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Will Obama Be More Marijuana Friendly After His Re-Election?


obama medical marijuanaMarijuana Activists Across America Are Anxious To See What A Second Term For Obama Means For Marijuana Policy

Marijuana is now legal in Washington State and Colorado. Massachusetts became the 18th state to legalize medical marijuana yesterday. In every measurable way marijuana reform is gaining steam, and is here to stay. So what does that mean to Barack Obama? Will he recognize this momentum and get on board (or at the least get out of the way)? Will he FINALLY make good on his campaign promises from 2008? Or will we see an Obama administration that continues to cling to marijuana prohibition and continues to raid state medical marijuana programs at a record pace?

Traditionally, presidents don’t do everything that they want to in their first term because they know that they eventually will have to face re-election. Was that the case with Obama during his first term? Did he originally want to pursue marijuana reform, yet flip flopped for fear that it might hurt his re-election chances? I was kind of hoping that Obama lost Colorado, yet won the overall election, so that he would have to be faced with the fact that he angered a lot of people there within the medical marijuana community with his policies.

Asking TWB readers – what do you expect out of Obama’s second term in regards to marijuana policy? Will he keep fighting medical marijuana, in addition to trying to fight two state’s with legal marijuana? Or will he finally accept that the winds of change are upon us, and respect the will of the people? Did you vote against Obama hoping to send him a message? If so, do you think he got that message? Did you vote for Obama, hoping that he would change his tune during his second term? If so, what makes you think that? I look forward to your responses.


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  1. I think Obamas administration will create more needless opposition to marijuana policy in 2013. I fear a rescheduling of two for marihuana in the CSA and think federal intimidation efforts, to hinder states medical programs from flourishing, will be applied to our two new legal states. Actions against the Hemp industry will show how close we are to overthrowing the greed which outlawed this seed from being grown.
    We can wait for lawsuits to iron out the kinks and for more states to enact medical and legalizing laws but we need to take advantage of our marijuana steam. On April the 20th we need to harvest in DC with national NORML and other cannaorgs, like the Green Bus Tour For Marijuana Legalization, to march on May 4 during the Million Marijuana March, and to free prisoners from our war against cannabis

  2. BlissCannabis.com on

    I also voted for Johnson because of Obama’s record on Marijuana. Obama is a hypocrite when it comes to Cannabis. I hope that he grows a pair during his 2nd term. I’m also hopeful that the DC lawsuit for rescheduling brings some positive news! We need to get the cartels out of the US Marijuana business. Look at Californian farmland… perfect to grow the best herb in the world. C’mon… people need jobs!

  3. like Nick said , go to local parks get a permit. put on a HempFest.

    permits can be cheap , filming or free speech! .

  4. I had 7 Presidential candidates on my ballot in TN. I voted for Gary Johnson, he also would have legalized nationwide and taxed like alcohol and tobacco.

  5. I voted Gary Johnson strictly because of BO’s record in the White House in regards to cannabis laws.

  6. El Conde Jodido on

    I didn’t vote for Bronco’Bummer because of his blatant betrayal of his campaign promise regaring cannabis, his deportation of millions of innocent people, his foolish attempt to occupy and subjugate Afghanis who they should also stop harassing over opium, his secret American led war in Mexico that has killed more than 60,000, his pledge to keep militarily dominating the planet, and his further ripping away of our fundamental constitutional, civil, and human rights. Hopefully, he’ll read and seriously consider the grim realities of the racist “war on drugs” that are documented in “The New Jim Crow” and pardon everyone ever convicted of a non violent drug offense.

  7. I honestly hate to disappoint the masses, but there’s no way Obama will associate his… “legacy” ( his presidency )with any association of cannabis of any sort. Now before I endure the slings and arrows of all of you Obama supporters. Yes I like Obamas concepts, but his convictions are only as deep as fingernail polish on a teenage prom queen. It’s just not going to happen. I am registered as an Independant. The only one who would have made this possible is Ron Paul. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this country has missed the boat on this opportunity because of listening to all the propaganda the media spews out. We have all missed the golden opportunity because of “settling” for the choices that the US gives us.
    Canada actually gets to choose from 5 people for their president, the US only gives us two choices. It’s going to take alot before this county will wake up and realize that we are only as free as the Government allows us to be.

  8. I can’t help but feel Obama pressed against medical marijuana for most of his campaign out of fear that he may loose the election. While this act angered everyone within the marijuana community he can not continue to ignore not only the medicinal value but the economic boom that is about to occur within Colorado and washington as well. For a president who is looking to rebuild the middle class and boost economic value, for god’s sake, legalize the one thing that will bring jobs and revenue to this country.

  9. Have an event that not only promotes it, but shows everyone that it is not a bad or evil thing. With lots of love. and good music and good food. this will show people who don’t know and gain their votes! :)

  10. I voted for President Obama in the hopes that he would honor his original campaign promise. Beyond cannabis, I voted for him because of his stance on veterns healthcare and job creation, marriage equality, womens rights, and a few other areas where I felt Romney was a huge threat.

  11. I don’t know what Obama will do during his next 4 years but I am hopeful he will do what we all thought he would do when we helped to elect him the first time. I believe that Obama would like for marijuana to be legal but has been afraid to say so because his re-election, apparently, was more important to him than being honest about it.
    There is little doubt in my mind that Obama would love to be able to visit his homestate of Hawaii and endulge himself with some good Hawaiian weed while relaxing on a beautiful beach. Well Mr. President, the ball is in your court and we’re all waiting!

  12. I voted for the liar since I was in a battleground state and saw Rmoney as a threat to freedom.
    The people in the new age states sent a powerful message to the feds. The people all around the country have been sending signals that we’re tired of the failed war on it’s citizens. Intervention by the feds will be a bad move for a president that has already stepped his bounds on the issue. Let’s see how much Barry has learned and hopefully he’ll handle his out of control DOJ minions. Anyway they have a bunch more dispensaries to close down in CA and may not have time to deal with healthy people’s weed for a change.

  13. I’m not going to let him sit and think about it and I encourage solidarity in this movement so that we can finally speak with one once.
    My group http://www.kentuckyveteransformedicalmarijuana.net will be working with newly reelected Sen, Perry Clark to pass a law here in Kentucky…. We would welcome any input or information our brothers and sisters in Washington and Colorado can help us with.

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