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Will Obama Re-schedule Or De-schedule Marijuana Before Leaving Office?


obama medical marijuana enforcementI was hanging out with some awesome people last night (shout out to the Uncle Spliffy Crew and the Duff and Johnson freedom fighting duo!), and the question was posed ‘will Obama re-schedule or de-schedule marijuana before he leaves office?’ Presidential candidate Gary Johnson recently challenged Obama to reschedule marijuana and the comments were covered extensively in mainstream media. I was asked my opinion on the matter, and as sometimes tends to be the case, I figured I’d post my thoughts on the blog.

As I told the group, I don’t personally think that it will happen. I think there are multiple reasons for that, the biggest reason being that when Obama was asked about any changes to federal marijuana policy at the beginning of 2016, he said that it isn’t on his agenda. Also, Obama has had plenty of opportunity to initiate re-scheduling or de-scheduling since he has been in office, and he has consistently punted the issue to Congress. Yes, Congress can re-schedule or de-schedule marijuana, but so too can the Obama Administration if it desired to.

To be fair, re-scheduling or de-scheduling marijuana is not an easy task when it is done via the administrative route versus Congress. It’s much more complicated than people think. For the absolute best breakdown I’ve ever seen on what it would take for Obama to make such a move, check out the video below produced by the Brookings Institution featuring Brookings Fellow John Hudak (starts at 6:10):

As you can see, it’s not like Obama can just pull out a ball point pen, sign a form, and consider it done. It would take a fairly epic effort on his part to achieve the goal of re-scheduling or de-scheduling marijuana. Congress could do it with a lot less steps. So I wouldn’t fault Obama if he tried and wasn’t able to get all the way through the bureaucratic labyrinth. But what I do fault Obama on is not trying at all. I don’t expect Obama to make it to the finish line on changing marijuana’s federal status, but I would absolutely like to see him go from ‘Congress needs to do it’ to ‘I personally want Congress to do it, and I’m giving them the directive to do it or I’ll try to take matters into my own hands.’ I don’t think that’s too much to ask at this point, considering a recent poll found that a record 61% of Americans support ending marijuana prohibition.

So in summary, I don’t expect anything out of the Obama Administrative in this area. Obama has stated as much, and his lack of action on this issue since 2008 I think speaks for itself. But, I will be the first to say that I would LOVE to be wrong on this, and would gladly welcome any movement on re-scheduling or de-scheduling. Bernie Sanders has a bill in Congress right now that would completely de-schedule marijuana, and in the process end federal marijuana prohibition. I would love to see Obama lend his support to the bill. What do readers think? Do you think that it will happen before Obama leaves office? I look forward to seeing what people have to say.


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  1. Well said. I’ll sign with you friend. Well done. See k owl edge is power. All these politicians. Have studied history. Because we have an interweb. The patterns are becoming obviously clear .

  2. I am believe Bernie Sanders will deregulate Marijuana if the DNC doesn’t cock block his run for the Presidency, those fucking BASTARDS!

  3. Obama lied just to get into office, he has backed down on so many of his promises I highly doubt he will do anything to deregulate Marijuana!

  4. The “Real” truth is big Pharm, Tobacco, and Alcohol lobby pay big $ to our sleazy politicians to keep it in schedual 1. They don’t want the competition. Police profit from seizures during arrests, more prisons need to be built, contractors don’t want it rescheduled, more jobs for guards, unions love it and lobby to make NO change. All scumbags.

  5. Screw the government. Anyone, even with the slightest connection with cannabis, should light up a big one and blow smoke in the general direction of Washington DC. It’s been too long for this stupid attitude about cannabis to go on. Now it’s just plan obnoxious that it is still outlawed through much of the USA and the world. Godda*n it, I wish people would live and let live, but there is always someone telling us how to run our lives down to the smallest detail. Civil disobedience. It is the duty of every free man to disobey an unjust law.

  6. Not sure what you mean. If the President chose to reschedule, there is absolutely no argument to be made that it would be a case executive overreach — a case of the President assuming power not granted to the office by law. “Executive Action” can mean a lot of things, but in this case, we’re not talking about the President plucking cannabis rescheduling out of the clear blue sky the same way previous administrations have assumed powers not granted to them by the Constitution or a law on the books.

    The Controlled Substances Act codifies these executive powers very clearly and yes, the Constitution supports the legality of those powers via the Necessary and Proper clause, which states “The Congress shall have Power … To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.”

