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Why Cannabis in Beauty Products is the Next Big Thing


As more and more states choose to lift criminal penalties and legalize cannabis medically and/or recreationally, more and more sectors of the industry are continually being born.  It is no wonder why over half the country now agrees that cannabis should be legal.

Being in Oregon and watching the roll out of Measure 91 over the last year and a half has been an incredible experience, and one area that has been particularly fun for me to observe is the area of cannabis topicals.  Companies such as Empower Bodycare, Bud Rub, Luminous Botanicals, Hermetic Botanicals and many other brands here have been able to improve the quality of people’s lives or perhaps just their own personal body care and comfort.  I believe that the area of topicals is one that has yet to be truly tapped into due to the lack of research that has been allowed with cannabis since it is still not descheduled. 

However, topicals have given way to other explorations for skin care with cannabis.  Now, this seemingly limitless plant is beginning to breach the beauty industry as well, if the predictions from the trend forecasters at The Future Laboratory are correct.

Cannabis topped their list for the new beauty must-haves people are expected to be slathering onto our skin by the end of the year.  While hemp seed oil has been around for years and has been marketed in numerous big name beauty shops and product lines, beauty brands are now looking into marijuana as a treatment for acne.

Find out more about The Future Laboratory’s findings here



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