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Will CBD Hurt THC?


cannabidiol cbd cannabis marijuanaTHC is not the only compound in cannabis that assists us. While it is the substance that gets the user high, not all people want that feeling from the medicine they get. And because marijuana is a plant and can be bred and changed, giving the user no effects other than relief from symptoms. The solution for this is simple; hemp based CBD oil. This oil can be taken orally or applied topically and contains very little amounts of THC, which makes the oil perfect for children who need medicine for epilepsy, ADHD, and other afflictions.

The push for the legalization of the CBD oil (the law states that CBD oil derived from hemp plants containing less then 3% THC is completely legal, although oil taken from plants with a higher content then 3% is still illegal) came from the parents of many children who suffer with epilepsy. Seizures in children are especially difficult and not all medicines work to stop the episodes. The children who have been using CBD oil have shown amazing improvement in their walking, talking, eating, and overall function since adding the CBD to their daily routine, not to mention an extremely large decrease in seizures. There are at least a dozen states, however, that are pushing to legalize the use of all CBD oil for patients that need it.

Although these CBD laws seem like they’re very positive, there is still some skepticism coming from marijuana supporters, with the belief that the CBD bills might hinder the rest of the movement. The deputy director NORML criticized the CBD bills that are building up around the country. The deputy director said that the laws are “unworkable” and don’t have any genuine benefits. And there was a policy manager from the Drug Policy Alliance who stated that they were concerned that the new bills will “leave other reform effects behind”. While the CBD is great for younger children and those who don’t want the effects of THC, there are people who utilize the THC for their ailments too. But with a non-psychoactive cannabis plant that seems to be gaining more and more popularity, THC may be in trouble.

Hopefully, CBD and THC will be able to co-exist together in the same movement. It’s difficult to tell where it will go from here and it’s understandable that some people are worried about the movement. If CBD takes off (which it already is, as it appeals to those who really just aren’t looking to get high), there is the potential for psychoactive cannabis to become less popular in the mainstream. But as always, only time will tell what will happen in this brand new industry.

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  1. I have been taking a high quality CBD oil for more than a month and I feel great. I sleep like a baby, my chronic pains in my back vanished and I feel very calm. Also, I have applied the oil in the lines around my eyes and are almost gone. My daughter is also taking it and her period is now very smooth.I really can’t see stopping taking it. I have bought the product for my mother and siblings. It is important to buy a good product of course.

  2. People can literally make them selves (somatic hypochondriac) sick to justify taking a drug that gets them high if that is the socially approved way for its consumption. They will also lie about being sick. Lieing about being sick can bring that reality to effect. Additionally, there are a lot of things that don’t get you blasted that can cure the conditions, so the current climate disincentives people from seeking real cures or more effective treatments that do not render the user high when their “medicine” makes the “feel good.”
    There used to be medical alcohol before it was legalized.


  3. If you have crohn’s, you need to leave MS for a good medical marijuana state like California or Colorado. You need concentrated cannabis, which is hard to come by and very illegal in Mississippi compared to bud marijuana. Smoking joints of weed will be a “bandaid” for your condition, compared to ingesting (eating it orally) larger amounts of concentrated cannabis oil. Go watch Rick Simpson’s movie “Run From The Cure” for better insight. If you want to test this out yourself, buy a vaporizer with a “whip / tube” inhalor. When you inhale, don’t allow the vapor to escape the chamber. Instead, let it condense. Get a tool to scrape the condensed oil out of your chamber and eat it. Your crohn’s SHOULD go into remission after ingesting large amounts of concentrated cannabis. Again, smoking is the bandaid, not the cure. You need more THC like you say.

  4. I have Crohn’s disease and I take six pills a day (and will for the rest of my life according to doctors). I live in MS and don’t have access to researched or tested product. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of great product around, but I have no idea what levels of what it has which makes it hard for me to methodically record how different strains help. BUT I know one thing beyond a doubt. The stronger the THC the more effective in treating cramps and irregular bowel movements it is.

  5. The fact that THC makes you pensive and creative (as opposed to thoughtless and destructive, like many of us are on alcohol) speaks volumes. Cannabis sativa is more than an analgesic. It is, as you say, an “enhancer” which is far more beneficial to individuals and to society -and far less harmful to both- than alcohol is. We all appreciate the art created by pot smokers, even if we don’t realize how many comedians, musicians, writers, etc., do their best work while high on THC. Let’s not let the trendiness of CBD distract us from the real crusade: Marijuana should be deified, not vilified.

