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Why Obama Won’t Oppose Marijuana Legalization In An Election Year


obama marijuanaBy Scott Morgan

The anti-marijuana zealots at the Christian Science Monitor are at it again, pleading with the President to please, please, please help promote pot prohibition. They’re frustrated that Vice President Biden traveled all the way to Mexico to lament legalization talk among Latin American leaders, yet the Obama Administration remains silent regarding marijuana legalization measures hitting the ballot in Colorado and Washington this year.

The administration needs to step up and make a strong case against legalization in the US in order to counter a well-financed, well-organized pro-marijuana effort. One argument is that the cartels would actually welcome legalization, in the same way that US casino owners have welcomed state gambling lotteries. To drug dealers, the more addicts the better.

Biden did say a debate in Latin America about legalization would help “lay to rest some of the myths that are associated with the notion of legalization.”

How about he and Obama start to challenge those myths in states like Colorado and Washington? [CSM]

They’re not going to do that. See, it really isn’t at all a coincidence that Joe Biden happened to not be in America when he made the only anti-legalization remarks of his vice-presidential career. As much as I’d love the notoriously gaffe-prone VP to spend more time discussing his dumb ideas about drugs, he actually knows better than to do that.

In case anyone has managed to miss the memo somehow, a majority of Americans don’t want a war on marijuana anymore. Seriously, the Christian Science Monitor should be grateful that the Obama Administration has done as much as it has to piss off the marijuana reformers who helped put this President in office. Alienating half the electorate and way more than half the Obama base with a bunch of pea-brained anti-pot propaganda is more likely to compromise Obama’s Colorado campaign than it is to stop the momentum of the marijuana reform movement.

That’s why Obama never talks about marijuana, ever, unless publicly forced to do so, and it’s also why his Administration has taken no ownership of its outrageous betrayal of the President’s pledge to protect medical marijuana patients. From now until November, President Obama will pretend to the very best of his ability that there is no such thing as marijuana. Bet on it.

In fact, if I am wrong, and the President actually engages in the sort of desperate anti-pot posturing proposed by the Christian Science Monitor, I will even buy a subscription to that stupid newspaper just so I can read them gloating over it.

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  1. My Opinion: This issue will inadvertently crap on Obama’s chance to be re-elected and Obama is way too much of a dullard to see it apparently! He actually thinks that Romney has little chance of d-throning him when in fact… rumor has it that Romney won’t waste another penny on funding the Obama drug war which is nothing but bloated big government doing what they always do…spend tax dollars! It does not change Romney’s negative views on cannabis but at least he knows the value of a buck and that spending tax dollars to prohibit cannabis does not make monetary sense. Remember Romney is also against alcohol consumption but he has no agenda to attempt to re-establish prohibition of it either.
    Soon Romney’s view point and position on discontinuing Obama’s drug war will become public and at that point the current president will recognize his own folly but it will be to late to change the polls when or if he does finally come to his senses on the cannabis issue.      

  2. Obama won’t worry about marijuana legalization unless someone like Ron Paul makes it on the ballot.

    Since that is unlikely, the best reason to vote for Obama is we know he will be gone in four years.

  3. Calvin Nokes on

    I knew about Ron Paul that’s why Snoop Dogg, said he was voting for him I just might follow his lead.

  4. Calvin Nokes on

    I knew about Ron Paul that’s why Snoop Dogg, said he was voting for him I just might follow his lead.

  5. Dwayne Casey on

     Hey guys, you do know that Ron Paul, a current presidential Candidate would probably make legislation toward making marijuana legal.  I’m just curious as to who is aware of this.  Check him out..

  6. Dwayne Casey on

     Hey guys, you do know that Ron Paul, a current presidential Candidate would probably make legislation toward making marijuana legal.  I’m just curious as to who is aware of this.

  7. Shit I voted for him too, and he’s completely failed me as a president. The Republicans were able to stop him from making much headway on the economy, he failed to turn back the civil rights violations of the previous president (he actually made them worse), and he’s presided over the largest crackdown on medical marijuana in recent history. He actually took away Medical Marijuana jobs in the middle of a recession… Seriously, if we had instant runoff voting in this country he could kiss his re-election goodbye. But since we don’t and he’s going to be running against more puppet corporatists: he’s getting my vote.

    I hate our electoral system…

  8.  I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed in Obama I am over his stance on this issue.

  9. eating_sunshine on

    So, this is the best argument for voting Obama 2012?  Really?
    Obama is a two faced corporate sell out. Said he wouldn’t crack down on medical marijuana, then he did.
    Na, I don’t trust him. 

  10. The really sad part is the ill people suffering, while the law & order types are profiting from their hypocritical “drug war”. I live near Buffalo, NY, we had 2 police officers die while driving drunk just before Xmas last year. Instead of being exposed as the dangerous felons they were the local media portrayed them as heroes with all the grieving officers at their funerals! Now a couple of days ago another one was arrested before he killed himself, or someone else! I have seen cops driving drunk, and I have seen cops smoking weed, they are profiting from their do as I say greed! Now Corrections Corporation of America has made a proposal to governors in the lower 48 to privatize our prisons as long as the government keeps them 90% full! That would cement the school to prison pipeline in America holding us back like water behind Hoover Dam! The ugly face of prohibitionist fascism has a firm hold on Lady Liberty’s throat! We need to expose the government’s gulag mentality, I know main street America would pull the plug on the “drug war” if they learned the truth!

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