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Will Nevada Legalize Marijuana In 2016?


Nevada Marijuana legalizationThe Marijuana Policy Project is gearing up for a 2016 campaign to tax and regulate marijuana in another Southwestern state, Nevada.

Although a recent poll found that a majority of Nevada residents (54%) support legalizing marijuana for adults and 39% voted in favor of legalization on a 2002 ballot, MPP’s communications director Mason Tvert said that there are several reasons to wait until the November 2016 election to launch a petition. By 2016, Tvert said, the campaign will almost certainly have the funds and public support necessary to launch a successful petition drive and secure a victory.

“Given the costs, is it worth trying in 2014 and getting 49.9% of the votes when if we wait until 2016 [we can]get well over 50%?,” Tvert said.

Politicians in Nevada have already expressed their support for ending the current prohibitionist regime. Assemblyman Joe Hogan introduced a bill to tax and regulate marijuana in March, saying that the state wastes barrels of money “spoiling teenagers’ lives.” Assemblyman Andrew Martin testified in favor of legalization, arguing that it could secure nearly $500 million a year in tax revenue for schools.

MPP expects that by 2017 as many as seven states will allow for legal marijuana, including Rhode IslandAlaskaMaryland, and Hawaii.

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Johnny Green


  1. But whats gonna happen when Project Sam goes up to Dr. Sanjay Gupta and persuades him to attack real marijuana and instead has him only endorse synthetic Big Pharma marijuana based drugs like Marinol and Sativex?

    If that happens, this means patients who want the real thing (MEDICAL MARIJUANA, the plant and the buds which work best!) WONT GET IT! They WONT get the HOMEGROWS they need to save money, not have to leave their house and not have to rely on others to get their medicine!

  2. stellarvoyager on

    Agreed. I think Dr. Sanjay Gupta is far more influential/credible than “Dr.” Kevin Sabet. Most voters are probably like, “Kevin Who?” Sanjay Gupta is a household name.

  3. Don’t worry about those people. I believe that most see through the BS and now most everyone knows you don’t need no stinking rehab for weed. Nevada is an adult state and we’re used to it. Our schools are in need of cash and we don’t have it. Our Assembly is already pushing MMJ in the state. One of our Reps say “All we need is 7000 people in the register and it will pay for the implementation of the dispensary bill.” …. or something to that affect. That’s pretty amazing considering how OR state raises hell about having too many people in the program.
    I look forward to the ballet measure. As an MMJ patient here in NV legalization would create a safer existence for all of us. Also it would decrease prices for medical users in the end.

  4. Its not gonna pass. Just watch. Patrick Kennedy is gonna lie to all the voters and scream about how this is “big marijuana targeting your kids!” when the law clearly says ONLY ADULTS OVER 21 can buy or use it!

    How is that going to pass?

  5. stellarvoyager on

    Not really. There’s copious amounts of MJ pretty much all over the state, especially Medford, Eugene, Corvallis and of course Portland. And besides, “outside of Portland” may have a lot of land area, but most of the state’s voters live in Multnomah and the surrounding counties, and then the Willamette Valley. I think that MPP is leaving us off their list because they are upset that we are putting an initiative on the ballot for 2014, and they wanted us to wait until 2016. 63% of Oregonians said they supported taxing and regulating cannabis in a recent poll. Idaho is far more harsh on weed than basically anywhere in Oregon. I would say that it’s a lot more like Washington here than Idaho.

  6. Most of Oregon is like Idaho. Theres Portland, and theres Idaho lite which is the entire rest of the state. Everywhere outside of Portland isnt tolerant enough of marijuana.

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