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Why Vaporizing Medical Cannabis Is Getting Popular


vaporized cannabisMany people using medical cannabis, for obvious reasons, are very worried about their health. For some people, smoking is just out of the question. Even though cannabis isn’t associated with the cancer risk that smoking tobacco is associated with, smoking still does have effects on the lungs that may be undesirable for some people. Particularly if the patient is an avid runner or engages in some other vigorous fitness routine, smoking may diminish their performance and make them feel like medical cannabis might not be accessible.

The first option here is usually to get marijuana that is baked into food. This completely eliminates the need to draw anything into your lungs. The other option is to try vaporizing. There are good reasons why many people are turning to vaporizers as a way to use medical cannabis.

Versus Smoking

In order to smoke anything, you have to combust it. According to some information, a burning joint can reach over 2000°F. There is also research to show that most of the smoke that is produced when you combust marijuana does not actually contain the cannabinoids you want, but contains a great many more other components.

For some people, this makes smoking far less than ideal. Vaporization has qualities that make it more attractive.

Some information holds that vaporizing marijuana produces a vapor that is more than 95% free of smoke. The vaporization takes place at a much lower temperature than combustion. At approximately 340°F, the cannabinoids in cannabis start to vaporize.

With cannabinoids in excess of 90%, vapor can be very effective at delivering the desired effect from medical cannabis. For many people, vaporization is simply a more modern, more effective and more desirable way to use medical cannabis.


The drawbacks to vaporizing principally have to do with cost. Vaporizers cost a great deal more than a simple bowl or bong and, because of that, some patients may not be able to afford the equipment used to vaporize.

Additionally, it is very difficult to tell based on sales information whether a vaporizer is actually good. The best way to make certain that any vaporizer you’re considering purchasing is worth the money is to talk to people at a dispensary. In some cases, they may even be able to recommend some brands that they know work very well. Because of the cost involved, you don’t want to waste your money on a substandard vaporizer that comes at a low price precisely because it doesn’t measure up to standards.

Vaporizing medical cannabis is one of the most popular ways to use it. For some people, it’s much better than smoking because of the reduced smell, because it’s easier on the lungs and, according to some people, because the effects that they experience are more intense.

Ultimately, this is a decision that is up to the patient. If you don’t want to smoke anything and if vaporization is just too expensive, consider talking to your dispensary about food products that contain medical cannabis. They provide an excellent alternative to smoking or vaporizing.


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  1. The brown left over weed just crumbles into dust when I checked it out. I can’t to get anynore vapor from it once it goes black and brown

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  4. ABV stands for Already Been Vaporized. The material that is left looks like the stuff in the photo at the top of the page. I make infused coconut oil from my remains and use to bake edibles. Lots of recipes out there to make oil.

  5. Lol! After you vape your ground meds your are left with less potent meds. On most vaps(not hand held) you will see some sort of temp control. In the instructions you will see what max temp is and such.

  6. Please define ABV, the result of vaping is what? What kind of material are you left with?

  7. In traditional ones, like the Vapor Brothers, just ground-up pot.

    I bought a vapor pen, but it did not work well. I’ll wait until the technology gets better.

    Clue to manufacturers: I’m not going to buy any vaporizer without a temperature control.

  8. U are spot on, Michael. I have been using Volcano for several years. Everything U say is correct. Me dying of terminal cancer; Agent Orange from Vietnam. 100% VA. MI has peoples’ med pot law. State govt here doing everything possible to dismantle law.

  9. Dried flower in a PAX – or icky sticky dank will work just the same. You can drop oil on top of bud too. Not all who claim to be “vaporizers” are TRUE vape. I choose Not to combust my weed. Some vape pens are nothing more than an E-cig – burning product directly in contact with the heating element. Kind of like dropping your weed directly onto a glowing car cig lighter. In my opinion – if it leaves ASH behind – it’s not a true vaporizer. I reuse my ABV (already been vaped) in all kinds of things. I pulverize it and put it in tea, tincture, soup, brownies, cookies, canna-caps ect.

  10. I had an Iolite, broke after 1/2 oz. I then bought a PAX from VapeWorld for $240.00 and it has been head and shoulders above the Iolite. I’ve run about 2 oz through it in a year – yes, my total annual consumption has been about 45 grams! Thanks PAX. I vape every day, use about 1/8th of a gram. 1/2 gram oven lasts 3 to 4 days. And It’s guaranteed for 10 years.

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  12. Okay, so what are we putting in the vaporizer? Is that oil, wax, hash? (I think I want some oil of bubble gum to vap, vape, vaporize…) Sounds like you would have to clean it quite often (frown). Sat next to a girl at my dispensary who had one of those hand-held jobbies, vapor coming out, and absolutely no smell whatsoever. It was like a miracle. (Of course, I LIKE the smell. It’s part of the experience.)

  13. I think the best buy is Vapor Brothers. They look like electric pencil sharpeners. You can get them for around $150 – $180, and they are real work horses. They have 100 percent ceramic heating elements which are long-lasting and healthy. I’ve had mine for 7 years and it’s still going strong.

  14. Michael J. McKay on

    The Volcano Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is THE ONLY WAY TO USE CANNABIS!! $500 German engineering that will last you 20-30 yrs easy. Plus you can RE-VAPORIZE your cannabis AGAIN and it’s extremely effective. Even more potent the
    Second time! I promise. I’ve been using one for 10 yrs. The only way to go. I’ve tried other ways but always go back to my volacano. Plus it’s so healthy. My wife caughs if she smokes but not if she vaporizes. And like i said. You double your usage. No exaggeration. Text me for questions. 405-471-1786. Michael.

  15. You can find reviews on vaporizers wherever there is a cannabis website. Try High Times magazine.

  16. How long does your vaporizer last? I mean, if you keep it clean, does it last a long time?

  17. carvalho Manez on

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  18. RockyMountainHigh on

    A good vaporizer will set you back a few hundred, yes, but in the long run, you save money because of the greater efficiency (any given bowl will be 2-3 times stronger) of a vaporizer. I spent $200 on Da Buddha, and I’m fairly sure I’ve made my money back by now, a year and a half later.

  19. They aren’t prohibitive in cost — I got mine for $30 (Free Shipping) on the Internet (Ebay, I think).

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