    Congress passed the CSA under Nixon, making it the law of the land (unfortunately). Now we must play by those rules, or somehow muster our corrupt and dysfunctional Congress to repeal that bent mistake of a law. The law says the executive branch *can* reschedule, provided it follows the procedures described therein, and that power is indeed Constitutionally supported as being Necessary and Proper pursuant to the CSA’s implementation.

    It’s a bad law. It’s pretty clear the Nixon administration wrote the CSA with granting sweeping power to the executive branch specifically in mind, no question. Who else would Nixon put in the driver’s seat of the drug war? But sadly, since Congress passed the CSA as written, the executive branch does, in fact, legally hold all the cards unless Congress repeals it. And unless the Necessary and Proper clause goes away, it’s Constitutional.

    What we’re talking about here is different from other “executive actions” that aren’t granted explicitly by the United States Code, such as granting amnesty or shielding people from investigation, which are not explicitly granted by any law, but Presidents have taken such “executive actions” anyways. The President initiating the rescheduling of cannabis would not be a case of executive overreach as most “executive actions” arguably have been, historically speaking.

  7. Closet Warrior on

    No fn way but it really isn’t that hard to legalize it yourself…you just put some seeds in some soil and love them and in turn they will love you back!!! It’s that simple, probalem solved.

  8. Obama is not going to do it. It’s election year and he won’t rock the boat.

  9. Walt Disney called Obama and left a voice message on his phone. He said “No” and hung-up. Did you not know that Obama plays golf with Walt on a regular bases as per MSNBC.

  10. Halston Holt on

    I have too actually predicted this very question. I hope it comes true as well!

  11. Yes I do. I looked at your post. You are right on. To believe in heven and he’ll. But not global warming or that cannabis is a medicine

  12. noloveinfear on

    I know, right? Schoolhouse Rock does a good job of explaining the basics but doesn’t delve much into nuance.

  13. noloveinfear on

    It already was an act of Congress. Title 21, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1, Part B of said act delegates the authority of scheduling to the Attorney General.

    So it’s not a false notion at all – it’s completely within the bounds of reality and law. Having said that, most states have laws specifically pertaining to controlled substances so if it was decriminalized at the federal level, those state laws would still have to be repealed. Despite the Constitutional amendment ending federal prohibition of alcohol, states still have complete control over alcohol distribution.

  14. Obama has made it clear he serves the same rich corporations Hillary does. – He’s a huge disappointment. I’m glad he’ll be gone soon.

  15. not to mention, cannabis is known to not do so good when there’s aluminum in the soil.

  16. I have this crazy idea that the aluminum particles are for holographic technology, perhaps to stage a “extraterrestrial invasion” or whatever other excuse they’re trying to come up with to declare total martial law.

  17. President Obama please make the effort to start the proceedings to remove cannabis from the CSA list since it was not legally placed there by factual proof to begin with, Nixon placed it there as a warmonger even after the Shafer commission proved it safe enough not to even be on the list at all. End prohibition also as that too was not properly put in place by legal protocol by voting..it was placed there by greed of corporate and racist slurs of bbig corporations so that they could make more money. and We the People have paid the price with our lives and our health every since!..Enough is Enough..as you said Time for a change.. Now please make that change!

  18. President Obama, please support the Sanders bill to deschedule marijuana.

    To the author: I have always predicted, based on his executive order in 2009 that opened the door to marijuana rights across the country, that President Obama will deschedule marijuana at some point in the two months after the November 2016 election.

  19. America’s RECORD-BREAKING, DO-NOTHING, REPUBLICAN CONGRESS will not remove marijuana from Schedule I. Obama will not either. Our congress and our president are not responding to the American people anymore. Marijuana has been legalized here in Oregon and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED. Citizens are able to use marijuana if they want to and our state is rolling in new cash. The new businesses and new jobs are a breath of fresh air. Crime has not erupted. Kids aren’t smoking any more marijuana. Adults are not being arrested and given criminal records. America has a government that no longer listens to the people. Hope lazy Americans will get up off their couches and vote to change our government this fall.

