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Will Morocco Legalize Marijuana?


morocco marijuana legalizationThere has been a lot of talk lately about Uruguay’s attempts to legalize marijuana. It looks like another nation might be thinking about legalizing marijuana as well. Earlier this week the nation of Morocco’s parliament held a hearing to discuss recreational and medical marijuana. The hearing was organized by the Party for Authenticity and Modernity (PAM).

The Moroccan parliament recently held a hearing to discuss and explore the industrial and medical benefits of marijuana use. The discussions, started by one of Morocco’s main political parties are the first steps to introduce a draft law next year aimed at legalizing the plant. According to RT:

“Security policies aren’t solving the problem because it’s an economic and social issue so the PAM is trying to find a credible alternative,” PAM’s Mehdi Bensaid said. ”We think this crop can become an important economic resource for Morocco and the citizens of this region.”

Illegal marijuana cultivation annually reaches 10 percent of Morocco’s economy with sales estimated at $10 billion, according to the Moroccan Network for the Industrial and Medicinal Use of Marijuana. According to the UN, Morocco is responsible for 42 percent of the world supply of marijuana. Cannabis farms are mainly found in the north of the country in the Rif Mountains.

I dream of day when the United States tries to legalize marijuana on a federal level like Uruguay, or at least has a major political party lead a constructive conversation about it. How many other countries are going to legalize before the United States? How long do you think the United States will watch other countries reap the benefits of legalization before we change our federal policy? I hope that after Uruguay leads the way, the United States won’t be that far behind. And definitely if Uruguay and Morocco both legalize, I would absolutely hope that would be enough. But who knows, United States politics is f’d.


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  2. One of the prerequisites of Moroccan independence from France in the 1950’s was that Morocco outlaw cannabis. I’m glad that Morocco is rethinking this. Wishing them success.

  3. Morocco’s legalizaion of Marijuana was concieved in Spaghetti Park, Queens NY in 1980, by the first Moroccan to bring Hip Hop music to Morocco. Sorry we beat you to it Mr. Chameleon Hunter, but sub-saharan africa had much to do with it since Hip Hop was concieved by the descendants of Sub-saharan africans who were dragged to the US as slaves. For that reason, all of Africa should take the credit for freeing the weed, as Hip Hop music is the force which allowed it to eventually happen in Morocco.

  4. chameleonhunter on

    I personally think it is very likely given that Morocco is already such an established and major cannabis and hashish exporter nation. Being a South African myself I always had high hopes that my country would be the first to legalise cannabis on the African continent, but that was before I realised the true extent of anti-cannabis sentiment that abounds in the minds of our politicians. I will gladly support Morocco’s bid to assume the title of first African country to ‘free the weed’. There is always a knock on effect so hopefully it wouldn’t be too long afterwards that South Africa would see the benefits and follow suit.

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