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Why Do We Treat Marijuana As More Dangerous Than Alcohol?


There is a new NORML Chapter in Oregon. The Portland NORML Chapter was started earlier this year, and recently held its first membership meeting. I’m very excited to see what the chapter does. This is a crucial time for marijuana reform in Oregon, as Oregon Measure 91 gets implemented. The original marijuana legalization initiative’s language has been under attack by the Oregon Legislature since the session started. There are efforts to try to combine the medical marijuana program with the recreational one, lower possession and cultivation limits, give cities the power to ban marijuana sales in city limits without a vote by the city’s citizens, and many other things.

The citizens voted for specific language, so why the Oregon Legislature thinks this is an opportunity to gut the initiative and drastically alter it is beyond me. But that’s why Portland NORML’s chapter is so important. They are a very talented group of people that I know will work as hard as they can to defend the marijuana consumer, whether it be medical or recreational. Below is an infographic that Portland NORML put together:

marijuana vs alcohol


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  1. The patent is for Monstanto. They currently are working on a GMO version to resist ‘heavy aluminum particles’ and ‘highly radioactive particles’. Sound familiar it should to anyone who watches the skies and knows about the 4 year on going meltdowns in Japan.

  2. At the current time Alcohol is the king of Special Interests. It replaced Tobacco beginning in the 1960’s and cemented it’s position after the States sued and crippled the Tobacco Industry. Industries in high positions of power do not willingly give up that power even if it would be in their best interests. That is why Marijuana is viewed as dangerious because more money can be made and more advertising for Alcohol can be seen as long as marijunan is illegal on a Federal Level. Once it is rescheduled the same downfall as Big Tobacco went through in 1998 with the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement will begin to occur with Alcohol. Alcohol is far more dangerious, deadly, and addictive drug then Marijuana. Marijuana has been studied more then even the most expensiver Pharma drugs(recent study confirmed Marijuana more studied then FDA-approved drugs), Alcohol stands to lose worse then Big Tobacco. In the next 10-20 years Alcohol will fall from it’s high postition as well as Big Pharma, replaced by a natural plant that has been used by humans for at least 10,000 years. The only reasons why Marijuana is still ‘illegal(not unlawful big legal difference hope a lawyer catches that)’ are that Corporate Interests; with unlimited funds; want to keep profits high, surpress competition, surpress non-establishment medical studies/evidence, and prevent the truth from coming to light. WATCH: Tobacco went 1st, Alcohol will be 2nd, and Big Pharma will be 3rd to fall by 2035.

  3. Frankly I think it means that the older, much more easily controlled population via mass media, has begun to die off and the remaining generations understand that the argument for prohibition does not hold up under reasonable scrutiny.

  4. You talk of age = IQ yet say say you was paralyzed by one can of beer and on hit In a sweat box. Also I would add that I have vomited from 3 hits of mj. I just forgot to breath, After being off for a long time. It’s not religion that is bad it’s the people who corrupt it. Our most important laws are from religion like don’t kill, dont steal, don’t covet your neighbor and so on. It’s the asshole that use religion for personal gains or murder for examples. Granted I know Marijuana is safer than alcohol but you can not restrict it anymore or you could have drastic repercussions in regards to Marijuana. Alcohol is proven beneficial in small amounts it’s man who can’t control there consumption and that goes to all things considered.

  5. Nowhere in the above post did I say that anyone is getting high off of lettuce. Please take the effort to actually read what someone writes before criticizing their comment.

  6. If you read both of the posts that I wrote above I spelled out clearly what the issue is. That cannabis is the only plant that is on schedule I and is illegal to be grown even the low THC hemp variety. Calling cannabis a medicine is entirely appropriate. All medicines are not drugs. Look up the FDA definition of a drug, cannabis does not fit that definition.

    Once the drug label was attached to cannabis it was declared guilty of being a dangerous drug without scientific evidence to convict it. Cannabis was not considered a drug up until the 19th century, before that is was seen for what it is — a highly beneficial plant. It is a herb like many other medicinal herbs, some of which have psychoactive properties but they are not regulated as drugs.

    Buying into the drug definition of cannabis plays by the rules the prohibitionists have made.

  7. I don’t know what kind of “drugs” you are on but female cannabis buds when used in a form that releases the inherent thc is psycho-active. That is the definition of a drug. It’s like saying cocoa leaves or mushrooms are not a drug…yea, not until you consume them.