  20. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Feel free to look it up. Google those three words and research this “geoengineering” madness for a few hours. You’ll keep coming across the name David Keith, a Harvard intellectual who’s been one of the leading domestic proponents of solar radiation management (SRM for short). Due to the rapid buildup of carbon dioxide and methane gases in Earth’s atmosphere, which are caused directly by industrial activities and pollution worldwide, urgent action is being called for by Keith and many others to deflect solar radiation back into space—specifically as quick and inexpensive means to prevent more severe planetary warming. I say such ideas and the actual deployment of SRM (massive aerosol spraying of highly reflective particles such as aluminum has been plainly visible in the skies over all 50 states week after week since the late 1990s) are totally insane. We could instead convert millions of acres into cannabis farms this 2016 growing season, starting a more sensible process of “carbon dioxide removal” from the atmosphere.

  21. Nancy Lee Garrett on

    Help legalize Marijuana Join NORML the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws. NORML has been on the front line of the war on Marijuana for over 40 years. You can make a difference Together we can change the World. Here are the current bills being introduced and voted on by your elected officials. Listed first are the Federal Bills, then state, and so on Click on a bill scroll down to the letter ready for you to send to your elected officials. Fill out the form, and tell your legislators you want your Freedom to Smoke Marijuana Now! http://norml.org/act by grandma3d

    Alcohol is manufactured and we are warned by the Government how harmful it is.Tobacco products are manufactured and there is a label on the side of its packaging warning us how dangerous it is.Cannabis is a plant, it is not manufactured and it has been proven to have miraculous healing properties and has never killed anyone.OK then, Why is Cannabis illegal????? While Alcohol and Tobacco are legal and available everywhere. If it doesn’t make sense, It is WRONG! grandma3d

  22. Sharon Taulbee on

    To be honest, he stated his intentions of not addressing the issue before leaving office so he won’t. What he is doing is addressing major challenges that affect not just us here in the U.S. but the entire world. ISIS for example….a cock blocking Congress is another….I don’t blame him one bit. I would however like to point out that states can petition Congress to either reschedule or de-schedule marijuana and some already are doing just that. Ohio….believe it or not….is one that has done just that…recently. Prohibition of marijuana will end…at some point. I think that as more states legalize medical first and then recreational…..the support for rescheduling and or de-scheduling will be well over 61%….when that happens, public pressure will win the day for prohibition to end. In the meantime I think Dory says it best….”just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…swimming…swimming”

  23. saynotohypocrisy on

    Thank you. You probably think like I do, that normalizing the status of cannabis worldwide would go a long way towards making this a much more peaceful world. They just need to let cannabis compete with alcohol culture on a level playing field.

  24. It’s the 135 countries out of the 165 member countries in the UN/Harm Reduction arena with nukes aimed @ us has me worried.

  25. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Things are “a lot worse” for the whole planet. The winner of our 2016 election is basically irrelevant. It’s bad enough that, for the last 8 years, President Barack Obama has prolonged the federal/state/local tyranny being waged in many states against cannabis growers—the keepers of Earth’s most versatile and beneficial plant species. Obama also has failed to publicly expose and halt the apparent widespread poisoning of our skies by aerosolized particles, which are reportedly sprayed by hundreds of military aircraft for the secretive purposes of “solar radiation management.” On most clear days this so-called “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” is plainly visible in the skies over all 50 United States. With average world sea level rises expected to surpass 3 feet by 2100 (a major threat to big coastal cities), it’s really not surprising the military would be artificially cooling things down. Bottom line: there doesn’t appear to be much time left for anyone without radical reversals of all kinds. I propose going back to the days when First Nations leaders commonly passed around peace pipes. They had far more respect for Mother Earth than typical Americans do now.

  26. Kathleen Chippi on

    Agreed and: The CSA is a set of rules and regs that INCLUDE rules and regs for it’s “lawful” implementation. The federal government has 1 year with a one-time only, 6 month extension (so 18 months total) to prove to “we the people” that whatever substance they put on Schedule meets ALL the requirements of THAT Schedule….so since 1971–the feds have NEVER “LAWFULLY” placed cannabis on Schedule I.

    The Shafer Commission did the research on cannabis when congress okay-ed cannabis as Schedule I on temporary status in 1970–until the research required in the CSA was completed (1971). The Shafer Commission concluded cannabis was not deadly, addictive and could be used safely for medicinal value–so it did not qualify for Schedule I or II or III under the CSA rules itself. Aspirin isn’t even on the CSA and it kills 3,500 plus people a year.