  6. If we could cure these conditions without any Cannabis, would the medical users accept the treatment?


    After all drugs are legal and accessible to any competent person for any reason, I will believe the necessity of a particular treatment that is psychotropic vs one that is not. Most medical users that I have met, and I live in Oregon where there is a lot, invest no energy in to anything other then getting their free Cannabis. I actually know more about their conditions than they do before ever meeting them. Many of these people can be effectively treated without being exposed to euphoriants.

  7. GSWSyndicate on

    Not to worry. They got me too; fortunately for not a real long time (but it was an expensive education). Glad you found a real healing agent (made of female buds that works). Those guys are sneaky, well funded, and motivated to make very big money until they’re figured out. Some shysters I can even overlook, but these types are evil. They’re dealing with life or death issues of humans; and pretending to be healers. I guess instead of forcing my opinion, I’ll ask others, “What would you do if you found out their is little or no study behind industrial hemp cbd (and they’ve “borrowed” they’re “research” from that done with real female flowers that contain all the terpenes, phytochemicals, terpinines and proper ratio of all the cannabinoids? And let’s say you have a sick child. What would you do upon discovery after buying thousands of dollars of dirty sludge chinese industrial hemp that is no more powerful than an extra strength pm Tylenol?

  8. The health issues with drug laws are not the actual reasons for the prohibitions. They are attempts to placate the rational amongst us but require our ignorance to actually work. The truth is that people want scape goats to blame for societies problems. Drugs are a great delusion in that respect.

  9. The problem is the puritanical belief that non-church approved altered states are bad. All prohibited drugs exhibit psychotropic effects.. Much more dangerous substances that are not psychotropic are completely free of prohibitions.

    People seem to have arbitrary definitions of what accecptable drug usage is. Example, in Peru Coca is considered more acceptable than Cannabis. In the middle east, Khat permissible while Ethanol and Cannabis can result in death penalties (Khat is similar to Coca in effects and potency). Bottom line, drug laws arn’t rational.

  10. Refluxing CBD in an acid will result in THC. Most of the auxiliary chemicals in Cannabis can be sourced from other plant species. The only legal issue with CBD is the Federal Analogs Act and that is only pertinent to interstate commerce in addition to not even being a valid action by the feds in the first place (drugs have to be as dangerous as Plutonium 239 which is still not dangerous enough for an actual prohibition). This is all posturing.

  11. Thanks for the education. “Shysters” got me. I now use the THC 75…No high just a peaceful, easy feeling. .

  12. GSWSyndicate on

    You’re the 1st and only on the planet. I think you meant to say CBD alone does not work for me. The right blend of cbd and thc, terpenes and terpinoids, phytochemicals etc (found in the female buds of cannabis) works for the human endocannabinoid system (for everyone). It may not get them high (or as high) but it surely fights diseases inside the human body. It doesn’t always cure them (though more often than not it does) but it makes them better; whereas chemical medicine makes them worse. Did you mean hemp cbd does not work for you? Me either; because its a human manipulated “ratio” that is nothing like how cbd appears in the female flowers of cannabis. These shysters seller it will make their millions most likely (like all snake oil salepeople do) and then get busted or found out and fall by the wayside. Even they know and expect that. Nobody serious about life or death businesses puts it in the hands of desperate pyramid/ponzi scheme builders. Life or death constitutes the bringing in of doctors, trained budtenders, etc etc, not kids turning a quick buck for their slavemasters (making the bulk of the bucks ala Amway and now Industrial hemp). You’re right, that cbd does little or nothing. Female flowers (cbd and thc) is where one might find the answer for illness. 1100+ peer studies says so anyway.

  13. THC is a neuroprotectant. Mr. Werner* refers to a number of studies showing it’s effectiveness on brain inflammation in his book. Not knocking CBD but together they work better. Most high CBD strains don’t get you real high. I know, I’ve got one that I use when insomnia or irritable bowl issues come up. It works synergistically with the CBD (when present) reducing inflammation in the brain and else where in the body but THC alone is a brain protector.

  14. GSWSyndicate on

    TY for the info. I have some questions based on research I’ve seen and cbdproject.org. Where is the research that shows that CBD from industrial hemp is in the same league as the female flower part of the plant? There hasn’t been any. The concentration and proper ratio/along with proper terpenes, terpenines etc is what makes CBD work. And an equal ratio of CBD and THC deletes the high from the THC yet does not remove the medical properties. If CBD from Industrial hemp is so good, (and very easily available anywhere on the net) why are families (many of whom have used industrial hemp and been very disappointed), moving to Colorado in droves. Why are the best dispensaries in this country not allowing industrial hemp in their inventory. There’s a lot of research and questions from that research to be answered before I’d try a dirty sludge grown in China. 24% of just cbd with less than 1% thc and only one terpene would make a great mild analgesic like aspirin, but do you truly have the information that shows industrial hemp cbd as is can do to cancer cells what female bud cbd/thc can do? Rhetorical question. You don’t as it has not been studied. Everything available is testimonial. That’s a dangerous tightwire to walk.

