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Will Arizona Legalize Marijuana In 2016?


Arizona medical Marijuana sb 1440 dispensariesArizona is on my list of states that have a great chance of legalizing marijuana in 2016. The Marijuana Policy Project recently announced that they are ramping up efforts there. If Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. can approved marijuana legalization next month during the 2014 Election, it would increase the chances for other states to follow suit in 2016 such as Arizona. At least one Arizona lawmaker wants to introduce a marijuana legalization bill next session. Per The Joint Blog:

Arizona State Representative Ethan Orr, a Republican, has announced that he will file a proposal to legalize cannabis early next year. Although no specific details were given on what exactly the bill will do, Orr says it will be modeled after cannabis legalization initiatives which were approved in Colorado and Washington State in 2012.

Last month, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) of Arizona officially launched its campaign to legalize cannabis in the state, with the group planning to put an initiative on the 2016 presidential election ballot. Orr’s goal is to have his proposal approved into law before MPP’s initiative is put to a vote.

According to polling released last year by the Behavior Research Center, 56% of those in Arizona support the legalization of cannabis.

Whenever a politician says they want to do something before the citizens initiative process does, it makes me skeptical. For all we know Mr. Orr wants to legalized marijuana, but only CBD. Recreational CBD of course would not help nearly as many people as true legalization. Fortunately, if Mr. Orr’s plan sucks, the citizens can always be working in the background with the help of the Marijuana Policy Project to put something on the ballot that is better if need be.


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  1. I say vote to legalize Cannabis. Since other states have done the research and found it works in the manner that it has been set up why not vote? It works and they have the control. There are those of you who think it is associated with the hard addictive drugs. Before thinking in negative terms (Educate yourself.) Your children will have a harder time getting it from the streets. Where do I vote?

  2. The prosecutors in Arizona have banded together to oppose legalization of marijuana in 2016 in Arizona. They cherry picked results of a recent study that reported an overall decrease in use by teens of marijuana. Rather than to report that teen use, overall, is on the decline they reported an increase in teen use because more 12th graders were using marijuana than 8th graders… They are trying to frighten and to alarm our Arizona communities. The problem is not that we should not be frightened but clearly we should be alarmed by what they propose. They intend to save our children by advocating the continuation of a system that leaves the manufacture and distribution of marijuana in the hands of the most violent criminals in the hemisphere, the Mexican drug cartels, that have killed roughly 80,000 people since 2006. In Colorado marijuana retailers help their communities by paying taxes that support their schools and failing roads and bridges. They do not sell other drugs. In Arizona our students receive the lowest per pupil expenditures in the entire country. DUI fatalities are reported to be down in Colorado since marijuana legalization and it’s not likely that any major problems will appear before 2016. With each day that passes the evidence mounts that Colorado’s solution is the right way to handle a substance that kills less people than either tobacco or alcohol. More than one study has reported that folks in Colorado continue to be pleased with their decision to legalize and to regulate like alcohol. Our War on Drugs brought us cheaper drugs, more potent drugs, and easier access for our kids (compared to when it started) and we have spent over a TRILLION dollars to do this. Our War on Drugs is the second most costly failed policy on record, just behind slavery. As a society we allow adults to use tobacco and alcohol even though we realize that they are dangerous and that kids should not use them. We keep these substances from kids by requiring those who sell them to ask for ID’s and we take away their licenses to sell if they are caught doing so. A well regulated and legal system for marijuana access for adults promotes public safety, keeps profits out of the hands of gangs, and keeps drugs out of the hand of our children. Legalize marijuana and regulate it in 2016. This is the right thing to do for our communities, for our children, and for the people of Arizona.

  3. Johnny, there’s a specific reason that Mr Orr wants to pass this legislatively BEFORE the 2016 Initiative. That specific reason is Arizona’s “Voter Protection Act” that says… “any Initiative that is passed by the people CANNOT in any manner be deviated from the EXACT language in the initiative or therefore amended by the Legislature, WITHOUT 2/3 MAJORITY in BOTH Houses.”.

    That’s where were at right now with our Medical Marijuana law. It was written very vaguely by intention of the MPP. So far, the courts have ruled in FAVOR of our Medical Marijuana program. But I foresee the day they rule against us coming very soon. There are things that need to be addressed with our Medical Program to make it better in some cases and clarify in others what the programs intent is. But without 2/3 Majority in BOTH Houses, (in which you’ll NEVER get) it can’t be even amended by the Legislature. That’s why there’s no TAX on medical marijuana in AZ, other than straight sales tax. The state can’t even tax it without 2/3 Majority either.

    His reasoning for wanting to pass it BEFORE the initiative happens is because if the initiative is written and is passed by the people, it WILL be WITHOUT a tax on recreational marijuana as well. Secondly, if the PEOPLE pass it, the Legislature is STUCK with it!

    As a matter of FACT, Rep. Ethan Orr is the person who wrote the Bill authorizing Dr. Sue Sisley’s study at the University of Arizona dealing with PTSD/Medical Marijuana study for Veterans.

    So basically he’s well aware of the number of people who support legalization TODAY! In 2 years that numbers only gonna grow, therefore giving our initiative a VERY GOOD chance of passing. Then the State’s SCREWED!

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Any time a politician moves his/her lips there’s at least a 50/50 chance they’re either outright lying or manipulating the truth to fit their own best interests.
    Trusting a politician, any politician, is comparable to assuming that you can trust a rattlesnake or a scorpion.

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