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Why Does NASCAR Hate Marijuana?


NascarBy Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director

The recent and unfortunate suspension of Ronnie Hults, a NASCAR driver from Colorado who is a lawful medical cannabis patient–along with the recent rejection of a NASCAR car sponsored by Cannabis Planet– would seem to affirm a clear bias that the auto racing organization has against cannabis and cannabis consumers.

And this from an organization like NASCAR….with its well established roots in the illegal trafficking of untaxed alcohol (i.e., Moonshine) post-Prohibition in America’s southeastern states; a major promoter of tobacco products for decades; and current major billboard for the pharmaceutical industry to promote their drugs.

There appears to be no allegations of Mr. Hults driving while under the influence of medical cannabis and as NLC member from Denver Warren Edson wryly observes: ‘What’s the problem here, all these guys have to do is turn left?’


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  1. tsk tsk..I think this battle..hath come to an end..and the true victor..is mother earth. Natural medicine…yes please.

  2. Cause beer sponsors are numerous..if they quit idolizing beer…how will they get sponsors?? and ya know what..I AM a Nascar fan

  3. I agree with Max. NASCAR, like most other sports, is majority sponsor driven. Only difference between MLB or NFL and NASCAR is that NASCAR plasters sponsorships all over their cars and drivers. Therefore if you are a prescription drug giant like Pfizer (well-known sponsors of NASCAR and makers of such highly-addictive and potentially dangerous anti-depressant pills like Xanax and Zoloft) you are not going to allow tolerance for marijuana or any other legal drug corporation for that matter. It’s not even a legal or moral issue but purely profit driven. If marijuana becomes accepted nationwide as a legal drug in the United States, then it also becomes a competitor to the synthetic mood and pain pills being peddled by Pfizer or GlaxoSmithKilne.

  4. I think NASCAR is biased against cannabis because of their sponsorship and involvement in the pharmaceutical industry/tobacco industry. Big pharma and big tobacco lobbies lawmakers to keep natural remedies like cannabis illegal because it can cure most of the things pharma holds a monopoly over. Tobacco is scared of it because they don’t realize how many cannabis smokers also smoke tobacco. These two industries are essentially modern day snake oil salesmen, hiding real cures that may be less profitable to their swindling pockets.

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