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Wichita, Kansas Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession


wichita kansas marijuanaYesterday voters in Wichita, Kansas voted on an initiative that would decriminalize marijuana possession within the city. Final numbers are in, and the initiative passed by a margin of roughly 9%. That’s a solid margin of victory. Per KSN.Com:

The proposed ordinance does not legalize marijuana. It makes first-time possession a criminal infraction with a $50 fine. Under state law, it is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and a year in jail.

Voters want to send the Legislature a message.

“Do something about changing these laws on the state level, whether it’s just reducing penalties, going ahead and getting a medical marijuana bill passed. Something so that we can move forward, and actually regulate these things and not be putting people in a cage for simple possession,” said Esau Freeman, Wichita Marijuana Reform.

The victory isn’t sitting well with some people at the state level, which is not surprising. Kansas’ Attorney General, Derek Schmidt, has made it clear for awhile now that he would sue the City of Wichita if the initiative passed. The City of Wichita is seeking clarity as to whether or not they can implement the initiative. The campaign is taking donations to help with what is likely an inevitable legal battle. Donations can be made at this link here.

Regardless of how the legal battle ends up, this is an outstanding victory for the citizens of Wichita, Kansas, and for the larger marijuana movement. If Wichita can reform its marijuana laws, then just about any other city in the United States can follow suit. It’s like I always say – if you can’t achieve a victory at the state level, go for local victories. Those local victories will add up, and show the rest of the state that the sky doesn’t fall when marijuana laws are reform, and will build momentum for a statewide victory.


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  1. Nobody is telling you to smoke! But if Friday night after long week of work if I want to go to the corner store for a freaking joint of marijuana to smoke outside under the stars I should be able to! My grandfather’s build this country! Fought for this country! We are not playing your little white house lingo and your billions of rules nobody even know s all the laws there to many and different everywhere! Legalize marijuana Brownback! People are smoking without your permission. At least get that tax money for our economy. We are a bunch of farmers omg! Do it already! Oh guess Brownback likes to support cartel in Mexico. They have all the customers.

  2. Sandra Harvey on

    After Several letters that had written to Governor Brownbeck regarding the issue of legalization of medical marijuana had gone unanswered , with much persistence I was finally able to speak with him over the phone . Yes, a big surprise for me too.
    I explained to the Governor that I was a breast cancer survivor and could never have made through the toughest year of my life without the marijuana I was able to get through my son’s friends (illegally of course) and how the state could benefit from off of the revenue generated by taxing and controlling the marijuana, also sighting that it’s a proven fact that
    ” legal alcohol” caused more vehicular deaths, domestic violence, and crimes against other people as well as the death rate that was caused by “legal cigarette ” smoking .
    I worked as a nurse for many years and had also done my homework on the subject of marijuana use on the human body and brain and how the law makers are using untrues as well as inflated and twisted statics in order to scare voters.
    I also told him that I was fully aware of how the lobbyist for the cigarette and alcohol industry were able to continue getting their “drugs” leagalized by the huge amount of money they threw around. The other problem being the pharmaceutical companies that want their drugs sold as opposed to seeing marijuana legalized.
    He did listen to me while I spoke and then ended the conversation by telling me that as long as he was Governor there would NEVER be legal marijuana in the state of Kansas.
    I’d say it’s time for a new Governor and any other polotition that opposes the right for suffering Kansans to obtain medical marijuana without the fear of prosecution . It’s up too the voters of Kansas to make the necessary changes and we as a group can do that. I say ” Goodbye Governor Brownbeck ! “

  3. The legal battle is just beginning with the first nail in the coffin of Prohibition in Kansas The AG Schmidt for Brains has “vowed this will not stand!”

  4. This is great. The police are not faring very well these days on several levels and have waning respect from the common folk.

  5. Whyiowa4medical on

    I am proud of Kansas!!! Iowa should be there already, but Gov. Branstad had to call in too many favors to get his son off a DUI, possession of some well grown cannabis (don’t ask how I know), and killing a family while too drunk to walk let alone drive (he looked 25 easily, not 16 and he refused a ride). He got a traffic citation!!! You or I would be in prison for at least 25 years!!! The Governors mansion is full of alcohol with a fully stocked bar, so I see a different problem than cannabis, Branstad still blames cannabis even though Eric owns a large bar in Des Moines.

  6. Doc Deadhead on

    One city at a time, right down the line.

    We ARE the MAJORITY, let them not forget.

  7. Silly Rabbit on

    Nice Job Wichita and as far as the Sate goes just inform your Police Officers to follow the will of the people – It is your city!

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