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White Widow Marijuana Pics


Pictures Of The White Widow Marijuana Strain

When I was growing up, the white widow marijuana strain was as mythical as the Bigfoot, and twice as elusive. Of course, that was in the days before the internet, and before people at WeedPhotos.com compiled the greatest marijuana nug pics of all time. Here is a sample of pics below, check out WeedPhotos.com to see even more frosty goodness:

Green Street Wellness Center

white widow strain

white widow strain

Zen Healing

ADG Herbal Medicine

white widow

white widow strain


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  1. I mix 50% potting soil 50%compost 25% sand and 25 % perlite for my pot plants to transfer plant in. The soil seems to crust over. I was wondering if I should use some peat to this mix when I transferred plant to a much lager pot ? Also my PH. seems a little high at 7 or above??? Thanks

  2. Just had some white widow for the first time and love it feeling is great and long lasting

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