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Will New Jersey Ever Get Their Medical Marijuana Program Implemented?


new jersey marijuanaNew Jersey Legislator Calls For A Hearing Into Governor Christie’s Medical Marijuana Implementation Delays

Ever since New Jersey approved medical marijuana, I have been calling for patients to demand the right to grow their own medicine, because a ‘no grow’ system will never work. Whenever there is a monopoly on growing medical marijuana, there will no doubt be delays because anti-medical marijuana politicians will muck up the implementation process. After two and a half years of delays, patients in New Jersey are still waiting for safe access to medical marijuana.

New Jersey Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, a Democrat from Trenton, is not happy with the delays, and is calling for legislative hearings. It’s nice to see a compassionate legislator finally step up on behalf of suffering people. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the biggest reason why implementation has taken so long. Governor Christie claims to be on the side of compassion, but the reality is he just wants to keep the issue on the shelf instead of doing what’s right. Below is a quote from Death and Taxes Magazine:

“We do not want to become Colorado or California. We don’t want to have that type of program here,” Chris Christie said. “I want to have a compassionate program that makes this available for people in New Jersey who have no other alternative and who can find relief from their pain. I do not want this to become a cottage industry for unscrupulous doctors who will write prescriptions no matter what and for folks who might run these facilities who care more about profit than they care about compassionate care for individual citizens who qualify for it.”

Really Governor Christie? You really ‘want to have a compassionate program that makes this available for people in New Jersey who have no other alternative and who can find relief from their pain?’ Because your actions don’t match your words. New Jersey’s program, even if fully implemented, would never, ever resemble Colorado or California, because you can grow your own medicine in those states. Also, there are far more than 6 outlets for an entire state.

New Jersey’s program, even if fully implemented, would be on such a small scale it’s virtually impossible for it to get out of hand in anyway. What does Chris Christie have to fear? I don’t know if it’s that I’m just so far inside the West Coast medical marijuana fishbowl, but it seems like people on the East Coast don’t fully understand what the programs are like out West. Watch the video below. Governor Christie feels confident that the program would be ready to roll out in October…the video was uploaded in 2010…


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  1. prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications kill and injure hundreds of thousands each year (https://www.ascp.com/articles/about-ascp/ascp-fact-sheet ) …. and those are not only legal but liberally available, especially the OTC medications that don’t need a prescription …. keeping marijuana illegal and unobtainable on grounds that it is harmful is not only ridiculous it is completely not true ….. especially in comparison with the legal and seriously dangerous medications already out there …

  2. isnt his quote about unscrop. drs , thats goiung on now with big pharmas, so i got the hint its cool to go thru life opiated but marijuama is TABOO…come on alcohol kills thous. of people every year even innocent people when thier killed by a dui driver , but the marijuana death toll is still at ZERO, medical or not LEGALIZE it.. no growing tho, this countru really needs the tax revenues itll generate..

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