    I think all drugs should be legal…but saying cannabis is only a plant is a weird point to be stuck on.

  8. Grapes are not a drug either, they are a fruit. Cannabis may be a plant in its natural form, but so is cocaine. In its used form, cannabis is very much a drug.

  9. So u r saying good weed in Texas is not popular?

    The first part of your comment is sheer idiocy. The price reflects production/advertising/procurement costs plus profit. And I also have never seen good weed anywhere for $60/oz. 15 years ago you couldn’t find mexi-swag for that. You can get good weed for $960 a pound? Hook a brother up…

  10. That is because u r an individual who has his own preferences. Do some research on physical drug dependence. You are telling people to get a clue? I’ve yet to see you contribute anything worth while to this discussion.

  11. Mike Johnson on

    people that have lots of experience with both drugs know the truth, people who don’t have that background need to listen to those do. Alcohol is much more problematic!!

  12. Gary Williams on

    Most people have NO clue beyond “the govt. said so”! And “my parents had no balls”!

  13. I think there’s a substance in your brain that could get us all high. And also, get a clue.

  14. So dealers regularly take losses on something that is not popular even if its top shelf?? Sounds like they might need a lesson in business…if there is no demand…create it!…or find new customers….

  15. You are missing the point. No one is disputing that “drugs” can be derived from plants. But lettuce itself is not treated as a drug. You can grow and buy it without restrictioin. It is not on the CSA schedule. Isolated THC from cannabis would be considered a drug. That no more makes the cannabis plant a drug than than does the hallucinogenic compound in lettuce. No one is calling lettuce a drug — ridiculous. Cannabis is the only plant that is on schedule I of the CSA.

    Drugs must go through rigorous trials to prove safety and efficacy before they can be legally prescribed. Cannabis has, like other herbs and plant foods, gone through a trial of thousands of years with millions of humans eating and partaking of it without harm and much benefit.

    That is beyond absurd.

  16. Actually, it can’t be distributed at all since it would fall under the Federal Analogs Act which bans anything that even looks close to something that might get you high.

  17. I can make drugs from food. Common lettuce contains a sedative compound which can get people high. Some people will get much higher than others. Get a clue

    Its a drug if you use it as a drug…..it is not if you don’t use it as one. Anything can be used as a drug.

    You can use cabbage to cure your ulcer

  18. The price they want depends on its popularity…not the objective value of the drug content itself.

    Basically, $60/oz chron is a hippy dream where everyone is just a pot head

  19. You mean societies douche bags have finally decided to allow one of their cherished scape goats to finally fall by the wayside to the progress of objectivity?

  20. Negros and Mexicans were the traditional group which had a proclivity for cannabis. Get a clue

  21. So its cool that no one is watching what is being sprayed on those tomatoes you eat? Furthermore, I suppose its cool that there is no one to make sure your tomatoes are not adulterated with compounds in a manner similar to tobacco products (like adding trace compounds to make you crave them more)?

    Tomatoes are not regulated enough. I don’t see lab results showing pesticide residue or nutritional content anywhere.

  22. You assume there is a such thing as a creator and creation in the ultimate sense. Its probably not a good assumption

  23. Any moron who is 21 can drink…That is a loose regulation.

    What part of age=IQ + education?

    I walk around frying balls with no problem. If you get busted walking home drunk, you are a total moron.

  24. Religion is bad for society….and if I were like those people, I’d be advocating for jail time for the religion dealers.

  25. Cannabis can cause vomiting and severe dysphoria as sell as hallucinations. My mother vomited from 3 hits before. I’ve hallucinated from hash oil derived from a vegetative plant. I could hardly walk straight when I first started smoking.

    I was paralyzed from 1 beer and 1 hit in a hot box before (me only).

  26. This is an erroneous combination. This is why cannabis will never be treated like tomato plants or any other kind of plant. Drugs by definition must be always be restricted and regulated to some degree, even over the counter ones. Tomatoes plants, or any of the beneficial medicinal herbs, are not and do not need FDA approval. Because the FDA does not consider them to be drugs, although they are certainly medicines and therapeutically very beneficial

    Some drugs are derived from plant produced compounds, but cannabis is the only plant that is routinely described as a drug both in government documents/laws and the media. It is the only plant that is listed on the CSA under schedule I, the whole plant from roots, to leaves to seed.The opium poppy is under schedule 2. This definition as a drug has allowed the whole plant, not just the one psychoactive compound THC, to be placed under schedule I of the CSA.

