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Will 2012 Be Marijuana Friendly?


medical marijuana in 2012What Does 2012 Have In Store For Marijuana?

With 2011 almost history, it’s time to look forward to 2012. What does 2012 have in store for marijuana? The 2012 Election will likely be the biggest story in the marijuana world, however, there is more to look forward to. There will likely be scientific breakthroughs as the private sector and international community continue to research marijuana while the United States government continues to deny marijuana’s medical qualities.

One thing that I’m looking forward to is innovations in marijuana growing technologies and techniques. It’s no secret that there are more people growing marijuana than ever before in the United States, especially in the medical marijuana states. New growers equals new ideas and new innovations. Most of the 2012 inventions that will help marijuana growers will no doubt come from marijuana growers themselves. I know several of my marijuana growing friends are working on inventions, and with so many marijuana growers out there looking to get an edge in 2012, there will be plenty of rewards to be reaped.

Who knows what else will happen in the marijuana world in 2012. One thing that is virtually guaranteed is marijuana will get more attention in the 2012 Election than any other political year before. The list of state’s looking to reform their marijuana laws in 2012 seems to be constantly growing. From Washington State to Florida people are gathering signatures to get medical and recreational marijuana legalization to come to their states. Governors are now starting to demand that marijuana get a sensible review to see if it should be rescheduled. How many more governors will jump on board in 2012? Only time will tell I suppose.

What does marijuana look like outside of the United States in 2012? Will Canada see a conservative backlash against marijuana policy in 2012, because it looks like there’s going to be a lingering showdown. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and former Mexican President Vicente Fox are calling for legalization in Latin and South America. The city of Copenhagen is exploring the possibility of how best to legalize and regulate marijuana sales. The list goes on and on. I feel like marijuana is at a bubbling point, and that something very significant will happen in 2012, if not in the United States, somewhere abroad.

What do TWB readers think will be a big story in 2012? Or what are you looking forward to in regards to marijuana and 2012? With so many websites, apps, e-books, videos, etc, is there something in the world of technology that you think will be amazing, and if so, what?



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  1. Hi, My name is Frankie and I don’t smoke Marijuana but I want to say one thing to everyone in the United States of America, LEGALIZE it. Its every citizens right to choose for them self if smoking Marijuana is for them. Once again I don’t smoke and I also cant find any research about Marijuana that suggest it may be harmful to the human body. Its all politics and its just not right. God bless.

  2. I like the simplicity of the 420 grow system. It has a HIGH margin of error. It has a high yield to work ratio, and it naturally protects against spider mite infestations.
    An excellent system for the first time grow op.

  3. joyce munson.medina on

    I use medical marj. And I make my own rub into for arthr.for the stems .for pain

  4. Stevo…. The PEOPLE of the UK MUST stand up against them. That’s the ONLY way to get the Govt. to do ANYTHING.

    Jus sayin… Gary Johnson (former Gov. of NM is also running on that platform. Rick Perry is running on the “States Rights” which includes marijuana. If the citizens of a State wish to HAVE marijuana or NOT is a “States Rights” issue. NOT FEDERAL! The rest of them are ANTI-marijuana. I won’t forget who’s who in this election. Tired of voting for best of two evils

  5. Well i would love to see medical cannabis make a breakthrough in the UK but with our current goverment theres no chance of that these guys are a bunch of chickens who have no idea how to run a country.

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