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Will Guatemala Legalize Marijuana In 2015?


Guatemala flagOne of my favorite places I’ve ever visited is Guatemala. I went there on a ten day missionary trip in 2009, and it’s a trip that will forever be in my heart. The people there were so nice and the country was so beautiful. I love fresh fruit, and I’m not that tall, and there’s fresh fruit everywhere there and everyone’s my height. But despite it’s beauty and amazing citizens, Guatemala is very poor. Guatemala is also plagued by the same problems that come with marijuana prohibition that other countries in Latin and South America face. Cartel operations are all over the place, and there’s a lot of misery as a result.

It’s time that Guatemala changed it’s marijuana policies to help defeat cartels, and help improve the economics of the country. It sounds like 2015 might be the year for that. Per teleSUR:

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina said that his government would follow the example of Uruguay by taking a decision on legalizing marijuana in early 2015.

Guatemala would greatly benefit from marijuana legalization. Like I said, there is a strong cartel presence in the country, and legalizing marijuana would no doubt hurt those cartels. Jobs are very much needed in Guatemala, and a booming marijuana industry would bring many jobs no doubt. Local economies in Guatemala would thrive. The climate in Guatemala is ripe for marijuana farms, which would instantly make Guatemala a leader in the global marijuana market.


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  1. You can not trust anyone, thanks to the USA central american countries are paid a bounty on pot traffic convictions.. 20 grams qualify. They want your blood, it’s money in their pocket,——- BE C A R E F U L

  2. I lived in San Juan del sur Nicaragua for 4 years,, it was almost enough to make me stop using marijuana.. The marijuana there is terrible. Even the so called good stuff , imported supposedly from jamacia is bad.. It’s hard to grow because the power supply in unreliable and outdoor is difficult with prying eyes behind every coconut. And the rain will mold your crop.. And whatever you do,, don’t get busted..their jails are medieval. I’m not kidding.. You will be thrown in a 9’x9 cell with 15 people with no toilet, 24-7. You are allowed to use a toilet twice a day. You get to go outside 20 min. A week . It’s like a horror movie. I was jailed for 10 weeks and with some money, charges were dropped. I won’t return.

  3. Exactly, but with recent developments, I think that he may have been actually thinking of legalizing ALL drugs. So now the UN is running him out of town.

  4. lol good luck. It would be best to try to go find a farmer, teach him to make it, and have him send it, but this would be very dangerous

  5. Can we buy CBD 17% oil in Guatemala and if so can we ship it to Panama where we live?? How much does it cost there???

  6. Me tooo i will take 10 lbs so i can share the wealth here in america.Im from Guatemala City so thats why i thaught your coment was funny…

  7. yea por supuesto I have worked and lived there since 1985 now in Iztapa, I need the seed oil for fish food NOT GMO soy see Fair Trade Fish y soy Senor Pescado Presidente muy intelligente, sabia y no miedo de los gringos pendejos en USA Viva El Frente Verde

    and BTW I live in El Salvador since 1994, most of the red hair bud regular weed is from Guatemala fine with me

  8. I also live in Guatemala and agree with felipelopex. The issue with crime here is so much about the corridor of traffic coming from the South on its way to the US via Mexico. Granted that this is a blog, therefore like so many “news” sources these days it is largely an opinion with information that has not been vetted and only expresses one side of a story. However, President Perrez made a very similar gesture in 2013 and got rewarded by a big fat check from the Obama Administration to change his stance on the subject. He did. The purpose of the US money was for Perrez to buy a fleet of helicopters to better fight the US Drug War in Guatemala. Instead, Perrez only bought a couple of helicopters and (allegedly) used the remainder to hire more federal police. For all anyone knows at this stage, Perrez may be trying the same trick again. Maybe he wants more money to rebuild parts of the fragile infrastructure, improve education, or maybe pad his own pockets. No one knows the truth because that is the culture in this part of the world. But it will be interesting to see if Obama sends down Joe Biden again, with another big check, as well as (for some odd reason) the head of US Homeland Security, to fight the drug war in a distant country on behalf of a country which is well on its way to legalizing weed for recreational purposes. So bizarre.
    In the meantime, one can very easily find ganja in Guatemala. Even at the mercados, where it has been sold for centuries to natives seeking pain relief, and like that. The only dealers who typically have need for concern are those who the cops know about and may want to put on a show for the occasionally visiting US DEA agents. If such types happened to get sentenced, the going rate is about $4usd per day to pay off your sentence instead of spending that time in a jail.

  9. I live in Guatemala. There is no shortage of pot here. The problems are the drugs that are just “passing through” generally headed for the US. If they US wasn’t addicted on illegal drugs, Guatemala would not have a drug problem.

  10. Let’s hope it passes there. More and more countries are seeing what’s happening the US and are waking up and smelling the coffee.

  11. Johnny – My wife and I lived on the Rio Dulce for about 4 years and marijuana was readily available. It was sold at the ‘Oil Store’, yes, the oil store, same place your bought oil for your car or your boat. The marijuana wasn’t of the highest quality but it was okay considering it cost about $60.00/pound. The police were aware and it was just ignored, I think legalizing it would be a good idea, but if not then it will still be available.

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