    This is a definition that was imposed on the plant by prohibitionists in the early 20th century and has given them the commanding position that we must fight against to restore cannabis to the status it has had for at least 10,000 years : a plant that is a food, fiber and a medicine.

    Arguing that cannabis is not as dangerous as other drugs is still playing by the rules and definitions the prohibitionists have established. They will simply stonewall, insisting that cannabis must go through the same rigorous trials for safety and efficacy as drugs do. Cannabis activists begging for a rescheduling of cannabis as schedule 2 controlled substance only concedes the commanding positions that the prohibitionists have, giving them the initiative.

    Cannabis is a plant, a herb, just like all the medicinal herbs we use and vegetables we eat. It should not be under the CSA, which is for drugs; rather Cannabis should be governed by the DSHEA the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) . Which was established by Congress to regulate dietary supplements defined as, “A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement the diet. The “dietary ingredients” in these products may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals…”

    For pro-cannabis activists to concede to the “drug” label attached to it by the prohibitionists will only prolong prohibition and allow for only limited legalization. Restoring cannabis to its true and honored place as the “herb of herbs” will be a long time coming because of that.

    Governments and their laws, as well as the corporations that manufacture drugs will pass away, but cannabis, being the living plant that it is, will abide long after those man made creations have vanished from the face of the Earth.

  27. Thank you. I think it’s more than that example is a person or group of people in authority tell the masses that the moon is purple they will blindly come to believe it no matter if they can see proof that the moon is not purple.

  28. Paul McClancy on

    “Why doesn’t anyone ever question why cocaine is listed as a Schedule 2 drug and marijuana is a schedule 1 “most dangerous”?!?”

    Most prohibs that I’ve encountered claim that the scheduling of drugs depends on a number of factors including utility to society. For example, cocaine is considered to be analgesic therefore there are medical applications, thus the lower schedule. It’s all about relative harm and utility, not an absolute measure of dependance and abuse.

  29. Paul McClancy on

    Well, I never claimed the logic was solid. It’s mostly people who are scared of “adding another drug”. The vast majority of people don’t acknowledge the harm done by prohibition, they only see drug abuse. In their minds it’s; legalization= more use= more drug abuse= more cost to society.

  30. No offense but how is it we have loose regulation on alcohol? You can’t drink until 21. You can not walk home if you feel you drank to much if you try to walk home your likely to get arrested for walking home drunk. Or is it that it’s because more brands of alcohol gets released yearly. The other side is jobs every day people become Adults looking for work we have more people who need work than we have jobs. As I said no offense just looking for a clarification.

  31. AethiopicPecan on

    Why do we some how focus more on the influence and not the actual act itself. We have literally let a bill that was snuck in at the last minute, and made into a law that would deny the ignorant masses of America, a number one cash crop that their farmers and ranchers could never sow again. A plant that can help feed, heal, shelter, and a whole lot more. A crop that can be easily rotated into a farmer’s cultivation cycle and that can be so versatile and profitable, is merely cast into the black market because it is a formidable competitor for the established big oil and chemical companies. It pisses me off that we the people are being lied to bad and are being conspired against for the sake of toxic crude oil and chemicals along with radioactive nuclear waste! And what’s really f’ed up is their are Surgeon General Warnings next to the Tobacco Tax Stamp! Drink responsibly! LOL…
    The U.S. Govt. itself owns a patent, #6,630,507, which states that THC “…has been shown to be neuroprotective in cell cultures” and yet insisting that their is no medicinal value. Also claiming high potential for addiction. SMH><

    Alcohol side affects… low inhibition, liquid courage, loss of muscle control, vomiting, blacking out, passing out, hangovers if you wake up and loss of memory.
    Marijuana side affects… giggles, suspicious inhibition, anxious introspection, laughter, dazed and confused, relaxation, happiness, munchies, sleep.lol
    Legalize and start the Industrial Cannabis Renaissance! Hemp for Victory… AGAIN!