    Schedule I substances are those that have the following findings:

    1. The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.

    2. The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

    3. There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision

    # 1 was proven wrong by the Shaffer Commission research 1971

    In #2 the word “currently” was in 1970. Currently (2016) and 90% of the US population accepts medical uses/benefits of cannabis….

    Nixon shredded the ‘research’ and waged ‘war’ anyways. For the last 45 years the feds have never fulfilled the “lawful” procedure required by the CSA to place cannabis on Schedule (anywhere).

  27. Kathleen Chippi on

    uhh….I agree….no. This administration has raided, seized and prosecuted 10 times the number of patients, caregivers and dispensaries as gw bush did.

  28. Jeremiah Emmerson on

    I think that yes, if Bernie were to get elected we will have a higher chance of seeing cannabis removed from the CSA. If Hillary is elected, expect more of the same old bologna about not having enough research, even though we have over 10,000 years of hands on experience and research to look at. Donald Trump, not a chance for recreational, maybe medical only.

    It also is going to depend a lot on Congress. If the Bernie supporters really want to change this country, they won’t go quiet and back to passivity after he’s elected, they will continue to build on the movement’s energy and start dealing with all the moles as low as city council all the way up to the White House. There’s too many of the establishment people in office, all over the place in both parties. Bernie is one guy and we all know how one guy can get overridden by a obstructionist legislature.

    Let’s not do this again for 8 more years. Just make it a point to attend one city council meeting every few months, its more entertaining than watching reality TV, I promise :)

  29. Ending Federal Cannabis Prohibition in 2016 is easy… On Nov. 8, 2016 ALL 435 House of Representative and 34 Senate seats are up for election. 87% of ALL congressional seats! You want change, then only vote for candidates that commit to remove federal prohibition of the cannabis plant once in office!!! FreeASeed2016

  30. Yes..

    You don’t find it ironic their disdain is only when the power doesn’t act according to their demands instead of being legitimate agents of law?

  31. I thought he was pretty much a republican when I voted for the guy.

    Why am I the only person who isn’t surprised or disappointed by any of this? This is all 100% within expectations.

  32. To me it looks like Obama can’t control his appointees or he chooses not to. He keeps picking people at odds with his stated policy. At times it seems like the DOJ and the DEA among others are deaf to his policy statements. The recent reiteration on the belief in the debunked ‘Gateway Theory’ is a good example. It seems that the tail is wagging the dog.

  33. Executive action is not a traditional power of the President of the Constitution for matters like this.

    It is the product of our corportocracy….So is all this Supreme Court deciding law.

    But of course, when its in your favor, you forget all about what the US Government is legally supposed to be like.

  34. The President cannot make a law or remove a law.

    The President simply gives the final approval after the Legislator has made the decision.

  35. Why perpetuate the false notion that this is traditional power of a President?

    Its not.

    This sort of thing is supposed to be an act of Congress.

  36. saynotohypocrisy on

    Yes, Obama duped us, and yes, Republicans would have been worse, probably much worse, I don’t think there’s any doubt they would have been even bigger pigs about it..
    And yes, ramping up the war on users of the ‘wrong’ drugs is only one example of Nixon’s traitorous ways, his interference in the peace negotiations in 1968 is another .

  37. We all were duped. Then again what we’re the choices. You think Sara p or smit Romney or the rest of the drunk clown DC party. There was no chance of any thing happening on the good side. Why can’t a prez. Over rule the bad judgment of a corrupt impeached crimminal Nixon for you ppl who need help. Rat bastard.
    The man responsible for meddling in the Vietnam peace treaty Johnson won. To make democrats look bad a d loose the election. More ppl died for no reason except greed and power at any cost. The cost of humans. The cost of ignorance and stupidity

  38. Gurney Halleck on

    Clinton sure as hell would not and will not do it, and Obama has signaled that he will not expend any political capital on marijuana rescheduling or legalization. No reason not to take him at his word, though it would be good to be pleasantly surprised. Our only hope is the slow and steady march of progress towards legalization via state level initiatives and the domino effect caused by any state legalizing indirectly pressuring its neighboring states to decriminalize or legalize. Prohibitionist states will have to decide how draconian they will continue wanting to be towards their own residents as prohibition slowly but surely crumbles nationally.

  39. Robert Eckerson on

    All of those agencies are part of the executive. The buck stops at the Oval Office.