  15. I don’t think we’re going to have competing compounds. That’s not the issue.

    The issue isn’t CBD, it’s the public perception of THC equating to getting high. We can break this down easily. To far too many people, THC == getting high == bad. We shouldn’t get bogged down in arguments about specific parts of the plant, what we should be doing is EXACTLY what we have been doing, which is shifting public perception of the drug war. The taboo about cannabis is being shattered thanks to Big Pharma trying to pin down another profitable market.

    There’s some reason for concern about people who get obsessed over one compound doing ONE job, as that’s precisely the modus operandi for targetted, pharmaceutical medicine. As most of us know, Big Pharma doesn’t want to share any of their profit-pie, which is why they work so hard to undercut wholistic medicine and of course, to keep the greatest medicinal plant on earth criminalized. Drug companies in the United States spend one dollar on research and development for every $18 they spend on “marketting.” They are disgustingly wealthy and willing to manipulate laws (criminalizing an entire generation) to stay that way.

    And yes, they see $$$ in CBD. But you know what? That’s fine! We can use their greed to our own advantage. They kept marinol (the THC pill) very quiet to keep people from asking questions. Most people have never heard of marinol. That hasn’t happened with CBD. CBD is in the news every other day.

    In their zeal to profit from this ONE compound, they’re shattering the taboo of “all illegal drugs are 100% bad.” The media has been capitalizing on this taboo-shattering for a while — they know an easy hook for a news story is “Here’s this miracle medicine, and it’s the MARY JANE!!!” After 40 years of cannabis fear-mongering, talking about its safety and medical efficacy is the perfect contrast to grab the attention of viewers/readers. “Marijuana is completely dangerous” is the mindset they start with, but after reading an article, seeing a news story, or just talking to their college-age nephew in the kitchen, the mindset shifts. The public is realizing *what drugs are* — oxycodone is pill-form heroin, marinol is pill-form THC, adderall is pill-form meth… this just causes them cognitive dissonance to work through.

    heroin == getting high == bad, but heroin == oxycodone == ???
    meth == getting high == bad, but meth == adderall == ???
    THC == getting high == bad, but THC == marinol == ??? <– questions are raised

    In 2006, 50% of the country thought cannabis use was morally wrong. By 2013, in seven short years, that dropped to 32%, and 50% say it isn't a moral issue at all. That's an amazing shift, and attitudes are *still* shifting. Frankly, the shift in attitudes is what gave us Kevin Sabet and his wagon of junk science. Notice all the "throw it at the wall, see what sticks" attempts in the last five or six years to re-demonize cannabis? My favorites among the recent lies were that cannabis will lower your IQ, give you testicular cancer, and you'll grow man-boobs (all debunked, of course). The reason for the re-demonization campaign is that they've realized their mistake too late. The taboo is broken, and Kevin Sabet doesn't have enough glue to put the Humpty Dumpty of prohibition back together.

  16. THC and CBD (only 2 of the cannabinoids we know the most about, which ain’t much, really considering the potential), activate or interact with the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors in the brain/body. While both THC and CBD interact with BOTH CB 1 & 2 receptors, THC has more inclination to work well with CB 1, and CBD with CB 2. This is evident when you see how different strains work well for certain illnesses and different people. CBD is a neuroprotectant, THC, not so much. As far as the kids go, I think we should stick with what we know, until we know something different. Experiment on me, not my grand kids.

  17. I just don’t support altering the plant or separating parts of it. I’m not convinced that canabis is an intoxicant, for the fact that if you partake too much you simply want to sleep with a natural tired feeling. For me it’s like an enhancer. Certainly won’t lower my inhibitions, I don’t do things that I normally would not. It does make me more pensive and creative. Total opposite of alcohol. I think more study needs to be done on the effects of thc rich canabis on epileptic children, not to stand in the way of treating children now. I just don’t understand what is so unacceptable about the use of canabis vs other legal drugs. Why such a prejudice, or is there something else going on here?

  18. CBD is overhyped as a substance. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty and obvious medical benefits of CBD, but they give it way too much credit. High THC strains are necessary for diseases like chronic pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, crohn’s. Many people respond better to high THC strains overall than high CBD strains. A lot of people will take cannabis containing a high or moderate amount of CBD during the day time and a high THC cannabis at night. There is nothing wrong, bad, or unmedicinal about THC, it has just as many uses as CBD, and is good for different people at different THC : CBD ratios.

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