  32. That’s what EVERYBODY should start…asking…why are mj and mmj products treated differently than the products the wine, beer & spirits industry get’s away with and puts out in the marketplace? (How many alcohol related deaths are on their hands again?) In Washington state that’s because the guy that’s in charge of the legalization program is an outright prohibitionist. Until that’s….rectified and cannabis and alcohol are treated EXACTLY the same, all this other….white noise is just that – white noise. The job isn’t done until transparency on this subject is achieved period. Or put another way, what’s good for the goose (and their damn near unlimited alcohol retail sales & consumption sites) is good for the gander and our day with our products in a similar sales & use settings and routines is coming to the masses. And won’t they have something else to squeal and complain about then…

  33. Oh, it’s been challenged, and mentioned, in multiple cases, and members of Congress have asked the head of the DEA…

    The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) first challenged marijuana’s legal status in 1972, eventually winning the support of an administrative law judge, Francis Young, who in 1988 declared it “abundantly clear” that the drug has “a currently accepted medical use.” Young, who called marijuana “one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man,” was overruled by DEA Administrator John Lawn.

    In 1995 former NORML Executive Director Jon Gettman filed a second rescheduling petition, focusing on marijuana’s abuse potential, which the DEA rejected in 2001. The latest petition, filed a year later by a coalition of activists, cited state laws allowing patients to use marijuana as well as recent research confirming its therapeutic value. As usual, the DEA dragged its feet, finally rejecting the petition in 2011. Americans for Safe Access appealed that decision.

    The court ruled. On the merits, the question before the court is not whether marijuana could have some medical benefits. Rather, the limited question that we address is whether the DEA’s decision declining to initiate proceedings to reschedule marijuana under the CSA was arbitrary and capricious. […]

    Petitioners … are left with the difficult task of showing that the DEA has misapplied its own regulations. […]

    [W]e are obliged to defer to the agency’s interpretation of“adequate and well-controlled studies.” Judged against the DEA’s standard, we find nothing in the record that could move us to conclude that the agency failed to prove by substantial evidence that such studies confirming marijuana’s medical efficacy do not exist.
    A case just ended in February that challenged its schedule in a federal court and may have actual effect due to a Supreme Court comment on another case. The judge’s ruling should come soon.

  34. The FDA sent out warning letters to companies selling CBD oils and they basically said in the letters: that marijuana or cbd oils can’t be categorized or represented as a drug, and that links to research, science, testimonials of healing can not be on a companies website or facebook page.

    I agree, it is a plant, It heals and protects. Drugs that FDA sanctions have so many side effects its scary.

  35. How cannabis was placed in the schedule 1 group. We can thank the only president ever to resign in disgrace for this….
    “In 1970, cannabis was placed temporarily in Schedule I, the most dangerous controlled substances group, pending the results of a commission created by Richard Nixon to study cannabis and its medicinal effects. In 1972, this commission, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, recommended that cannabis prohibition end, which would remove it from Schedule I. Instead, Nixon disregarded the compelling results of his own appointed commission. Four decades later, cannabis remains a Schedule I classification along with heroine and cocaine.”

  36. Why doesn’t anyone ever question why cocaine is listed as a Schedule 2 drug and marijuana is a schedule 1 “most dangerous”?!? Cocaine is way more addictive than weed, and it can and has killed thousands of people by heart attacks. And what is it used for medicinally? But its ” less dangerous” what a bunch of bullshit.

  37. I think it’s been fully fleshed out over time as to why Cannabis because ‘evil weed’ versus the way we treat alcohol. For one, (going back to the original prohibition), it started with a strong emphasis to attack ALL mind altering drugs of all kinds by the temperance movement, demanding that all forms of intoxication was the work of the Devil, because it took people away from church and church rule (that=’s just for starters). During that time, people were absolutely convinced that the ‘end of the world was near, and that Jesus was coming. When this failed to happen (also around the time near the end of prohibition) two other lobbying groups (if you can call them that, at that time, that is), alcohol runners, people of wealth were behind ending alcohol prohibition, and you can include Joe Kennedy in this matter. It still had a stigmatism about those who drank, by the way and wasn’t cleared up really, until we stopped demonizing the Irish and Italian immigrants (for example: “paddy wagon” refers to the nightly rounding up of Irish men in trucks sending them to the drunk tank, because Irish people were “untamed, wild and out of control”, just as they saw Italian people as “hot blooded, inbred for murdering others (this is the idea that a race could produce murderers based on blood, phenology, etc). Cannabis came in on the heels, of this agenda, thanks to the Hase Act (Cody Hase), that brought us censorship in Hollywood, along with the men in Washington that wanted to see America cleaned out of undesirables: (READ non Angelo-Saxon, supposedly Mayflower, landers).