  40. Don’t trust the video. Read the law. Rescheduling through executive action is NOT climbing Mount Everest!

    Yes, rescheduling by executive action is fairly involved, but the video makes it seam much harder than it is. First of all, the process of scheduling, rescheduling, or descheduling any substance is described in detail in “§811. Authority and criteria for classification of substances” of Title 21 of the USC. This section IS very complicated, but the process described is, by and large, back and forth between the Attorney General and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

    First of all, the DEA and FDA are not, strictly speaking, a part of the process unless their bosses (the AG or the Secretary of HHS) choose to involve them. So strike both agencies from being a necessary part of rescheduling via executive action. The DEA holds a lot of cards, but they don’t have the power to roadblock or slow rescheduling should the AG choose to initiate the process. The DEA handles rescheduling petitions from third-parties (hence the delays and denials) by leave of the DOJ, but not from the top-down, ie, via executive action from the President through the Attorney General. Same goes for the Secretary of HHS and the FDA. Read §811 — neither agency is ever mentioned by name (nor are they named in any referenced sections or amendments), so they have precisely ZERO legal obligations to fulfill when rescheduling through executive action, and therefore are not plausible roadblocks to be concerned about.

    Why the producers of this video chose to muddy the waters by needlessly mentioning these two agencies, I cannot say. HHS wouldn’t necessarily need to involve the FDA as they could easily pay for an independent study commission — their discretionary spending just INCREASED by $266 million, this year. Same goes for the DOJ not needing to involve the DEA. The DOJ’s discretionary spending is $27 billion — money can be found outside the DEA’s budget, or they can simply dust off the 1988 report filed by DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis Young calling for the descheduling of cannabis. This CAN be done, people.

    When all is said and done, there are about half a dozen different back-and-forth actions that must happen between the AG and the Secretary of HHS to comply with the law as written. It’s red tape they’d have to sort their way through, not concrete. Considering both jobs are cabinet positions, they could get the ball rolling this month and be done by summer *at a snail’s pace*. Most of the loops from the video’s graphic representation are going from the Department of Justice TO the Department of Justice to indicate several subsection requirements the AG is obligated to fulfill when going through this process. The AG could knock those out *on her own* without consulting with the President, Secretary of HHS, or anybody else.

    Again, the video made this seam MUCH more complex than it is! AGAIN — this is not Mount Everest!

    The executive branch CAN do it if they wanted to do it. Do not believe anyone who may attempt to occlude or mystify the process to make excuses for inaction. It doesn’t matter if they have a suit & tie and bewilder you with an animated flow chart. CHECK FOR YOURSELVES. Sorting through administrative red tape confined to two cabinet positions in the executive branch is far, FAR less of a chore than trying to convince 51 Senators and 218 Representatives in the House, given our current levels of political division and dysfunction.

  41. There seems to be general agreement here that President Obama has been a miserable failure, on the cannabis legalization front as well as many others. As a 50-year-plus smoker and convicted cannabis felon, I share your impatience and fervently hope to see full legalization in my lifetime. But I can’t agree with your analysis of this President. His terms in office have been incredibly difficult and I challenge you all to name someone who could have done a better job under these conditions. Aside from the burning (sorry) issue of pot smoking, he’s had to deal with the Middle East, Putin, China, terrorism, a teetering economy and widespread racial issues, just to name a few distractions. Please imagine the country today under the guidance of President McCain. Things could really be a lot worse.

  42. saynotohypocrisy on

    Was that bet with me? If so, I’m preparing to pay up. I really thought Obama would finally do the right thing but not any more.

  43. I have a bet with a guy in here that he doesn’t and I have a feeling I am going to win that one. He is a puppet of the worst sort because he speaks with grace and joy about the democratic process, then uses executive orders to get whatever he wants done, done.

    I wonder if we will ever have another president with the stones that Carter had. Here’s to hoping.

  44. PhDScientist on

    There’s another point that’s extremely important to make regarding Cannabis based medicines, especially for pain management and as anti-inflammatory medications, especially for CNS trauma.

    Given its unmatched safety profile. Cannabis-based medicine should be considered for use as “front line” medications, rather than as “medications of last resort.”

    For example, Medical Marijuana is 20 times stronger an anti-inflammatory than Aspirin, but doesn’t cause bleeding — and it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier making it ideal for treatment of TBI, CBI and other situations involving neurological trauma.

    In fact, the US government has a patent on the use of Cannabinoids as neuroprotectants — see US Patent 6,630,507.

