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White House Softball Team Loses To ‘The One Hitters’ Marijuana Reform Team


white house softball the one hitters‘The One Hitters’ Dominated The White House Softball Team

The One Hitters, a softball team comprised of marijuana reform activists, beat the White House Softball team ‘STOTUS (the Softball Team of the U.S.) 25-3 according to the Washington Post.

“The One Hitters enjoyed slugging it out with the White House,” the legendary Aaron Houston, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, told the Washington Post. “Hopefully we can play them again when they aren’t totally absorbed in work.” Mr. Houston was of course referring to a recent book detailing President Obama’s marijuana consumption growing up, which used the phrase ‘total absorption.’

If Romney is elected President, do you think his administration would be willing to take a 25-3 beating on the softball field? If Obama is re-elected, will he pitch southpaw to try to make the difference? I hope this turns into an annual thing. It’s fun, and it brings awareness to the very important issue of drug policy reform. It also provides proof that cannabis doesn’t inhibit athletic performance!

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  1. While he’ll let the “Fast & Furious” debacle go on, he’ll appoint a special investigation from the DOJ into possible civil rights violations against the White House softball team.

  2. He’ll come out tomorrow, blame the loss on George Bush, and because he’s had to lay off too many staffers that would have made the difference. Then he’ll claim that we MISUNDERSTOOD what the loss of the White House really means, etc… Do I really need to go further

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