    Now when we fast forward, we have Nixon treating the Hippies the same as immigrants, and wanting the country to be rid of these “undesirables’. He also connected (and I am not sure how) that Cannabis was “a Jewish problem”. Being Anti-Semetic, Nixon used this comment as an additional means of attempting argument against the “evil weed’. Add this to his raging paranoia of people of color (African Americans), Hispanics, (listening to the “Nixon Tapes”, you will hear exactly how “un-Quaker” Nixon was. He was paranoid that Hippies because they consumed cannabis, talked to one another about the war, antiestablishment, anti consumerism, had to be stamped out, the easiest way was to ‘go after them and beat their bloody brains in” (his words). A full scale war wasn’t just Vietnam, it was the Hippies as well.

    Alcohol, thanks to the Beer and Alcohol lobbyist was not only acceptable to drink, but in Washington, it became part of the job, because alcohol was/and still remains the best way to meet a senator or congressmen, to argue arrangement to get people to sign bills, etc. It is served at State/Country Dinners, it is used as a means of “hospitality’ if you expect to get any bill passed. It no longer carries heavy immigrant ‘connotations’ and the women’s temperance league is no more. Alcohol, by the 1970’s also because a status thing. Top shelf labels are served in cabinet meetings (after recess, and much advocacy work for having people side with you/your bill happens then), and like Cigarettes, was considered just part of ‘daily life’, unless the person was of a faith that didn’t allow consumption, or you were a recovering alcoholic (but if you ask any advocate who ever worked in DC, you will find most alcoholics find that retiring from politics is the the way to insure continued sobriety).

    So, now we demonize cannabis, to the point that the University of Mississippi literally has stopped all requests for Cannabis Medical Research, though it grew enough cannabis to distribute a 100 joints a month to a select ‘few’ that were grandfathered into a program. I believe we’re down to one person left alive that was part of the program Nixon set up back in 1972 (ish).

    The Alcohol board isn’t excited about sharing it’s wealth with Cannabis, nor the lobbying groups of William Morris, or Anheuser Busch (that works hard to keep your microbrews off the market and you from buying them, either by absorbing them or crowding them out of the market–see Beer Wars, the movie). These two lobbyist work very hard to oppose anything you may want, because they have long arms in Congress and Committees.

    Congress, Doctors and Pharma (that are scrambling right now to understand the differing Cannabis strains, et al to PATENT), are caught by the short hairs because there is a fine line of invisibility in Congress. It’s shaky ground right now: Dravet’s parents are working hard to make cannabis viable for medical rescheduling, as well as other conditions. We have members in congress that knows that NORML has a larger lobbyist base right now, as does MMP, then ever before, so therefore, they are scared.

    So where does the misinformation come from? Doctors afraid of the so called misinformation of addiction, worried they will “piss off” politically and monetarily, the power groups including addiction lobbyists. Addiction specialist actually doubled their recovery centers off of nervous parents who send their 15-18 year old children for cannabis addiction, which is part of the reason why people ‘think’ that cannabis is as addictive as heroin. Then we have the rest….does this help??

  38. Yeah, I can relate to your parents experience. Weed is much stronger these days. And here in Texas it’s actually cheaper than it was in the 80s.
    Further proof of the failure of the war on drugs. Marijuana is a commodity, and law enforcement has failed to even raise the price in Texas. The last OZ I bought didn’t have a single seed in it, all buds.

  39. I figured you were a long time smoker and thats why i meant and still mean no disrespect. A lot of the people I know that are older and have been smoking grass since the old days are always in shock and awe when I show them how strong and diff grass is nowadays and even my parents didn’t believe it, they tried saying it was laced,lol, as if that happens…the green is a different beast now and again maybe you aare right and you can get the good good indoors for 60$ a zip but I would have to see it to believe it…
    Much respect

  40. Well, I been smokin it since 1970, so I think I know the good stuff.
    A lot of things are cheaper here in Texas.

  41. It because of lies and ignorance. Just like the lies our government uses when they say Marijuana needs more testing. It’s been tested for thousands of years.

