leaders and former Presidents and Prime Ministers from five countries. This article discusses why and how the “War on Drugs” has failed and what steps they recommend for reformation. The Arthur of this article discusses his perspective on this issue from 1977 when he was himself a World Leader, and now. Most importantly this article sheds light upon the detrimental and unjust impacts this war has left multiple aspects of our society in and the corruption American citizens face secondary to these disadvantageous impacts.

  12. There were eight petitions with enough votes to qualify for the White House to review them regarding cannabis. In their response, they basically say they are doing the right things and doing them correctly: the prohibition is a good thing.

    Too bad for both us and our government that the ever increasing majority don’t feel the same way. Truly a lose-lose situation. Not one person deserves to have his life ruined by being arrested for possession, not one!
    Bye bye votes!

    “As a former police chief, I recognize we are not going to arrest our way out of the problem.” Gil Kerlikowske (in the White House response to eight cannabis petitions)

    So stop doing it already!

  13. Ron Paul is a fascist… I do not believe a fascist government is the solution to the drug war. We’re already living in a corporate state, we needn’t solidify that by electing fascists. We need to be moving the other way… more democracy, more freedom… not less, and less corporate control, not more. Ron Paul would totally be a step in the wrong direction. Fortunately, most people still realize this.


  15. Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske chose to respond to 8 petitions regarding cannabis law reform. Yes, copy and paste of undignified bureaucrat mouthing platitudes that do not reflect the same drug czar that sees the money wasted on the war on drugs.

    Sad that is the best that the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy could come up with in response to online (8) petitions and the 150K signers – 150,000 people on 8 petitions. So 8 different petitions received a total of 150 thousand electronic signatures. Neither response speaks well towards saving waste. 312 million is the population of the USA. Stop the outrage – the crap and write a better petition.

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