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Will Costa Rica Legalize Medical Marijuana?


costa rica medical marijuanaMarijuana is medicine. It’s a statement that I make over and over. Anyone that denies that marijuana is medicine needs to do more research. There’s a reason why the United States government has marijuana patents. Medical marijuana reform is something that every state and country should be pursuing. It helps patients treat their ailments without the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Costa Rica is the latest country to contemplate medical marijuana legalization. Per Inserbia:

The proposal, put forth by a Deputy of the nation’s unicameral Legislative Assembly, already has a different feel to it compared to the Colombian and other Latin American initiatives, however. As with Santos in Colombia, the proposal has the backing of the Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís, but unlike in Bogotá, the local guild of physicians has given their full endorsement for the plan. The medical establishment in Colombia and elsewhere, meanwhile, was politically swayed, although individual physicians voiced their approval. In Costa Rica, even the national chapter of the influental Catholic Church has given the green light for the discussion and debate of the bill, something previously unheard of in other nations in the region.

Polls show that a majority of Costa Ricans support medical marijuana. Legalizing medical marijuana in Costa Rica makes sense. It will help patients treat their conditions with a safe form of medicine, while eliminating the fear of prosecution for doing so. Plus, if there’s a safe way to get medical marijuana, it will hurt criminals while at the same time ensuring that patients get safe access.


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  1. I lived in Costa Rica for 10 months. Its correct that the cops don’t really arrest you for small/medium amounts of marijuana…They just break pipes and confiscate things from the locals. I never was caught. Lot and lots of people in Costa Rica are pot friendly and smoke. With tourism already doing well there if they add legalized marijuana they will be doing even better, the only downside is the country being too built upon, trees and forest being cut down to build more resorts or lodges….more gringos with cameras and sunscrean…idk…I think Costa Rica has enough gringos as is…

  2. I’ve never seen a person arrested or jailed for getting caught with a small amount in Costa Rica, but most of the police that don’t look away when touristas smoke on the beach, will be looking for their pequeño mordisco, (little bite), and you pay up just to be left alone. So it is against the law.

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