  42. Paul McClancy on

    “why do we treat marijuana as more dangerous than alcohol”

    I have a hunch that the logic behind this statement goes like this: we already have loose regulations on alcohol, so let’s not make the same mistake with weed.

  43. However, you can use it to help your body heal itself. Much better than a “cure.”

    Drugs, especially chemotherapy drugs, are not the best medicine. They are more like controlled poisons that the oncologist gambles will kill more cancer cells than healthy cells. Hoping for a remission before the patient suffers catastrophic collapse of the body’s critical systems. The wonder and beauty of cannabis is that it facilitates and supports the endocannabinoid system, which in turn regulates all the other body systems to achieve homeostasis — health and well being.

    Cannabis is not a drug, but it is the quintessential and true medicine.

  44. Money>People on

    There’s much sense made on this blog alone,. But sadly, that’s not what our government and judicial systems guidelines run based upon. Essentially, its strictly business. Money is the decider, not the people. Money is the desired outcome, not the people. We live in a world of creation > creator. My optimism runs low after all of the futile efforts that will ultimately be reversed or controlled by the same people that lied to us all these years. But my best wishes are with all that are willing to fight for their beliefs. Willing to shed light on perspectives that are much needed in a closed mind. Thank you all for your time and efforts. I pray that more sense regarding this issue is made than money made. Best wishes.

  45. It is a jobs program. Watchers will need to watch. The watchers will need to be watched. The watchers who watch the watchers will need to be watched.

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  46. Timothy Smith on

    They treat it worse than Alcohol because they are afraid to admit that a multi-purpous medicinal plant is safer. They make trills from cig & alcohol sells and addiction. And everybody gets their share. Except the people buying and using them. a few hours of “legal” fun could cost you more than it was ever worth if not yours or someone else’s life.

  47. It is called Reefer Madness and the country wide consciousness has begun to critically think. When critical thinking is applied to this issue it bears out 23 medicinal states, 4 legalized states [with DC added to that mix], and potentially 2-6 more legal states by the end of the next general election, not to mention the other 3-5 states that are also considering medicinal options. Sad that it took us this long to get out from under the propaganda, but better late than never.

  48. Good weed for 60$ an ounce??? I have a feeling you have no idea what good weed is. I am not trying to be a ass but I live in NY currently and have lived in 8 of our great states and visited damn near all of them. I was always very plugged into the scene and have never in my life seen “good weed” for $60/ounce unless it was direct from a grower friend, keyword being friend bc any dealer knows damn well he could get min 200$ for it. So again not trying to call you out just saying I think you have a misconception on how good that $60 weed is….especially if its that mexican garbage Texas has in abundance.

  49. Some people like to drink their drug of choice and some people prefer to smoke their drug of choice. Seems the people that prefer to drink their drug often look down upon the people who prefer to smoke their drug. People who prefer to smoke their drug of choice are subject to far more scrutiny and regulation than the drug drinkers.

  50. Fight,rape,overdose,steal,fall over and hurt yourself, waste hospital time, choke to death on your own vomit, promiscity, these are some of the things that alcohol does, it’s gota be the worst,

  51. Politicians and legislators just can’t stop regulating marijuana regardless of the will of the voters. This government oversight of a harmless plant is what keeps the drug cartels in business. It’s not the plant that supports crime, it’s the money. Here in Texas I can buy an ounce of good weed on the black market for $60.00.
    I’ve heard that in the legal, highly regulated pot shops, the price is as much as $400.00 an ounce.
    So obviously, all that tax and regulation still leaves plenty of profit for illegal transactions.
    If marijuana was completely unregulated and treated like any other weed, it would lose most of its value and therefore contribute nothing to organized crime.

  52. Jean Anne Lewis on

    I’m standing up clapping at the truth of this article! Facts Don’t Lie! :-)

  53. Brilliant graphic comparison between cannabis and alcohol by Russ Belville. It illustrates beautifully the blatant, hypocritical, double standard in the treatment of alcohol which is a drug, and cannabis which is a *plant*. A plant that happens to have superior medicinal and therapeutic psychoactive properties compared to any drug you stack up against it.

    Cannabis is not a drug, it is a plant.

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