    Google Marijuana therapeutic index.

    Medical Marijuana is far safer than NSAIDS and much, much, safer than Tylenol. It really is a “Wonder Drug”

  45. PhDScientist on

    The problem with that trial is that it used a fixed (low) dosage. A rare and highly desirable property of Cannabis is its unusually wide therapeutic index (google marijuana therapeutic index.)
    Cancer Patients who use Cannabis for managing the side effects of chemotherapy and for pain management can safely self-titrate the dosage to an extent that is simply impossible with other drugs, especially with with Opiates which have a narrow therapeutic index because of CNS depression. There’s an old saying “Performance is measured by results.” The “Gold Standard” in pain management is relief from pain and Medical Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” for Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy. Those are some of the reasons 82% of Oncologists surveyed want their patients to be able to include it in their treatment regimen. It really is a “Wonder Drug”

  46. James Peters on

    Why?. It (Sativex) has failed in Phase III trials in the treatment of pain in patients with advanced cancer who experience inadequate analgesia during optimized chronic opioid therapy.

  47. TheSinnedAngel on

    Action speaks louder than.. well, than EVERYTHING!
    He just reactivated Asset Forfeiture Sharing with local PD’s

    .. What doubt can be left after that?

    There is no doubt he has wimped out (sold out?) on all his promised changes.
    … Already padding his nest for retirement?

  48. saynotohypocrisy on

    I’m waiting to see what happens next with medicinal marijuana. The large scale statistical analysis of opiate overdose deaths that the AMA Journal published in August 2014, and which has been supported by other studies since, is very strong evidence that the availability of medicinal cannabis reduces opiate overdose deaths, an effect that increases for each year that MMJ has been legal in a state. As far as I know, no one has proposed an alternative explanation for the study results, which are far too robust to be a statistical fluke. Estimates of the numbers of lives lost because of MMJ prohibition have to be radically scaled upwards. Elizabeth Warren deserves much thanks for raising this issue with the CDC.

    And this use of MMJ as a substitute or partial substitute for prescription opiates is hardly the only crucial use of MMJ that has been supported in the most recent studies.

    It’s very disappointing to me that there have been no high level defections from the war on weed since Sanjay Gupta’s mea culpa, but still, I wonder if the war on MMJ could be near collapse. Here’s hoping Florida, Ohio and Missouri help make that happen this November. And that the courts will understand that their claim that there is not enough gold-plated evidence that cannabis is medicine is no longer tenable.

    Not that it was ever reasonable or moral for the courts to only accept gold-plated evidence, especially since the feds were prohibiting almost all of those kinds of studies in this country until recently.

  49. saynotohypocrisy on

    I take Obama at his nauseating word, I’ve given up on him doing the right thing on medical marijuana. It’s a huge stain on his record.
    He promised to be guided by science in making policy, but he lied, and now 1000’s of people are dying every year, from opiate overdoses alone, because he joins the primitives in Congress in making the utterly pathetic claim that cannabis is not medicine.

    It’s time to go back to the courts, with the ever mounting scientific style evidence that cannabis most certainly is medicine, and also to pressure the CDC to come clean on what it knows about cannabis vs. alcohol, cannabis vs. tobacco, and cannabis vs prescription opiates.

  50. This weekend, like every other one, over 3,000 Americans will die of Cancer, after going through “Hell On Earth”
    Every American Cancer Patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.

  51. Obama has been such a disappointment in so many subjects and this is just one more. The whole cannabis question has been made muddy for years by evangelical anti-cannabis zealots. Today I read an article in the LA Times from one of the afore mentioned zealots, how everyone who uses cannabis is a loser based on 1000 people in New Zealand. Anti-cannabis old drug warriors will say, do, make-up “anything”. First it made you an insane rapist murderer. Then World War II and everything was OK the nation needed hemp. That over, it now made you a lazy communist hippy. And so on…..what a crap fest. Please give up the propaganda, ” we’ve seen Reefer Madness”, Re-sked the plant, do some research, quit with the scare tactics. By the way Colorado, 16% THC Please……………………………more madness.

  52. Being that the law itself is known to be racialy and politically motivated travisty foisted on us by a wanabe dictator like R M Nixion,I can’t see why anyone would support it. It was enacted because he could not make it illegal to be black or progressive,he attacked cannabis.This being a way to arrest his enemies.

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