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Will Attempts To Shut Down The Legalization Of Marijuana Cause Another Civil War


I don’t personally think that attempts to shut down the legalization of marijuana will cause another civil war, but it will certainly cause a lot of civil disobedience, unrest, and protest. The winds of change are at our backs as we stand at the edge of history. Nothing can stop us, especially not reefer madness delay tactics!


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  1. When everyone this is important to speaks up, there will be no stopping it.

    Funny how once you’ve been convicted, you realize that you have nothing to lose.

    Don’t wait til you’re in trouble to speak up.

    Use NORML’s and MPP’s sites to send messages.
    http://www.mpp.org/ http://norml.org/

  2. The Federal Government Grows Marijuana, Why Can’t We? I am at the point where I am pretty much resigned to the reality that I will someday have to put my life on the line defending my right to choose my own medicine. We have to get together on this issue and fight like the Colorado voters gave the call for marijuana legalization. This situation may be faced by others states too.

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